Death Valley Bridge
03:55:52 Dorito gaurdian
2 good place too explore he items and elf's lol
Fate's Cruelty
03:55:22 Fate/Snark Queen
I accidentally added too much salt >.>
Lightning bells
03:55:08 Starry or sorrow
Atleast you have snowflakes! I hope you get there.
I have none. My poor jingle bell cat.
03:54:42 Starlord, Relient K
Have a pvp up.
03:54:15 Hollow | Silver
God dang it >.<
I fed my wolves and then I clicked the wrong drink button.
03:54:12 ET, Orbit
-WP Click-
Fantasy wolf roleplay~
03:53:51 ET, Orbit
Ahah definitely-
Death Valley Bridge
03:53:50 Dorito gaurdian
261/750 snowflakes away
For all baby animal decor
But probably not going to make it
Brelsotr Pack
03:53:19 Dragons of Gluttony
Sorry, Desti....
Red Nosed Pit Bull
03:53:19 Christmas Doggo
Omg,I'm so sorry. I'm such a fuckin dingus. Lmao
Lightning bells
03:52:26 Starry or sorrow
I can't find any Christmas monsters or whatever they are because of those squares that I can't get too. I'm never going to get my jungle bell cat.
Destinations End
03:52:22 Desti
Please don't put personal notifications in chat
Death Valley Bridge
03:52:12 Dorito gaurdian
My pack is definitely evil 😂
03:52:07 shhh im invisible
my goal is to get at least 300 snowflakes, i want those scarves >,<

if i can get more after that ill get the snowy pine forest decor and the two backgrounds
Rat Pat
03:51:52 *heavy breathing*
Red Nosed Pit Bull
03:51:18 Christmas Doggo
Why can't I get on DA? I need a lineart..
Destinations End
03:51:01 Desti
I'm sure you can earn those snowflakes
Lightning bells
03:50:54 Starry or sorrow
Yup just got taken off :< it was cute though!
Death Valley Bridge
03:50:25 Dorito gaurdian
I have devil number as my mush count 😂
Black Swan
03:50:17 Swan Swannity Swan
Fuck I'm such an idiot

I can't buy the wolf background off someone! I gotta go frigging earn snowflakes myself for that



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[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 05:04 AM

Posts: 44
<div align="center">**** CLOSED****
<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">Welcome to The Cheap-o's Shop!

**Open to Adoptables Shop Owners aswell! (rules for Adoptables Shop Owners stated separately down below in Post 3)**

<div align="center">____________________<div align="center">
<div align="center">This shop is for the Apple and Mushroom impaired.<div align="center">No form of payment is mandatory but I won't turn away a bit of WP 'dough', but I would only accept it AFTER you are fully pleased with your piece(s).<div align="center">
<div align="center">____________________

I like doing small art bits for the practice but sadly I have a time constraint therefore I will only accept 3 requests at a given time. It helps me to keep track of things and it helps you get your piece sooner.

Currently Offering:

- Avatars
- Icons
- Banners/Signatures
- Mini Character Ref Sheets
- Full Color & Shading
- Empty "Shell" (outline with foreground shading) [for Adoptable Shop Owners]
- Outlines <font class="mainlineblack">[for Adoptable Shop Owners]

<div align="center">I am open to doing other types of digidoodling as long as they are smaller projects. If you have a question about it feel free to ask.


Post 1 - Examples
Post 2 - Commissioned and Completion Status
Post 3 - Adoptables Shop Info & Rules



1.- Be very specific in showing/telling what you want. If you give more than one picture example then point out what aspects you would like from each one. If you are giving a description then do not hesitate to 'over do it'. The more detail, the better. Give me too little detail and it might not happen.

2.- The whole 'Do Not Claim it as Your Own' jib jab. This includes do not change, or add to, the piece in any way, shape or form. If you want a name ( or Signature/Symbol ) on it do not hesitate to ask.

3.- Absolutely NO reselling my work! It is not for profit, it is for YOU! this includes in the near and far future!

*Subject to change at any given time.*

Edited at August 14, 2019 01:57 PM by VonElderWyld
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 05:11 AM

Posts: 44
Examples: All of these images can not be sold! These are merely examples of what I have done and can do things similar to. Most of these do have just transparent backgrounds but for uploading sake I just added a 'bleh' background.

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">Avatars
<div align="center"> Self explanatory. You can ask to have a name or symbol put onto it. I can not do 'gif' or moving avas.

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">Icons
<div align="center">This is a bit of a 'grey' area as some 'Shells' can technically be icons but this is just a general category. Basically, any small image with no background.

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">Banners/Signatures<div align="center">WIP
<div align="center"> Can be near anything you want, just no 'gif' or moving ones. Lettering and symbols can be requested.

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">Mini Ref Sheets
<div align="center"> A small and 'quick' reference for your character showing off mainly just coat pattern and coloration with a name or symbol.

