09:03:19 Tolk
Oh sorry Venn ~
09:03:19 murber

Exactly what I was thinking-
Arctic Angel
09:03:15 Angel/Weirdo Child
Hey Skeptical. :)
Midnight terrors
So super stoked for these upcoming pups😁😁
-WP Click-
09:02:58 Tolk
I saw them in chat earlier and they didn't know how valuable chims were, unfortunately :/ that's a really good deal
That was gossip? I wasn't talking about about them in any way
09:02:35 Dri.
All fair in bids and wars xD
09:02:26 Klee,skeppy,burrolad
Hi mom
Hi venn
Hi sanania
Hi Tolk
Hi Angel
09:02:23 Dri.
Ah same
09:02:21 Venn/Venne
Please don't gossip about other users. Thanks.
Arctic Angel
09:01:30 Angel/Weirdo Child
I wanted it as well. :")
09:01:06 Tolk
Sorry, Chev! :( I wanted the lad for the same
That sucks. Well I guess I'll attempt to find someone else to buy from
09:00:51 Amber, Ahumber
hey chat
09:00:43 Venn/Venne
Giving away accounts is not permitted by Wolfplay Terms of Service.
Damn :( I lost the chim I wanted for a custom.
San, no
Sweetwater River
08:59:59 river/sweet/swater
08:59:42 San, Sangria
Hey guys, is she worth keeping?
-WP Click-
Hell, GASP! Wowowowow. Wow!


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Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 01:57 AM

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Ouija's Free Art Shop

This art shop is simply for when I'm bored and feel like doing free art/gifts for people.


Shop Information
I will pick and choose who I draw. Not everyone will get art. Just post and hopefully, you'll be a lucky one.
What you get will be up to me. I choose if you get a full-body, bust, headshot, or sketch. Depends on my mood. Please don't complain.
I can only do wolf/dog characters.


How to Submit
Please have a photo reference of your OC. Post the image along with a description of the OC personality!


Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 01:58 AM

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Free Art I've Completed

Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 04:29 AM

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Didn't have a fullbody image on my phone but she's just a black wolf with patches of the dark red/maroon, darker grey detailing.

She's a bitch, straight up. Rude, bossy, generally doesn't give other people's feelings a second thought, if ever. She does things for herself and herself only, manipulative, a complusive liar. Sociopathic. She uses charm and wit to trick people and hurt them.

Edited at September 21, 2020 04:29 AM by purge
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 07:56 AM

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(If you dont do her, feel free to comment a name lmao)
Some background/personality info:
This girl is part of a Native Tribe and her breed is unknown. Supposedly, shes a very rare breed of far off decent.
The blue face paint under her eye stands for her rank within her tribe which is the Healer but shes also trained as a warrior
This girl is highly protective and very dominant. Shes closed off and very vicious, constantly giving off cold vibes. Her solution to most everything is to fight. Shes got a sharp tongue and isnt afraid to tell you off for anything

Edited at September 21, 2020 08:47 AM by Crescents
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 08:24 AM

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If I could I'd love some art of my new bab Zora


Zora is a rather sensitive guy. He takes everything personally and unless you explain what you mean he'll take it the wrong way. Living a life of solitude has led Zora to not understand social ques. Zora has a habit of being clingy to others which tends to drive them away and unless you tell me to stop he'll keep doing it. Due to his naive nature and loneliness it isn't hard to trick, or manipulate him to do something. Even if he knows it is wrong if you tell him, "then I guess you don't really love me" or, "I guess I'll just leave", then he'll do whatever it is without a second thought. Zora fears being alone more than death. He'll put up with anything if it means he doesn't have to be alone and he has a feeling of being loved, even if it isn't real love. If you speak to Zora, no matter what you say, he will instantly form an attachment to you. He'll act buddy buddy with you and even say that he loves you. Because of past relationships Zora feels insecure about not only his appearance but himself as a whole. Everytime he meets someone he fears they'll abandon him. He is constantly changing himself to fit the wants and needs of someone else.
Insecure, shy, pessimistic, loyal, cowardly, lonely, naive, innocent, patient, carring

(I'm getting that reply out! I'll have it done by hopefully 5!)
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 08:42 AM

Rebellious Tribe
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(c) StormFang <3
Rigell is a very encourageable, large child who does as he pleases 24/7. Whatever he wants, he gets. If you ignore his charms, you've become the hottest new intrigue to him. VERY audacious, he has no sense of shame nor does he have any fear, especially not of the outcomes of his own actions. Not a violent individual, he doesn't believe in killing or fighting really for that matter.
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 11:19 AM

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Bacon is crazy, childish, wild, and is fascinated by simple things, like bubbles. He is exactly what you would picture a unicorn to be at heart, pure and sometimes stupid.
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 11:32 AM

Former Pack
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I hope you don't mind but I will post two characters incase you prefer one over the other.
Thank you for this opportunity, your art is gorgeous.
First up is BoneFlesh.

He is a demon and he's mute, whether that's of his own choice or something that was forced upon him is unknown. He gives off quite the mysterious and almost chilling aura, tending to scare away most based on his looks. He's protective of those close to him and tends to hold more of a depressive state.
Second up is FootLoose.
I don't actually have much of a personality built up for this character as they are more of a work in progress. I imagine them being quite springy and happy go lucky despite their gorey looks, obviously they would be of unnatural backgrounds since no normal animal would be able to stay alive without a head.
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 12:02 PM

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i'd love something of my boi Jaxxon, if he catches your eye!
he's basically just that type who acts like he doesn't care and is all edgy but really he's just a big softie who's been through a bit too much pain. he doesn't really like to be around others, and is usually kinda cold and, depending on his mood, might even get a bit snappish (even if he feels bad for it later)
Ouija's Free Art Shop September 21, 2020 12:07 PM

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^reference and personality for Kamie

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