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One day in class you decide to scream something in your head to catch mind readers. As you do you see your crush flinch.

Things to discuss

Going over to Eric's house. (And the father is home O.o)

Dance lessons XD


(Actually getting together)

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Eric Godfrey


17 years


Eric is a tall young man, standing in at around 6 ft, 2 inches, his chest fairly broad and his body lean, fit, and defined. His hair is dark brown and wavy, long enough to where it is on the verge of looking like he needs a haircut, but nowhere near classified as long. It is always neatly combed to the side, the sides of his head shaved a little shorter than the top. His skin is fair, but not pale, lightly sun-kissed and warm to the touch.

His eyes are decently large, and bright icy blue in color. His face is defined and narrow, his cheekbones high and chiseled almost perfectly. His cheeks are slightly blushed, and light freckles dot along the bridge of his nose, cheeks, shoulders, and chest.

Eric can be seen most often in a black T-shirt or tank top with a hoodie or some sort of jacket over it. He tends to wear the more low cut T-shirts, not because he is trying to appear "hot" but just because it is more comfortable for him. Leather jackets, jean jackets, and any sort of hoodie are his style, and even in hot weather he most always seems to wear them. He can almost always be seen in jeans, skinny or regular, with the occassional relax chill day when he wears shorts. Tennis shoes are a must. On his back he sports a full scene tattoo design, incooperating wolves and eagles and the moon. He keeps it hidden from most, but on the rare occassion anyone can catch a glimpse of him shirtless, it is obvious and bold.

A thin silver chain necklace can always be seen glittering around his neck, with a small circle pendant resting against his chest. It is a gift from his mother, who passed away his first year of highschool, and it is something he carries with him at all times.

On his face small cuts and old scars can be seen scattered on his cheekbones and above his eyes, the same can be said for his knuckles. His chest and back are also covered in old scars and sometimes fresh bruises, the result of abuse going on at home. Sometimes one or two rings can be seen on his fingers, but not very often.


Eric is a quiet and reserved person who rarely speaks to anyone. He isn't exactly shy, he just doesn't like talking much. Despite this, he is into fitness and sports, and is a valuable member on the basketball team. He enjoys almost any physical activity, even just walking around the park or around town, anything to get him away from his home life. Because he is so quiet, he doesn't have many friends other than those on the basketball team. But even they can't consider themselves anything more than teamates. He spends a lot of time on his own, whether it be exercising, reading, writing, or even drawing.

He is a soft soul that no one really has taken the chance to get to know. He looks depressed and some say a bit scary on the outside due to his constant solemn facial expression, but those who would take the chance to know him would soon come to realize that he is just misunderstood and depressed only because of home life. He is quite a sweet and loving person who wants to enjoy company of others his age.

Eric is a huge animal lover, and spends as much time with his dog as he can, taking him almost everywhere he can with him. He loves nature, and enjoys time outdoors although if in a peaceful place loves time inside as well.

He wishes to one day find someone who loves him for him and can help him through anything he needs, and he wishes to do the same and be that person for someone else. He's had a crush on one girl since the beginning year of highschool, but has never spoken one word to her, too shy and too afraid to do so.

Eric is interested in the paranormal and any fantasy or magical abilities that could possibly be proven to be real, and often chooses to read books of that genre.


-To get through highschool

-Go to college

-One day find a lover

-Start a family one day


Mother - Rose Godfrey - Deceased

Father - David Godfrey - Alive

Younger brother - Joshua Godfrey - Deceased

Older sister - Summer Godfrey - Alive, out of school


Kailey Adair


-Physical strength and physical beauty, highly intelligent, very kind

-Lack of social skills, not confident in himself, struggles with depression


Sexuality - Straight

Hobbies - Reading, Drawing, Writing, Exercising/Spending time outdoors

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~Non Sequiter and Elaysia May 20, 2020 09:08 PM

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Kailey (Kai) Joanna Adair




16 years


She is approximately 5’ 3” and weigh 110 pounds, but she may have an inch left in her. She has a curvy hourglass figure, and she has a longer leg to torso ratio. She has a medium bust, and she has rounded legs and hips. She is pretty slim and fit. There is no obvious excess fat. She diets and exercises to keep her body and mind in tip top shape. Her hands and feet are small and delicate appearing.

