Stray Secrets
10:21:11 Stray.
It's used along with 3 other things to craft a Bucket of Junk, which can be traded to Bree the fox.
Stxrmmix <3
10:20:45 Storms (They/Them)
Riddle - Yes, yes. Can I give you a nickname? :O
Stray Secrets
10:20:36 Stray.
I just bought him, he's my first one. ^^
10:20:35 Blossom
whoa, a tinfoil hat? what is that-
10:20:30 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Cake and Play Date are my favorites
Pity Party is so good! Detention, Cry Baby, Show & Tell and Orange Juice are some of mine *^*
im not entirely sure, i think they were trying to make updated list
Stxrmmix <3
10:19:53 Storms (They/Them)
Strays - Well look at you, lucky duck!
10:19:35 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Can someone post the Family Tree forum link in the chat? I wanna see it ^^
Galaxy Ghost
10:19:07 Levi
Take care Saint!
Galaxy Ghost
10:18:48 Levi
Goblin Queen is just everyones aunt at this point (joking)
Stray Secrets
10:18:46 Stray.
Name ideas?
-WP Click-
Stxrmmix <3
10:18:31 Storms (They/Them)
Aunty - Indeed..

I miss bruiser D:
Poofing bye chat. Pm if need me
Akira Fire
10:18:11 Athena
Wait why would Father make one? I already did. Awhile ago. Along with the alliance
10:17:55 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Lmao, alright den you ma husband ^^ Also that means that- wait, A. We need to get married X'D and B. Sssunflower is also your daughter, Sunny and Cub
10:17:35 Goblin Queen, Muninn
I'm family in the sense of your parents best friend you call aunt. Which means I don't gotta keep track of shit
Stxrmmix <3
10:17:08 Storms (They/Them)
Riddle - Lunchbox friends, pity party, Wheels on the bus, Class fight, teddy bear and a bunch of others *^*
10:17:07 Ember, Fox(She, her)
Oops, sorry, I must have not seen that you asked me to stop... I'm sorry
The Local Southerner
10:17:04 Confetti(He/Him)
lol I did not think of that. Maybe?


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Forums > Artwork > Art Requests

Help? I guessFebruary 4, 2023 12:27 AM

Posts: 35
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I don't really know if this is an art request thing but...I'm to tired to find out right now XD...anyways, I need help with my artist block so I was thinking if you guys could tell me a few things to draw :D Thanks!
Help? I guessFebruary 4, 2023 01:23 AM

Regrets Everything
Posts: 704
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Do you do humans or animals?
Help? I guessFebruary 4, 2023 11:33 AM

Posts: 35
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I mostly do animals
Help? I guessFebruary 5, 2023 08:53 AM

Written The Wolf
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Hmm, maybe a wolf, but a small one, small enough to play around with everyday objects, like a cup of coffee or a pen, exploring a flower pot or scrolling on a phone that is about their if not bigger then them-this might give you a new angle to look at wolves or something X) I just think it can be very cute and relaxing especially since you can take a cup or a pen and use it as refference instead of exploring and reading about whatever natural habitant you wanna depict, bioms are more complicated than a cup of coffee, which is enriching, but sometimes, bit much if you are not feeling it
P.S. if you are not a background fan I think Wolf Life game from WP Game section can give short and inspiring sentences ^^
Written the Wolf teaches DH G3 CL 311BE 30R AC how to stalk.
Maybe a good wrestler? growls at a squirrel.
Written the Wolf whimpers as DH HERO 60BE approaches them.
Puff (breath of wind) roams their territory.
Puff (breath of wind) teases Jour but then gets scolded by the alphas.
Qua found 10 mushrooms!

Souvent trains with Written the Wolf.
Jour howls at the moon.
Written the Wolf follows Ashanti (agressive,warlike) on a patrol.
Fromage eats grass.
Chann lets a pup bat at their tail.
Jour stalks Chaque - because they are protective of their stalkee.
Puff (breath of wind) found 10 mushrooms!

Fromage lets a pup bat at their tail.
Qua found 10 mushrooms!

Pretty girl of pack 🗡Night Blood🗡 growls meanacingly at Jour as they have come too close to their territory.
Ōku no (many) barks at Puff (breath of wind) playfully.
Fromage wonders what Montak will think of their item that they found.
Jour found 10 mushrooms!

Forums > Artwork > Art Requests

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