11:12:07 Jurrie // muttons
Rp in scene 1 anyone? I'm open
Serial Dreamer
Overwatch, nice to meet a fellow Support main. xD
I'm decent at Orisa, I've recently started to play her too. I'm hopeless with any DPS hero though, Zen is basically my DPS.
are they going to be endangered too lmao
11:11:34 Silly-wan Kenobi
I have 150 hours on reaper and 120 on D.Va ^^ after that it's Mercy, Zarya and Zenyatta.
That legit sounds kinda cool
11:11:22 Medic! Oh wait...
Plat support, plat dps, high gold tank
Autumn Blossom
11:11:20 Maddy~Autumn~Blossom
anyone wanna roleplay?
11:10:55 Nef
Bees are good! I love bees!
11:10:48 Medic! Oh wait...
Mercy. I main Mercy. I have 130+ hours on her, other than that I play Widow, Genji and Reaper. I have golden guns for those 4 heros
Warriors Of Dawn
11:10:37 *Duck noises*
They are going to add bees into Minecraft. Seriously?
11:10:12 Nef
Is anyone interested in a RP? Please PM me if so!
Wings of the Gifed
name change vote

-WP Click-
Warriors Of Dawn
11:07:02 *Duck noises*
-WP Click-
Serial Dreamer
Overwatch, gotta love that. .-.
What's your rank?

I main Zenyatta (I have over 300 hours on him) but I also consider D.Va a main with some 140-ish hours. You?
Ninjago Realm
11:05:55 Waterfall,Zane
Overlord growls at ghosts.
um but your stil on the dark island and have no form of your own so arnt you in a way a gost ??
11:05:15 Shadows / Kaye
Welcome to the guard
-WP Click-
Sign ups open.
11:04:53 Medic! Oh wait...
I call it OwOwatch all the time lol.
Just had a leaver so it shut down the match. Who do you main?
11:04:29 *wormn on strngi*
My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable
Mistress Nyx
11:03:30 *nyx noises*
Lmao. I thought you said overwatch until Alone pointed that out xD


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Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 22, 2019 05:51 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7901
Another one, because reasons.

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Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 22, 2019 11:41 PM

Posts: 8874
Name; Shoter Farfallow
Gender; Male
Age; 28
Species; Human
Rank; Overlord of the Earth and Humans
Powers; Reanimation - Can raise the deal and control them. His limit is around 200, but by then he can hardly stand.
Looks; Shoter is a tall and slim, standing at 6'2. His body is muscular and tough, as is required of his position.
He has a shock of light honey blond hair, with darker, flat brows. His eyes are a piercing gray/blue, paired with a straight nose and full lips. Shoter's skin is fair, with warm undertones. He has sturdy features, with a squared jaw and chin with high cheekbones.
Shoter has a model-like look to him, which is used at every chance.
Personality; Shoter is a cunning and vicious man, who will lie for any gain. He enjoys playing with others emotions, and as the light and dark sides attempt to woo him, Shoter will only chose once he is sure who is weaker. Although the humans seem at a disadvantage, their steely guts and ready attitude make them a fiercesome enemy.
His redeeming qualities are few and far between. Shoter puts on a mask for his suitors, and other than his closest advisors, no one knows his true plans.
Extra; His deep rooted need for world domination stem from his parents never believing he was good enough to be the next overlord. After killing his four older brothers and parents, there are no more doubters, but Shoter always reaches for more.
His little sister vanished soon after Shoter took the throne. Rumor has it she is leading a rebellion, but Shoter doesn't believe his lily-livered little sister could do such a thing. He still had spies searching, though.


