Leopard Lover
09:00:20 Leopard, LL
Yus. c:
Miss Wolf
09:00:08 Hail The Whale
Frigi, He's amazing :o
The Great Pumpkin
09:00:02 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, ya big simp
The Great Pumpkin
08:59:48 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Fridge, omg yes keep them there

Miss, XD just pray he never gets Wolfplay

Aqua, alrighty fine
Leopard Lover
08:59:11 Leopard, LL
Just one of his pics is enough to make me pass out. He's babe. *^*
Miss Wolf
08:59:03 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Oof XD it's fine.
08:58:56 Friday/Fridge
The flowers on his head are oddly satisfying -WP Click-
Aqua Angel
08:58:52 Angel
Rat Queen, shhhh he'll never know :3
The Great Pumpkin
08:58:43 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, you should be now I have to send you like five Nuggles pics so that you almost pass out from the cuteness
Leopard Lover
08:57:48 Leopard, LL
I'm sorry. qwq
The Great Pumpkin
08:57:43 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, a little
Miss Wolf
08:56:43 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, Is that bad? XD

Miss Wolf
08:56:13 Hail The Whale
Goddess, Awe <3
The Great Pumpkin
08:56:11 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, XD wow
Night Shade
08:55:58 Cali/Night
Oh lol.
Miss Wolf
08:55:40 Hail The Whale
Rat Queen, He has no idea XD
But what he doesn't know won't hurt him XD
Aqua Angel
08:55:27 Angel
Aww thank you Hestia, your the best partner I could have asked for <3
The Great Pumpkin
08:55:15 Rat queen/Derp Shark
LL, well you could've warned me
08:55:15 Overlord

Obviously not

The Great Pumpkin
08:54:36 Rat queen/Derp Shark
Miss, XD does your in real life fiance know about this wedding?


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Are my prices good January 16, 2020 02:24 PM

Sneaky Smeagol
Posts: 3352
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I have an art shop where fullbodies are between 500-1000 mush. It was made a long time ago and my art has since improved. So, being honest, should I raise prices? People already on my slots and waiting list would still get art for the same amount but I feel my art is worth a little more now. Please don't say anything bout lowering prices or keeping it just because you don't have much mushrooms. I want honest opinions based on how much you think its worth. Not how much you have.

Recent example

Character belongs to Akugitsune and all lines/colouring/shadng by me

Old style

Characters belong to Fiella, all art by me. Yeesh this drawing is ancient

Are my prices good January 31, 2020 09:45 AM

Posts: 5869
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I'd put 700 mush as minimum or 800 ?
I think I would price Aku's OC art at 1100 mush :3

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