<div align="center">__________<div align="center">Full Character Reference Sheet<div align="center">WIP
<div align="center">
<div align="center">These I seldom do since they take me so long to do.<div align="center"> These are only examples! These are not 'Guides to go by'!<div align="center">
<div align="center">Down below is just a few examples of thousands of ways they can be done but usually the 'Basic' comes with a detailed headshot pic ( an Avatar, pretty much ), info boxes for the basic info and personality ( among other 'smaller' info ), name ( duh ), pelt/skin pattern and coloration showings, 1 fullbody image and an eye closeup.
<div align="center">But, virtually anything/everything that you can think up that's to the point and relevant to the Character can be put on there such as Clan Symbols, their handwritting signature, likes and dislikes, etc. Just to list a few.<div align="center">
<div align="center">
<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">These are mainly for Adoptables Shop Owners. I left the background transparent as these images are meant to be colored 'behind' these foreground images. I have here posted example 'Shells' then what they could look like colored with a solid color behind them. When you request one you are buying the shaded -and highlighted- outline for you to color in how you please but ONLY color. No drawing on, adding text, size changing or cropping. Adding lettering or symbols can be requested.<div align="center">

<div align="center">__________
<div align="center">Just a random hodgepodge of everything else that didn't quite fit elsewhere.<div align="center">

When requesting something you do not need to just pick one of these categories. These are only meant as a guide of sorts.

Edited at July 16, 2019 12:21 AM by VonElderWyld
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 05:12 AM

Posts: 44
<div align="center">Completion Status:
Here WIPs (Works in Progress) will be displayed before the final is done. My ID number will be on the pieces that are still being worked on that have yet to be approved by their requestor, the final piece will not have my ID massively plastered on it. In the WIP stage you can (should) tell me what you want changed thus far: image size, colors, outline alter, etc. Anything that you feel should be different do not hesitate to tell me!
<div align="center">

Set 1 * Completed *
Finals Link:

- Wolfiean #210192 : Shell-Bottle, Shell-Bone, Shell-Book, Avatar
- Hallbjorns #231177 : Avatar
- Kessler #210381 : Shell-Bottle

========== ========== ========== ==========
Set 2

- Hallbjorns #231177 [ I, II, III, IV ] *Complete*
Avatar ( Tavon ):

Avatar ( Lin ):

Avatar ( Colt ):

Avatar ( Aiden ):

- Sebastion #186437 [ I, II, III, IV, V, VI ] * Put in Sales *
- Rogue Rogue #236497 [ I ] * Awaiting Direction *

Avatar :
========== ========== ========== ==========

Set 3
- WolfIean #210192 *Awaiting Direction*

2 Forms Basic Ref Sheet:

- South Side #179444

- Hallbjorns #231177
========== ========== ========== ==========

Set 4
- The Moon Alpha #229648


Edited at July 16, 2019 12:14 AM by VonElderWyld
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 05:13 AM

Posts: 44
Shop for Adoptables Shop Owners:

Since making adoptables is usually not a 'one person ordeal', meaning that outlines are usually bought for the purpose of the purchaser coloring them in themselves it makes some "Rules of Conduct" vary from just buying a piece.

My Rules for Outlines, Shells and Icons:

1. Do not crop, alter the original outline (or shell), add lettering (or symbols) or 'add to' the original piece that you have bought. I only give permission for it/them to be colored behind as they were intended to be.

2. Reference me. If you requested an Icon from me then state in your initial Adoptables Forum Post that my ID# and Pack Name did which Icons. Same goes for if you request a Shell, Outline or any other image that you intend to use in your Adoptables Shop that I had originally done. I do not need to be linked back to, only referenced.

3. What you purchase here from me ONLY pertains to if you are using it/them for an Adoptables Shop. I do not give my permission for it to be posted onto any other site by you.


Any of this is subject to change if any issues arise.

Edited at July 11, 2019 05:04 PM by VonElderWyld
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 06:42 PM

Posts: 650
(I don't know if there is a form, but I'll just make one)

Pack name: Wolfiean 210192

Character(s): This is Reina!
She is usually found palt fighting or fighting! I'd like the avatar to just be of her smirking, if you can, if you can't then maybe just make her smiling?
Art type: Avatar

Pack name: Wolfiean 210192

Character(s): N/A

Art type: Shells
I really like the potion and bone! Could I order the potion, bone, and a book if you can do one? I'd like the book to be open or closed, witch ever is easier for you!

What I'm willing to pay: 50-400 mush :3
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 07:09 PM

Posts: 44
So you wish just another version of a potion bottle and bone? Do you want them [potion, bone and book] as 'Shells' or do you want them colored and if so what color(s)? Do you want a tag, chain or twine or anything on the bottle? Do you want anything special on the book?

I can try the book, sounds interesting.

For the avatar do you want her facing a certain direction and do you want any lettering on it?

Edited at July 8, 2019 07:44 PM by VonElderWyld
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 08:42 PM

Posts: 650
Yeah! I just want them transparent, also, is it okay if I use the potion bottles and bones more than once? I would love it if you could put a tag on the bottle! I'd like the book to just be a shell, you don't have to put any designs on the book!
For the face, I'd like it to be facing forward, and I don't want any lettering on it. Thanks!
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 8, 2019 10:07 PM

Posts: 44
Alrighty, I'll jump on it! Yes, you can use them as many times as you wish as long as you reference me for each different use.
[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 9, 2019 05:40 AM

Posts: 5193
Would I be able to get an avatar of this girl -

Would a cheeky expression be alright, facing forward? No lettering or writing needed.

[CLOSED] The Cheap-os Shop -Avatars & DigiDoodlins- July 9, 2019 10:40 AM

Posts: 44
Cheeky expression?

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