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02:29:09 Shadow, Blue Shadow
Hey everyone
02:28:44 Goofy Grape
Oh that is a big hell no. Honestly a little rude to call someone that one chick unless their joking around.
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02:27:52 I like rocks uwu
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02:27:24 PT
OOF, me too.
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02:27:23 Lamo = Lmao
@ Goofy
Definitely a “hell no”
What’s even better, is thud guy had a nickname for me. And he said he “loves my name” but he never uses it xd
02:27:21 Aarlix~~Alien Queen
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Green tie or green scarf? I'm thinking scarf
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02:27:02 LunarMoonWolf
Omg I didn't play this game for 6 months and now half of the pack is dead XD
02:26:54 anti-social soul

As someone who is horrible with names, I've done that before haha

I've forgotten my moms name before and I said something along the lines of "That old chick" haha
02:26:24 Deijī | Floofer
{Mi Reina}

..Did you just s w e a r...
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02:26:00 Vah // Agent Oof
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Greek mythology roleplay!
02:25:46 Goofy Grape
Hell to the no xD
~Glitchy Ghoul~
02:25:11 Lamo = Lmao
When someone calls you “that one chick” and they know your fucking name- :/
02:24:01 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
-WP Click- yes a Nothet winter to add to my colction names pm me XD
02:23:35 Goofy Grape
>.> I am not a man xD and I know I was goofing around ;)
02:23:23 anti-social soul
Please Vote/Comment <3

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Does anyone have any name suggestions for him?
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02:22:44 Foxy-chan

it's just a meme man
02:21:49 Waterfall,Zane,PIXAL
@ Foxy affrimitve I have gotten a few from wolf party I think an SS NF UL CS wolf maybe more cant really rmember XD
02:21:16 Goofy Grape
The boost is in the game and it can be obtained :)
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what does Unparalleled Learning boost do? im kinda new


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Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 07:58 AM

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Please do not post here unless you are one of the packs listed in the title. However, you are allowed to follow along if you wish.


Two rival gangs are at each others throats once again after a bank robbery that involved both of them. In an attempt to make piece, the two heirs to lead must marry. Only problem, is that they both despise one another. Will this end in love, or just another blood bath?


Sebastian Adriel - Murdering_Crow

JJ Adriel - Murdering_Crow

Markus Adriel - Murdering_Crow

Hannah Kahli - purge

Scott Sherwood - purge

Charlotte & Brian Sherwood - purge

Melody - purge

more to possibly be added...

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Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 08:17 AM

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Hannah watched as the cars went by, one by one. Counting, making sure they all went past, without turning and circling back. They'd been following her for a block now, and when she ducked into an alleyway and re-emerged on another street, there they were.
'An ordinary day in the life of a young woman'
Checking they were out of sight, Hannah walked calmly out of behind the dumpsters, praying she didn't smell like the literal garbage in them.

Despite being the youngest female in her gang, and well knowing how to take care of herself if she ever got into a bad situation, that doesn't change the fact that she always gets into said situations and she did not feel like getting into one tonight. Just because she knows about fighting and protecting herself, she could've been easily out-strengthed, purely because a grown ass man is much more likely to be stronger and bigger than a 5'3 woman. Hannah is all for breaking stereotypes but the facts are facts, men are generally stronger than women. It's genectics.

Re-arranging her jacket around her shoulders, she walked down the empty streets, head held high. In the distance, there was the usual voices of parties, distant sirens, buses honking at late passengers. The common city noises you'd hear. But something was different, something felt off. She couldn't tell if it was just alittle paranoia or if the streets around her felt uneasy, quieter than usual.

Just as she rounded a corner, a pigeon flew out of a nearby trash can. Jumping out of her skin, she let out a little scream of shock. It was definetly the paranoia.
'It's only a pigeon; nothing to be afraid of'

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Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 09:01 AM

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The cold and crisp air hit Sebastian Adriel's face as he looked down from the balcony and into the streets of the familiar city. His hands were placed upon the white railing of the balcony, and seeing the city lights and cars passed by had calmed him down. The night was filled with scattered stars that twinkled, appearing in a rhythm that Sebastian had fallen in love with for some reason. He was never really one for being passionate about someone or something, knowing him, he jumped around between things.