Think hawaiian. She has dark brown waist length hair. It has little waves in it. It is smooth, healthy, and shiny. It frames her small delicate round shaped face. Her face is rounder than average, and she has a small wide flat nose. She has a small sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Many times she prefers to leave her hair down, so that it softly frames her face. Sometimes she has small strands in the front of her face pulled back and tied in the back or those strands are braided and pulled back. She prefers hairstyles that keep her hair down. When she is excerising or there is hot whether it is more common for her to braid her hair or put it in a pony tail.

She has medium lips, and a small dainty nose. She has dark brown eyes, and medium eyelashes. She has slightly darker colored arching eyebrows, which are shaped to be neat, but still appear natural. Her eyes are large and round, giving her an innocent appearance. Her eyelashes are thick and long.

She has obvious smile lines, because it is a common facial expression for her. Her features give her a happy impish appearance. Her lips are full and a light pink color. They often curve up slightly as if in a hidden smile. Her cheeks are a healthy rosy hue. Her skin is smooth and wrinkle free, and her face has a few spots of acne every now and then.

Commonly, she wears anything casual: sweatshirts, exercise clothing, t-shirts, jeans etc. Every now and then she likes to wear dresses or skirts or dress up nicer. She wears multiple types of shoes. Sandals, flip flips, boots, tenis shoes. She prefers to wear shorts, and t-shirts or dresses and skirts without leggings.


Ambitious, smart, empathetic, kind, sweet

She does not lack brains or intelligence. She is a quick learner. While she sometimes doesn't have very big ambtions, she wants to be the best. She wants what most teenagers want. She appreciates loyalty in her friends, and she stand up for those she considers friends. She can see past the first impression. She generally appears to be a happy person. She is generally ready with a smile on her lips. She tries to encourage and lift those who feel sad.

She tends to be quiet, but she is deeply observant. She often notices little things, and she feels sympathy easier, because she notices. She doesn't like to see anyone hurt when she could help, so she is known for her caring spirit. She has a kind easy going personality, and she attracts people with her charisma and appearance. She often is quiet, but she knows when to reach out to others. She is very empathetic. She can be very emotional, and it is easy to make her cry.

She is afraid that someone will find about her ability. She uses it to make sure that no one suspects her. She hasn't told anyone, and it makes her tense and nervous. She can be a little skeptical and suspcious at first. She has a strong sense of what is right or wrong, and she tries to be just. She tries not to pry into people's minds too lightly, but it does happen quite frequently. She can often be distracted, because of all the thoughts running through her head.


Top half of the class

(valedictorian not important, but preferred.)

Have a decent social life.


Rebecca - Sister - alive

Lisa - Mother - Alive

Michael - Father - Alive






She is able to hear other people's thoughts/mindreader.

She has stamina and more strength than you would expect.

She is pretty easy going and charismatic.


Running - She is part of cross country and track.

She is good at math, but she isn't good at science. She is artistic and likes to draw and write.

Her cats:
Perry P. Plum, Toby Opossum, Ms. Regina, and Polly

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~Non Sequiter and Elaysia May 20, 2020 11:43 PM

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Eric started off his day as normal as any other. Waking up at 5:00am sharp and throwing on loose shorts and a tank top to begin his early morning exercises. At 6:00 he hopped in the shower, cleaning himself and beginning preparation for the long day ahead. Brushed his teeth, combed his hair, threw on his typical outfit, and filled his dog's food and water dish before heading downstairs and ambling as quietly as he could into the kitchen.

