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If you are not mentioned in the title please do not post, but feel free to follow along.

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|| Name ||
(True name)
Thea Luna Van Astor
(Fake name)
Clare Bergamont
|| Nickname ||
Sparrow- Her mother and father called her that.
|| Age ||
18 almost 19
|| Gender ||
|| Sexuality ||
|| Appearance ||
Standing at five feet, six inches, Thea is the average height for a young woman. This is her max height and she won't grow any taller, save for a few centimeters over the years. She has a lean frame, with a slight hourglass figure. The muscles in her arms and legs are toned, but that's it. She is moderately strong, more so in her legs than her arms, and has quite a bit of stamina. Thea has a warm ivory skin tone, that's unblemished and mostly un-scarred. Before she had to flee her home country, Thea had, honey blonde hair with natural light gold highlights, that fell in loose waves down to her waist. But to further hide her identity (aside from changing her name), that meant also changing her appearance. She now has shoulder length hair that's been dyed a very dark brown. In poor light her hair looks black.

Her hair frames her heart shaped face, and its cut with the front pieces being shorter, so when her hair is pulled back (in a small ponytail) those pieces fall out and continue to frame her face. Thea has roundish- almond shaped, turquoise eyes, with steal colored flakes around her pupil. That is, when she isn't wearing colored contacts. Her turquoise eyes are a family trait, a sign of royalty, so for most of the day she wears chocolate brown colored contacts.

Small freckles, two or three shades darker than her skin tone, dot the bridge of her nose, following the line of her cheek bones. The tops of her shoulders are also covered in freckles.
|| Personality ||
Thea is headstrong, determined, stubborn, willing to do what ever she can to help better her kingdom. That being said she has a air of grace and poise about her. Looking at her, she hold herself like someone of high status would. Shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward. She has a kind heart, and would help anyone, never expecting anything in return. But that heart is also full of secrets. Thea in genuinely kind to everyone she meets, and think of all people as equals. The responsibility of inheriting the crown, is a great one, and everyone expects something of her. All her life she's had to deal with that stress and pressure.
She puts on a brave face in the presence of adversity, not willing to let others know how it really affects her. She can't let others see her as anything but strong and composed, otherwise it could be used against her.
Thea is a lover of the arts. Painting, music, poetry, reading. But mainly music. To her its a form of escape. The ability get away from the realities of the world. Thea can play the piano, violin, and a little bit on the harp.
She also loves horse back riding, and horses in general. Her heart aches for Ballard, her favorite horse, which she had to leave behind when she fled.
|| Backstory ||
(Short version)
Thea is the sole heir and princess to the Cianna kingdom. An island between Greenland and Norway. Things in her kingdom were peaceful, prosperous, but that peace didn’t last. One day her kingdom was overtaken in a coup. Thea was able to escape, but she was separated from her parents. In an attempt to hide her from the people who started the coup, to keep them from getting to her. Thea was placed in the forign exchange program and sent to the united states, under a new identity.
|| Other ||
Thea is allergic to oranges

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Personal Information
Name: Rhys Devonshire
Nicknames: Warrior Lord (by others), Lord Rhys (by servants and lower class), Prince-Consort Rhys (by others)
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 19
Birthday: August 14th, 2002
Race: Human
Occupation: Future Lord of House Devonshire, Soldier, Prince-Consort of Princess Thea
Home: Kingdom of Cianna
Religion: Iaewas (Religion of the Dragon God, Iaewas)

≿————- ❈ ————-≾
Personality: Others consider him cold, silent, and a rather serious man. Rarely does he ever attends parties unless his father forces him to do so, much to his son's disliking. That is not true, however, as the man is quite awkward when it comes to socializing. He doesn't know how to show expressions quite well as others, putting himself in embarrassing situations. He's more comfortable with someone whose particular interests are battlefield, swordplay, and battle tactics-a topic that he's most familiar with and eager to talk about. To add it all, he's not quite good at complimenting others, including the usage of flirting, having problematic issues conversing with the other sex. He has a soft spot, and it's directed towards animals with his family's estate filled with all sorts of pets. With him training to be a soldier, he learned that it takes a strong will and the eagerness to protect not only the kingdom but to those he loves truly. When a situation is dire and in need of a leader, then he won't be afraid to step up to the plate to help those he needed, something a general would have to do in a battle.

