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10:16:09 Shroom / Hatsume Mei
Any writers online who would be willing to read a critique something for me real quick?
Uniex inex
10:15:44 *Banshee noises*

for how much>
Amber Pack
10:15:06 Ahumber

sell it to montak.
10:14:41 treasure/treasuwure
Wouldn't say wasted
You could try to breed the first lovely and see if you get good pups
Uniex inex
10:14:19 *Banshee noises*
what does the "greek pottery grecian urn"

10:14:04 Led-Zip-Pelin
i want ice cream but i know as soon as i start eating it i wont stop XD
Rest In Peace
10:13:38 Noob Explore Thief
Hmmh.. does battle experience actually add more attack, or is it hit rate? I still haven't figured that out XD
Rebel's rein
10:13:16 Bagel ghost thing
Ya these are the only good ones I've got

One of them got old and is now wasted potential :')

-WP Click-

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10:13:15 Lilith, Oblivion
Thank you !
10:13:15 kayden/acid
But I like it when you blush <3 it's cute
10:12:40 Led-Zip-Pelin
@punk 36
Uniex inex
10:12:19 *Banshee noises*
thank you mountain lion!

for killing half my wolves then once i reheal and reexplore you just flee

Rebel's rein
10:12:07 Bagel ghost thing
Rebel's rein
10:11:58 Bagel ghost thing

Don't get sad
I just don't wanna embarrass myself by getting all brushy and stuff ^^'
10:11:55 Lilith, Oblivion
whats the highest damage level a wolf can reach because my best boy is at Headbutt 17+ ?
10:11:53 treasure/treasuwure
Same lol
All by wolves died in hiatus :')
All I have left are a few high rarity darlings and a high talent
Rebel's rein
10:11:03 Bagel ghost thing

Its fine lol

I don't have any good wolfs right now since I haven't been doing anything with my pack

But thats how I usually sorted out duds and what I wanted to keep
I Just need one more apple, then my life shall be complete! (She says confidently)

*24 hours later*
I have not been successful in my apple careeer. Lmao

All I want for right now iiiisssss, to pop herrrrr!
(Ya like my singing?)
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I thought you wanted to fart 😭😭

Awh :(
dojejes snow pack
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Why are all of the bars green and brown?


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If your name is not in the title, please refrain from posting here. C:

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Deep in the flourishing valley are deer. Intelligent herds of deer. There are various herds though each one is ruled by the Chief and Chieftess who can only hope to bear a female fawn. Courting season is near and it is the time where the deer all congregate down to the lower terrain in hopes of finding their companion. Every Cheifs/ Cheiftesses daughter is considered royalty, superior basically. They are the ones who the males will battle for. Competition this season is at an all time high with more than enough stags serving as competition to others, it will indeed be chaotic as they all attempt at winning the heart of the princesses. Amongst all of the chaos will be lurking predators and other threats. The herds must be careful, as the season begins. (Imma just call the females that. We can change it if you'd like.)
Sign up form
You can add extra if you'd like, this is just a guideline basically.

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3 years


Dusk Herd


deer-5.jpgCredits : DigitalDreamersStock @ DA
Keya has the typical appearance of most does, with a sleek frame and a russet brown coat. Her fur has darker tones near the spine, then gently fades into lighter tones near the belly. She has elegant, thin appendages strewn with lean muscle that allows her to achieve speed and leaping bounds. Her hooves are quite petite, but have a decent point to them as well. Her eyes are a deep brown, almost appearing charcoal black.

Even though being a heiress may seem like a disadvantage and may bear down on other does, Keya doesn't let it bother her. Confident and self-assured, Keya let's things roll off of her with ease. She has faith in her own abilities and it is quite an attractive trait about her. The doe is the very opposite of the "damsel in distress", since she is quite capable of handling herself. Any stag who wishes to sweep her off her hooves may find the task harder than they initially thought or bargained for.
Not being too bogged down by her worries, she is quite free-spirited and has an upbeat energy about her. With a rather positive outlook on life, she can be considered a breath of fresh air for others around her. Especially in such a hard time, she may be refreshing company.
Ha, that is, if she lets you keep up with her. Keya tends to run her world how she likes to. She won't hesitate to be honest about her feelings or thoughts, even to stags. The doe won't waste her time on things she doesn't think are worth it. So if you wish to be in her company, you better seem intriguing. If a deer is able to capture her attention, they will be rewarded by getting to know the doe and see deeper layers of her.
Rather smart, Keya is a skilled survivalist. She is always thinking at least a couple moves ahead, as her mind works in interesting and creative ways. It doesn't quite strike her how valuable her knowledge is or how unique she may seem. If a deer was ever to bring it to her attention, she would probably brush it off, since she is the humble type.
But that does not mean she is no fun. Keya is quite the opposite. The doe is able to throw witty banter back and forth. Sarcasm and teasing is a language she is quite fluent in.
Make no mistake, even though Keya may come across as a genuinely nice doe, if you cross a line she will remember it. She takes promises and safety seriously, and she will not let anyone threaten her or anyone she cares for.