As always, his father was asleep in his armchair, a bottle of nearly empty booze in his hand, and the television still on, the volume just a soft background noise. It was so quiet in this house now that his sister had moved out. It had begun to get quiet the beginning of Eric's 6th grade year. His mother had given birth again, to a little boy whom she named Joshua. But sadly the child never made it to a year old. He was born with a congenital heart defect, and little was done about it.

Three years later, Eric's mother Rose passed away. She'd been fighting cancer for years, but it had finally caught up with her. That was the moment that shattered Eric to his very core. He didn't really ever get to know Joshua, for the baby spent most of his entire short life in the hospital. But his mother...his mother had always been there for him. She'd been there for him when his father never, ever was. She was there for him through every trial he faced, every accomplishment he made, she. Was. There. But not anymore.

The day she died had been hard on everyone, and Eric's father seemed to snap beyond any point he ever had. He'd always been a drinker, but it got worse. He'd always been verbally abusive, but it no longer stayed within those boundaries. As soon as Summer was able to, she left. Without ever a look back. Eric had grown used to the ife he now lived, but he still lived without closure. He lived in a world without comfort, and he constantly felt as if he was wearing a mask. Like he had to pretend to be someone he wasn't, like he had to act like everything was fine...when it wasn't.

He crept over the wooden floor, biting his lower lip so hard that he could taste the saltiness of blood on his tongue. His heart was pounding nervously in his chest, for he knew what would happen if his father was to be woken up. He made his way nearly soundlessly over to the old wooden cabinets, managing to quietly snatch a box of cereal. He grabbed a glass bowl and opened the fridge as silently as possible, grabbing the milk.

He wasn't typically the person to do this kind of thing, but he'd learned that this was the quietest way of doing so. He poured the milk into the bowl first, then quietly dumped a bit of cereal inside. He put the milk and the box back, and slid open the silverware drawer, managing to get a spoon. He swiftly exited, climbing back up the stairs and back into his room. Once safely inside, he locked the door behind him, plopping carefully to sit on his bedside.

"Hey Gunner," he said quietly, his icy blue eyes looking down on the floor. The German Shepherd at his feet gazed up at him with big brown eyes full of nothing but kindess and patience. "Managed to get some cereal this morning. Didn't wake big man up." He took a bite, smiling down at the only true friend he'd ever had. Gunner tilted his head, his large ears perked. The dog had been Eric's from the very beginning. His mother got him as a puppy for Eric for Christmas several years ago, and the two bonded instantly. Gunner had been easy to train and had always been a loyal dog. He obeyed what Eric told him, but was always excited to go wherever Eric wanted him to go.

"You're a good boy," he commented, reaching down and petting between his ears. Gunner closed his eyes, groaning softly at Eric's touch, and then rested his chin on his paws, his brown eyes closing peacefully. Eric scarfed down the rest of his breakfast, setting the empty bowl on his nightstand. He'd put it away later. It was 6:30 now, and he needed to get Gunner out to go to the bathroom.

He took his dog outside, let him go, and then brought him back in. He knew his father would let Gunner out if he had to go badly enough that he whined, but he knew otherwise the man wouldn't care. Eric sat back down on his bed, waiting for 7:00 to arrive. He grabbed his bag and rifled through it, pulling out his unfinished math homework from the day before. He rushed through it, 90% sure that over half of his answers were wrong, and stuffed it back into his bag. He knelt down on the floor, giving Gunner love and cuddling up with him before putting him safely inside his kennel.

On weekends he could be trusted because Eric would be home, but at school...he didn't trust his father to take care of him properly. "See ya when I get home, buddy." he said quietly. He stood up, spritzing a bit of cologne on to cover up the dog smell, and went back downstairs, exiting his house on silent feet. He was able to legally drive, and found himself stuck in traffic like any other morning. Finally, he made it to the school, 7:45 sharp, just as he'd planned.

