Mistress Nyx
01:22:05 *nyx noises*
Mm, turkey sounds good. I want a turkey leg.
It's night, I'm sitting here... eating 3 day old Spaghetty, yumm
Alfred F. Jones
01:21:39 America (Lord Salt)
I'm alive has been my line forever. Don't you try and claim it.

Mistress Nyx
01:21:36 *nyx noises*
Dont think so. She didn't make any news announcements on it.
Moonlight Wanderers
@ Cres
AWW! So cute! :D
01:21:32 Heckoodle
Your also not important to be learned ;]..we should learn about Greenland..
I was a dumbass and I didn't put sunscreen on. Now I'm a very red turkey. ;-;
ooops, I meant EVE
Nyx, did EVA also made the werewolves flee more??
Moonlight Wanderers
@ Samson
Well that's two of us. I'm not sure what's going on anymore. -_-' Think im going to poof now. Clear my head.
01:20:27 Heckoodle

;-; don't be stealing my lines " I'm alive" is mines..also I'm serious..I just learned more facts about you? Why..i have no idea. But my teachers wants us to learn about what happened in so and so??
Blue Heart Lily
01:19:58 *Agent Oof noises*

That's adorable.
01:19:55 *cannibal sounds*
Every time I hear "Great War" I think of Salad Fingers.
Crescent Moon Pack
01:19:45 DG Queen
Im going through WP memes and i just- Its too relatable at the moment XD
Alone, sorry, got confuzed here
Corax Noir
01:19:37 Corax, Raven, Noir
Help me decide? -WP Click-
Alfred F. Jones
01:18:58 America (Lord Salt)
Mistress Nyx
01:18:52 *nyx noises*
Mars: Eve lowered the chance of dropped items since the game was being flooded.
Moonlight, I was...hesitating, LOL
01:18:41 *cannibal sounds*
I found an old notebook that I brought with me from home and inside was a list of my favorite songs at the moment. I made it a point to write a list of my favorite songs every birthday before I came to Florida and now I'm just- ack. I'm not crying, you guys are.


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Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 02:28 PM

Posts: 16403
My boy Im using. I'm the Werewolf doggie :p

His story: Erebus was once a free man, running with the wind and whatnot. He soon got kidnapped and went to work for the bratty prince, he is planning on leaving or killing the prince. ( BTW this is before he went into the hero act ;p )

•• Erebus ••

(Homosexual Aromatic)

He's cold yet heroic, once a lonely male wondering the forest of Everlasting boredom. Erebus was always alone, he even took on many names that really explained him well. Hee adopted a pup but soon it died of cancer to the leg, he feel into a oppressed state of mind. He stopped fighting, stopped eating and mere want to die alone in sadness. He is passionate, but closes himself off when he gets too close to others. He's a homosexual Aromatic male who tends to use the word " Lot " like alot. He is a bit of a goof yet serious also. Mean, rude, and lusting for some love. He wears hoodie just bc he likes them..and since it's like his whole thing. Erebus is reserved but gentle with his words, he is leading on as his handsome features always make fool wolves fall for him easily. Dangerously selfless and courageously open to any challenge that comes his way. Stand in his way and you'll be wishing you didn't, his own goal is to never let someone die in his eye sight again. Never sad and always brooding over life and whatnot, Erebus is great company and enjoys tree climbing as one of his hobbies. Don't ask him why he wears a hoodie, he'll get really closed off as his past has never been revealed, as his own pain and suffering has never actually opened the gates way to hell just yet, but he'll redirect the question back with a insult.Erebus doesn't do the whole responsibility act, he's a free spirit and always on the move from his rivals. Erebus is very stubborn, he wants to do things "his" way, and won't agree to change that about him, very reasonable when serious( Always serious but okay). His blood drips through everyone, his inspiring words always lacing in the air as he never once thought he could be someone who killed for fun, and now he's saving those he haven't yet to get to know. Erebus doesn't do the whole love act either, he isn't as committed as others and finds it a lost since he already loved someone and their now gone. Muted, lost, struggling to hold on, and drowning. All explains Erebus up tight and lethal behavior well, Erebus isn't big on interacting with others as he kept his muted talents to himself mostly but will speak in a whisper at times. Annoying heart felted and always worrying about someone, you may hate him, you may even dislike his choices but you will have to deal with his harsh and honey like voice and tone toward you. He is always disagreeing on something, as he's been doing this hero act for years upon years after his pup died. Gang-bang. Yes Erebus was in a gang, and he was their second in command, he was the killer, the out taker, the male in the black hood as they would say alot. You don't own Erebus, he does what he wants and does in a graceful style, always watching and listening nothing can get pass Erebus as long as he still has two working ears your never safe around him either he's good or bad. Speaking about that, Erebus is nor good or evil as that lines has vanished from his sights, he does what he does because seeing smiles on wolves face are enjoyable to watch and experience. Player at sight, Erebus plays game with any gender he will twist you until you break, but that habit still stands within his blood and he tries hard not to reveal that side of him. Erebus isn't a ask type of wolf, he's more of a " I'll do it myself", DIYer . Erebus was young, free and living his own life but those days are gone as he lost his world, he betrayed his gang rule and killed the leader to gain more power, he lost the respect of his family but gained their fear and distrust when he returned, now being hunted like the wild untamed beast that he is, Erebus is a influenced monster. He'll have a hold on you as his story is dark but his future is bright, he is always teasing but mostly stressed out due to his issues. Has PSTD, mental health issues, a lost front leg and always wears the same hoodie to hide his story from others.••