Name; Sloane Zain
Sex; Female
Age; 7952
Species; Fae
Rank; Heir of the Heavens
Looks; Sloane is not a petite and small woman. Although she is short, only 4'10, there is no doubt she is a warrior. Her arms, torso and legs are ripped with muscle, with heavy callouses on her hands and feet. She is broad shouldered with a narrower waist and hip. Her breasts are small, with a muscular and large butt. Sloane doesn't care much about beauty, or looking nice, and loves her body the way it is.
Her hair is a dark, dark brown, with corkscrew curls. It is shorter than her shoulders, with one side shaved. Feathers can sometimes be found threaded through her locks.
Her hazelnut skin has a healthy glow, the dark tone making the markings along her body prominent. Thick white strikes create patterns on her. There is a sun on her right thigh, a moon on the opposite hip, and three white stripes that run down her stomach vertically, with dots along the inside. Her left shoulder is a spiral. Under her eyes are two stripes, horizontally, with another one down the center of her forehead. They are permanent, and signs of achievement and power.
Dark ebony eyes are filled with knowledge amassed thought the ages, thin and slanted. Sloane's nose is flat and wide, with a full upper lip and thinner lower one. Her jaw is sharp and angular, ending at a point. Her ears are also pointed but don't stick out from her head, much. Her eyebrows are thin and flat, angled downwards.
Sloane has collected many scars that litter her body, the two largest being one that runs down her left leg, starting at the hip and ending midway down her calf. It is a nasty scar that didn't heal well. The other one is across her torso, a diagonal cut that is edged in between the moon and lines tattooed on her.
Her face was not omitted from the brutality. A thin scar runs across the bridge of her nose, slightly longer on one side. Above her left eye, a scar goes through her eyebrow, narrowly missing the eye. Along one side of her jawline is a jagged and rough scar, with another on her sharp cheek bones.
Being one of the heavens and light, Sloane can also glow, should she wish.
Clothing; Sloane wears clothes that she can fight in. She owns a special pair of armor for war, which is light, yet very protective. It stays in her room, though, unless truly needed.
Her wardrobe consists of loose pants, or skirts with slits up both sides to allow maneuverability.
One item that is treasured is her cloak of dragon feathers, from a rare type of dragon deep underground. They are nearly impenetrable.
For the most part, Sloane goes barefoot, so there aren't many shoes.
Personality; Sloane is a hard worker and fighter. Everything she has, Sloane earned, though her blood and sweat. When she sees people not ever needing to work, it irks her to no end.
She has a rigorous workout schedule, and enjoys the strain and pull that her muscles feel as she pushes herself further and further.
Being cooped up makes Sloane irritable and snappy, as she would rather be out on an adventure.
Hunting, spear fishing, riding, exploring, any outdoor activity intrigues her. It isn't as if she is invincible, as there are plenty of risks with everything she does. Sloane knows this, and knows she is reckless, but the wild pulls her in. She will be gone for years a time, then show up for breakfast one day with new spoils and scars.
Sloane isn't the blood born heir of the Light Kingdom. In fact, her path to being the heir was bloody. One can duel the heir of the throne once every 2000 years. Only one can. So, Sloane battled her way to the top of the list every 2000 years, and fought the heir. Each year, she killed them. After three battles of her killing the heirs, the final one stepped down, giving Sloane the spot. So, at the comfortable age of 6500, she became the heir to the kingdom. Sloane didn't plan to get rid of the current king and queen for a while. It was time to freely adventure, until it bored her and she was ready to settle.
Although she may only seem like a brute, Sloane is very cunning and wise. With age comes knowledge. She planned out every step of her route to victory, and she wasn't about to slip up now, or ever.
Extra; Sloane isn't much for large gatherings of people. You will never hear her say that she is scared of them, no no, but she will go out of her way to avoid them. This leads to her not knowing anyone, or making friends with other people.
Animals, though, are a different story. Sloane does go hunting, but that is to kill dangerous and threatening creatures. Her friends, though, were kind, or as kind as they could be, souls. She has a small dragon friend, a a griffin that she rides, as Sloane herself cannot fly.

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Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 24, 2019 11:27 PM

Posts: 8874
Name; Bulla
Gender; Female
Age; 31
Species; Bubble Dragon
Looks; Bulla is a very small dragon, being only the length of a palm. She is mostly a baby blue, with hints of a light purple on her legs and wing tips. Her eyes are large and almond shaped in her petite, round head, and are a dark blue in color. Her horns are a pale blue, and curve slightly towards the tips. Bulla has flares on the side of her head that are tipped with the same pale blue. Down her spine is a little wavy ridge, and if she curls up, can be used as a defense mechanism. Bulla's wings are simple, with white dots bordering the bottom. Her tail is as long as the main part of her body, and ends at a whip-thin point, with the spines continuing down to the end.
Personality; Bulla is an outgoing and playful dragon. She sticks close by Sloane for the most part, but has wandered off to explore. A Bubble Dragon breathes out bubbles that will stick to anything, if they will them to. For the most part, though, Bulla has no need to produce sticky bubbles, though, as Sloane provides all the protection Bulla needs.
Extra; Bulla is not fully grown yet, but will only grow about as long as a forearm.