Classes that day went normally, going by at an extremely slow rate. Weights was the only class he had fun in, and it was only because there he didn't feel stupid. There he was just like anybody else. He fit in there. But math class, english, business...they were all so boring and he felt out of his league. Art was fun though as well, and he did pretty well there. Finally, it was the last class of the day.

He'd spent some time after lunch in the library, and one of the younger guys there had struck up a conversation with him about mindreading powers and other supernatural abilities. It was a rather ridiculous conversation, but the two had managed to joke and poke fun. As the day had continued on, Eric began finding himself more and more curious.

History. The last class of the day. The teacher was droning on about World War 2, Eric's interest fading into the distance. His mind jumped back to the conversation he'd had earlier, and a thought struck him. It was purely to cure his boredom and not to be taken seriously. He glanced out of the corner of his eye, and felt his heart take a small leap. The girl he'd been crushing on since Freshman year, Kailey Adair, was seated two seats over, and he often found himself stealing glances at her. Of course he'd never spoken a word to her, he was too shy and reserved for that. She seemed decently popular anyway and had friends of her own.

He looked back at his desk and let a very small smile spread subtly across his face. Were mind readers real? Could they hear everyone's voices? Or just the loudest? It was stupid, but it kept him distracted from boredom.


He screamed inside his thoughts, hiding his wide grin. His icy blue eyes naturally flitted back over to Kailey, as they always did more than once a day in this class, and he felt his heart drop.

For just as his question was asked, her face flinched ever so slightly.

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Kailey woke up to her annoying alarm. BEEP BEEP BEEP. It was continuous. She lunged for her nightstand to turn it off. She lay in bed for a few moments trying to wake up. Once she decided she was awake she hurried to get her exercise clothing on, which meant she would have to shower and change before she went to school. She grabbed some clothes from a drawer and staggered into the bathroom. Shortly, after hearing running water, she exited fully dressed.

She was even wearing her tennis shoes. She set out for her morning jog. She just did it consistently to help burn off fat and keep up her stamina. When she returned to the house slick and sweaty, she took a quick shower before changing into what the school considered more appropriate clothing. Her parents were probably still asleep. She opened her mind to hear their thoughts to make sure. It was quieter than going to sneak to the door of their room to figure it out.

She detected a dream state, and discovered she had been right. They were lucky and they didn't have to go anywhere until later. They also weren’t huge about exercising in the morning, which would have given her extra time to sleep. The school bus came for her sibling, but she was old enough to drive herself, which she found to be a huge relief. She fixed herself a fried egg with sausage and scarfed it down. She was known for putting off leaving till the last moment, so she was often rushing around.

It was surprising that it hardly ever woke her parents up. Rebecca was already in college. She was considered the smart one, but Kai was determined to match her and show her parents that she was just as capable. Even better Rebecca wasn’t athletic or fit, so she hoped to really show her sister up. She felt petty and silly if she examined her feelings about this, but she felt that everyone adored Rebecca, and she was in her shadow. Carefully, she uploaded her large backpack with all of her books.

She went through it a second time to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. She checked her desk and bed for stray papers, before she was satisfied and zipped it up. She was certain she would get a decent grade. She hurried out the door realizing that as usual she had pushed her leaving time as far as possible. She grabbed her purse from a hook in the mudroom on the way by, which had her license and tossed her backpack in the back seat of the car.

She cranked up the car and left the driveway. She found herself running late, and she had to drive more precariously than her parents would approve. She found a parking spot, and she hustled. Her backpack bounced on her back as she speed walked toward the school. While she walked through the halls, plenty of thoughts were bombarding her mind. It was a little distracting, but she had to learn how to get used to it. This was why she had learned to value silence and being alone.

She hardly ever listened to people’s thoughts unless something caught her and intrigued her. It felt wrong to intrude on people. She heard their common every day thoughts. She had realized that many people got easily irritated. How easily they hid their feelings. She was privy to how broken people were, and she wasn’t deceived like most people were. It made her uncomfortable, but she couldn’t stop it entirely. She had matured quickly, because she had been privy to many experiences. She was decently popular, because she had figured out how to get along with them. She was better at being charming, because she could hear the consequences in their mind. She had become one of the best debaters in the school. Not only did she have a quick mind, but she could hear what they were going to say before they said it.

