02:47:39 <3
ohh :O that sounds amazing though! i'd love to do something like that
Shepherds Rule
02:45:52 Shep
No I just had an influx of neonatal animals. Way back when I had my rehabilitation licence for exotics and wildlife so I would have baby foxes wolves, coons, opposums, cats dogs, coyotes. So I was busy
02:45:47 coochie!
thanks :) i actually really like your avi too, it really fits with your theme!
02:43:56 🌟 star 
Love your avi by the way
02:42:16 <3
damn :0 and yeah, i get that, wolfplay is extremely time consuming haha
02:41:49 <3
i don't want to be alone on october 3rd but it's a saturday :/
Shepherds Rule
02:41:31 Shep
Yes. Boost give 50 extra points in certain stats depending on the boost.

Yeah. And this isn't my first pack I used to be in the 1700s but I got too busy
Midnight Fire Pack

so because he has crushing strength he has 250 battle?
02:40:02 coochie!

im always like tgat with halloween, like i always go last minute costume shopping and everything haha. i feel like i lose track of time in october
02:39:51 🌟 star 
Midnight fire pack
That sounds nice I am going now bye I have alot of stuff to do why is life so hard
02:39:47 <3
a sleep deprived brain trying to read olden english is just..pain. so much pain.
Shepherds Rule
02:38:59 Shep
It's boost
Midnight Fire Pack

nah i did to my fam just stays inside every halloween and eat candy and watch scary movies
02:38:56 <3
aw, i think that was around or right before i made my first account lmao
02:38:37 coochie!
oh my god i remember when the dog days event was first released! i guess i wasnt on at noon at that time cause i DEFINITELY dont remember seeing over 600 people omg
Shepherds Rule
02:38:12 Shep
O.o I killed a weretiger with only 3 wolves under 50 health...
02:37:34 🌟 star 
Okay one last thing am I the only person who did this I just realised that it is now October and I have nothing ready for halloween I just slapped myself and started quickly working on stuff calling myself a idiot
This is what happens when I forgot it is nearly a celebration or a month with a celebration in it I think you know what I mean
Midnight Fire Pack
why does dust have 250 battle?
Shepherds Rule
02:36:39 Shep
Around like 12 or so in the after noon when dogs days came out


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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 12:26 PM

Simply Devious
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Prince x Guard

Nilo Van Aslan. He is a charming prince with a secret that could shatter the kingdom. Gennadius. She is a fierce, protective thief turned guard whose wit is as sharp as her sword. After being caught on a midnight escapade, the two are forced together, Gennadius becoming the prince’s personal guard, much to her dismay. Feeling like her freedom was stolen, Gennad is quick to despise the prince despite his attempts to please her. She brushed him off, returned his smiles with scowls, making her boundaries more than evident. The pair go out and ride horses together, somewhat attempting to find a bright side to their unfortunate situation. Their relationship reaches a place of shaky tolerance.

But when darkness arrived, things changed. Nilo became a victim to his own mind beneath the moon's silvery glow and attempted to do the unthinkable- take his own life. Gennadius saves him from an unfortunate end, but at the sake of her hand. Even with a painful gash of her own, the golden-locked guard attempts to console the broken prince, her opinions of him beginning to change. Her hard shell cracks and a soft sympathy seeps through. Distraught over his condition and feeling selfish, Nilo attempts to push her away, but with a combination of his own weakness and her gentle persistence, he accepts her kindness. Through fragments of sentences and half-spoken admissions, the prince and guard become closer, realizing the flaws in their first impressions. Under the night sky, the two of them forge the beginnings of trust and perhaps an unlikely friendship, but it is all too evident that issues still remain, and those would not vanish with the sunrise. What will happen next for this unusual pair?

Some days you'll take two steps forward

Some days you'll take four steps back

My Character: (The Prince)


"I'd rather be an outcast with you than heir to the throne."

Alias: Aslan

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Appearance: Nilo has a pale, handsome oval face with sharp, square jaw. The most memorable part of his appearance might be his calm light blue eyes, that are always alight with humor. He has a seemingly perfect, chiseled nose that ends in a soft curve, and below it sits a pair equally perfect lips. Nilo's hair is a lighter russet, trimmed on the sides and longer on the top, which he keeps in what looks like a failed, unruly quiff. He is a rather muscular man that stands at 5'10, being taller than average. Nilo is muscled, as mentioned previously, with a well-toned physique he works to manage. He has no tattoos or piercings.