Sebastian quickly remembered that he would soon be getting married. Yes. At the ripe age of just twenty, and being the youngest in his gang, Sebastian was forced to face the consequences of something he didn't do. He was only marrying some girl in the rival gang to satisfy the two of them, yet Sebastian had never met this girl. He huffed in annoyance, feeling a slight breeze before the appearance of his father was behind him.

"You're going to have to learn these things the hard way, son." Sebastian's father, Markus, said as he heard his shoes against the hard floor approach Seb. He turned his head to face Markus who was now standing beside him.

"No, I have to learn things the hard way because you won't just take a fucking moment to realize that your plans don't always work. Or the back up ones." Seb snapped, his knuckles turning white as he got a tighter grasp on the railing. He exhaled sharply before his father shook his head.

"It was JJ's idea, not mine." He said calmly. Sebastian shook his head.

"Why did you let JJ make a call then if you're so high and mighty in the gang, Markus?" Sebastian said, facing his father at this point. He felt himself tense up before he glared at his father with his baby blue eyes that only showed anger and frusturation. "I wasn't even a part of the damn operation anyways." He muttered softly under his breath.

Sebastian had lost all hope when the gang got six members killed, and all for expensive jewelry that they could probably pay for in cash. And then this whole shebang happened, and again, Sebastian got dragged into it yet again. He had lost all respect for his father especially.

"There are times where you have to take responsiblity," Markus began. Sebastian wasn't in the mood to have another pep talk because he felt as if all he could do was scream and yell at his father, but he couldn't stop him. Not that Seb's word would matter much anyways. "There are also times where you have to do something you don't want to. You're the last hope for this gang and for this rivalry to end. Just please," Markus sighed, "just please accept it. Nobody else can do it but you."

"Bullshit," Sebastian muttered under his breath yet again and shook his head in disapproval. "Take James, Xander, even Derek for example! Have them go marry some asshole of a girl who probably won't give a shit, and to be quite honest, I wouldn't either," Sebastian's eyes grew wide as he stretched his arm out, as if he was referring to the other boys he had just listed.

"You're heir to lead, not to be a baby." Markus stated without any hesitation. "She probably feels the same way. Just let it play out, alright?" Markus looked at his son. "Alright?"

Sebastian gave a short nod as he then heard his father's footsteps retreating. He looked out at the city, seeing the colorful lights from other large buildings, the car tail lights and headlights reflecting onto the dark road. The young man took a small inhale before returning back into his bedroom.

Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 09:18 AM

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Hurrying away from the street she was in, Hannah started to panic. She began to feel uneasy and anxious. There was definetly something wrong. The air was tense, with breeze felt like shards of glass against her skin. Quickening her pace, she walked into a busy main road, the four-way intersection empty. Walking out into the middle of the intersection, Hannah turned around, looking down each road, trying to find the source of her discomfort. Headlights blaring, a car came shooting down one of the roads, it's passengers yelling and whooping. As the car came closer, Hannah recognized it, the car belonged to her brother, Scott.

"What are you doing out here, all alone? It's not safe for a little girl" Scott taunted, grinning at her. Hannah rolled her eyes, a small smile on her face. Jumping into the car, she smacked Scott on the side of the head.

"Do you wanna walk home?"
"Shut up and drive, idiot" Hannah replied, motioning for him to go. Was she being impatient? Yes. If Scott wasn't used to that by now, that's his problem.

Watching the roads pass by her, Hannah was looking for something. Anything. There had to be a reason for her feeling earlier that night. Some sort of explanation. Putting it to the back of her mind for now, she turned her attention back to the converstion around her. Scott was talking to her cousin, Melody about something.

"What's going on?" Hannah questioned, unsure of what they were on about.
"We can't tell her yet"
"They said not to talk about it, look what you've done now! She probably knows everything with your big mouth blabbering about it in front of her!"