Sometimes she confused other people’s thoughts with voices around her. It was more than twice the input that a normal person got. Sometimes she had tried to respond to someone, and then she realized not only were they not talking to her, but they were having an imaginary conversation in their head. She loved art, but it took a while to get there. She sat through class after class appearing to be the model student. Somehow she always managed to get her work done and have an A or a B slapped on it.

For one of those considered a good student, she didn’t study near as much as she should. She took notes in each class, but she hardly ever looked at them again until the next test. During lunch she found her friends and ate with them. While history was sometimes interesting, their teacher never made it so. It was the last class of the day, and it was chock full of information. Somehow their teacher always managed to make it boring, and she wanted to take a nap.

She sat in a middle row. She wasn’t the type to be in front of everyone, but she liked being close enough to see easily. She found herself feeling drowsy. She was quite relaxed and fairly comfortable. She was a little achy, because she had been sitting in the same place for a while. For a few minutes she had stopped listening to their teacher. All of a sudden a loud voice echoed through her head. Instinctively, she covered her ears. Something that loud generally came from the outside.

Her face flinched, she grimaced, and she began looking around for whoever had shouted. Their teacher wasn’t mad, and no one else was looking around. She felt embarrassment that she had reacted to something in her head. A bit of a flush tinged her cheeks. Now, they had caught her. She had guarded this secret, and with that one careless shout, someone had caught her. She would find them. She scanned the room, trying to see if anyone looked surprised. She would corner them after this class. After all, it was the last one of the day.

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Eric quickly averted his eyes, seeing Kailey's cheeks blush. What had he just done? Mind reading was fake, wasn't it?! There was no way this was real, there was no way she could read minds. It was just a wild coincidence. Nothing more. But the feeling continued to creep up inside his chest, that feeling of doubt. It had almost been too wild of a councidence to not be true.

He sniffed quietly and looked back up at the front of class, returning to listening to the teacher drone on. That didn't last long, however, for his brain continued to spin with thoughts.

There's no way this is real. It can't be real. Can it? Shut up, stop thinking, she's on alert now she'll hear your thoughts!! Shut up!

Eric closed his eyes briefly, feeling foolish and overwhelmed. Now what was he supposed to do? Surely she was listening in on his thoughts now! She'd obviously heard his scream. He stole another brief glance over at her, this time not just because he was crushing on her. This time it was because of curiousity and fear. What all had she heard? Had she been listening in on his thoughts for all these years?

Listen to yourself, you sound ridiculous. he thought. She can't read minds. It's fake. Very cool...but fake. Super powers are not real. He looked down at his desk, clearing his throat softly. His heart was pounding in his chest, but he kept his facial expression the same as it always was. Solemn and appearing depressed, he showed no sign of nervousness or guilt except for the subtle tapping of his foot under the desk, his knee nearly touching the bottom of the desk.

"No homework today," The teacher said, clearing his throat and snapping the textbook shut. "Since it's the weekend. We will review on Monday and then have the test on Tuesday. I advise you to study." The bell rang, and Eric flinched, stealing another glance at Kailey. As soon as the bell ended he shot up from his chair, gathering his things and shoving them in his bag. He wanted to get out and get away as fast as possible, for he had a feeling she would be after his throat.

He fumbled more than once, his nerves causing his fingers to not work properly. He dropped one of his books and let out an exasperated sigh, shoving it in his back and zipping it up quickly. He threw the bag over his back and hurriedly rushed out the door, moving past and between people without shoving anyone. Most people avoided him anyway, so he was used to being basically invisible.