Personality: Charismatic. Charismatic is what the people describe Nilo as. He's as charming as they come, every word that leaves his fair lips seems to be dripping with the silver from his tongue. He's intelligent, his mind a concave with dark twists and turns, filled with knowledge that normally takes people 50 years to develop, but only took him 18. It's like he's half machine, capable of coming up with schemes so ridiculous they're sane, and some so simple an infant could accomplish them. Nilo is intimidating, his light eyes capable of making a grown man wet himself, eyes so cold hell might freeze over at one glance. He has this electricity to him, this spark that people are drawn to, like a moth to an all-consuming flame. A spark that is unpredictable, that can give you a little jolt one minute, and the next it'll grill up your insides like last night's meal. But once you've felt that jolt, that little shock, you'll hunger for it, desperate to get another, because you've never felt anything quite as magnetic as Nilo Van Aslan.

Family: King Leonel Van Aslan, Queen Minerva Van Aslan(Deceased), Castor Van Aslan(Brother, Deceased)

GV's Side Pieces
- Leonel Van Aslan
- Damien Fahey
- Isabella Fahey
- Margo Fahey
- Theodore Valencia
- Beatrice LeBlan
- Seraphina O'Quinn
- Adaira Cross/MacMillan
- Alastair MacMillan
- Connor

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 12:59 PM

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The Guard


"My duty is my loyalty. Not even death could break my vow."

Alias: Gennad

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Appearance: Gennadius has a tanned tone due to being outside most of the time. Her face has a hardened look for a woman but when she smiles, her face gentles and lightens up. Her eyes are a dark mysterious blue, holding a range of hidden emotions that often flicker through. She has blonde hair that has very light curls, going down right below her shoulders. Often she wears it in a ponytail. Her physique is toned and slightly muscular, most noticeable in her forearms when she is wielding the sword. Gennadius has a very gentle physique around the waistline, often hiding her curves with a baggy man's shirt. When she is not out training with the men, she wears a cloak to keep her identity and gender hidden. She weighs 130lb and is 5'2". She never wear any kind of jewelry.

Personality: Fierce. Gennadius has a fire that burns within her and shows. Every man with a sword knows not to double cross her. She takes no crap and is not easily intimidated. She earned her way up the ladder with the guards and is one of the most guarded and mysterious people linked to the palace. Gennadius shows no emotion and comes out aloof and cold. However, deep down, she has a gentle side and strong connection to those she trusts. Her tongue can be like an adder, sarcastic and sharp. Her skills stronger and even more dangerous.

Family: No known connection to anyone.


My Extra Characters:

Lieutenant Faust
General Barvan
Claude Barton
Colonel Caspian
Theophilus Orionar
Nadya Toris

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 01:04 PM

Simply Devious
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(You want me to start, or you?)
~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 01:06 PM

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(You can start)

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 02:09 PM

Simply Devious
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Click. Click. Click. It was the sound of boots on tile. Click. Click. Click. It was annoying to the ear, like nails on a chalkboard. Someone was pacing. The sound would echo down one end of the hall, then fade as their bearer their way down to the other. Sometimes the walkers pace would slow, other times it would pick up. But the steps were rigidly regimented, always the same time between them. They were like clockwork. Yet despite their perfection, there was something oddly unsettling about the constant “Click. Click. Click.

That source was a prince in anguish. A prince with hair like dark russet flames, and eyes as blue as the summer sky. The only remaining son to the king, Prince Nilo Van Aslan. It was nighttime in the kingdom of Lavarre. Yet the prince could not sleep. He paced the dark hall that sat before his bedroom, hands buried in his hair and dark circles beneath his eyes. Nilo was a mess. A disaster even. His eyes were hollow and his face was twisted indescribably painful emotions.

“Castor,” Nilo’s voice was hoarse, dryer than a land that suffered drought. “Why…” A groan escaped him as he paused in the midst of his maddening pacing and slumped against a wall. “I tried-” He cut himself off. He couldn’t even form a sentence if he tried. It was a pitiful sight. The prince, who proudly bore the image of unwavering elegance and prowess, had become a victim of his own mind.