Name; Gryphem
Gender; Male
Age; 4,159
Species; Griffin
Looks; Gryphem is very large, standing tall at 8'. His wingspan is also very large, allowing him to fly fast. He is mainly light brown, with white feathers on his head that fade to brown, and on the tops of his wigs. His feet are a dark gray, as is his beak. Gryphem's feathers are al very long, giving him an almost furry appearance.
Personality; Gryphem has a nasty personality towards most people. He, like Sloane, prefers to be on the hunt, or flying. Gryphem is loyal to one person, and one person only, that being Sloane. He does have a fun side, though, and enjoys roughhousing and playing.
Extra; Sloane found Gryphem at a young age, and raised him. The two are very close, and protect one another at all costs. At first he was jealous of Bulla, but has slowly grown attached to the little bubble dragon.

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Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 24, 2019 11:44 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7901
Name: Kanu Akmad
Gender: Male
Age: 21 (6,453 years in reality)
Species: Dragon shifter/demon
Rank: Heir of Hell
Powers: He's a shifter, being able to transform from a human into a dragon at will, this also mean he can half shift, giving him the ability to have his wings, or sharp talons, or even the whole head of his dragon. He is also able to release this shadow-like purple substance that is actually poisonous to everyone. In dragon form, it comes out of his mouth like fire does in most normal dragons.
Looks: Kanu is not what you would expect someone of his ranking to look like, though he sports the unnatural good looks of all hell spawn, he is still not like his brethren.
To explain, Kanu has wild black hair although it isn't too long, there is a small section of hair that is longer and reaches his shoulder, this hair is always in a tiny braid. When using his powers, the tips of his hair turn purple.
Due to his half-shift powers, Kanu likes to have horns. They are always present on his human form no matter what the occasion. The horns lay flat against the top of his head but once they reach the back of his head then go upwards, they go up for about five inches then curve and flatten out again. His horns are almost split in half, the part closest to his head is black while the other side is an almost neon looking purple.
Like most Creatures of the Darkness, Kanu has sharp features, his jawline sharp as are his cheekbones. On his cheeks are little black-purple scales. They refuse to go away no matter how much he wants them gone.
Due to their tendency to use their appearances to get what they want, Creatures of the Dark have over the years evolved to be more beautiful. This includes natural eyeliner on most. This doesn't exclude Kanu, who's bold, large purple eyes have the perfect amount of pitch black skin that looks exactly like everlasting eyeliner. Underneath both his eyes are two black dots made of the same black skin as his eyeliner.
His skin is relatively pale, mostly because he spends most of his time in the underworld, where there is little to no light other than the stars. Which, unlike many tales, do exist in even the darkest places of the underworld.
Kanu isn't what you'd expect him to be physically. His body, although very strong, is not at all buff, sure he has a six pack and a tiny bit of muscle, but not nearly as much as you'd think he'd have. This is due to his dragon form, being only half dragon makes it a bit difficult. For the two races clash and the dragon part of him 'eats' his muscles. It is more like any muscle he gains, he will quickly lose if he doesn't regularly work out.
If there is not enough muscle, it'll start eating his organs. In fact, he only has one kidney from this slow process. That's besides the point though.
Although he works out every day, he can't keep the muscle he earns. Otherwise he'd be ripped.
Kanu's powers also manifest in his human form, granted, they come out of his hands instead of his mouth.
Tiny holes in his hands release the deadly shadows. From his fingertips, all the was to his heart is clear skin, where underneath the shadows always linger. The translucent skin makes almost fire-like waves up his arms and to his heart. The shadows always moving just beneath the surface of the skin.
Wrapped around his leg is a huge tattoo of a black dragon. This is something that he was born with as all shifters have their animals on some part of their body.
His back is covered in black-purple scales that practically glow in the dark.Often times, Kanu has huge wings. They are taller than him and tend to drag on the floor when not in use.The odd thing about his wings are that the ends are sort of shadows. When flying they turn solid but otherwise you can put your hand right through them.
He is quite tall, standing at around 6'4 and possibly able to get taller as most creatures of the Underworld do. In fact, the aging process stops at 7,000 years in the underworld. Though Kanu can choose to stay in whatever appearance he wishes to, and it turns out he enjoys looking 21 years old greatly. From now on he will only grow and his features won't change. Hopefully, all his working out will pay off and he'll be ripped one day.
Clothing: All of Kanu's shirts/cloaks have slits in the back where his wings can form and be free. Most of the time he wears a cloak, sometimes with a shirt underneath, sometimes not. He wears jeans most of the time, with no shoes because he is very used to the rough terrain of actual hell.
Dragon: Kanu's dragon form is a sight to behold. As for many it is the first and last dragon they will ever see. His body is pitch black with deep neon purple highlights that are everywhere.
The neon color is the brightest in his mouth, his whole mouth and tongue practically glow the purple. Even his teeth are lightly stained purple, or red, depending on the situation.
His talons are purple as well as his underbelly and underside of his long tail. His horns are the same as they are in his human form, his wings are too, the only difference is their size which triples when he switches to dragon form.
Kanu's talons are even the neon purple and glow when there is blood on them. Due to his pitch black scales, he is able to blend into the darkness and only his purple spots show. It makes the perfect distraction in order for him to kill things (or people) quickly.
He has the same, intelligent deep purple eyes when in this form.
If his emotions are going wild, his eyes gain this wild light and he becomes a force of pure destruction.
Personality: Kanu is quite the joker and flirt. He enjoys being the exact opposite of what people think he should be as the heir to the throne.
This means that Kanu isn't at all responsible or mature, he is reckless and full of youthful life. Wanting to go everywhere and see everything before taking his father's throne.
Speaking of father, his family is a mess. His mother forced into the royal bloodline due to her dragon heritage and insane strength. She is very docile though and a rather kind woman who hates her husband more than anything.
No one should like Kanu's father anyways, at least, that's what Kanu thinks. The man's name is Set and his name describes him perfectly. Chaotic. He is a horrible ruler even by Underworld standards and a horrible father to say the least. Making Kanu's life a living hell from the beginning and making Kanu even more reckless and unreliable than before. His father was a main reason he took up his current job.
Kanu makes his own money, choosing not to be a spoon fed child and never using his title to get what he wants.
When he's going through a particularlyrough patch, you can find him in a local pub or bar singing merry tunes with a jug of "Fire's Child" in one hand.
This drink is actually poison from a Deathbringer dragon and kills anyone who isn't a half breed.
It is also alcoholic to half-breeds.
So Kanu drinks when he's emotional, which makes it worse.
Kanu is actually very smart though you wouldn't guess it from the jokester aura he puts off. He tends to act stupid so when he actually says something smart he surprises everyone.
Kanu has never had the chance to have an actual friend, so he isn't too close with much of anyone other than his mother, she is very dear to him and he refuses to allow anyone he distrusts around her.Granted he isn't even home half the time, he still is protective when he's home.This is actually the dragon in him coming out, as dragons tend to be very protective of their possessions and family.
A warning.
Once a dragon has their mind set on something, it is very hard to get them to not do it.
Especially when it has something to do with blood.
Extra: Kanu is actually an assassin. A demon of the night if you will.
He doesn't only kill people, if you pay him the right price he'll kill any creature you want him to. The only rule is no dragons, as he refuses to kill them due to the fact that he can hear their screams inside of his own head which is not cool.
Despite his outward appearance, he is very capable of killing. In fact, he had an older brother once whom he killed in order to get to be the heir. It is only a matter of time till he kills his father too.
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 25, 2019 02:59 AM