The only time he wasn't invisible was on the court during a game, where he shined out among a few others. Although his features were handsome, most girls didn't chase him. Simply because they were scared of him. A lot of people tended to be nervous around him because he was so quiet all the time, and his facial expression hardly ever changed. It was rare to see a genuine smile on Eric's face, and even rarer to hear a laugh.

His scars didn't help either. They weren't incredibely obvious, but they were still present, and no one ever asked how he got them. He regularly came to school with bloody or scabbed knuckles, and to most that translated to him being violent. In was just because he was constantly on the defense. He had to protect himself somehow. He glided through the hallways, never looking back to see if Kailey was following or not.

He was aiming for the main doors, wanting to go out to his car and drive off, but suddenly took a sharp turn to the left, going down a hallway supplied with water fountains. Not many people would be coming this way after school, and his hope was that she was far enough behind that she would just go on out. There were lots of people in one big herd right now, surely she wouldn't be able to pick out his thoughts against everyone else's.

You don't know how mind reading works. he scolded himself. He bent down, hitting the button to make water flow from the fountain. The water entered his mouth, cold and refreshing compared to his hot and flushed cheeks and anxiety wridden body.

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(I haven't decided if I pronounce her name Kayley or K-eye ley.)

She fidgeted in her seat, trying to pretend that she was listening to the teacher. The teacher asked her a quesiton, and she didn't even realize it was directed at herself. When the teacher repeated the question, she just stared at the board. With the extra pressure she froze, while she normally had a quick wit. This is one of the times mind reading helped her. She listened around and heard someone giving the answer. Confidently, she stated it. It turned out to be correct. Normally, she instinctively ignored everyone. Now, she opened her mind to let the thoughts waft over her. It was hard work sifting through them, but she would find whoever thought it was funny to play what was hopefully a prank like that. She soon identified the perpetrator.

There's no way this is real. It can't be real. Can it? Shut up, stop thinking, she's on alert now she'll hear your thoughts!! Shut up!

While she hadn’t talked to him much, she recognized his voice. In school somehow everyone knew everyone. It was quite impressive the capacity people had to remember. She was itching to see what his face looked like even though she was privy to his thoughts. She used her will of steel to not look at him. If she wanted to take him by surprise, she couldn’t continuously look at him, while he was on high alert. Obviously, it woudl soon give herself away. She stopped listening to the lesson even though it could mean she failed whatever had been in it. Hopefully, a friend would let her borrow notes. She concentrated solely on not looking at him, and listening to his thoughts. She felt quite tense. She didn't want to miss anything that might be important.

Listen to yourself, you sound ridiculous. he thought. She can't read minds. It's fake. Very cool...but fake. Super powers are not real.

She felt pressure rising, because he thought he was imagining things. Was it worth confronting him over? Would he decide that he had been dreaming? Would she ruin everything by interfering. She was relieved that they didn’t have homework over the weekend. Maybe she would have time to actually pass this, and she wouldn’t have to worry about it. She could worry about studying later. She heard everyone moving fast to get out of the classroom. It almost always felt like a race not to be last.

Sometimes she tried to pack early. Depending on the teacher, she made it a habit. It was annoying when one of the teachers didn’t let them pack up early. She had managed to get most of her stuff in, but it took her a moment to stuff in the history textbook. She didn’t even take the time to stop and zip her backpack. She did it while she was in pursuit. She could see him escaping her. She hadn’t even given any thought that he was an intimidating dude. She was just determined to catch up.

He was so good at being invisible, that she hardly ever paid attention to him or his thoughts, so she wasn’t sure what type of person he was. For a moment she hesitated, because she remembered him coming to school with bloody or scabbed knuckles. He could be a dangerous person, and not someone she wanted to be about. She believed this was too important to ignore though, so she pushed onward. He was quite tall, so she found it easy to see him in the crowd.