Nilo stumbled off the wall and walked down the hall, no longer intending to pace. This time he had direction. Truth be told, he shouldn't have even been outside of his room. He was in no condition to do anything but rest. He was in pain. A pain so raw and consuming Nilo couldn't even think straight. He was like an animal backed into a corner. Raw and instinctive, with no inhibitions.

Somehow, some way, he managed to exit the castle. He was half dressed, having discarded his shirt somewhere in the castle because his body had grown to hot. Nilo stumbled to the stables, moving like some drunken sailor, and managed to find a horse. I need to get out of here. That was the only thought he could produce. It was currently his only want. His only need. Nilo had enough of his mind to snatch a forgotten cloak to cover up his naked torso, which sparkled with sweat. With a groan, he heaved himself on top of a white, speckled mare, his bottom hitting her bare back. He might have been able to somewhat clothe himself, but as to saddling a horse, that definitely wasn’t going to happen.
Nilo sighed, entwining his fingers in the steeds pale mane, sitting there for a moment as if mind was trying to have a breakthrough. Blue eyes met a black night and for a few seconds, he stared into the darkness. Then, almost without warning, he thumped his boot into the horses side, and sped off into the woods at the castles rear.

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 02:48 PM

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Dark eyes glittered as tokens were tossed onto a wooden table. "Let's make a friendly wager, shall we?" a surprisingly feminine voice purred as the cloaked figure stood. Laughter and taunts were thrown out in the dark building, a candle casting an eerie glow. "Oh come now soldier, don't tell me you're scared?"

A large man stood up, "Is that a challenge?" The hulk threw his own tokens onto the table and yanked off his shirt. Cat calls sounded through the room. "Show her who's boss Varian. Don't let her get the best of you!" The soldier snatched his sword from the wall and threw the door open. "After you mi'lady," he sneered.

"Of course," the shadowed figure replied, squeezing past the angered man. A small smile flicked across her face as she swiped her own blade from beside her chair. The throng of soldiers pushed from behind, eager to see the outcome.

Pulling off the cloak, the woman was visible in the torchlight. She wore leather pants with a baggy white shirt, her tanned skin dark and shiny from sweat in the orange glow cast from the flames. Twirling her sword, the strange woman advanced.


Sparks flew in the night air as steel met steel. It was hard to make out the two forms as they circled, blades flashing. Laughter echoed as a thump was heard and the large man fell, the woman's sword pressed up against his throat. "I'd say that makes the money mine."

A curse was thrown at her which she ignored, turning on her heels and snatching up her cloak. Walking through the building, she collected her tokens to claim in the morning before heading back out into the fresh night air.

The barracks were some way from the castle though there were training grounds near the stables. However, due to an unfortunate incident at the castle, the guards off duty had moved to the barracks, switching out daily with those on the wall. She would take the morning shift.

Heading to the posts, she un-hitched her black horse, shoving her sword in its sheath, and mounting. She threw her cloak over her shoulders and turned the majestic beast towards the castle. Tapping the horse's side, she started forward.

A white horse flashed by, cutting her off and sending her horse into a frenzy. As the steed reared up, she tightened her grip, trying to calm the horse. "Easy there boy, down now, down." She called out, giving him reign before pulling back and doing it again until she was in control.

Her eyes flashed as she spun the dark horse around and raced after the white beast with the shadowed rider. Leaning forward, she slowly gained on them until she was almost side by side. With ease, she snatched the steed's reigns, pulling both horses to a halt.

"Who goes there? Answer me by the power of the royal guards!" She snapped at the rider, expertly holding both reigns in one hand and her sword in the other.

(Not a problem. Lol.)

~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 03:56 PM

Simply Devious
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“What you're doing is wrong Castor, you can't just continue to let that beast slaughter people. You need kill it !”

“Never! He's mine Nilo. This is none of your business!”

“It becomes my business when my people are being killed because you’re fond of that… that monster.”


Nilo let out a strangled cry as his brother voice shrieked in his ears. For a moment he released the horses mane as his hands flew up to his ears, and he nearly fell off his steed’s back. He could still see his brother’s wavy blonde hair framing his face like a lion's mane as Castor shouted his fury at his older brother, his sapphire eyes ablaze with his unhinged anger. Nilo squinted his eyes shut and shook his head vigorously, trying to clear the image of Castor’s face from his mind. It was no use. His brothers face would forever be ingrained in his memory. But no longer could Nilo see Castor smiling. He only ever saw his features twisted with pain as tears streamed down his bloodstained cheeks. Nilo would forever see his brother take his last shuddering breath as he lay in a pool of his own blood.

