Mistress Nyx
09:19:38 Peitho Paroxyisma
I only had enough chorizo for two burritos :c
Fool's Gold
09:19:32 Fool, Kanra
Orbutt will tell you I'm not.
Destinations End
09:19:09 Desti
Then don't make comments on it. Because there was nothing inappropriate being said
09:19:07 White
know what forget it DX
09:18:55 ET, Orbit
I poofed--
09:18:54 Silly-Wan Kenobi
Fair, her legs look like Amber to me. I like.
Calling All Losers
09:18:54 Cal's Rescue
Rushing Waves
09:18:50 Rushie
True, you're not a vampy boi. Can't confirm the other things, though. You may be a gorgeous, golden eyed guy.
Fool's Gold
09:18:50 Fool, Kanra
09:18:38 White
=-= rather not say
Destinations End
09:18:08 Desti
Then what conversation are you referring to
Mistress Nyx
09:18:08 Peitho Paroxyisma
Whitewolf: Watch the caps and rp actions are not allowed.
Serial Dreamer
Silly, she looks decent. I don't think I'm gonna keep this one though.
Dash Attacked
09:17:48 nyoom
I love blazers. Makes me feel hella fancy. :')
Mistress Nyx
09:17:32 Peitho Paroxyisma
Serial: Oh, how pretty
09:17:29 White
cough not that one
09:17:26 Hollow | Silver
Not mom
Sticks and knives got involved xD Magic was there briefly but it was an interesting mess of things.
Fool's Gold
09:17:18 Fool, Kanra
I think I better just clear up that I'm not a gorgeous, golden-eyed vampire-
09:17:06 White
Mistress Nyx

i'm 18
Destinations End
09:17:03 Desti
If they're referring to the item on this game that changes a pups gender then there's definitely nothing wrong with their conversation


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Pack Mood Help May 30, 2019 10:08 AM

Former Pack
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Most of my wolves have excellent affinity the issue is the mood keeps lowering why? Does it have anything to do with a wolves individual mood and how do I fix it please. Thank you.
Pack Mood Help May 30, 2019 10:16 AM

Posts: 2326
Some of your wolves have the same dominance, but other than that they all seem to have a good affinity with each other.

You could go to Barter and buy a Make Friends item to increase their affinity.

Realm > Barter > Apples > Make Friends
Pack Mood Help May 30, 2019 10:21 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
So if I change the domience level of each to a different number the mood should increase?

I have 0 apples atm so I can't get said item. Thanks for that tip.
Pack Mood Help May 30, 2019 10:25 AM

Posts: 2326
If you stagger dominance it should help.
Pack Mood Help May 30, 2019 10:26 AM

Former Pack
Posts: 0
Alright, Thank you for you help I appricate it!

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