Keya was born into the role of an Heiress in the Dusk Herd. Both the Chief and Cheiftess were very happy with her birth. Right off the bat, she was immediately schooled about how to act and what her future duties would entail. Keya understood there was no way out of it unless she deserted the herd and her life altogether, but she wouldn't do that. Although she doesn't agree completely with some of the traditions, Keya will go entertain her parents and will respect them.

But hey, who said she was going to make it easy for the her suitors? Keya intends to have some fun at least before she settles down.

Keya's scent is a gentle mix of mint and crisp snow. The scent is quite distinguishable from any surroundings.

Keya likes her freedom, above anything else, especially because she is the heiress where she is often being watched full-time. Keya is also one who enjoys games and light hearted fun. The heiress flaunts her independency and power, but doesn't abuse it. The doe enjoys spending her time exploring the area and finding peaceful places that she can relax at, alone.

Keya is peeved by those who get in her way. When any deer, stags or does, try to box her in or tie her down, it aggravates her and pushes her even harder to prove them wrong or show she is capable. She is stubborn in that way. She also doesn't like the fact that her future is pretty much set, and that she needs to follow certain traditions and rules.

Not for now
I replaced Princess with Heiress.


Other Side Characters
Alani : Dusk Heiress, sister of Keya
Reva : Dusk Heiress, sister of Keya
Faline : Eclipse Heiress, powerful, albino
Cyrus : River Herd suitor
Bjorn : suitor
Wren : Tempest Heiress, Ezra's good friend

Notes/Activity Ideas
-Wolf Run
-Seeking out heiresses in forest to earn a meeting
-Find food and provide for heiresses

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Four years old






Defense of the herd/Guard



(c) Fotostyle-Schindler DA

Ezra is a rather stocky male with dark legs almost matching his even darker hooves. He has a soft auburn coat with dark brown undertones, and silver patches dappled around his throat. He has gentle hazel eyes, aswell as perked ears which come in handy quite often as a stag. Ezra's coat is fluffier than it seems, soft and well kept- Its an inviting place to rest ones chin on after a tiring day. He has large antlers which rest nicely atop his narrow head, currently virgin of any scuffles so far. So yes, he is inexperienced but if or when the time comes, he'll still be ready to defend whats his without hesitation.


Ezra is a pretty stoic individual. He genuinely thinks that he has to bear certain hardships alone in concern of unneeded worrying for others. He'd rather bound off a cliff than show too much emotion, especially crying. Just the sound and posture is humiliating. He has no idea how others are even open to it-He always guesses they might be too feeble. With that, Ezra is a hard one to embarrass. He's so meticulous with his actions that he rarely leaves himself open for any verbal attacks, which is a powerful advantage for him whenever he decides he wants to be sarcastic. He specializes in teasing, taunting being one of his second favorites. No, he is not childish-not at all, but he does enjoy igniting anger in someone who deserves it. He's quite the clever one, knowing when he's wanted and unwanted. He won't pick a fight with someone who is clearly stronger than him, really the only thing that would cause him to would be doe. Again, he thinks the thought of leaving a doe to another male would be too cowardly and less clever. He would be absolutely humiliated if he couldn't protect his companion, so if she would ever be threatened, he'd fight and showcase his ability to provide.