"Can you please just explain what's going on?"
"NO!" They both yelled.

'No need to be rude about it'. That feeling of anxiety returned to the bottom of Hannah's stomach. Something was definitely up.

"Can we just go home?"

As soon as Hannah was at home, she raced upstairs, wanting to get as far from her family as possible. She closed and locked the door behind her. Thoughts racing through her head, she stripped off and blasted the hot water in her shower. Stepping into the steaming water, she let the heat wash away her anxiety. Within minutes, she was calm and her breathing was under control. But she wasn't quite ready to get out yet, she needed some time alone, to think about what had happened.

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Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 09:38 AM

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Sebastian had unbottoned his button-up black shirt, which was tight-fitting. He truly didn't have much of a preference for clothing, but what he wore was costly. He didn't care much for wealth either. Sebastian was dragged into the world of the gangs, and he didn't want it. After his mother passed away from cancer, Sebastian and Markus both became more stubborn and fought more than ever. It wasn't the same then, but it could be better now.

Sebastian changed his pants to joggers, which were lose up top and cuffed at the ankles. He sighed softly before he opened his door, hearing the quiet voices of his friends downstairs. All he was hearing for the past week was the marriage, and he really didn't want to hear it. Feeling defeated, he decided that he would just go downstairs for a few moments and not pay attention to the others if they brought it up.

The slight sound of his feet caught the other boys' attention towards Seb. "Don't even start saying anything," Sebastian said, raising a finger. Annoyance lingered in his tone as he passed the small group at the table. JJ, his younger brother, looked up at Seb before letting out a small chuckle.

Sebastian headed towards the fridge, which was just a few feet away from the table the group sat at. Seb bit his lip as he snatched a leftover sandwhich from the cool fridge.

"Do you ever just think about her?" JJ emphasized the word 'her', which caught Sebastian attention. He narrowed his eyes on his younger brother. JJ was only fifteen and cause the whole rivalry thing to just explode more than it should've.

"Yeah, I also think about how fucked you must be to have two very intimidating gangs butt heads when an immature little ass plans, and a bad one at that," Sebastian replied quickly, and then took a bite from his sandwhich. JJ's small smirk had disappeared as he clicked his tongue. Silence fell between the boys, and it was quite obvious that Seb's rebuttle would shut them up. Sebastian finished his sandwhich shortly after, and cleared his throat.

"I'm gonna go upstairs, and if hear a word about it, I will lose my shit." Sebastian said, and it was obvious what the word 'it' meant to him and the others. Maxwell, a newcomer, nodded. He had no idea what was going on, and to be fair, Seb was grateful for that. JJ on the other hand just shrugged, James, Xander, and Derek were all silent. They took him seriously while JJ just bursted out laughing.

"I'm serious dude," Sebastian said. He held back a slight smirk that didn't dare come across his defined face. JJ raised his brows before he inahled to calm down.

"I won't," JJ finally said. Sebastian nodded, thinking to himself for a moment before the shirtless young man returned back to his room. He closed the doors that leaded out to the balcony, which he took one last glance outside before he shut them.

Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 09:56 AM

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After spending way too long in the shower, Hannah decided she'd wasted enough hot water. Getting out, she changed into a loose-fitting silk blouse & shorts. Quietly sneaking onto the stairs, she stayed in the darker parts, listening to her family's conversation below. She could hear bits and pieces, but not everything. Hannah cautiously stalked closer to them, trying not to be seen. Sitting with her back against the wall, she rested her head on the wall and closed her eyes, concentrating on the conversation.

"She'll be married off to one of those boys"
"She's going to refuse-"
"No she won't. It's for the best, and she'll know that, even if it means she has to marry one of them"
"But she's too young for this. She's nineteen for godsake! She's barely had time to have any fun at all and you're all just going to marry her off like an animal!"

Hannah could pick out the voices, her mother Charlotte, father Brian, brother Scott and cousin Melody. Marriage? They couldn't mean her, could they? Without realizing, Hannah had jumped up and burst into the room. She looked around at all the shocked faces.

