Wolf Play :
 Camp Half Blood
02:50:07 Persassy
I have to say, I absolutely love your wolves!
hey guys! how were your weekends? do anything?
 Camp Half Blood
02:49:04 Persassy
Good PvP Rook!
 Blood Falls
02:49:02 Blood, falls
Silena Beauregard submits playfully to Bianca di Angelo.

Stats: Social +1
Affinity: Like
Mood: Softhearted

02:48:55 Slate, Gray
Hey Leaf!
02:47:36 Leaf
Hi gray.
 Blood Falls
02:46:30 Blood, falls
i love that my new oc/avatar is a Cervitaur Very unique i suppose 🤣
02:45:58 Leaf
Guess what I just got free decor!
02:45:34 Tay
technically I could buy them all right now and Just keep a monopoly over the market
02:44:16 Tay
I miss when they were 200-300
 Blood Falls
02:44:11 Blood, falls
in a little bit I'm gonna have to see how much I was paid :)
02:44:00 Tay
Apples selling for almost 1k mushrooms?
02:41:03 Tay
Depending on how well I do at work tonight, I might buy some apples
 Continental Wolves
02:39:45 Emmet , Spoopy Wolf
I have enough s'mores to spare 😌
I just make the best life choices ever 😌 s'mores for breakfast is so healthy
02:39:02 Salem (He/They)
Looking for new members!
Active alliance, pvp/ava based!
-WP Click-
02:37:14 Tay
I'm glad I went to work today, because I was about to have to spend $135 to file my taxes with turbotax, and instead I paid $35 through a website my friend used
02:37:02 Zyra_the_wolf
Half tempted to just sentence my old wolves to death so I can breed more.
And for the sake of anxiety.
02:36:43 Tay
Just filed my taxes
02:36:31 Leaf
hi emmet.
 Hunting Leopard
02:36:27 It's I Nesta
Quiet kid
Let me eat


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