If only he had listened. No, if only I hadn’t- No

It was maddening. It drove Nilo insane. It was the very reason he could not sleep tonight, or many nights for that matter. He would fall asleep, only to see his brother die before his very eyes. Oh how karma gets her way.

Suddenly, Nilo’s horse was jerked to a stop. A voice, rough and feminine, sliced through the night like a blade, dragging him back to his senses. The prince turned at the waist, facing a woman who's eyes glittered with indignation. He looked so rough, so wounded that it seemed like a miracle that he was even able to lift his head up to look at her. Gone was the prince who was considered to be a royal heartthrob. All that seemed to be left was some haggard, cracked shell of a man.

Nilo traced her features with his eyes, their gazes crossing for a moment as his blue orbs blazed a path around her tanned face, analyzing her. For several moments he sat there silently. His mind as trying desperately, with what little strength it had left, to comprehend her simple question.

Who am I?

Nilo stared blankly at her for a few awkward, tension laced seconds longer. It ways no doubt he looked like an idiot in that moment. It was like the lights were on, but nobody was home. Then, as if suddenly a spark went off in his head, Nilo straightened on the mare’s back. His eyes now held some semblance of life, no longer holding their same blank stare.

I am Prince Nilo Van Aslan, and I really, really shouldn't be out here.

“I’m Nilo.” He spoke warily, his voice barely more than a rasp. He shifted where he sat, running a hand through his sweat damp hair. His hands moved to his cloak, moving it as best he could over his exposed upper half, feeling self-conscious as he realized that he had left the castle half-naked. Nilo was ghostly pale, his sickly complexion stood out like a beacon against the dark of night. All in all, the man looked half-dead.

He silently prayed she wouldn't recognize him, that she wouldn't force him to return to the castle. Nilo didn't want to go back there yet. That castle held too many memories, so many that it felt oppressive. Sometimes it felt as if Nilo could barely breathe within its walls. Desperate to keep his current freedom, Nilo spoke again, “I’m sorry that I scared your horse ma’am. It was insensitive, and I was riding rather recklessly,” He croaked, before his body convulsed with a coughing fit.

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 04:16 PM

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Her eyes traced the figure, a sad sight of a man indeed. He looked as a broken man would, alone and even scared. The guard let out a soft snort. Pathetic. And what was he doing out here in the woods?

When he bent over in a fit of coughing, Gennadius swung off her horse, releasing its reins. Patting it lightly on the rump, the dark horse trotted off. Turning her attention on the man, she helped him off the horse. "You need to rest," she muttered. It was her duty to help the man, no matter how he got that way.

As she helped him against a tree, or rather dropped him on the ground in front of the trunk, Gennad collected some branches and started up a fire. Sitting on the opposite side, she watched him carefully. His name was Nilo... She squinted slightly taking in his features, a well defined nose, sharp jaw, light blue eyes...

"Your majesty," she blurted out, dropping to a knee and resting her hand on the hilt of her sword. "Forgive my behaviour. Where are your personal guards?" Shame and unease filled here.

As she bent her head back up, the hood feel from her face, revealing the golden hair that streamed over he shoulders. Gennadius was suddenly very aware that she did not belong her. Not just in the woods with the prince, but as a warrior.

Did the royals even really know about her? The Captain had found her quite a few years back, half dead. He had brought her to the barracks where she trained to be as good a fighter as the rest to the point of being even better. Before that, she had been an accomplished thief, living on the streets for survival.

What would the prince do to her? A woman's place was to be with her husband or father... Not as a fighter, especially of the royal guard. For a quick second, fear flashed through her eyes before the darkness settled back over, revealing nothing.

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 05:07 PM

Simply Devious
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Nilo tried to gently shove her off as she helped him off his mount, but he was far too weak. Her smaller hands curled around his bicep as she slumped him against a tree. He grimaced as his bare skin scraped against its trunk, leaving angry little lines in his skin. A breeze whistled through the wood, causing the prince to shiver where he sat. Nilo wrapped his broad arms around himself, again regretting not wearing a shirt. “Please don't pity me. I couldn't sleep if I tried,” He admitted curtly, his voice beginning to return to its normal tones. It seemed as if he was finally calming down… for now at least.