( All art done by me)

( 2nd Char I'm playing)

•• Persefoni ••

( Male, but was a female)

( Lesbian/Homosexual )

You got one shot with Persefoni, she has a bit of an OCD addiction and tends to be working over her limit. She has the "best friend" issues, when she will not spare your feelings no matter who you are. Renegade for life she is a thick ride-or-die type of female who does anything and everything with her so called crew. Funny, bold with her words and very artistic. Brutally sarcastic and up tight on some certain events. Lazy and a tom-boy at heart, she cares about the gender of her friends and will question them if their comfortable in their skin, she gets in everyone business so don't speak about any type of secret infront of this noisy nagging and very rude wolf. Space? Don't give her that crap, Persefoni would give you space unless you make a deal with her, but be warned as her deals always end up with someone dead or killed. He/she is ready for any type of fight, brawl and out all battle. Battle built and always looking for a good fight, Persefoni changed their name from Alex as that name only means they didn't know their gender whatsoever. This home boy knows who she is, and won't cry over the thought since there's nothing to cry over about? Confused at how others can be so weak and fragile, Persefoni was born to some monster in the night as her father always fought her like a man, she didn't care since she already murdered him for the abuse. This insane and mental issue guy doesn't need nor will ask for anyone else help and rarely has friends to count by? Just a bit of a crazy insane Yander...but that's a habit she hasn't got rid of, slowly fixing her body to fit the guy and her mind image. Fangirls and very snobby, basely a bitch to everyone and cares only for the power that comes with having such a stunning body. Acts more so like a wild gangster who has no home training. One shot? Take the shot as Persefoni will kill you if you don't kill her first, she is very childish and prefers to do everything in style or not in style meaning she won't be scared to show skin, ADHD approved. Unstable animal with a big smart brain in use, she controls you and will let you drop dead unless again a deal is in need. Really good at getting lost anywhere and tends to be such a cute bear when admitting she was wrong after all. Hard shell but soft within it, Persefoni is a baby shark and will get overly cute and will load the cute gun and shot at anyone, crazy cute, insanely smart, and very hungry. Always on her own side Persefoni is stupidly stubborn and a fuck up, a bum on the crib joking around and being just a pain in the ass with her guy friends. She's nothing without her quick comeback and won't ever be the same once she lost her skill. Very lovable and a cuddle bear, but don't get to comfortable as the touch of others will upset the belly of this canine. Very understandable and honestly she isn't as bad as her friends, but more so the worst of the 10.••

•• Anjisnu••
( Male )

( Wise homosexual cutie)

( Wizard to the prince)

( Open for shipping )

( Added note: He's like 8 years old, is blinded and has no back leg nor two of his ears. Muzzle scarred and to add to his deform features his nose is always running)

