Wolf Play :
01:04:00 Morgana
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What does this mean?
 Blind Bat
01:02:08 I Am Vengeance

ohhh cool
 Broken Rivers of Ice
01:01:49 Blade, Winter, Ice
Obsidian quietly stalks Howler of pack Frostyhills24 and prepares to pounce.

Stats: Battle +2
Mood: Sneaky
What the heck, Obsidian?
 Hunting Leopard
01:01:48 It's I Nesta
Ooh movie or shows?
01:00:48 Don't call me BJ.
Eyy, I'm gonna watch the X-Men for the first time
 Broken Night of Fire
01:00:05 Night, Whisp, Fire
Arrowstar plays with a turtle.

Stats: Battle +3
Mood: Curious

 Blood Falls
01:00:05 Blood, falls
I'm so sleepy
 Hunting Leopard
12:56:58 It's I Nesta
Well I'm not good I wouldn't lie
12:55:34 Salem (He/They)
Pvp anyone?
 Blood Falls
12:55:18 Blood, falls
should I go ahead and name my wolves after Percy Jackson characters?
 Blood Falls
12:53:37 Blood, falls
yay new avatar :)
 Star Tha AOD
12:53:05 Star, nickname maker
Queen Moon licks Timber🤵s nose playfully.

Stats: Social +1
Affinity: Strong Like
Mood: Affectionate

 Blood Falls
12:51:26 Blood, falls
welp I'm gonna prepare for changing my pack back to Percy Jackson themed despite having to wait 26 days :)
 Starry skys pack
12:51:16 Moon light, Raven
You said you are fine not good...
 Hunting Leopard
12:50:35 It's I Nesta
 Starry skys pack
12:50:21 Moon light, Raven
that is good... sorta...
 Hunting Leopard
12:49:31 It's I Nesta
Eh I'm fine
 Starry skys pack
12:49:16 Moon light, Raven
I'm fine you?
12:47:00 DF/LF Connoisseur
I am going to start tweaking if I cannot see this game message. The mail tabs are not working. 😭
 Hunting Leopard
12:46:20 It's I Nesta
Hey how's it going?


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