"Who's getting married?" Hannah demanded.
"Baby, we were going to tell you sooner, we just couldn't find the right time" Her mother tried to explain, but it so obvius that it was a lie.

"Cut the crap Charlotte. Yes, Hannah. You're set to marry one of those boys, it's final." Hannah's father interrupted.

"Haha funny! Tell me you're kidding!" This couldn't be true.

Unfortunatly, the looks on their faces said it all. It was true, and it was happening. Running out of the room, she practically leaped up the stairs, locking her bedroom door. Hearing the footsteps behind her, she pulled on a jumper and a pair of shoes and climbed out her window. Lowering herslf down onto the ledge below, as she had done many times before, carefully swinging onto the tree next to it and then to the ground. Hannah took off running, out of the yard, climbing over the fence and down the street.

She kept running until her lungs were burning and her legs were aching. Pausing to get her breath, Hannah looked around, trying to figure out where she was. She didn't recongnize the neighbourhood, until she did. This wasn't her neighbourhood anymore. This was theirs.

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Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 10:30 AM

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Sebastian could hear the other boys downstairs conversing. Meanwhile, he simply layed in bed, staring at the pale white ceiling. It was just like his mind, blank as ever. There was something about his thoughts that confused him in a way. A lot was on his mind; the marriage, his father, JJ, the other boys, the girl, the recent robbery that got him into this mess, yet all of it was just cloudy. He couldn't pin-point one thing from another, as if it was like a head-on collision. Everything was just so cloudy, none of it made sense. At least right now.

Seb sighed softly before he sat up, looking around the dimly lit room. Something felt off all of a sudden as the sound of everyone downstairs was quiet, like everyone had left. It wasn't too late, and defintely not late enough for him to go to bed. Or really anyone. Sebastian preferred the night over the day, and the others being a bit younger meant that staying up late was a part of their nature.

Seb shook his head before hearing a knock on his door, his eyes darting towards the direction of the entrance. He huffed. "Yeah?" He said audibly.

"We're going out, wanna come with?" JJ asked from the other side. Sebastian shrugged to himself before he stood up and grabbed a black sweatshirt from his closet, slipping it on over his bare body. He opened his door and nodded.

"What will we be doing, exactly?" He asked. Sebastian was always curious as to what the younger kids were doing, but to be fair, he was barely an adult. His life was controlled by what his father wanted him to do, and it didn't make much of a difference when Seb would voice his own opinion.

"Party. Hunter's house." JJ replied, making his way down the stairs. Sebastian followed close behind his younger brother. Hunter was a decent kid, and since this neighborhood was filled with rich people and mainly their gang, he went to a private school, big ass house, and to be honest, probably could wear designer clothing and accessories everyday if he wanted to. Hunter's parents owned multiple businesses, which he wished Markus could do so they wouldn't have this feud with the other gang.

The pair made the way out of the house and began walking down the sidewalk. Hunter's home was just a couple of blocks away. Sebastian stopped in his tracks before he spotted a girl not far away from them. The other boys had been waiting outside and joined them. "You know her?" Sebastian asked, giving a nod to direct the others as to who he was referring to. It was a girl, but not a familiar one. Sebastian knew almost everyone in the neighborhood, and you quickly learned about him.

This would be a shitshow, he thought to himself.

Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 10:43 AM

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Hannah watched as a group of boys approached the road she was in. Fighting to keep her breathing steady, she raised her head and stared at them. They seemed so familiar, but they were strangers. Hannah felt the cool breeze and against her legs and regretted her choice of not changing out of her shorts, pulling the hood off her head, she debated asking them for directions.

Watching their behaviour, she quickly noticed how they didn't care if people saw or heard them. 'pretty arrogant if you ask me' Hannah kept quiet as she watched them, eyes straining in the darkness. The streetlights were too far away for her to be able to see their faces clearly, she could only just hear voices.

Hannah's thoughts raced, if they were who she thought they were, she should probably leave. If they caught her and realized who she was, her family would be furious. She looking around, trying to find a way to just slip out of view, but seeing as she has stupidly positioned herself in the dead middle of the road, there was little options other than making a run for it, but there was no doubt in her mind that any one of them caught catch her before she even left the neighbourhood.

