Try us
08:16:03 Carter,Country Girl,
The Hippodrome It is actually my best and I love it so I mean it is a win win.
flying potato
08:15:58 TAM potato lord
08:15:48 Old Spice Swagger
Ice Ice Baby

Yes I am. I'd do anything and I mean ANYTHING to keep everyone single one of my friends safe.
That would be hella cool :o
flying potato
08:15:46 TAM potato lord
aawwww nonse of my WP mothers are on
~Milk Babe~
08:14:36 Flesh-Peddler >:)
y e s xD

that just means i'm in the air-
no thanks-
~Milk Babe~
08:13:56 Flesh-Peddler >:)
Side Chick
not nice xD

I just have trust issues now :') I told my friend that I felt like when random people start a conversation with me its because they have a motive and they told me that I was fucked up mentally to think that-
Soul Eater
08:13:51 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Swagger Daddy,

Hmm...peculiar. Yes, you're usually the protector of the group, right? Get some metal spikes on your bat ^^
Silent Solitude
08:12:57 Silent | Sol
Timbur <3

Good to hear! Whats your favorite trick.. or the one your best at?
Magnus Bane
08:12:40 Warlock/Mag/Nikki
08:12:39 Old Spice Swagger

Now you just left me qwq
Soul Eater
08:12:23 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Babe Peddler,
That can be our motto. "For fuck's sake, feet."

How about steamed? Steamed Lactose?
Mr Clean
08:12:18 Timber here
Pimp Daddy
Very nice, very nice

A lot of the shit I got (PTSD, OCD, depression, anxiety) is because of trauma from dropping it. Its just a lot to handle
Try us
08:12:10 Carter,Country Girl,
Doing well technically I only landed on my back so a little sore but other than that doing very well.
flying potato
08:12:02 TAM potato lord
lol i opend one of those forchan cookies last night and the forch sead "romance will appear when you least expect it"
i showed my mom and she sead "ok---- and then my name" lol
Silent Solitude
08:10:53 Silent | Sol
I'm doing pretty good. Sorry to hear you fell, are you okay?
Try us
08:10:19 Carter,Country Girl,
I am doing well I think i practiced trick riding some more and fell only about 5 times but how are you doing?
~Milk Babe~
08:09:52 Flesh-Peddler >:)
I almost thought that said "FFS" (for fuck's sake) xD

Ah, welp-
wasn't expecting that xD
08:09:05 Old Spice Swagger
Ice Ice Baby

But she keeps acting like she's gonna fight me or something. Like no, you're fucking scared of me and you can't do shit. So I told her I'm so scared, I'm trembling with fear-
Lmao best laugh I've gotten in a long time

Yea, I gotta invest in more >:)
Well she didn't believe me when I said I'd protect her forever. :/ So I showed her the bat lmao
Soul Eater
08:07:45 Devourer/Dev/Soul
Babe Peddler,
Fugly Feet Friends. Yes. The FFFs.

I had a dairy farm a year ago and help out at the two farms near us so..yes. I suppose so XD
Silent Solitude
08:06:55 Silent | Sol
How are you today?


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