Icywolve pack
08:22:06 Icy/Prime
-WP Click-
Wolf rp many spots are open most alpha spots are as well alpha wolfs if you want they can have powers and so can there pups
The HellHowlers
08:21:55 BJake, Hell
I'm soooooo bored and lonley
08:21:50 Local food thief
,,, which is why,,, i'm asking,,,
08:21:15 Mass Exploring Queen
08:20:47 Venn/Venne
That's what you're supposed to figure out...?
Sweetwater River
08:20:38 river/sweet/swater
im so happy for you
08:20:00 Mass Exploring Queen
Yep! I finally got a good palette. The herb garden, explore teams, spotlight wolf, and everything else is really awesome!
Do y'all want to know the first phrase I ever said ? X3
08:19:31 Local food thief
bruh what I literally don't under the new swamp tile. what attribute does it use?
Sweetwater River
08:19:12 river/sweet/swater
really!! cool
08:18:55 Mass Exploring Queen
I got premium!
Sweetwater River
08:17:09 river/sweet/swater
08:16:36 Venn/Venne
River - spell out your words please. "U" is not a word.
Upper Mountains
08:15:50 Upper
pm me to do a prince x guard rp in pm! Please be able to play the guard! this will be a mxm!
08:15:32 Mass Exploring Queen
Sweetwater River
08:14:58 river/sweet/swater
hi grandma
08:14:29 Mass Exploring Queen
Of course. I just got premium, because someone gifted me 8 apples for free! I decided to give a random person in chat a cheap apple.
08:14:15 Venn/Venne
It snowed in Southern California today. :D
Thank you Torch ^^
08:13:02 Mass Exploring Queen
Enjoy the cheap apple


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Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 04:23 AM

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Okay so, my art block has me in it's grasp right about now but I'm determinded to get out of it! So ya, uh, here we are lmao.

These will be free but at the /cost/ of me having free reign basically. I can hand you a sketch or a full blown piece with a background and detailed as hec- I just hope you get the point ;-;
Also not everyone is guaranteed a drawing.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, I'll draw anything as long as it fits within WolfPlay's rules of no humans :>

OC's, pets, angry aliens, potted plants, f r o g, there really is no limit

If you plan on posting any of my art offsite please credit my DeviantArt or Toyhouse

If you have any questions, PM me :)

Edited at November 5, 2020 07:00 PM by Biohazard
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 04:24 AM

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All are made by me (c) 195167
(open image to enlarge)


• Do not credit the art as yours
• Follow all of WP's rules (though this should be a given)
• You MUST have a reference of your character to post here, otherwise you'll have to PM your description
• Only post one character per post + only once per page
(you can request art for the same character as many times as you like, just follow the rule above)
• Be nice gamers :>

**If posting any art you get from me on ToyHouse, please credit my TH- BioZev TH

If posting on any other site then credit my Deviantart- BioZev


Pack Number:
Character Ref:
Character Personallity and/or Backstory:

Edited at January 13, 2021 07:21 AM by Biohazard
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 04:24 AM

Posts: 704
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Recently Finished

Edited at January 13, 2021 07:20 AM by Biohazard
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 05:10 AM

Posts: 1817
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Pack Number: #217452
Character Personallity and/or Backstory: He's very adventurous and likes to climb on things a lot. He loves sitting on the top of high buildings and making pictures there. He could sit on a rooftop for hours, just staring at the city lights and sometimes at the sunset. When he isn't on a rooftop, he's probably making something mechanical looking, for example a complicated steel mask or robotic goggles. His backstory is pretty average up until the point he started going into the city and trying to get up on buildings without normal people noticing him.
Extra: orange do be the best color

Edited at March 31, 2020 05:13 AM by p l u t o
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 05:11 AM

Posts: 1625
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LucidNavy 247835
She doesn't have much of a backstory yet, she is quite new <33 the summary of her personality is in her reference sheet.
Extra: (forgot to put it here the first time lol, figured it was pretty obvious.) Navy blue <3

Edited at March 31, 2020 05:17 AM by LucidNavy
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 05:37 AM

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Pack Number: #218983

Character Ref: Jataski

Character Personallity and/or Backstory: On his TH

Extra: Purple ~

Thank you!

Edited at March 31, 2020 05:47 AM by Polargeist
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 06:06 AM

Game Moderator
Posts: 7336
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Pack Number: 231177
Character Ref: Depresso Expresso
FIrst image (c) 231177, second image (c) 197687
Character Personallity and/or Backstory:
He's a fiery emo lad, who I just call depresso expresso - the stronger his emotions, the longer the trail flowing from his eyes becomes. Before he got his unnatural highlights, he served as a merciless assaulter in the war and slaughtered many who'd never stepped foot in law. Due to this, he'd been forced to redeem himself by going around like a grim reaper, and learning about the lives he takes.

As his eyes are more of a flame than real eyes, he has to follow a trail of fire he sees and has to find people on their death bed. Putting on his mask, he can see whether it's their time or not. Each individual has their own flame. If it is their time, saber fangs that look like his trail appear and he stabs into their 'inner flame', killing them. If it's not, he stabs into their veins and fuels them with fire to bring them. When he bursts someone's flame, he sees all the key moments in someone's life. Then he just finds the new trail and follows that.

Oh he's also followed by a constellation spirit fox - his dead wife who won't move on until he's completed his whole redemption but - he doesn't know that until she's moving on. She grows with each individual he either slays, or brings back - but yknow, she has no art so ignore her haha

Extra: White *^*
And back, and blue, and red -

Edited at March 31, 2020 06:16 AM by Hallbjorns
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 07:00 AM

Posts: 3959
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*crosses fingers*
Pack Number
Character Ref
(Its easier to put a link as the image is massive)
Personality And/Or Backstory
Tano Hotaka is crazed, and a bit murderous. Forced to do murder as a kit, then escaping and living alone for three years, he went crazy. No reality. No mind. Gone. Nobody even knows if hes a wolf anymore, or his full backstory. Then again, nobody is even friends with Tano. They all avoid the poor wolf. A purple mist, often blown from his nose, stays around him, keeping him hidden. Tano often sticks to the shadows nowadays, forced to either hide, or be killed. But, though his scary and crazed picture, Tano is lonely. Very lonely.
Cyan, deffo cyan. Then purple then black *^*
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 07:00 AM

Posts: 11195
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Pack Number: 226175
Character Ref:
(c) me
She doesn't have any more art (I don't think, eheh). Nobody really wants to draw a cyborg type dog aha
Character Personallity and/or Backstory:
She's a have machine, half dog. She is almost unable to experience emotion, as her programming permits such an action. She's the Chief of the dogs, leading and commanding ranks of dogs and cyborgs in a futuristic world, second to only the humans. She's intelligent, cold, and terrified of the monster within her, as well as humans.
More on her personality/ where she came from (originally an RP character) pg. 2 post 4: click
Her story: Click
Extra: Blue ^^
Also, feel free to play around with her design! She doesn't have a set appearance, really.

Edited at March 31, 2020 07:46 AM by Boundless
Bios Free Sketchy Art | Always Open March 31, 2020 07:03 AM

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Pack Number: 85426
Character Ref:
Character Personallity and/or Backstory: This is Rips, my doofus of a mutter (catahoula/staffy/shepherd/everything else including afghan hound according to dna tests?). He's just under a year old, thinks frisbees are awesome chew toys but doesn't know how to pick them up when they land right side up, and he worships the sun.
Extra: brown because I have the personality of mud
(also thank you for the opportunity I hope you're staying safe and healthy)

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