11:40:15 Star,hero,cookie
hello mum
how are you
11:40:13 Tsuwuyuwu Asuwui
Thanks, I was hoping to get a wolf trained after the FMC. I could PM you then.
11:40:06 Venn/Venne
Froppy - a good way to check on BE trainers is to ask them for references. generally, the more customers they have to reference, the bettter.
Rageing Stormz
11:40:00 That Pet Spider
Use bush
Dagger Pack
11:39:37 Dag/Verity's Wife

I'd BE train for you. And I promise I'm not a scammer
11:39:30 Your Maternal Figure
I still can't

s k e n a n a WHEEZEE
King Nothing
11:39:26 Misha
Lol that happens quite a bit sometimes the big ones don’t know how big they are tho- also my horse doesn’t like dressage, I kinda like it tho, he ran away from me so I rode a horse named Sammy, literally he has the best circles
11:39:11 Your Maternal Figure


no doubt making banana puns

Oh god can you imagine?
11:38:38 Waterfall,Zane
11:38:29 Tsuwuyuwu Asuwui
Does anyone have any suggestions for BE trainers? I got scammed twice >_>
11:38:05 BegoneThoughts
Restraining order.
11:37:56 Summer!
*second part to Misha
11:37:40 Summer!
Lmao, at least there’s that
Ew ugliness
Like my face lmao
The biggest ones are often the sweetest pushovers haha. I remember my trainer ended up having to turn out the pony mare with a giant OTTB gelding, and a Belgian draft cross gelding. Both absolutely massive. One of them chased the pony across the pasture for a good five minutes before the pony turned around, but at him, the proceeded to chase the giant gelding. She runs the field now heh
11:37:38 BegoneThoughts
If someone could just, edit her with that distoring tool that makes everything ROUND. And then send it to me.

I would be greatful. That would be her custom avatar.

Once WP allows this
11:37:36 Your Maternal Figure
Blursed, you have been blursed-

But he'd follow youuuu-
11:36:54 BegoneThoughts
I wish there was decor that fit her royal meme-ness -WP Click-
Rageing Stormz
11:36:44 That Pet Spider
It's a bit green in here XD
Different Times
11:36:30 BBQ Tiddied Kermit
I don't know if I should feel blessed
Or if I'm gonna die XD
Volk's Ukasit
11:36:15 Noodles
Just realized this isn't sales chat
0.0 Uhhh I'm gonna go cry now
Rageing Stormz
11:36:03 That Pet Spider
So many chonk memes

So little time


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How do you accept friend requests/send them? May 31, 2019 01:04 PM

Serial Dreamer
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Nightfall Furs Pack said:
How do you unfriend someone?

Go to your Friends list, scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll find the "Remove Friend" option. You can select the person you'd like to unfriend from the dropdown menu.
How do you accept friend requests/send them? September 10, 2019 09:08 AM

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this doesn't help because it doesn't work
How do you accept friend requests/send them? September 10, 2019 09:21 AM

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Norka said:
this doesn't help because it doesn't work

What's happening when you send them?
How do you accept friend requests/send them? April 20, 2020 08:01 PM

Posts: 2
What happens if you accidentally delete the message with the pending friend request?
I did that, because I was unfamiliar with the system and was trying to move it, and when I went to see if I could friend them on their page, I didn't have the option, and they couldn't send me a friend request either.
How do you accept friend requests/send them? April 20, 2020 08:27 PM

Posts: 1134
Upon asking a mod if you can send multiple friend requests, they weren't sure so I tested it out my self. You cannot, unfortunately. Try again in a few days, it will refresh. :)

Edited at May 23, 2020 09:28 AM by Oakley
How do you accept friend requests/send them? April 23, 2020 08:57 PM

Moon Shadow Pack
Posts: 20
To unfriend someone, you go to Pack > Den, you click on Friends in Info and then it says Remove Friend, you select the friend you want to remove, and click submit.
Does that help? :)
How do you accept friend requests/send them? April 24, 2020 06:34 PM

Posts: 2
Okay, so, I accidentally deleted my friends' friend request about 4 days ago. IT DOES REFRESH!
So! If anyone accidentally deletes a friend request, know that you can resend it, you just have to wait a few days!! I figured this was important to tell in case anyone else does this on accident!
How do you accept friend requests/send them? May 17, 2020 10:58 AM

Fern of The North
Posts: 1
You go to friends-then choose the friend you want to remove, then click submit.

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