With the only option that was safe being to stay where she was and hope they didn't notice her, she did. She held her head high and her footing strong, if she was to get into some sort of trouble tonight, she was going to do it her way. Some silly boys weren't going to stop her, even if she was in the one place she knew she wouldn't have any power. Feeling her discomfort rise and her heart race, she kept her gaze steady on the boys nearby.

Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 07:09 PM

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Sebastian took notice to the girl. Normally they were in groups or with some men in the gang for protection, as everyone knew there were slobs and pigs in the world. Sebastian looked around for a moment, taking notice that the group of boys had just ditched him. They were half a block away by now, and Seb didn't really feel the urge to actually catch up. He took another quick glance in the direction of the girl before he sharply inhaled, finally walking. "Yeah, I'll just catch up," he muttered softly to himself.

Sebastian was confused. This wasn't a gated community, no, but normally you would hear word so quick of a new person in the neighborhood. This one he hadn't heard of. Seb was sure that the most newest person here came in about three months ago, but they're not even a part of the gang. He fell confused for a moment before just letting the thought go.

But he couldn't.

Sebastian had quickly crossed the road, as the neighborhood was normally winding down by now or everyone was out partying. Sebastian, tonight, has the chance to be that everyone. But his curiosity peeked and he had no idea to control it. Something about this girl felt familiar in a way, just in the atmosphere. He doubted that any women were at the robbery, but he couldn't assume anything. At least for his gang, women weren't a big part. Not that they were sexist, it's just that no woman actually dared to join or offer something that would be useful to them.

JJ had noticed how far back Sebastian was, and once the boy turned around, he was gone. He rolled his eyes and just continued on, not worrying about it. Sebastian was an adult, not a child, and JJ was aware of his older brother and his father's situation. Markus always told JJ to keep an eye out for his brother in case he goes running away, but Sebastian's home was here and he knew that. They were both grounded here.

Sebastian finally caught up to her, the shadows disabling him from taking in her appearance. They seemed to be around the same age, her a bit younger perhaps by one or two years. "You knew here?" Sebastian asked, his gruff voice prominent with curiosity and a sense of direction. Sebastian knew these parts, and in this part of the neighborhood, it wouldn't be good to be out here alone. Especially as a woman.

Sebastian didn't mean to startle her in anyway if he had, and in now way was he trying to do anything to her. "You just aren't familiar," he said softly, his raspy voice laced with a slight tone of confusion. He genuinely knew everyone on a basic level

Rivalry | purge x Murdering_Crow July 14, 2020 07:25 PM

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Hannah's heart continued to climb as she one of the boys approach her. Focussing her attention on her, she watched until the others seemed to dissapear, with them nowhere in sight, she moved further into the darkness of the intersection. She backed up until she was baically in the dead center of the road, she was as far as she'd be able to get without going into direct light. Her only hope at being recognized was if he had seen her with her gang before.

Despite the years of dispute between the two gangs, Hannah didn't feel the need to start a fight with one of them tonight. Especially seeing as she was to be married to one of them. Even the thought of being married off against her will made her feel sick.

"You new around here?" His words echoing in her head, he probably couldn't see who she was yet, that was good. If she could convince him she was just a tourist or something similiar, she could continue on her way without a fuss from him or his gang.

"Just passing through." Was he going to believe it? Unlikely, but even with a sliver of belief, there would be no fuss. Her head was spinning, the panic starting to rise as he reached where she was. With shivers down her spine, she held her ground, if anything, she didn't want to seem afraid, that was the first thing she learnt. If she showed how panicked she was, she wouldn't stand a chance in the first place.

"You just aren't familiar"There it was, the beginning of recognition. Hannah's entire body was screaming at her to turn and run, she shouldn't be here, she should have left the second she arrived. But the damage was done, she was here and there was no way out of facing him.

"Like I said, I'm just passing through. No need to get all huffy about it, I'll just be on my way and we won't ever see each other again"

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