Wolf Play :
04:54:05 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I gotta go now:.... Bye! XD
04:51:47 Aria<3
I've got to go be back in a bit!
04:47:09 Scary Spice
Somebody give me a noun. Somebody else, provide a joke based on the noun.
04:42:03 Storm/Stormy, Sky
Chat is indeed tired. XD
04:37:41 Aria<3
yeah chats tired XD
04:37:05 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I said*
04:36:42 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hmmmmmm.... No way i can see my god damn message where is said goodbye, 2 hours ago! XD
04:18:26 Storm/Stormy, Sky
I have returned from snack break. U-U
03:38:39 Aria<3
I won't lie it is a bit hard to😅

and sorry I poofed I had a digital arts lesson and then I had to make sure all the doors are locked
03:29:56 Scary Spice
All good, folding laundry at mine at the moment
03:09:58 Amy
Good games XD
Gotta head back to work though...lunch break is over 😅
03:04:35 Amy
I need to take a little break from pvp after i hit 300...i need to explore and get enough mush to start using wager XD
03:03:14 Amy
Sure by the end of the month...i will pvp hard to hit 500 XD
03:02:14 Scary Spice
And then you gotta work up to 500 so I can wager higher with you <3
03:01:28 Amy
Rook i swear i'm hitting 300 wins today
03:00:07 Amy
Pvp 😇
02:56:04 Amy
I guess i picked a hard name to nickname 😅
02:54:32 Aria<3
don't worry Amy XD we can be the golden duo

dang I seriously need to nickname you, normally it just comes to me but it hasn't XD <3
02:54:01 Cloud / Vine / Sye
9 year anniversary on wp today lol
02:53:40 Amy
Lev noooo
Now golden trio won't be complete XD


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