Ezra is a bit of a flirt as well. He,unlike others though, likes to take things slow. He doesn't have a strong desire to collect a herd of does and just procreate, he wants to actually find a female that will offer him excitement,passion, and affection. He wants someone special to be the mother of his offspring and be the proper leader of the other females of the herd. That's why he's a lone stag, that's only part of his dream but it's still important to him and will not be overlooked. He's ambitious,and has his pride..Not anywhere near where he'd go flaunting around like a fool but where he'd absolutely need to succeed in almost everything he does to gather approval of others. Ezra hopes to begin his own herd and become a rival of the others, he hopes to be the best basically. He thinks about it every other day but he'll never mention it to anyone, he would rather keep up his unambitious facade than let potential enemies know his plans. Although he may be just a bit smaller than the other stags,he has his techniques from his younger days battling the low trunks of trees. It also adds to his charm. c;


He smells faintly of pine and coconuts.


He enjoys those who brings a challenge. He likes action,amusement basically


He dislikes arrogance and those who demean others


Ik I said “Copy and paste” but its only because you basically already know how he is. Plus, Im too lazy at the moment to type what i actually want. XD

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The young stag sauntered across the thick flourishing terrain, its golden leaves victim to his dark hooves as he moved. The wind was still relatively warm and the residential trees had only a few leaves absent from its branches and It could be counted as perfect weather if it weren’t for the irritable warmth that brought buzzing insects. Though he knew that the colder winds would commence once the season was over and he couldn’t help but ponder how things would turn out this time, for the last season he had chosen not to participate out of disinterest, he was obviously different this time. He sighed softly, leaning himself against one of the nearby oaks with ease as he began to recall the moment when he had run into a doe of another herd, the both of them bumping flanks along one of the common lakes. She had snapped at him conspicuously at first, her head rearing back in a somewhat defensive stance. The stag drawled back, casting a glance at the trampled undergrowth he had leapt through and his lively expression had died down, his ears flicking against the whipping breeze before he had directed his calm gaze back onto the doe. Ezra lifted from the rough bark of oak, a small smirk twitching his snout as his thoughts began to consume his mind and he would then begin to think of when he had apologized, to no avail, she had casted him one last irritated glance before departing, leaving him with nothing but her lingering scent.

He could only wonder which herd she belonged to and if he would see her again. Something about her he found endearing..The young stag turned and then continued his gait, the familiar scent of his herd making his nose captive. The Tempest herd, it is large and one of the most recognizable herds of the valley, its deer strong and reliable. Ezra was appointed guard when he became of age, much like all other stags, though some would leave once they had secured their companions and begin a life of their own, something that he began to envy. The dirt beneath his hooves crunched pleasingly beneath him and he allowed his tail to tickle his haunches, his herd coming into view. They all congregated around only one of the plains rivers, conversing and scavenging the grounds. ‘I wonder how Wren is feeling’ His frame shifted, bounding down the inclines side and nearing his herd with each step, his fleeting gaze scanned the deer, some of their narrow heads lifing in a brief greeting before they would avert their feeble attention. His pace had slowly morphed into a gentle stroll and he would hold his head high, allowing his broad antlers to peak over others.

“Hello Ezra.” A soft gentle mumble kissed his perked ears and he then turned, his gaze shifting to meet the keen gaze of Wren, one of the heiresses of the herd. Her sisters were much more pristine and arrogant, thus why he had little communication with them but the tall slim doe before him, she was kind and clever, much to his liking. If it were not forbidden to seek partnership with a deer from the same herd, he would have acquainted Wren a long time ago. “Wren, I was looking for you.” A small chuckle dispersed from his slender muzzle and in his gaze shone a pleased glint, his frame would knowingly circle hers, only coming to a slow once her partially despondent expression had lifted slightly. “I know you must be excited for tomorrow.” A wry chuckle left her and he could see how she struggled to keep her content facade on her face. The stag huffed softly, his head gently falling to the side and his expression would wrinkle in an understanding look. “And I know that you’re worried. But why should you be? I’ll confirm once more that I’ll ensure your safety once the season begins.” -“Its not just that.” She sighed,letting her dark honey gaze flick against the rumpled terrain beneath her petite hooves. “I’ll miss my family, the herd.And I’ll miss you.” Ezra’s reassuring stare had softened further and his attention became drawn to her shy look, the others shifting and moving becoming as irrelevant as those dried up leaves he had stepped on from earlier. “Dont fret, even though I’ll be missing you as well, we will both probably forget each other once the season ends.” He spoke carefully,only moments later and he was sharing a small laugh with the doe, for they both knew his words were as false as he was stoic.
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Red Moon
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The doe scowled as she entered the meadow. The Dusk Herd had already populated the large meadow, since the sun had been up for a couple hours already. She had aleady missed the first meal of the day due to exploring the forest alone. It would be one of the few times she would be able to be alone, anyway. The mating tradition began that day, and it would be held right there in that very meadow.