Appearance: Rhys is the only tallest one out of his family, with his height being 6'2" and weighing around 202lbs, with his muscles adding onto his weight. His body figure is shaped to be a rhomboid, with his whole body toned from hard and brutal training, with bodily scars to prove this case. He has a scar on the right side of his face that starts from the temple down to his jawline. Originally having a rosy-pale skin tone, his hard work outside shifts his skin to be more of a light tan.
Rhys' facial structure is a diamond shape, with his jawline clear of any facial hair. His hair is shortened above his shoulders, along with his hair being slicked back and well kept, which is normal for someone of his status. Hair color a jet black, with the ends of each strand of hair the color of frosted white.
To add, his eyes are upturned, and his eye color is heterochromia with the two colors: with his left eye being an icy-green and the right an icy-blue. Making him the unique-looking member of his family.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Personal Life
Father- Lord Edward Devonshire
Mother- Lady Rosanna Devonshire
Brothers- Icas Devonshire, Edward Devonshire II
Sister- Sadie Devonshire
Pets- Fang (Beauceron; Male), Lady Purrstina (Bengal Cat; Female), Onix (Percheron; Stallion)

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Bio: He's the firstborn son of the Devonshire family, making him next in line to take over the household once his father passes away. Rhys is the childhood best friend of the princess, only for them to drift apart when they started to grow old and their interests no longer matching one another. After years of bare contact with the princess, his father gave him surprising news; that he's been betrothed to the heir of the kingdom. Rhys wasn't too thrilled upon receiving the news, as he wants to follow his dream of becoming a general for the royal army. It was just a normal day, only for it to interrupt when he heard the news of the destruction of the royal family, and his father bringing the unconscious princess safe to his family's estate. He vows to help the princess seek vengeance on those who wronged her and restore her rightful place as queen.

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Fabricators always lurk within the darkness of the royal court, waiting for a chance to usurp the throne and take it for themselves. That's the way of the court, the way of living a dangerous life as royalty, and that's something Rhys doesn't want to get involved in. However, fate came and slapped him in the face when his father told him very grave news.

"You and Princess Thea are betrothed."

Hearing those words crushed his heart that yearned to be the general for the royal army. He felt like he wouldn't be able to follow his dream, and now he's forced to be taught the ways of royalty by his father's demands. Rhys never did hate the princess over something their parents decide, and he thinks that the princess doesn't want to be part of it either.

Now his opinions about it all changed after hearing what happened.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

It all came crashing down, the royal family has been overthrown, and most of the royal family has been slaughtered. Everyone was surprised about what happened, but fabricators have been roaming the court for centuries on end. Rhys always knew that someone would overrule the family and their throne. He could feel the tension each time he visited the court to see the princess and her family. Now he believes that he could've done something to prevent it all from happening, thinking that his childhood friend was dead. He believed that until his father came back home with the princess in his arms.

This is where it all begins.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Rhys quickly walked down the stairs to answer the front door when he heard the doorbell. "I wonder who could it be at this hour?" It was late at night, the rain was pouring down hard, and he could hear the rain dancing on the rooftop. Walking over to the front door and he opens the large wooden doors. His eyes widen in shock. "Father?" His two-colored eyes examining his completely soaked father. He sees a woman unconscious and wrapped up in his father's coat. "Take her, boy. My arms are getting tired." And so Rhys did, taking the woman in his arms and stares down at her. His pupils widen in shock, "Princ-" "Silence, boy. Just take her to your room." Barked his father scoldingly, and a frown on his father's face. "Why my room?" Rhys questioned, earning a scoff from his father. "Just do it until we get a room prepped and ready for her."

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

The young man carries the princess upstairs to head to his bedroom, with his father following him from behind. Rhys steps to the side, allowing his father to open the bedroom door for him. Stepping inside his bedroom, Rhys quickly placed the soaked princess onto his bed. His father rushing over to close the curtains so no one would see what's going on. Rhys sits down beside the princess on the bed, staring down at her with a small look of relief.
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“Mother, father...please take me with you! Don’t leave me!” A voice called out between sobs. The sound of banging grew louder as the door threatened to break down with every hit.
“Thea, please listen to me- you have to live. You-.” A woman spoke, desperately trying to hold back her tears that welled up in her turquoise eyes.
“No, no! Come with me, please,” Her voice broke with a sob.
“We have to go, the door wont hold any longer,” A man spoke with worry and haist. Cerulean eyes softened as he look at the girl, “Sparrow, we--” The sound of cracking pierced the room. The door fell.