( No art right now)

Edited at July 1, 2019 02:28 PM by Bilx
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 03:21 PM

Posts: 260
wow um ok <3 love is

I am still Thame but very bratty... that's all I have sins I am tired. lol
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 03:28 PM

Posts: 16403
You can start. I have to go, be back maybe around 6:00 or 5:40?
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 04:30 PM

Posts: 260

"I WANT A PET!" Thame was throwing a big fit in the thrown room. "I WANT A PET THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS!" his face was red and stained with tears. "Thame! you have lost every bodyguard we give you for protection. If we give you a pet there will be no one to protect you from it." his mother told him "A PET CAN PROTECT ME!" she sighed "fine now go to your room. He does and skips down the hall.
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 05:12 PM

Posts: 16403
Persefoni nodded toward Anjisnu who stared around as his grey blind hues blinked," you feel that? ," The wise male spoke calmly as a rather large beast chained up around the neck struts down the hall. Persefoni eyes widens slightly as she stepped out the way, the male was large and had only one leg missing. He limped a bit as Anjisnu squints his eyes slightly," Persefoni? Say something my dear! ," The female couldn't believe how much darkness coming from this beast," M...MONSTER!! ," Persefoni screamed in fear as the monster turned his head and reared up, slamming his large paw against his kidnappers and grabs one by the leg tossing them into Anjisnu who easily dodged the body with great ease. Persefoni drew her sword and trembled as the beast took steps toward her," PROTECT THE KINGDOM AND PRINCE! ," Persefoni hissed.

Swords blinded the large beast who slammed a paw on Persefoni slowly crushing their bones," Anjisnu?! Run...I got this ," Persefoni screamed as her body pressed against the floor, a large tail swing around her as she soon passed out. The large beast like creature lifted their maw and opened it to let out a battle cry.
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 05:50 PM

Posts: 260
Thame hears the cry of the beast. he heads to the window to look and see what it was. he saw nothing and went back inside. he locked his bodyguard in a room down the hall. The man still trying to get out. Thame lays in his bed and tries to sleep.
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 05:58 PM

Posts: 16403
" Erebus! That's the beast name! ," Anjisnu yelled as Erebus eyes shot toward him, crazed mixed perfectly with a blood lusting stare, Anjisnu could sense the monster as he dashed toward him," Old man! Watch out ," Erebus opens his jaws before halting near the male who held out his hand," He won't hurt me? ," Anjisnu snapped his fingers as a huge chain wrapped around Erebus neck and muzzle," I'll kill you old man! ," A psychic mind, Erebus snarled as he was pinned down by Persefoni who woke up," Where did this come from? ," She perched herself on the monster head and stared blankly at Anjisnu who chuckled," The Prince has such a mind ," The comment confused Persefoni who grunted," Is this thing for the prince? He'll be crushed for sure ," She laughed before shaking her head and kicking Erebus against the head.

" Your not so scary now? ," She teased the beast who calmly stared around, making sure to remember how he came in," Someone get the Prince ," Anjisnu called.
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 06:10 PM

Posts: 260
Thame was fast asleep on the bed. there was a knock on the door but he did not wake. the door opened and JC the bodyguard came in. "prince wake up you are needed right away." Thame wakes up "why me?" JC rolled his eyes "you're the prince now let's go." Thame grumbled, "can I sleep all day tomorrow?" JC grabbed him "yes you can now come on"
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 06:42 PM

Posts: 16403
Anjisnu watched Persefoni torment the beast, he couldn't exactly see but can tell by the loud snickering she caused. He grew tired of her games and whacked her with his magic stick, nope just a normal stick he leans on," ACK! http://OH...come on pop! ," She rubs her head slightly and smiled," I was just teasing ," She giggled nervously as Anjisnu eyes blazed with a annoyed stare.

Erebus soon lifted his head and spotted the prince, soon raking the ground with his deadly claws.
Take-Over :_: Bilx x Kiwi July 1, 2019 06:55 PM

Posts: 260
the prince looks at Erebus. "what is that and why am I here? I want to sleep." he sees the animals claws "you need a manicure... dog? wolf?... someone tell me whats going on."

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