When she finally had caught up, he was off the main hall at the water fountain. Now, that she was fairly certain he was trying to run away form her, she was determined to talk. She hadn't even thought it through. It hadn't yet crossed her mind, that this was a terrible, horrible, lousy idea. “Eric, what were you doing?” she asked him softly, trying to not attract attention. She did not wasting any time, even though she wasn't sure how to start this conversation. It seemed best just to dive in and answer questions on the way. "We need to talk," she told him, while standing there waiting for him to finish drinking. If he hadn't been thirsty, she might not have been able to catch up. She wondered if he would continue to drink water until she left just to make it awkward. She wouldn't be so easily chased away. She felt even shorter than she usually did, but it was too late to do anything. She had commited herself by making the move.

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Eric should have known she would catch up. He should have been expecting her voice to suddenly pop into existence. But he hadn't. Upon hearing her soft but harsh voice he jumped, water splashing up onto his nose. He stood for a moment with his eyes closed, his entire body tense with frustration at the fountain and fear of who was standing just behind him. After a brief moment, he wiped his face and turned around, seeing the one girl who he'd been trying to avoid. Not just within the past half hour, but for almost four years now.

"Uhhh," he started, his voice coming from the back of his throat. He was a bit shocked that she actually knew his name right off the bat. He figured she didn't really even know he existed. But now that he knew she could read shouldn't have been all that surprising. "Well, I am trying to be on my way home." he offered, not meaning to sound rude. "What is there to talk about?" His voice was quiet and somewhat timid, and his fingers twitched nervously as he looked down at her. He was nervous enough as it was around her, but knowing she could read minds made him far more nervous.

"Listen, I'd love to stay and chat, but I really should get home." He started to walk around her, not wanting to make contact with her. He was nervous and she looked intimidating for a girl of her size. He respected her and all, more so now than ever, but he also knew that Gunner was at home, trapped in a kennel and probably needing to be let out. He also knew that his father would probably be waiting at the door with a stick in hand if he was late.

" father doesn't like it when I'm late," He couldn't finish his sentence, his heart thudding loudly in his chest. He looked at the ground, glancing down at his healing knuckles. He subconsciously reached up, running a finger gently across one of the scars on his face. Eric swallowed nervously, knowing that Kailey was a determined girl and wouldn't let him leave no matter his excuses.

They aren't excuses though. he reminded himself. They really were legitimate reasons to leave. He was used to being beaten, but that didn't mean that it didn't still hurt. He felt as if he had to fight to earn the right to do anything in his house. "Kailey..." he said. "I'm really sorry. I just...I have to go. If you need to talk to me that badly, let's just meet up over the weekend." He almost sounded desperate, as if he was pleading her to let him leave. He kind of wanted to stay and talk, just because it was her and she'd finally looked his way...but...he also had a feeling it would involve scolding and he didn't need that on top of whatever else he was going to get at home. It was already five minutes past the time he should have left.

(sorry it's a bit short, I didn't know what else to do)

~Non Sequiter and Elaysia May 26, 2020 11:41 AM

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Kailey was already regretting this decision. She could tell that he was trying to avoid her. It also made her more determined to make sure that he kept his mouth shut. He seemed tense, and she felt a cold chill. Was he scared of her? Was her power that scary? She didn't really know anything about him other than his first and last name. They had never crossed paths, but she did like to know people's names at the very least.

She could feel the fear and doubt coming from his thoughts. Those that panicked made hasty mistakes. She couldn't let him go around blabbing, and she didn't know what kind of family had. He might very well feel like telling them. She was annoyed, and she muttered under her breath so that he couldn't hear her, "Oh, we wouldn't want to mess up your day the way you have mine." She looked up with her best smile, trying to help him relax.

She dropped it, because she wanted him to know that she was serious, and she realized that fear might keep his mouth shut instead of just because. "I wouldn't want to impose myself, but it'll take you a few minutes to get to your car right?" she said, "I should be able to fit in what I want to say in that time, and we can schedule a time to meet. I'm sure we could at least have one good conversation.