Icy rain cascaded down from the dark starless sky. Soaking all who dared pass through it.
Run! A voice echoed and faded. Glassy, reddened eyes fluttered open, blinking slowly against the fallen rain.
The world refused to come into focus.
A cloudiness hung over her mind. Thea’s head rolled to the side, barely registering that she was being carried in the arms of another. The blur of houses passing filled her view. Her mind only able to concentrate on the patio lights that shone on the doors, and the patter of rain on the streets. Black spots encroached on her vision and without the strength to fight, Thea fell into the darkness.

The feeling of warmth and hushed voices drew Thea back. A new set of strong arms held her and light washed over her closed eyelids, but she had not the strength to open them. Momentarily her head laid on a soft surface, safe from the pouring rain. The bed dipped beside her, and she felt eyes on her. A shiver ran through her body. Thea quietly groaned, turning onto her side, bringing her knees up to her chest. Her clothes stuck to her skin, twisting when she turned. It was an uncomfortable feeling, one that made her eyes slowly crack open. Turquoise eyes shifted, scanning the unfamiliar room she was in. Gradually Thea pushed herself to a seated position, coming face to face with someone who seemed familiar, but in that moment didn’t quite recognize.

Lightly tanned skin, slicked back black hair, with eyes that mirrored the land and sea. It was a face from her childhood, one she hadn’t seen in a long time. An old memory came to her mind, one with a small bird, and a missed shot. With a dazed look, Thea sluggishly raised her hand reaching out towards the boys face, but not quite touching it, tracing the outline of the scar that marred its left side.

“Quail…” She said quietly in a hoarse voice.

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Rhys watches the princess fumble around on his bed, a scornful look appearing on his face as now his bed is soaked. He was close to heading to bed, already wearing his sleepwear that was too drenched with rainwater. Silently, the man turns his head towards his father, and his mouth parting open to get ready to say something about his little wet bed issue, but the movement of the princess stops him. Quickly Rhys turns his head back to Thea, who was already sitting up, and his eyes calculating every movement she does. Finally, she sits up fully, the two locking eyes, with his two-colored staring into her reddened ones. She either cried, is drowsy, or perhaps both.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

His jaw clenched as she touched him, eyes drifting to the hand tracing the scar on the right side of his face with uncertainty. It was until he heard that nickname she gave him a long time ago Rhys remembers it all now; it was the day where he and the princess ventured out in the woods along together, and he spotted that bird which he missed with his bow and arrow. Following behind that small little failure, she called him Quail, after the bird he missed killing. He disliked that nickname, all because it sounded less heroic.

He takes a deep breath, allowing the princess to touch his scar for a few more seconds before gently moving her hand away. "Yes. It's Quail." Rhys admitted in a small defeat, a small frown of his lips formed and was rather displeased that he has to call himself that. His attention shifted to when her cold hands toucheds his, and now he was concerned. Rhys stood up, walking over to his wardrobe, and pulls out a baggy white plain shirt. He turns his gaze to Thea, seeming to forget that his father was there as well until his father cleared his throat.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

"I'll go get some tea for the princess and some maids to help her bathe," his father ruining the silence of the room before leaving with Rhys watching him go. Rhys stares over to the princess, walking back over to her, and gave her the shirt. "The bathroom is over there." She was in a weak state from what he sees, tired and cold, and now he guesses that he has to help her. So, he gently picks her up in his arms and carries her into the bathroom. Placing her down onto the edge of the bathtub, hearing the bathroom door opens, he looks over his shoulder to see two maids. "We'll help her, my lord."

Rhys nods his head, leaving the bathroom to give the women some privacy. He closes the bathroom door behind him, shoving his hands into his pockets as he closes his eyes with a heavy sigh leaving him. "So much for a quiet night," he rubs the back of his neck, "I was hoping to rest easy tonight." He murmured, opening his eyes again and stares at the bed where a singular maid was changing the soaked bedsheets and blanket. Deep down inside his heart, he was relieved that Thea was safe, but a little bit of sadness held within his heart as she lost one of her families.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

