Star Shoe
08:58:08 Fat Hairy Women Legs
The wolves I am keeping-
1 mela female
1 SV male
2 Albino female pups
1 pretty female pup

Worthless Paradise
08:57:41 Hypnos
And I know blood is exploring like a madman. If you look in the hunting thing, I'm pretty sure they're in first place.
08:57:41 Aussie Bird
I didn't know if you did, because of how you worded it ^-^". It sounded like you believed they were targeting you. Apologies.
08:56:48 Princess Of Mewni
Shadows-how is she accidentally go threw the magic dimension? I really need to go back and rewatch everything, I was always distracted by other stuff while watching so I missed bits and pieces of episodes.
Worthless Paradise
08:56:44 Hypnos
Dude I know it's random.
Stormy Skies
08:56:14 Blackie, Mitsuki
polly, sometimes if I'm friends with the person I'll just gift it to them and put a note saying that my wolves raided their den.
08:56:12 Em / Flu / ila
I don't really read the events in explore and have missed several birdwatchers as a result, eek
08:54:52 Sil, SL, Ancient
If they're like me and explore a bunch we don't even read who we're raiding.
08:54:37 Aussie Bird
They don't get a choice about stealing from you haha. I feel bad when I steal repeatedly from the same pack, but there's nothing we can do to stop it.
08:53:59 Aussie Bird
Stealing food and relics is completely random. They're not targeting you.
Shadows Of Ember
08:53:39  🥔Ari
My pack was just DISGRACEFUL.
Worthless Paradise
08:53:06 Hypnos
I have all my bury spaces filled up already. :')
Shadows Of Ember
08:52:50  🥔Ari
Bury your food!
Worthless Paradise
08:52:01 Hypnos
blood demons has stolen 10 feedings just today. I am crying. They just stole four things from me. Gonna keep crying in my corner I can't keep up with this guy.
Park Seonghwa
08:51:26 High Warlock
Anyone want to do a MxM rp? Pm me!
Shadows Of Ember
08:50:48  🥔Ari
Rebel's [email protected]

Gremlin dude from Disney's Hercules: If, if is good.
Rebel's rein
08:50:22 Bagel ghost thing
Andd I have to leave to do art-
Rebel's rein
08:49:53 Bagel ghost thing

That's good
Shadows Of Ember
08:49:16  🥔Ari
[email protected]
She went though the magic dimension on accident several times - causing her to appear in different places on Mewni via the magical wells.
08:48:37 Waterfall,Zane
names for my unnamed wolves pm me ill be poofing now to do something


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So I was exploring and all of a sudden this pops up:"></a>

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just something I pressed

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just reload your page it happens to me all the time!
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Rescue Pack said:
just reload your page it happens to me all the time!

Ok thanks!
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Rescue Pack said:
just reload your page it happens to me all the time!

Ok thanks!

no problem

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