Most does who were Heiresses would probably be enthused and beyond excited as well as nervous. Today was the day they would probably meet their future mate, a stag from another herd. The tradition was a long process, often consisting of many different festivities, as they were called. The stags would often compete and show off their abilities, hoping to woo and win over an Heiress by the end of the summer months. Most of the does loved the festivities, enthralled by the idea of the bachelors fighting for their hearts. But the idea only disgusted Keya. Why must she pick one of those boastful and egotisic bucks? They were fighting for power and for show, which were not the right reasons.

However, she was born into this role. From the moment she opened her eyes and breathed her first breath, Keya knew it would end up like this. Her parents, the Cheif and Cheiftess, were counting on her to uphold the tradition and lead the herd one day. She wouldn't dare disappoint them. But that didn't mean she was going to make this easy. No, the devious Heiress intended to make this rather difficult. Pah, then she will see who could really stand her and didn't get fed up with her. She wondered if she acted disinterested enough, if no bucks would even try her.

Alas. She doubted it. The Dusk Herd was one of the most distinguished herds in the region. It would be dumb for any stags to not try and win her heart, if not for her, than for the hope to lead the Dusk Herd in the future. Keya's thoughts were interrupted when her father, the Chief, approached. The Chief was easily the largest and strongest stag in the herd. Her father had an impressive crown of antlers upon his head and a burly frame with a thick timber pelt.

"Keya. Today is the day." He stated.

"I know, father. I know." Keya sighed, flicking her ears as if to dismiss the topic altogether.

"Just be open-minded, Keya. By resisting the process, you are just making it more difficult for yourself." The stag nudged his daughter's cheek, empathy glinting in his eyes. "The herds will be arriving any moment. Get ready for the opening presentation and ceremony, alright?".

Keya rolled her eyes. She couldn't count how many times she had complained and told her parents how much she despised the tradition. But who was she kidding? There was absolutely no way out of it... Unless she deserted her herd and lived alone. But that was a step too far. Just because she would have to pick a mate by the end of the summer didn't mean she had to actually like them. She could simply pick the most respectable and less annoying stag and call it a day. Yes. That is what she would do.

Keya spent the next few minutes grooming through her russet pelt, making sure it laid flat against her body and had no debris scattered through it. As per tradition, other herd does helped her and even went as far to accessorize her with a delicate crown of brambles upon her head. The bramble crown was made by entwining twigs and small flowers together. Keya hated it, but decided she would discard it as soon as the opening ceremony was over.

Finally done and prepared, the Dusk Herd gathered themselves in the meadow, awaiting the other herds.

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The glowing light had soon become a beautiful dusk and it would cause the herd to settle and his conversations to cease. He’d somewhat wistfully watch as the pale doe leapt through the undergrowth and away from his side, briefly yearning for her to remain. Though he knew it would be wise to have the security of the herd while resting, thus why he allowed it, if not then he’d have beckoned her back already. He and Wren had spent most of the day together, his remarks would grow more informal as the time passed, various thoughts of running away together engulfing his mind, though he never had the chance to speak of it to the doe, or maybe he just didn’t want to- She’d probably begin one of her gentle laughs and call him silly. But he’d analyze her gaze further and find that she felt the same, yet her responsibilities emitted a stronger call, something she was too afraid to defy.

The stag had rested himself on some thick foliage, allowing his chin to nestle against the smooth leaves until he deemed it comfortable and he could hear the faint sounds of his herd, his response a simple ear flick before he’d let himself succumb to his fatigue with the woods nightly sounds, his lullaby. When they opened, he could see the light filter in through what was left of the tree's leaves, though his usual dull expression held something lighter, perhaps enthusiasm or something a little less. He’d stand with a slight buckle of his legs, and his head would almost rear back in disgust and embarrassment even though there were no witnesses. ‘Its because I'm nervous, not old’ He’d assure himself, though if one were his company he’d be assuring them.