Posts: 8874
Shoter Farfallow sat upon his throne of bones.
At least, that was what the people called it behind closed doors. It was no secret Shoter took the throne by force, but the Throne of Bones comes from before that. The overtaking of the world was a messy, ruthless war. No one can remember where or why the war began, only that the end result was total control of the world being held in the palm of the Farfallow family. Any and all rebellion is put down immediately. Which makes the growing rumors of Shoter's sister taking control all the more worrisome. To the world, he dismisses the chance of his sister being alive, but the rumors have worn away at him.
That is why he began his hunt for an alliance formed of a union. The heirs to the light, and to the dark, were in a competition for his hand. Only Shoter's closest advisors knew his true plan...
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 25, 2019 11:34 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7901
Kanu was having a grand old life. Paving his own way in the underworld and taking everything with a practiced patience as to not upset the dragon within. He hunted, collected his reward, had a good time at many taverns across the world. Made many 'friends' with both men and women and overall had a grand past 4,000 years.
Of course, just when he was getting into the swing of things his horror of a father came calling.
To explain, no one hated Kanu's father more than Kanu himself. Well, maybe his mother tied with him in their shared hate for Set but still, he hated the bastard with a fierce passion. As did his father, who hated Kanu more than anything in his entire 45,000 year old existence.
The call was urgent though so Kanu didn't decline it and flew his way back to the palace. Where he promptly got the news that he was to woo the king of the daylight plane and win his affections. Which would obviously end in a wedding and the underworld could promptly take over both the human realm and bright realm too.
Kanu wasn't exactly excited to have the chance to use his charm to woo some human. They were such boring and unexcitable creatures. None of their taverns even had Fire's Child! It was horrible, an absolute tragedy.
It didn't matter though, even Kanu knew his duties as the heir and would stand by what his people decided.
This time it being that he would go up to the overworld and hopefully woo the human king.
He took three advisors with him, not because he wanted to but because his father made them go with. Since they couldn't actually fly, they had to ride an assortment of palace monsters so they could keep up with Kanu's fast pace.
It took them three days to get to the human palace and Kanu was still looking hot as hell. Literally.
Hell has two different sections. Freezing cold, and overwhelmingly hot. All of the Creatures of hell are used to those two aspects. As their body raises or lowers it temperature in order to compensate for the lack of heat or coolness.
However, their bodies were not used to the mild temperatures of Earth so their temperatures were fluctuating constantly trying to figure out what the hell was happening.
Of course, Kanu had this issue too. When he arrived at the palace, he was shivering and his lips were practically the same color as his purple eyes. He neatly made his wings shrivel up and disappear while his advisors dismounted their animals.
Kanu looked around at the huge palace, taking it all in with that cocky smirk of his that was sure to be trouble soon.
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 26, 2019 02:27 AM

