Grey Wolf Gang
01:29:08 Rocky, Fur, S.r.d
The chat is dead
Black Swan
01:24:20 Swan Swannity Swan
Alright, it's the middle of the frigging night and my brain is fried, I guess it's finally time to to my midterm
Grey Wolf Gang
01:22:30 Rocky, Fur, S.r.d
Black Swan
01:20:55 Swan Swannity Swan
Check the news :)
Grey Wolf Gang
01:20:15 Rocky, Fur, S.r.d
Whats that thing? Gwyn ap nudd.
01:19:32 Secret Gaygent
I am looking for rp partners for a fantasy rp. I have a plot. Pm me.
Black Swan
01:19:12 Swan Swannity Swan
Gwyn ap Nudd 1 attempts to slam Circe but they miss.
Gwyn ap Nudd 1 flees successfully.

How dare you call me weak >> Coward!
Grey Wolf Gang
01:18:15 Rocky, Fur, S.r.d
You have : 1 brains.

Truth, I have only one brain ಠಿ_ಠ
Black Swan
01:11:08 Swan Swannity Swan
I still think bengal tigers should be nerfed. They're doing more damage than bears, for goodness sake
01:06:28 Riptide
yay finally ripped a hound's heart out, took a while to find them xD
Just A Dreamer
12:59:32 Chip
I'm so tempted to buy black dye already for my custom boy
12:56:47 Himbo
good night yall. finally going to bed before 4 am :P 3 extra hours, lets go!
12:55:05 Vice Versa
Same XD
Black Swan
12:54:50 Swan Swannity Swan
No, I was just wondering ^^ My wolves are just jacked
12:54:42 Vice Versa
no I don't think so
12:54:05 evebot
Do I need to make it harder?
12:53:41 evebot
Yes, it is possible
Black Swan
12:52:54 Swan Swannity Swan
Yup. I smacked mine down on Vixen
12:52:32 Vice Versa
If I apply a raven feather now it will last until death script right?
Black Swan
12:51:45 Swan Swannity Swan
Hey Eve, is it possible to fail the woods encounter with the corpse?


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