Then again, admitting something like that would likely also cause humiliation, to him at least. Ezra would shake his coat, ridding himself of any clinging leaves with ease, and he’d then stretch his legs, causing his haunches to rise and his thick fur to ripple. This day began the season where stags like him would perform and court heiresses from opposing herds for a prolonged period of time, battling to try and win the hearts of the does. That wasn’t what excited the male the most, it was just the thought of picking a pretty face and getting to converse, for as much as he enjoyed Wren and her company, he wanted something more intimate that she wasn’t willing to give. Not that he would hold it against her- Maybe just the stag she chooses..Ezra began his stroll, proudly tilting his chin and showcasing his impressive rack to no one in particular, as he bounded through the wilderness, only pausing once he reached his herd.

They had readied themselves, Wren and her pale coat nicely groomed, her and her sisters adorned with a beautiful crown of golden leaves, she looked beautiful. He fell in line near the back, though he wished he could be stationed near the front, but of course defense needed to be secure at the end the most. They progressed further along the grounds at a leisurely pace, elegance and grace poised along the entirety of the herd. And the wavering, unfamiliar scent of others became clearer to his keen nose,eliciting an excited shiver that was effortlessly masked with his confident strides.

When they had reached the large clearing that was riddled with dense growth and shivering blossoms, he could see other crowds and herds he hadn't even seen before, but the most distinctive one was the Dusk herd which had congregated along the front, near central. They were a bit more dignified than the others and supposedly held high standards, all the more reason why he would set his aim on the does of it as he was just ambitious in that way. The greetings commenced, and soon after the formal introductions of each herd in which the competing stags would step forward and then the heiresses who would all fall in line last, eyeing the competitors with intrigue.

Ezra’s dark gaze would scan those who stepped forward and their herds which consisted of many residents. He’d only show a flicker of emotion once the Tempest herd came next, and he sauntered forth as well as others, some he knew well and some he had little affiliation with. The chief would call their names, his bellow carrying and resonating off the surrounding trees, and for a moment he allowed a proud, charming smile to engulf his face, his dark russet brown coat absorbing the sunlights gleams though his gaze captured its glint with ease. He’d step back once his moment ended, turning tail with a flick of an ear and his emotions remained masked, not a slip in his stoic expression. His gaze would flick towards Wren who stood with just as much grace, but their eyes would meet and for a moment, a mirthful glare would be exchanged between the two.

They were really doing this

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The herd had gathered in the meadow and had been waiting patiently for the others to arrive. The Dusk herd was one of the larger herds, having almost 20 members. Keya and her two sisters, Alani and Reva, were the three heiresses of this summer. Keya was the oldest though, making her the more authoritative one of the three. Plus, it meant she would be taking over the herd first, in the future. Her sisters and their chosen suitors would have the option to remain in the herd and help her lead, or go off and create their own herd.

Keya was the only heiress who wasn't interested in the tradition. Alani and Reva were, which had brought their parents much joy and satisfaction. Alani and Reva were always the favorites. The pair would always follow orders, always fitting into their box and expectations. Alani and Reva flirted with all the right stags, learned how to take care of the fawns, and enjoyed nothing more than earning the attention and love from their herd members. Keya loved them, but she didn't understand them.

When the first few herds arrived in the large meadow, Keya perked up. The russet doe eyed the herds, trying to decipher who the heiresses and suitors may be. Not that she was interested or anything, but just out of curiosity. As more deer attended, she had picked out a couple pretty faces in the mix, guessing that those does would have the attention of suitors right away. Keya had also noticed a couple stags who seemed like they might be the hot shots, with large antlers and an impressive frame.

The formal introductions began, causing a hush to fall over the meadow as each herd took their turn to introduce themself and their suitors and heiresses. There were at least ten herds present, and some of the leaders opted for the longest and most boring presentations and speeches, causing Keya to almost drop from boredom and disinterest. But something had caught her attention among the midst of it.

One of the stags from the Tempest herd looked eerily familiar. Keya stared at him for a moment, holding a breath. Finally, she realized who it was. The buck who she ran into earlier. Their interaction had been brief and not particularly pleasant. How interesting that he was here. And a suitor, at that. Keya huffed, trying to dismiss him from her thoughts before she was to be presented.

When the Dusk herd was next up, they presented their suitors first. This year, they had two suitors. The Chief bellowed across the meadow, naming the two bucks as they stepped forward. Both of which had an impressive rack of antlers and a large frame and a charming smile. They stepped back to allow the three heiresses to step forward next. "Our Heiresses are Alani, Reva, and Keya."

