Sour Demon
04:35:42 grrr liam
Hm. It's a standard piercing (18g?) and I can pinch the space between them easily. The hole never closed and the fistula is still there, if they merge would it fuck up my chance of ever closing the gauges?
I don't plan to go higher than a 10.
04:35:33 Always Tired~
Ooo, I didn't even think about that! C: I might have to create a valentines avatar too! x3

I find focusing on one thing can help, depending on the situation.

Sometimes playing music like desti said can help. I normally play a song I like over and over helps for me, but everyone is different.
Panic attacks suck,I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with that >.<
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:35:14 Dragon of WP
-WP Click-
Hmmm...domi want you?
The Rainbow Pride
04:33:04 Gothy
Yeah just don't skip like 4 of them and you should be fine :D

Depends, if the gauge you want is where the second hole is around then it may split the two pieces of skin but if it's smaller it shouldn't do anything. Especially if it's already healed :)
Alfred F. Jones
04:32:35 America (Lord Salt)
-WP Click-
You know, I don't actually mind this boy, even if his nose annoys the hell out of me-
04:32:05 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
Grimm, Thanks! ^-^ I updated it for Valentines, and then I'll change it back untill the next holiday thingy.
Destinations End
04:32:05 Desti
I personally can't really prevent bad anxiety/ panic episodes myself.

But music can help some if I catch one starting before it's really getting bad
Sour Demon
04:31:32 grrr liam
Hm. I don't mind the pain, I just don't want to ruin my ears at all.

Also- I had double piercings and I've tried to let the 2nd holes close as they are less old. Any chance gauging my first holes will hurt them..?
04:31:28 Always Tired~
Love the new avatar/username :p
04:31:11 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
Pressure. Stretch. Pressure
04:30:42 Rubberband Man
how does one stop being overwhelmed because I'm about to have an episode.
04:30:39 TS
ET good, glad
Twist Of Fate
04:30:25 Twistie
I'm so brooooooke!
04:30:04 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
ET. I'll take him *^*
04:29:53 ET, Orbit
I am lmao-
04:29:34 ET, Orbit
Pfff I'm remembering your catches better than you are- xD
04:29:30 Navy.Lucid.Pizza
I still have to work on spider reactivity >_>
The Rainbow Pride
04:29:29 Gothy
I think we all just fried eachothers brains xD
04:29:26 TS
ET. ewww retire
Wolves of the Zodiac
04:29:03 Dragon of WP was an albino. Sorry my mind is blitzed.


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RP Character Sales Question January 13, 2020 05:31 PM

Redwood Lake
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Hi, what are the rules regarding RP character sales?
Can we sell them, if so what are the rules for selling?
Do they have to be animal related or not?
Do they need to have art to be sold or can they bedetailed profiles one the character?
RP Character Sales Question January 13, 2020 05:37 PM

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You cannot sell human characters onsite, but I don't know if that applies to descriptions too.

You can sell poems and bios and stories, so I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to sell characters that are descriptions.

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