Don't have any honestly
You art is very pretty
los campesinos!
12:21:15 xe/it/he
-WP Click- criticism
Megan :)
12:20:51 Pitbull momma
Keep or retire?
-WP Click-
12:17:50 Tea Spirits
mornin Shen!
12:17:24 Shen
morning all
Megan :)
12:14:46 Pitbull momma
Thank you! :)

Very pretty
12:12:09 Tea Spirits
Megan - Handsome boi!
Dark gold

Thank you
That's what I thought to! :)

I think it's going to turn out pretty cool especially after some light work

Was just having mixed thoughts :')
Megan :)
12:11:46 Pitbull momma
-WP Click-
check it ;)
12:11:27 Tea Spirits
I now have a stamp >:P
12:08:08 Tea Spirits
Jack - Or just delete the number in full from your phone? loll
The different colors in the skin is whats giving it life though! Looks incredible, I'm sure they'll love it
I still have another good hour of work left with the skin
So ya know it's no where near finished
I think I'm getting carried away with the different colors in the skin
But personnally I like color contrast
So I think I'ma keep it and pray that the commissioner likes the end result

Bella the Shredder
12:02:55 Bella
Your wolves played: Blossom and Canyon relentlessly chase 🍪Cookie🍪 of pack Wind Winder through the meadow.

Sorry @Wind Winder through the meadow.
Jack Frost
12:01:46 Kháos
I shall keep it to avoid making that error again. 💀
11:58:47 Tea Spirits
Nezu - Hello!

Sabby - Hey hey!

Jack - yikes, that's kinda funny I'm sorry.
Jack Frost
11:57:44 Kháos
I texted a "random" number to find who it is, and guess what? I texted my ex's dad. 😕
11:50:48 Grandpa


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GoldxEmpress(private) December 24, 2021 05:11 PM

Queen Elsa
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Chani ( sha- nee)
17- Human
Immortal-angel form
Turquise- angel form
toffee hazel- Human
Long straight blond hair to her hips- Angel form
- Brown hair to her shoulders- human
Heaven- Angel
344 South Arnold St- Human
None- Angel
Stepfather; Mom ( in the hands of Tojan)- human
To tease the demon every chance she can get to get him on edge,
cooking( traditional Irish food, some european and a few others)
drawing/painting ( mostly nature, including animals)
Being followed by the demon because of some.... uncommunticated releationship the other is hiding from her.
playing harp and guitar
running ( black short shorts and black sleeveless)
bow and arrow practice ( 2 places... backyard/forest ten miles away)
pocket knife toss ( in garage)
Starlight ( mare made from pure sunlight. Gift from her mother)- Angel
Brin ( cat, passed away) - Human
her wings ( made with pure sunlight, retractable), a dagger she carries on her waist- angel
Tazzer, pocket knife- human

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GoldxEmpress(private) December 24, 2021 05:56 PM

Gold Hearts
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Just ignore this post

Edited at December 25, 2021 04:33 AM by Gold Hearts
GoldxEmpress(private) December 25, 2021 04:31 AM

Gold Hearts
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18 in demon years, but demons never die.




The underworld- Demon form

334 South Arnold Street (he lives there because of Chani)-Human form










Tojan is very arrogant, and loud. He is very popular and sees himself as the demon “god”. He can be very sympathetic, but not often. He doesnt pick on people but he usually comes off as mean and arrogant. Most of the time you can see him with his cronies at school, either having a good time, or bragging about something. His parents are very wealthy and very good people, this led him to help various charities, but he never does manual labor.


Tojan has jet black hair, his hair is medium length and is usually swept back with hair gel and the sides of his head are shaved. His hair fades to a bright red, and usually looks messy in a good way. Tojan has 2 tattoos, one of his pet dragon, and another of a snake curling around his right arm. He usually wears a black tank, with black or faded red skinny jeans. He has a very sharp jawline and high, pronounced cheekbones. His complexion is very smokey, almost looking like he just came out of a fire. He has a pair of wings that he can retract at any time to make it look like he doesnt have wings. If he does have his wings out they span about 7 feet from wingtip to wingtip.Each wing is jet black, then gradually fades to red as you go more out. He has a very fit physique, exercising everyday to keep it in top form. He also has horns that are blood red, adding about a foot of height to hit overall height. He has one gold and one black eye, which make him stand out against most demons who have red eyes. Tojan is very tall without the horns, standing 6’10 if he didnt have horns. In his human form Tojan has a dark tan complexion, and his wings and horns are gone when he assumes human form.