His father knocks on the door then enters with a silver tray with two cups of tea on top. "For you two," and he places it down on his desk, "And goodnight." As Edward left, Rhys was left alone as the maid left as well. Now with his betrothed supposedly dead, many suitors will try to win his hand in marriage. How is not seem suspicious when he rejects such a thing constantly? Maybe make up an excuse as to why he isn't interested in them. That could work, or it could lead to his downfall as well. Lost in thought, the sound of soft bark interrupted his questioning faze, and he walks over to the bedroom door to let Fang in. The dog seeming quite pleased with himself as he's the only dog allowed in the young lord's bedroom. As for the cat, she's hiding somewhere in this room, and maybe under his bed, which is her favorite sleeping spot.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Closing then locking the door once the dog fully entered, he walks over to his desk and sits down on it. Grabbing his own cup of tea, silently drinking it as he waits patiently for Thea to be done.
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Rhys hand brushed her’s lightly, moving it away from his face.
“Yes. It’s Quail.” He spoke. Thea’s hand fell back to her lap and she quieted, her head tilting sightly as she studied him. He looked older, more mature. Familiar and yet like a stranger at the same time. Thea watched him stand and walk over to the wardrobe, pulling something from it. A sound coming from the corner of the room made Thea look over. Lord Devonshire? He’s here too?
Thea’s eyes squeezed shut as something tried to force its way to the forefront of her mind. A memory?

Thea caught the tail end of their conversation, something about a bath. At the thought of warm water her body shivered and she began to realize how cold she really was.

Something white hung from Rhys’s outstretched hand a shirt perhaps. Confused as to why he was giving it to her, she took it anyways. When he scooped her into his arms a startled look crossed her face and she hung onto his shoulders. He carried her into a bathroom and sat her on the edge of the tub, the ceramic was cool under her hands. At the sound of the door opening Thea looked passed Rhys and saw two maids standing in the doorway. The two women entered and Rhys left, leaving her in their hands.

The two women were young looking, probably not much older than herself. The one with towels in her arms had long brown hair that was tied in a braid. The other had blond hair that was done up in a bun.

“Your highness, I’ll help you undress.” The blond woman spoke softly with a look in her eyes that Thea couldn’t quite understand. Gently the woman took the white shirt that she still held in her hands, setting it on the counter by the sink then helped her to stand. The wet, long, light grey skirt that she wore fell to the marble floor in a heap. Behind her the woman with braided brown hair drew the bath. Next the cotton, pale gold, long sleeve was stipped. The cool air made her arms wrap around themselves. Out of the corner of her eye Thea caught a glims of herself in the mirror. Her light colored hair was a tangled wet mess, her skin was pale with purplish red bruises on her upper arms. Her eyes were reddened and puffy, their turquoise color duller than normal and dirt was smeared on her face.
When the bath was filled Thea slowly got in. The warm water burned against her cold skin. She hissed in pain as she submerged in the water. A pinpointed pain on her right knee made tears well up in her eyes when water washed over it. A large scrape covered her knee, turning the water around it slightly murky with dirt and blood.

The maid with blond hair gathered her dirty damaged clothes from the floor and left the bathroom.

“Please lean back my lady,” The other maid instructed. Thea did so, leaning back against the tub, sliding down in the water more. With a cup the woman began pouring warm water over her hair.
“Whats your name?” She asked the woman, her voice sounding tired and quiet.
“My name is Bella, my lady. The other woman is Sara. We are employees of the Devonshire house.” Bella explained. Thea only hummed, indicating that she was listening. Her eyes closed as the woman poured soap in her hair, massaging it around.
In the quiet room Thea’s mind began to clear. Like a switch flipped in her mind, she remembered. Sitting up in a panic, water splashed over the edge of the tub onto the floor.Flashes of the night played through the night in rapid fire. The men with guns breaking into the castle. The fighting. Soldiers and staff dying. Her parents--
“Mother, father” Thea murmured. Her had quickly turned to face Bella.
“My parents what happened to my parents!” She asked quickly, fresh tears streaming down her cheeks. The woman’s eyes grew wide and her mouth opened to speak but nothing came out. Reaching out Thea grabbed her shoulders shaking her,
“Tell me what happened to them,” Realization soon set in. releasing the woman she gripped her head, “No, no, no, no” She repeated.
The last thing she could remember was the men breaking in, her father fighting, her mother shoving her in a little room that opened up to many old halls. But that was it. Nothing after that.
“They have to be ok, they must have gotten away,” Thea chose to believe that’s what happened, she couldn't even think about anything else.
Finished with her bath, dressed in new clothes and covered in a dark blue robe, Thea was lead out of the bathroom and back into what she assumed was Rhys room. Her demeanor had changed since going into the bathroom, she was more herself. Composed, appearing more like the princess she was. Something cool and wet pressed against her hand, looking down Thea found a dog sanding in front of her. A small smile pulled at the corner of her lips at the canine.

“Hello” She murmured. Straightening she turned to find Rhys siting at his desk with a cup of tea in his hand. Thea faced him.