There will be plenty to talk about." She sort of doubted it since conversation meant give and take, and she felt that he was more of a taker, than a conversation giver. She knew she could be quite forceful and fiery, when she became passionate about something, and she hoped that would be enough to keep his mouth shut and to actually show up. She hadn't kept this secret this long to be told by the whole world just because someone was playing around.

At least that was what she was hoping had happened. It had to be a coincidence, and an accident. She gestured for him to lead, and she followed closely. "Don't say anything about what has happened today until I get a chance to talk with you further," she looked him in the eye the best she could even though she was significantly shorter. "I will use everything in me to make you regret such a decision, if you decide to tell," she hated threatening someone, but she was serious about this.

She had a feeling that she was blowing this up. She had a feeling that she was overeacting. She had a feeling that she was panicking, and this was what could get her caught. She was sure her overreacting might scare him into telling someone. If she had said nothing, he would probably have just rationalized it away. Impossible right? "Just don't say anything, since I don't have time to talk to you further, please," she looked at him a little pleadingly. She rubbed her face with her hand, trying to think straight.

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Eric was relieved yet disappointed all at once with her persistance. Deep down a part of him did long for a friend, and he'd had a small crush on Kailey since freshman year, so it would be almost considered a dream to have his first friend be her. But at the same time...she could read minds. She could gather any and all information about him and use it against him if she wished, especially if he accidentally did something to upset or hurt her. But it's not like he was just going to tell her no, and he wasn't going to ignore her.

"Okay," he said simply, beginning to walk towards the doors at her gesture to lead. He was nervous, there was no doubt about that. She was upset and rightfully so, but he hadn't meant for her to be! He hadn't known there were such things as mind readers, let alone one being her. He'd just been playing around, amusing himself in a bored classroom in the midst of a boring lecture. How was he supposed to know that Kailey had a power that he had only believed to be fiction. Once they got to the doors, she stepped in front of him, looking him in the eyes.

He stopped, looking down at her, his bright blue eyes wide with growing fear. Her voice was low and stern, threats seeping into his ears. He stared at her, his hands gripping the straps on his bag, and clearing his throat when she had finished, now feeling thoroughly uncomfortable and nervous with the entire situation, more so than before. He adjusted the straps and slightly bit his lower lip, the sun filtering through the glass doors, glinting in his eyes and warming his skin.

"Okay," he repeated, his voice low and quiet. She seemed to deflate from her overwhelming sense of seriousness and seemingly violent attitude, deflating in what looked to be desperation.

"Just don't say anything, since I don't have time to talk to you further, please." she pleaded, rubbing her face with her hand. He clenched his teeth, his mouth firmly shut, and looked away from her, his heart hammering in his chest. Who wa he going to tell, really? What friends did he have? The basketball team?!

Yeah, "Hey guys guess what I found out?" he thought mockingly in his head. Not mocking Kailey, but internally scoffing at the situation. This girl had nothing to worry about at all. He kept enough secrets about himself and his home life, what was one more secret that wasn't even about him?

"It's safe with me." he said, looking back at her. He tossed his head as he opened the door for her, motioning for her to follow him. He walked out into the parking lot, his stride quicker than normal but only because he knew he was running late, and his father would not be pleased. "Are you busy tomorrow?" he asked, looking at her briefly. "If not when are you free? I have nothing going on and I figure we could meet at the park if you want to talk further."

He made it to his car, pulling the keys from his pocket and unlocking it with a click. "Personally I would love to hear an explanation for this." His words came out slightly more rude than he meant them to, his anxiety building in his chest. "Sorry, that came out sounding mean. I just..." He leaned against the side of his car, the drivers door half open. He thought for a moment, looking at the ground before lifting his gaze to meet hers once again. "It's a lot to take in. But everything's safe with me, don't worry about it. I have no one to tell. No interest in telling anyway."

He looked up at the sky, the sun shining brightly and birds singing in the distance. If he was being perfectly honest, he didn't want to go home. Other than Gunner, he had nothing special there waiting for him, and he hated feeling anxiety and depression in his own household.

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