Tojan has a pet dragon named Kolen. She is a massive, melanistic dragon that looks very scary, but in reality is very sweet and caring. She was a dragonlet when Tojan found her abandoned, and now they are really good friends! When Kolen goes down with Tojan to Earth she looks like a massive all black Shire horse.


Going out with his friends. Playing with Kolen. Seeing Chani.

People laughing at their own jokes. Chani getting mad at him.
His ability to brush off insults.His determination and ability to laugh at anything. His money and influence.
Chani, whenever Kolen gives him dragon eyes.(that's puppy dog eyes but in dragon form) His arrogance and loud nature often make him oblivious to others feelings. Ice and most light.
Flaming Sword- Demon form
Black Dagger-Human form

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GoldxEmpress(private) December 25, 2021 06:29 AM

Queen Elsa
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It was a warm Spring morning in April. A school morning as usual for the 1,500 students at Eagles High.
Waking up at 6:50 am, Chani got in her school clothes, grabbed her tazzer, pocketknife, and school bag, before letting her stepfather, Brendon, drive her ten minutes to the school.
" Thanks Dad for doing this for me. I know I can be a pain in the ' wings' at times, but I am doing everything I can to keep up my grades. Its just, things aren't what they used to be after mother died...."
He just smiled and continued on driving til he reached the drop off and opened the door " Have fun and learn...but most of all.. no more getting into fights. And another thing... Do let your Angelic side override your human side. I want you to keep that side a total secret. You understand me, Chani?"
" Yes Stepfather. I understand. I'll be better than last week. I promise" Her slight Irish accent came through like water.
She kissed his cheek before waving and closed the door and started to head towards the building. Not too long after she climbed the stairs, did she see some of her friends.
" Hey guys." she said with a smile " come on... lets get inside and get to our classes. "
Little did she know that the cronies were watching her. They had been watching her carefully for their 'leader' without her knowledge. Or as we humans put it... Behind her back. And she wouldn't know about it til something happened and she would have to step in to stop it. But it wouldn't be for a long time.
No one in the entire school, not the principle, the teacher, or the student knew Chani's secret. And thats how she wanted it to stay: A secret. But as time went on, something or someone would foresee Chani's second identity and spoil it in front of the entire school during lunch. Making her refuse to go to school so she could find a way to deal with the issue. ( hint hint.. the leader).
Chani walked into her first period class and sat in her usual middle seat in the second row and got out her math book and started to look over the problems that she missed the night before. Not caring or looking at the students coming in.

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GoldxEmpress(private) December 25, 2021 07:30 AM

Gold Hearts
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"You want a ride to school?" Tojan asked Kisme "No, Klanest's mom is taking us today." "Cool, well see you then." Tojan watched Kisme gather her things and walk outside to a blue mini van, where some girls were screaming lyrics to a cheesey K-pop song. After they left Tojan went outside and played with Kolen. After he was finished and Kolen was in her stable Tojan got in his car and headed to his local coffee shop. " A breakfast burrito, large vanilla latte and a brownie please." Tojan always ordered the same thing, but he never got tired of the delicious burritos this place had. Tojan got into his car and called his dad "Hey dad, whatcha doin?" Tojan asked "Just filing some papers, you?" "Crap! Sorry dad I got to get to school. Love you, bye!" Tojan sped off to Eagle High, and after he parked his car and headed into the school he spotted Miroky "Hey, how is Chani?" "She's doing good, currently in first period math." Miroky replied.Tojan rolled his eyes ugh,are all angels such goody two shoes? "Thanks man, this means a lot,that your doing this for me. I really appreciate it." Tojan headed off to first period math class. Once he got there he immediately spotted Chani and sat in front of her. Tojan opened his notebook to the first question from last night that he forgot to do. 1.
Two large and 1 small pumps can fill a swimming pool in 4 hours. One large and 3 small pumps can also fill the same swimming pool in 4 hours. How many hours will it take 4 large and 4 small pumps to fill the swimming pool.(We assume that all large pumps are similar and all small pumps are also similar.)
"This is easy." He wrote down his work "Why do I have to show my work, I mean if I got the right answer why does it matter?"
Let R and r the rate of work of the large and the small pumps respectively
4(2R + r) = 1 : 2 large and 1 small work for 4 hours to do 1 job
4(R + 3r) = 1 : 1 large and 3 small work for 4 hours to do 1 job
T(4R + 4r) = 1 : Find time T if 4 large and 4 small are to do one job.
Solve for R and r the system of first two equations then substitute in the third and solve for T to find the time. T = 5/3 hours = 1 hour 40 minutes.
Suddenly the teacher started talking.