“Lord Rhys, I apologize for my earlier actions. I was not myself…” She spoke with decorum.

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Rhys was staring at the wall in front of him while his trusted hound was lying beside the desk. His mind goes back into the real world, just in time too, as he hears the princess speak to the maids about the fate of her parents. He cringes upon hearing her believe that they were alive and well, which made his heart squeeze with pity. "Thea," he mumbled to himself, "If only you knew." Rhys goes quiet when the conversation in the bathroom did too, taking small sips of his tea while he waits to see if anything else would happen tonight.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Fang stands up when he hears the door open, his tail wagging a slight bit as he sees the princess stepping out into Rhys' bedroom and prances over to her with his tail held high. "Traitor," Rhys grumbles out before standing up himself, his two-colored eyes staring at the princess to see if she was doing alright. She still has bruises, which would probably take a week to heal, but other than that, she looks decent. "No need to apologize towards me, your highness." Rhys gave her a bow out of respect due to her status, yet he doesn't make an effort to get closer to her.

"You were wounded and sickly. So, the fault isn't yours, please, don't burden yourself for something you didn't cause." Fixating his posture, staring deep into her eyes as the look of relief filled his own. Feeling something brush against his leg, he glares down to find Lady Purrstina rubbing herself against him. "There you are." Scooping the feline in his arms, and pets the top of her head in soft strokes. The cat's purr filled the awkward silence. Rhys, not pretty sure on what to say next, clears his throat out of nervousness. " father made you some tea to help with your throat." He turns away from her, then he scratches the cat's cheek, which that cat seems to enjoy.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

What is he supposed to say to her? He hasn't spoken to anyone for the last few days, except for his family and servants, that is. He's been mostly training on using the sword and now branching out on the usage of a spear. Rhys has trained on using a sword, bow, crossbow, rifle, and shield. It was true that blades and shields are barely being used, but he's a man still curious about medieval weapons. Not only is he focusing on using a spear, but also the ability of mounted combat. However, his horse, Onix, isn't practically interested in being ridden on at the moment for some strange reason.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

"I guess that you're sleeping in my room for tonight until your main sleeping quarters are set up and ready for you." His eyes sway back over to the woman in front of him, rather fixated on her as he didn't see the two other maids leave the room. "I'll stay on the right side facing the door, and you can stay on the left." He places the cat down onto the for, then he walks over to the bed and sits down. Grabbing the covers, pulling it up to his waist, and stares at her. "That way, no one can see you while they walk in." He does have privacy curtains around his bed, yet he doesn't use them. His animals would panic due to his disappearance; Rhys did learn that the hard way.

Now that he thinks about it, this is his first time sharing a bed with a woman. This caused him to blush, and the pupils in his eyes enlarge as he internally panics. His mind begins to go into hysteria, "No reason to panic, Rhys. Once she regains her title as queen and gets married to me, and this is something we have to do in the future. This is going to be a thing when the time comes, so better get used to it now." He calms down a little, his heart racing in his chest as he goes into a silent state as he tries to calm himself down.
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When Rhys bowed, Thea’s heart clenched at the reminder of her title. Could she even be called a princess anymore. She gave a slight nod, only half listening to his words of comfort. She glanced down in time to see a small furry creature wind its way around Rhys leg. She watched him bend down to scoop up the feline, giving them a few pats on the head. The sound of soft purrs filled the silence, her eyelids began to grow heavy as the sound droned on.

" father made you some tea to help with your throat." Rhys spoke. Thea looked over at the other cup that sat full. Her stomach twisted at the thought of putting anything in it. She nodded again but didn’t move towards the cup. In the midst of examining the room she didn’t even notice when the two maids made took their leave.

"I guess that you're sleeping in my room for tonight until your main sleeping quarters are set up and ready for you." When Rhys spoke Thea’s eyes landed on him with a look of disbelief.

"I'll stay on the right side facing the door, and you can stay on the left." He continued walking over to the bed, setting the purring feline on the floor. She watched as he sat on the bed, getting under the covers. "That way, no one can see you while they walk in." he added. At those words “So no one can see you” Another realization set in. They would be after her. Thea looked around, searching for prying eyes and men hiding in the shadows.

Walking over to the edge of the bed Thea sat heavily on the edge, with her back towards Rhys. Her head fell in her hands and her mind began to race. Do they know I escaped? Do they know where I am? Do my people think I’m dead? Do they even know what happened yet? Her teeth sunk into her bottom lip, fighting back the overwhelming feeling that wanted to break her. The metallic taste of blood covered her tongue, but she ignored it. Laying down on her side, Thea pulled her arms close to her chest, not bothering to get under the blankets as she willed her eyes to close. Praying that this was just a horrible nightmare and when she woke up she would be back in her own room again.

