11:07:35 Goblin Queen, Rave
11:00:50 WendiKore
Its just a video on the game Toilet Chronicles
11:00:33 Red Panda Hoarder
Why the frick did the start of the fire alarm thingy that sounds like a bombing siren sound like my name for a sec-
10:59:35 Red Panda Hoarder
Chaos same XD but I shall ignore it 😂
10:57:57 Chaos
I have so many questions 😂 but, yes, ignoring it.
Ghost Gryphon
10:57:31 Tempter | they/he
oooo i likey much >:3
10:55:33 WendiKore
I forgot to marker out my tabs. Ignore it.
10:55:09 Fairy Godchild

Ooooo. Pointy teeth make me go brrrr. I like.
10:54:29 lulu/ash
ohh that looks so cool!!
10:53:11 vyn, lurker
Looking good!
10:53:09 Red Panda Hoarder
Wendi looks good! But I have a question. What is that "don't trust anything in toilet..." YouTube video? XD
10:51:59 WendiKore
Tell me what y'all think so far.
10:49:51 WendiKore
That sounds cool
10:49:44 lulu/ash
oak has quite the imagination i see
Magnus Bane
10:49:33 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
How does Halloween themed hybrids sound >.>
10:49:07 WendiKore
Ghost, hush the wolf doesn't need to know that
10:48:32 WendiKore
Ever just... Give up sometimes?
Ghost Gryphon
10:48:28 Tempter | they/he
Oak [BE]🌸 prances through the fields under the sun.

honey, Oak. It's night time. There is no sun
10:46:26 lulu/ash
aaaa thank you ;;
Ghost Gryphon
10:46:16 Tempter | they/he
also, pretty theme ^///^


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Forums > Artwork > Art Requests

Collab Availability/request January 15, 2022 03:02 AM

Sir Vibes
Posts: 149
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Howdy there, Sir Vibes again with what i am hoping to be the death of my artists block
Im having trouble finishing many of my art pieces for the last few months, so i decided i might try to find someone willing to do a collaboration with me!
I figured i would be able to help with lineart or colors for any artist that may need help with either! Not so much me asking for help but moreso me asking to be the help!
I have a few art styles i can do, anime style, semi realistic, "cartoon" ( Think Hazbin Hotel style) and chibi
Pm me if you need examples, though i do have a gallery that is available for you to see here in the forums. However it hasn't been updated in a while because I havent finished any pieces recently but i can show you what i had been trying to work on should you need to see more recent arts of mine.
If youre interested, make a post below saying which you need help with, lineart or the coloring, or even something like shading and lighting or maybe you just want a second opinion on something; I'll pm you when i see the post and talk with you from there
Good luck to my fellow artists, I bless you with neverending inspiration~

Edited at January 15, 2022 03:11 AM by Sir Vibes
Collab Availability/request January 20, 2022 10:05 AM

Dappled light
Posts: 1452
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I would love some help with a lineart I've been working on recently but I would also love to color someone else's lineart. Let me know what works best for you!

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