Midnights pack
10:11:49 dreamersoul
ok so he is a secert pet it name is mushroom
10:11:26 Faith | Flick | Dog
Moonlight Seekers
10:11:00 Moon, Moony

I'm totally going to see them now
Destinations End
10:10:50 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Oh my gosh. That's awesome. Do you have pics of your toad? And what did you name it?
10:10:38 Fangs, Flame
Hello Spark! How are you doing?
Midnights pack
10:10:37 dreamersoul
-Click- desti look how TINY
Destinations End
10:09:52 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Yeah. Labs definitely are.

I have pictures of all four of my dogs in my bio, if you'd want to see them
Midnights pack
10:09:46 dreamersoul
desti a baby toad
Sparking Flame
10:09:37 Spark
Hello flame!
10:09:21 Faith | Flick | Dog
Teeth Junkie
10:09:20 TableclothStan/Vapor

Oh my god dude ;; I'm so glad you're out now, it sounded terrible there

Are you feeling any better? <333
10:08:50 Fangs, Flame
Hello chat <3
Teeth Junkie
10:08:48 TableclothStan/Vapor

Destinations End
10:08:40 Desti, Coy, Coydog
Yeah. I was there for 31 days and was discharged mid afternoon on the 31st day.

It's been around at least a month I believe
10:08:01 Faith | Flick | Dog

woah woah woah woaahhhh. What Now?
Moonlight Seekers
10:07:45 Moon, Moony

I guessed that they were labs because they are know for being crazy and hyper, but they sound cute
Destinations End
10:07:21 Desti, Coy, Coydog
That's cool ^^
What kind?
Teeth Junkie
10:07:15 TableclothStan/Vapor

Oh hey! Are you out of the hospital now?
Celeste Pack
10:06:54 Celeste/AB
And he is now offline. -_- he’s a good friend but there are definitely sometimes when he is annoying.
Midnights pack
10:06:39 dreamersoul
desti i got a new pet


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WTDs Free Art Popup Shop! (Open!) July 24, 2021 01:38 PM

Pride Kitsune
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Pack name: Pride Kitsune
Pack number: 271738
References of who/what you want drawn: Lucy
Transparent, sceneor solid color background?(If scene please describe): Scene of some sort of night would be cool or a dark background any is fine though
Pose preferences or free reign?: Free reign
Lineart, fluffy, painted, or free reign?: Free reign
Anything else I should know?:
Password: It's in my name but Pride

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