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GoldxEmpress(private) December 25, 2021 05:10 PM

Queen Elsa
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Goody too shoes, am I? Chani thought( she can read others minds even when not being talked to) as she saw the chair in front of her move and her nemesis for the past year and a half, sat in it. She scoffed and lifted the book so she couldn't see his back. She hated him for only a year and things were just getting hotter. Every time that the demon spoke, the more Chani's angel side wanted to takeover and torture him like he did last week, but on a greater scale.
" Sir... Im still confused about this problem... Can you help me figure it out. I did it every possible way.. but still get it wrong. And another thing...shut this one up in front of me... I can hear him whispering as he works and its bothering me." She grinned and scoffed. But it was only the beginning. And only first period. Things were just going to get worse as the morning wore on.
Calm down, Chani. No need to over-react. Just obey Stepfather and just get school done for the day.
She placed the book down on the desk and turned the page to her next problem that she half finished " Damn it" she whispered to herself.
You have no idea what you are doing, Tojan she said to him through her mind. If you do one stupid thing today... Just you want and see what havein store for you
She finally got done with the problems and looked up from her book and looked at the teacher, who started talking again. Along with his pacing back and forth. One period down... two to go before lunch and then two more before going back home At the back of her mind, she was trying to find ways to making him show his own identity. But doing that would just make hers show and she didnt want that. She then thought of just telling one of the cronies when she had the chance. But what if they already know he was a demon and I... an Angel. One who works hard to keep the school safe and my type from being killed off... What will happen to me then? she didnt focus for the rest of the class. Her mind only focusing on Angel and Demon life. But then, the bell rang and she came back to reality when a friend of hers shook her. "Come on, Chani... art class.. remember?"
" Oh... right..ill be there in a minute. I'll meet you out front of the door.I just have a few things to put back in my bag, then we can head over to class" She said in her slight Irish accent. It was impossible to hide. But she did her best. But something about her voice was off, like she feared about something. But she couldnt put a wing to it. She just shook the feeling away and promised to deal with it when she was at home. Chani then put her back on her back and left first period and off to second period with her friend. She just hoped that Tojan wouldnt be in any other class. But of course she was wrong. Way wrong. He would be in the art class as well. It was the pairing that day that caused her heartache.
When the girls reached the class room, Chani's friend went in and sat in her normal chair, but didnt see the bilboard.
When Chani saw it, she gave a silent curse when she saw her name right next to the only person she didnt want to work with. " Damn it" she punched the wall before walking in and sat in the seat that she normally sat in before the teacher shook her head " you sit over in the back, Chani... with Tojan"
" But Mrs Thompson... I.."
" Do it right now, young lady. Or you get no lunch" Mrs. Thomson said pointing to the back.
" Yes Ma'am" Chani said looking at her friend before grabbing her bag and moved to the back, where of course... her nemisis was at.
" Tojan..." she said before sitting down and looked forward just as the teacher was explaining about the different artists and painters of the past and the now.
" Your job this morning is to choose one of the names of the artists on the board and paint what you think they would have painted when they were alive. " then went quiet. And sat in her seat.
" This is so damn easy" Chani chuckled as she looked over the names again and again before choosing Vincent van Gogh ten seconds later and already had begun with her painting. She was a natural. A gift from her mother before she was killed.
GoldxEmpress(private) December 25, 2021 06:30 PM

Gold Hearts
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"Tojan, be in my office after school. I will not have you disrupting my class." Mr. Glanstang said "Shit! Did that stupid angel get me in trouble again!!! Dad will kill me if he finds out!" "Sure Mr. Glanstang!" Tojan sarcastically said, he smirked" Well, if I go down I'm going down with a fight, I'll get her next period." He thought. Tojan silently worked until he heard the bell ring, then it was on.
Tojan went into art and saw his name next to Chanis "Yes! This will make it ten times easier!" He took a seat at the back of the classroom and heard the teacher yelling at Chani to sit next to him "Huh, I guess she's not as big a goody two shoes as I thought." Tojan saw her wordlessly sit down next to him, and of course listen intently to the teacher talking about art crap and stuff. When the teacher finally finished her speech, he saw Chani immediately start a sketch, and he reluctantly did the same. Time after time he erased his sketch, each one never quite up to his standards.While Tojan was doing that Chani was finishing up her painting. "It's not that bad." He thought " I might feel a twinge of regret ruining it." After a bit of thinking "Naw, it will be bliss every second."
Tojan got up to get some more paint, and on the way back he tripped over Chani's foot, "accidentally" spilling paint all over Chani's peice. While Chani was getting yelled at for tripping people, he heard the teacher say "Detention in Mr.Glanstang's office today after school !" "I must be in heaven, everything is going perfect today isn't it! I mean we have detention together and the next two periods! It can't be a coincident!" And while the teacher was yelling at Chani, Tojan was smirking the whole time, and he knew she could feel it.
GoldxEmpress(private) December 26, 2021 09:50 AM