He silently praised the God’s as she began to collect items to build a fire with. The nights were growing colder as winter was making its evident approach. Nilo wished he could help her, but he came from a place of privilege. Prince’s learned to rule kingdoms, not build fires. He rolled his eyes at his own incompetence, his eyes dancing over her figure as she moved about the clearing, collecting the right branches with practiced skill. He probably would've grabbed a blade of grass or something stupid like that. As Nilo watched her build them a source of warmth, he took the time to really observe her. She was short for a woman, he noticed, but Nilo had no doubt she could bite his head off with that fierce attitude of hers. A smile ghosted his lips for a moment at his thoughts, but it quickly faded as she finally recognized him.

It happened so fast, Nilo thought she had fallen down. He was about to move to help her up, but he realized what she was doing. She was kneeling. His fatal title escaped her pale lips, and he couldn't help but smack his head against the back of the trunk in frustration. Busted. Nilo suddenly regretted admitting his little “sleeping” issue to her, as she would most likely tell his father, as knights were mandated reporters. Father will press me so hard about it. He won't let me out of his sight. A terrified look crossed his face, and he wondered if he should run. He wouldn't be able to stand his father bombarding him with questions. Idiot, you couldn't run if you wanted to. You’ve really let yourself go, Nilo. But did he really have any other options? She was sure to demand that he return with her, and the last thing he needed was an earful from his father. Besides, he couldn't risk his father knowing the truth behind Nilo's restlessness. It would destroy the king, and possibly shatter the kingdom itself.

Nilo took a deep breath, and gazed at her with defensive eyes. Her hood had fallen off her head, and loose blonde curls tumbled out over her shoulders, framing her face. He was struck with a sudden realization. A woman? On the royal guard? Does father even allow that? Nilo stared off into the trees for a moment, clearly dazed. His mind still wasn't one hundred percent, he could barely answer her questions, let alone boggle his mind about the kings doctrines.

Inhaling sharply, Nilo once again met her gaze, and noticed that she seemed to search his gaze desperately, a hint of fear in her stony features. He cocked his head at her strange look, and eyed her confusedly as he answered her question. “My guards? I don't have guards at night,” Nilo informed her, “The only guards are those in castle.”

He examined her again, eyes narrowing as he tried to figure her out. Does she think I’m going to kill her or something? Because I’m pretty sure she could topple me in one punch. “I’m not going to hurt you, y’know.” He ventured, eyebrows raised, “And I don't care that you're apart of that royal guard, I’m not returning to the castle.”

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~Two Steps Forward, Four Steps Back~ January 20, 2020 06:54 PM

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No guards to protect the prince? Gennadius became very puzzled. Didn't the royals have personal guards to follow and protect them? Still, she kept her position of respect, hoping and praying she hadn't just lost everything.

Relief washed over her at his words and she stood again. "I thank you my prince." What right did she have to drag the young man back to the castle? He had command over her, not the other way around. Her gaze dragged over his bare chest up to his face. So many questions... yet no right to ask them.

As a cool breeze swept through, she pulled off her cloak and handed it to the prince. "If you plan to spend the night here, you'll need more than pants and a fire." Perhaps her words were a bit bold but she felt a sense of danger in this situation. And with such fear came a brittle tone.

Skin crawling from the cold air, she stepped closer to the fire, her back to the royal. Her gaze searched the area before landing on the white dapple, pawing nervously at the ground. Slowly walking over, she softly spoke to it, "Hey there gorgeous..." Capturing the reigns, she stroked the velvet muzzle before leading the steed to a strong tree with low branch. She tied the horse there, taking note of the lack of saddle.

"It is not wise for a royal to leave the palace unguarded. These woods are full of bandits. You would be a prime target especially without protection." She would be stuck here for the night and most likely miss her morning shift all for some emotional pompous prince who didn't even know how to take care of himself. Explain that one to her superior.

The young guard settled herself by the horse, pulling the sword from her sheath. The beautiful creature would be the first target if they got attacked. Her hand caressed its withers and ran down its front leg as she slid down into a sitting position. Her gaze again landed on the prince. Tilting her head, she watched him.

Only once had she seen a man so troubled. It had been a veteran guard struggling with an old memory that haunted him. And now the prince was having similar symptoms. Clearly he wasn't thinking straight or else he wouldn't be here. His hair was in disarray and his eyes held a deep emotional pain in them.

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