Serial Dreamer
Overwatch, I was playing Quickplay xD
Haven't done my placement matches for role queue beta yet though.
I saw Owowatch and I freaked
11:01:33 Medic! Oh wait...
I'm playing comp rn actually lol
Mistress Nyx
11:00:47 *nyx noises*
I'm pretty sure Dasher is 18 considering she just started at uni.
Serial Dreamer
Ironically, I was playing Overwatch just now :')
Destiny Of Angels
11:00:28 Strai | Bones | DOA
Should I call my Explore Team, Ghost Protocol
Mistress Nyx
11:00:19 *nyx noises*
I think shiro's 21? 22? Im not sure.
11:00:09 Medic! Oh wait...
Serial Dreamer~
Ah thanks mate!
Mistress Nyx
10:59:32 *nyx noises*
Venn is pretty old too.
Serial Dreamer
Use it on a pregnant female, Overwatch.
Mistress Nyx
10:59:06 *nyx noises*
Silly; Good girl xD
that reminds me! There was this man i constantly saw at work that was always saying hi to me. One day, he gave me his number, like just walked past me and slipped his number into my work vest. I was grossed out and didn't even look at the number. He had written "Call or text me anytime;)" it was gross. I had seen him shopping with his wife and kid too and I was just all "dude, really?"

I gave the number to my boyfriend :')
10:58:44 Medic! Oh wait...
When do I use a green fern again?
10:58:33 *wormn on strngi*
He also tried calling me "my love" and "mon cheri."
We had only talked for less than a week lmfao
Serial Dreamer
He needs help.
10:57:53 Silly-wan Kenobi
I think Des and I were the oldest besides Medi. Most are early 20s.
10:57:25 *wormn on strngi*
Oh we're talking about creeps?
I met a guy off this game and he unironically called me "m'lady"
Mistress Nyx
10:57:08 *nyx noises*
Elemental: Probably because I'm a mod? I think I'm middle age amongst the mods. Like there's some older and some younger than me.
10:56:30 *wormn on strngi*

The eye is kind of freaking me out lol
I'm not sure why that's the only exaggerated part of the whole horse
Panic! at My Romance
10:55:58 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
Ugh I don't want to scan things in at work ;-;

I'm too tired for this
10:54:48 Silly-wan Kenobi
Nyx I'm one of those that'll find a mother or significant other and forward it lol


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