It wasn’t a nightmare.

In the early morning, just after the sun began to rise, Thea woke with a start, the memories of gunshots and fire still lingering in her mind. She sat up, her body feeling like it was made of lead. The air made her eyes sting and she squinted looking around. She was still in lord Rhys’s room. Her kingdom was still overthrown. She was still alone.

“It wasn’t a dream” She spoke barely above a whisper.

Lapin {X} CerealApril 10, 2021 12:32 PM

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"You are a fool!" The sentence echoed in his head, causing it to hurt, and he grunts in his sleep. Tossing in his bed, nails digging into the sheets and mattress as his nerves kicked in. "Honestly, don't you think that you should visit your betrothed? You haven't seen or messaged her in years!" It was the voice of his father, disappointed as usual in his son's behavior. The young man's face twisted in disgust in both reality and the dream. Great. Now the constant complaint of his old man is lurking in his mind.

The setting of his dream was in his bedroom, the man gazing over ancient books and scrolls of forgotten battle tactics. He had a disinterested look in his eyes as his father rambles on about making good impressions with Thea and her family. Dream Rhys scowl in dissatisfaction at such a suggestion, his eyes shifting back down to the books on his desk. "I don't want to deal with social interaction at the moment." He whispered, and he lowered his voice as he doesn't want his father to hear. His father grumbles in irritation, arms crossed as he glares heavily at his eldest son.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

This is where he got woken up by Thea, who quickly sat up startled. Feeling the bed shift so quickly, so did the man who quickly sat up too. He glares over to Thea, seeming a little bit surprised as he had forgotten that she was sleeping in his bed and just her presence in general. Was she suffering from nightmares? Maybe from the attack that she witnessed back at the castle. How is he supposed to comfort her through this? He wasn't good at talking to women, let alone relieve them of such sorrows.

It wasn't a dream. He hears those words left the princess, and he clenched his jaw tightly. Rhys lets out a rather heavy sigh, rubbing his forehead as he tries to create the right words. "I'm afraid not, Thea," his cat climbs onto the bed and lays down on his lap, "I'm sure that my father would create plans to keep you safe." Rhys climbs out of bed after placing the cat next to Thea, walking over to his wardrobe, and pulls out a couple of casual clothing. Rarely he wears such fancy clothing unless he attends a party or a special event is hosted in his family's manor.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

He pulls a black shirt out, dark grey jeans, and black combat boots. Entering the bathroom to change into the clothes he pulled out, he left the bathroom wearing the fresh clothes, and he fixes up his hair. "I'm going outside to train with Onix." Rhys makes his way over to the bedroom door, opening it a slight bit, and his eyelids narrow as his eyes went dull. "I'm sure that my father has a plan with you, Thea." Leaving the room that now grew silent, with Fang following after his master, while the cat stays behind, and was now sleeping on the princess' lap with a purr dancing in her throat.

Rhys walks down the halls with his hands shoved in his pockets as he wanders the halls in silence. It was until he hears the clicking sound of high-heels making his way in his direction. It was Sadie, his sister and the second oldest, with her being 18. She wears a fancy black dress that has two slits on the sides that reveals her legs. On her feet are black high-heels, something that Rhys has a small hatred for as many woman steps on his feet wearing such ghastly things while dancing with them during parties. Not to mention that his sister enjoys kicking him with such things when he's close to embarrassing himself in front of her lady friends. "Brother Rhys," using her hand to pull her golden hair back over her shoulder and her chocolate brown eyes staring at him, "A pleasure to see you again. I was wond-" "-Not now."

Quickly he rushed past her to head outside to the training grounds, a scoff leaving her lips towards his action, and she placed both hands on her hips. "I was trying to tell you that the new princess would be arriving soon. It was on father's orders for me to tell you." Hearing that, that young man stops and glares over his shoulder. "New princess?" Saying such a thing made his tongue stinge with disgust, already knowing where this is going.

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

His father enters Rhys' bedroom with such urgency, and a couple of maids enter with each of them holding a variety of products to change one's appearance. "Lady Thea, we have to change what you look like quickly. As the, um, the new princess would be arriving late at night for a small get-together." Edward was calm, even during a situation such as this. "It wasn't my idea, but the King was rather eager." Possibly a tests to check on the family's loyalty to the crown.

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