With their introduction, the three sisters stepped forward. Out of the three, Keya had the darkest pelt with a russet tone. Alani and Reva had creamier pelts. Keya was also noticeably taller by a few inches, due to her long and lean legs.

Finally, all the herds had made their introductions. As per tradition, the herds began to disperse. Most of the suitors would begin to introduce themselves personally to any of the heiresses and try to gain their favor. Keya was quickly left alone by her sisters, who had practically bounded away to meet the stags. The russet doe scowled, noticing her predicament. Deciding it was best to at least feign a little interest, she began to wander into the mingling crowd, eyeing the stags with a guarded expression.

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Once he had settled his frame upon the other suitors of his herd, he’d briefly scan over them all, some of their familiar faces igniting a gladden feeling inside of him. Maybe because he felt that if he became lost, he could seek them out as a guide. There were four of them in total, two of them he knew, their relationship that of friendly friends who’d share humoring words and exchange mutual glances. The other two, while he knew of them, he didn’t bother to seek friendship with the stags as they were of the arrogant type, their attitudes a frequent condescending flare that even he couldn’t adjust to. “And now, the Heiresses of the Tempest herd, Wren, Vida, and Nami.” The females strode forth after they were announced, their chins tilted in a show of grace.

It was then that he recalled the moments when they had trained for this very day, him, watching from afar, awaiting for their dismissal so Wren could come and keep him company. It was when they were children, fawns. Yes, he had harbored feelings for the doe ever since then, but he knew now how easily he could rid himself of them as he eyed the heiresses who stepped forward after the stags of their herd had been called before. Wren and her sisters had coiled themselves back within their little group and they hadn’t met eyes for a while, for as much as he’d flick his gaze towards the back of her, she’d never turn to check. While the Lavender herd had captured his attention the most, it was when the announcement of the Dusk herd began that his ears would perk indefinitely

A look of boredom would develop on his face once their two stags had sauntered forward, showcasing their racks proudly, but it’d vanish once the heiresses took their places, their dainty features something that could mostly be found in their herd. One doe in particular seemed familiar and upon further glances, he recognized her as the female he had bumped into a day or two ago. Though when he first met her gaze she wore an irritated look, a look that he’d come to see again today. It was much more subtle, but he could tell by the way her gaze showed mild disinerest as they were presented by their chief. ‘Is she always like this?’ Protruding thoughts came forth as he stared longer, only blinking away once they had strolled back, back into a neat line in the front.

Keya, the name had engraved itself in his mind the moment it was spoken. If he knew she was an heiress of the Dusk herd he wouldn’t have left with such a bad impression, but then again her disposition when he had ran into her seemed more than unwelcoming. Ezra studied her for a few more moments, only shifting his gaze once others had begun to present their suitors and their daughters, the cycle continuing. When it had finally ended, the conversations commenced, the groups dispersing in an attempt to mingle, some striding to others with haste and some waiting for others to show to them. He had been informed of this by the chief, someone who he’d often consult for guidance. -Apparently conversing with others was important, the deer basically setting their eyes on whomever they choose to speak to.

A doe would know if a suitor is interested in them if the stag seeks them out for a discussion, therefore he wouldn’t be mindlessly speaking to those just for the fun of it, instead, he’d analyze his options as different deer blended in with each other, forming groups around keen heiresses. It wasn’t long before he’d saunter towards Belle, a doe of the Lavender herd. Though his mind would swiftly change once he met the eyes of three suitors who had gathered themselves around her, her bashful expression only drawing them further. A small huff would leave him, but it wasn’t such a large bummer, for the doe’s of the Dusk herd had eagerly bounded into the crowd, the two sisters having a cream colored pelt which was softly dappled with the russet fur which engulfed almost the entirety of the other does frame. With that thought, Ezra flicked his gaze around briefly, only pausing once he laid eyes on Keya who entered a group somewhat cautiously, her strides failing to lack elegance.