Posts: 8874
Sloane wasn't keen on the whole idea. It was almost certain that the Overworlf King had ulterior motives, but with the Underworld seeming to be spoiling for a war, there was no choice. It would be easier to put down the humans once the Underworlf was out of the way. Besides Sloane's personal reasoning, the current king and queen seemed blind to what the Overworld seemed to have planned.
So, here she was, standing outside of the gates to the palace of the Overworld's ruler, King Shoter. It seemed stupid that she was waisting her time trying to win over a pathetic human. Sloane would never bring an escort with her, and if she was being honest, the king and queen hoped she was die so their remaining child could be their heir.
Gryphem was bored, so she tossed a stick for him, silently fuming that a pathetic human - a simple bug - was making her wait. When she heard the wingbeats, though, it seemed slightly clearer. It seemed the two were to meet the bratty king at the same time. Sloane's gaze was calculating as the Prince and his advisors landed. Bulla, who was perched on her shoulder, seemed interested in the dragon prince, but stayed by Sloane, who grumbled under her breath, "Idiot.... .... should'da arrived later... dragon ass...... not you Bulla."
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 26, 2019 04:45 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7901
Kanu sighed as his body finally seemed to be settling down into Earth's bland, normal temperatures. What was the fun in something so easy? He stretched, his arms reaching out in front of him.
Immediately his advisers scattered, since Kanu's main power came from his hands, no one liked to get anywhere near those things. Especially when Kanu openly disliked them.
His advisers all worked for his father, they were cowards who acted tough but were only powerful due to his father's blessing. Even then they were weak and didn't deserve to be advisers.
Kanu finally yawned and his hands dropped to his sides. The scales on his cheeks gleamed in the sun of the overworld. Which was much different than the ever cloudy sky of hell. It felt weird, this heat coming from the sky that was given off by the sun of all things.
Finally, Kanu's gaze landed on the other heir. The heir of the heavens. He smiled at her, doing a little wave of greeting. "Nice to see you again Sloane." He smiled that coy smile of his that he knew wouldn't work on her but didn't care. He was just having to much fun.
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 26, 2019 04:57 PM

Posts: 8874
Sloane didn't cover up her eye roll and gag, "Sure, shithead, that makes one of us." Gryphem landed, dropping the stick at Sloane's feet, and she turned her back to the dragon prince. This was not the time to engage with the enemy. She stroked his feathery neck, grimacing, "That guy... grinds on every one of my nerves," Sloane kept her voice low, "Princely piece of crap. I'm fired up and we haven't even met the Farfallow guy. Bet he'll be bad too."
Light against the Darkness Bee/Soaring July 26, 2019 07:29 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7901
Kanu stood there with a smirk, though his glare was obvious. He turned away from the other heir, shrugging at his advisers and seeming to be without a care in the world. Truthfully, he really wanted to go home and drink. But he didn't say anything about that.
Without any sort of warning, he started pacing. Annoyed that he had to wait so long to get an audience with a human.

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