Queen Elsa
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Chani argued with the art teacher for a hot minute " Mrs. Thompson! Thats not even fair! I didnt trip him! He did it on purpose to get back at me for what I said in Math class! You cant do this to me! You know I get A's in this class all the time... Please!" She begged her to not go to detention. But what good did that do anyways? Nothing. * God damn it. Now look where it landed me. In the same damn room with that demon.*
She could feel the smirk on his face. She glared at him with full anger. " You did that on purpose, Tojan. I work for fifty minutes on that... you know how long it took to even master to paint?! It took years!"
" Now now Chani.. im sure your father will do something about this little incident." Mrs. Thompson said shaking her head " Chani.. you will wait til everyone else has left this room before heading to English. Am I clear?"
" Yes Ma'am. " Chani said tossing the canvas into to the trash bin and sat back down in her seat, her head on the table, her arms around her head to muffle her cries.
The bell finally rang, and she began to hear the other students exit the art class. But she stayed till everyone left and then waited an extra ten seconds before collecting herself and her bag before slowly making her way to English. But she stopped when she reached the girls bathroom. I am not going into English class. I know he's planning a way to ruin my day in that class too Chani thought as she slipped into the bathroom and got into one of the stalls and locked the door.
I cant keep letting him bully me like this.... he is the demon of the school after all and I am a useless Angel who cant even keep up with his schemes. then thought its not detention om worried about. Its after school heading home. He will order me to sit with him on the way home so he can call me names in my ear. The ones I hate. And ruin my angelic reputation more than ever
She stayed in the bathroom for five more minutes before rinsing her face with cold water before collecting her bag and headed into the english class. SHe was just glad she didnt sit beside him in that class.
" Im so sorry im late. Something came up, Sir. " She grabbed her English book and sat down beside her friend and ave her a weak smile
" What happened? Did you know who bully you again?" She whispered
" ill explain later...ill text you on all the details" Chano whispered back.
" Now class.. who can tell me what the meaning of the word that is written on the board" then looked at Chani " Chani... you are a bright A's student.. why dont you tell the class what it means"
" I... I cant, Sir... " Chani mumbled. For the first time in one year at this school, she never answered any questions in the English class. She felt enbarassed. She knew English all too well. In fact in all the classes she took, she knew everything all too well. The smartest student in the entire school. But she wasnt herself. It was like Tojan was doing something to her and she couldnt shield herself from him. Tojan.. please... stop bullying me. If you wanted to have me kneeling at your feet in your Demon form.. I wouldnt have any other choice... but in human form.. you have no right to control me
She then lost it. Her eyes began to glow and she felt everyone look at her, gasping.Then glared at Tojan. Then grabbed her bag and raced out of the school to the old alleyway close to home. She wouldnt be returning to school for a few days. And she wouldnt be telling her father about anything that happened that day. Even if she was ordered to. She had to plam on how to stand up to Tojan. and if he wanted to play Deom and Angel.. then she would be happy to play along. She placed her bag down behind a thick plank of wood before turning shifting into her Angel form turned invisible. Hoping that no one would come search for her. But she had a flaw in her planning. She forgot that Demons could see Angels. And vise Versa. This would only be the beginning of her torture from Tojan and it only would get worse the longer she disobeyed Tojan in his demon form.
( I was thinking that Tojan went into the alleyway after school and searched for her before giving her what she really deserves.But make sure Tojan is in his demon form for it. )
GoldxEmpress(private) December 26, 2021 10:16 AM