Was she new to this as well? It almost seemed so. Or maybe she just couldn’t muster up enough interest for the intricate tradition. Either way, she was an heiress. A pretty one at that. Even if their first encounter wasn’t as ideal as it could’ve been, he’d make sure to keep an eye on her. As for now, Ezra strolled through some gathered stags, stopping once he reached Alani who attracted one other buck, though he somewhat knew a larger deluge would come later. “Salutations..Alani” He greeted her with ease, though his near competitor eyed him conspicuously before introducing himself to the doe, the stags light brown pelt contrasting against his own.
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Alani and Reva had been quickly separated as they entered the fray of deer. Both of them wore crowns of lilacs, intertwined gently upon their narrow craniums. Other heiresses also opted for flowers, usually, which often complemented their individual scents and helped them stick out among the crowd. While Reva and Alani had chosen matching lilac crowns, Keya had a crown of brambles, almost looking as thorny and dangerous as her guarded gaze. The crown had small flowers entwined within it, to add that delicate appeal, but she was the only doe in the meadow who dared to wear brambles.

While Reva had quickly been pulled aside by a stag, Alani had run into two. The two sisters were twins, a year younger than Keya. It was typical for herds to have multiple heiresses of differenr ages. For the older heiress, the tradition was more important. For the younger ones, the tradition was usually good experience for them, but it wasn't particularly necessary for them to settle down with a mate by the end of it. If anything, it was like a debut for them, entering into society and gaining connections. But for Keya, she was not so lucky. She was expected to find a stag by the end of summer.

Alani and her first introduced suitor, Cyrus, had exchaged polite hellos and names. Alani was a natural, with a beaming smile and a warm aura. She laughed at all the right times, a light, twinkling laugh. And she was sure to make perfect, effortless conversation. The two had been easily conversing when Ezra came along and introduced himself.

Salutations... Alani.

The doe turned her warm gaze to the newcomer, dipping her head in a polite nod and a small smile. If deer could blush, she would be. After batting her eyes a couple times, she spoke "Hello. You're Ezra, from Tempest Herd, right?" Alani knew how to make a stag feel noticed. And she also knew how to keep the attention of both of them. She quickly turned to Cyrus, "This is Cyrus, a buck from River Herd." Alani would hate to stir up some trouble or competition between the two so early. Every decent heiress understood that while these stags were going to be fighting for their heart, the fighting must take place in the activities. It was indecent to fight in public.

A slight distance away, Keya had made her first acquaintance, to her dismay. A fairly large and extremely boastful buck had approached her. His name was Bjorn, and while he was pleasant to look at, he was terrible to converse with. "So, Heiress, I noticed you have two sisters who are also courting this year."

Keya tried to keep from rolling her eyes. What type of question was that? Was this some sort of small talk, or did this buck think he could get to her sisters through her? Although she wanted nothing more than to leave, she remained with a small, fake smile. "Yes. Alani and Reva. This is their first year."

The buck nodded, smiling coolly. "Well, I still think that you're the prettiest of them. I don't see why any buck would waste their time when you're here." His strange attempt at a flirting comment made her flick her ears. Some does might take it as a compliment, to be considered the prettiest heiress in a herd. But Keya didn't.

"Hm. Well it seems like they are doing just fine, thank you for your concern." She added tersely. He was getting on her nerves. She had spared a glance towards her sisters, finding them by locating their lilac crowns in the crowd. Reva seemed to be talking to a single buck while Alani was talking to two. But Keya's eyes widened as she realized who Alani was talking to. Ezra... that one buck who she ran into before.

Now, Keya wasn't the type to be jealous or anything. But she was the type to protect her sisters. And she didn't want that buck anywhere near her sisters. She turned to the buck, "It was lovely getting to know you. But I must go." After promptly excusing herself and ignoring his protests, she hurried over to Alani, masking her expression with a fake pleasant one, while she took a moment to send a glance of daggers toward Ezra.

Keya smiled, "Hello. Sorry, I must borrow my sister for a moment. My apologies." She quickly interjected herself into their conversation, trotting into their group and cutting off Alani from them as she pulled her aside. "Alani..." She tried to come up with something quick. "Oh, did you see Takah is here? From Sky Herd? You can't miss him." Such words from Keya were surrprising, since she was not the type to gossip or fawn over stags. But her sister was. And that was all she needed to send Alani away and bounding into the crowd.

A victorious smile spread on her muzzle, but it fell when she turned and realized that although she had saved Alani, she had left herself alone with both of the bucks who were still waiting there. She gave a cheeky smile, "I'm sorry about that... Alani had to go. Now... I think...." Keya was desperately trying to find an excuse to leave, but no idea came to her as she searched the crowd. She had retained absolutely no names from the opening ceremony and she had no ideas to excuse herself otherwise.

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