09:22:58 Silver
Pm me if anyone wants to rp! Please be able to play male!
Sassy Otaku
09:22:49 Salty Canadian
Thanks. I made her as a kind of grad gift to myself
Farrah is very pretty
09:21:38 Alpha // Jo
15 Silver Salve and 66 Robin Feathers i don't need
Sassy Otaku
09:20:03 Salty Canadian
-WP Click-
-WP Click-

I seriously can't wait for these guys to have their pups, but they'll probably make me wait
Im ready to retire this whole pack their idiots
09:19:16 ❥ Lyy
Spends literally all mu mush.. Went from 2k to only 3 mush in a week
Miss Wolf
09:18:48 Eh.
Ah, that makes sense. Thank you.
Crescent Moon Pack
09:17:45 DG Queen
Alphas are wolves with highest dominance in your pack. Keep the one you want as aplha above others by at least 1 dominance point
Crescent Moon Pack
09:16:51 DG Queen
Dont assign CP to her dominance then
Miss Wolf
09:16:26 Eh.
Okay, I don't think there is but is there something that stops the female in your folder become alpha?

I put CP in her dominance and she becomes alpha replacing my current alpha female and it is super annoying.

Hope that makes sense.
Sassy Otaku
09:15:31 Salty Canadian
I have 3 new wolves to train, as well as one I didn't quite finish last game year
Panic! at My Romance
09:15:15 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
My leg hurts where it got cut yesterday

I hate this stupid level of explore but got like 100 moves left of it
Crescent Moon Pack
09:10:23 DG Queen
Oh, LL would love that one lmao
Crescent Moon Pack
09:09:58 DG Queen
I dislike training, but i hate wolves not being at 925 more lmao. Plus, forest 2 is gold mine during full moon nights *^*
09:09:35 *Misspell my name!*
-WP Click-

Ugh. ES but he's so friken ugly
09:09:03 Silly-wan Kenobi
Not leveling up drives me crazy, that's what keeps me from training more x.x
09:08:51 Rod | Zin | Paw
Get it, thanks
Crescent Moon Pack
09:07:59 DG Queen
Uh, i may or may not go through forest 2, like complete it, 5+ times a day...


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Selling items? March 30, 2017 04:43 PM

Former Pack
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Is there a way to sell items in inventory that you don't want? Like, I have two potions I don't need, and I don't know how to get rid of them.
(I'm a noob, sorry, I've been searching for the answer to this question for an hour xD)
Selling items? March 30, 2017 04:52 PM

Destinations End
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Yeah. Go to pack>Pack activities>manage market den

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