Gold Hearts
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Tojan heard Chani start crying , and he smirked more. After class he headed to English, while Chani hung back per to Mrs. Thomsons orders. He saw some of his friends an ran over to them "hey guys watch doin?" Tojan wanted to tell them about what he did to the stupid angel "Nothing much, just heading to class." Miroky replied "Ok, I'll see you at lunch, I'm going to be a bit late for class so tell me if anything happens!" He called, running off to try to intercept Chani. When he got back to the art room, no one was there, so he backtracked to find Chani running out of the Enlish room. "What's her deal?" He whispered to Miroky as he was putting his stuff down "I don't know, her eyes started glowing and then she sprinted out of the room." Miroky informed him. "Perfect." Tojan thought cruelly. The day went through like a blur, and alas the long awaited end of school bell arrived, and Tojan made a bee line for the back entrance into the alley way. "Where is there a better place for a whimpy angel to hide?" He thought. He went into a little alleyway, and changed into his demon form. He then called Kolem, and she came running up to him. "Now, I don't want you in your dragon form, ok? I'm just here to find a angel and I need your help." Tojan pulled flaming horse armor and a flaming sword out from seemingly nowhere. Soon, he had Kolem equipped and his sword in his hand. "Can you smell her?" Tojan asked Kolem. And without any warning, Kolem cantered into a big alleyway. Tojan saw Chani crying, with a slight mist around her. He walked Kolem up to her and said "Oh, so the stupid and now cowardly angel has hid, and is now at my command." Tojan dismounted Kolem and started to advance on Chani "If all angels are a dumb as you, then your puny race is doomed isn't it?" He said with a wicked smile "Thinking that demons couldn't see an "invisible" angel?"
GoldxEmpress(private) December 26, 2021 12:46 PM

Queen Elsa
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" Tojan. Even if I am at your command in my Angel form... that doesnt make me puny, insignificant, stupid or dumb. I'm the smartest in all of the school. You cant make me any dumber... compaired to you. Who cant even paint something so simple. " She chuckled slightlybefore continuing on " I just hate when you get under my skin at school. Cant you just stop doing this to me? Oh wait... no, you cant because you live on torturing me til I feel weak and insignificant and able to be controlled better"
She felt her invisibility dissapear from his power " You just hate me because im an angel of all the good in this world. And you...a demon of all the bad of this world." she looked into his eyes for the first time in years and she saw pure darkness " you wont ever get away with anything without me in the way. I am the one who has to fix everything you do. The world is already damned because of you."
She then eyed his pet " along with that contraption... you wont have them for long either" Her back was to Trojan. The worst thing an Angel could do.
But before she could even get into its mind, her arms were forced behind her back. " Tojan! Please... dont... ill do anything you want!" Her Irish accent even stronger even though she was in her angel form. " Tojan.. please. Release me now. command you! " the pain was unbearable and she could feel the burning sensation being scorched onto her wrists. " Tojan!! Im begging you!" the next minute she was tasered and landed onto the cold alleyway ground. Her own taser used against her. Her eyes flickering from her Angelic Turquise to her human toffee brown So this is whats its like to be under a demons control and command she thought as she looked at the dark figure standing above her " Whatever you plan... to do with.. me now, it wont work. I always have a plan before you even think of anything." she sneered, just before she was tasered again and again. Screams filled the alleyway. Her screams. Painful screams. " Tojan! Im begging you.... ill do whatever you want.. in human form a..and in Angel form... just please.. dont kill me. Torture me all you want.. but please... dont...kill me."
Then an old memory was shown of her mother. She saw her mother die right in front of her eyes, Trojan using his sword. Her mother died because of a single mistake.
" You killed her. I was seven years years old, Tojan! You ordered me... no forced me.. to watch her die. I can smell my mothers blood on that sword, Tojan. And I wont let it kill anything any more. Not now.. not ever..."
Another shock, letting the alleyway fill with Chani's screams once more. But she was picked up and her eyes blind folded a minute later, and was led out of the alleyway and to where Tojan hung out not too far away where Chani lived " Where are!" Chani groaned trying to get away from his burning grasp. But to no avail. "Stop burning my wrist, Tojan! It hurts like Hell!"
But she would know the destination soon enough when she was able to see it with her eyes. " The torture shack... not that I missed being here" she winced as she felt another burn... this time on her neck. " Tojan... stop.. please!" She was forced inside and tasered to the floor again. Onto her side. But she was able to just get ontop her knees, gasping for air. Somehow Tojan found the taser and brought it along. Her eyes were filled with fear at what Tojan had planned for her this time. And no way for her Angelic mare to come save her. At least... right now. All she felt was pain. Pain she never recieved in decades as the only Angel left. She wouldnt be set free until she kneeled at the feet of Tojan. But she never would. " Even if I..did..kneel at your feet, Tojan... the pain would... never end. The torture you inflict on me would never... end.." she glared at him again, fear in her eyes. " If my father saw me like this... he would have you killed. This is no way to... treat.. the daughter of the most High. " she groaned in more pain. She could feel the smirk on his face, every time she released a scream.
( time to give her the pain she trully deserves. Hehe. It will get better I promise lol)

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