She really was awesome! I used to talk to her a ton.
Pet Silmatary
10:00:08 Silly
Holy lagtime, batman
Halloween Spirit
09:59:30 Rushie
I love my new avatar o3o
Pet Silmatary
09:59:21 Silly
Boo I think it's on my computer at home :( I get so many compliments on it even years later. I miss Fe so much she was such a sweetheart.
09:57:09 Alpha // Jo
Or Galaxy Theme
09:56:59 Tae/DH Queen
09:56:48 Alpha // Jo
Sassy- Any type of theme
09:56:43 Tae/DH Queen
That name sounds so familar
Fe was the best! She made my avatar for another game too, I still have that one!
Otaku, how about a Dragon that is molten lava
Pet Silmatary
09:55:50 Silly
Let me see if I can find my year round avatar give me a second
Sassy Otaku
09:55:48 Salty Canadian
Someone should give me a theme for a dragon drawing
Pet Silmatary
09:55:28 Silly
Acon oh my gosh Fe! She made my year round avatar she did amazing manips!
Think it was Ironborne
Iron made it for me, if you guys remember her!
Sassy Otaku
09:54:46 Salty Canadian
I'm going to draw one more dragon, then I'll have a full page of art (which is saying something, cause I never fill out a whole page)
09:54:32 Tae/DH Queen
She was the first artist I ever commissioned xD
I wish I still had my old avatar :,(
Pet Silmatary
09:54:02 Silly
Oh wow WillowWinters art that threw me back a few years
09:53:31 Tae/DH Queen
This is the closest thing I have to my old pack ;-;


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Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 11, 2019 10:16 PM

Posts: 9088
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 11, 2019 10:58 PM

Posts: 9088
Name; Anasuri Patel
Age; 26
Gender; Female
Looks; Anasuri has waist length pastel, rose-gold hair, matched with darker rose-gold eyes. Her hair is wavy, and thick. Her warm-toned golden skin is flawless, with a natural blush on her cheeks, dusted with small freckles that are on top of her cheekbones and up her nose.
Her dark brows are flat and angle downwards, following the angle of her almond shaped eyes, which are highlighted by her long, dark lashes. Anasuri has a narrow, upturned nose, that has a straight bridge. Her lips are full, with a small cupid's bow, and a natural gloss and shine.
Her diamond shaped face has prominent cheekbones and a defined jawline with a small chin.
Her elf ears are large and very pointed, with multiple piercings and jewelry decorating them. Anasuri does not really need cosmetics, but she enjoys lining her eyes, making them seem more angular, and doing natural colored eye looks on a normal day. For special occasions she will do more, but it is still a natural look.
Anasuri has three tattoos, one on her right bicep, one on the left side of her torso that is near her hip, and the last one is on the back of her left shoulder.
The tattoo on her right bicep circles her arm. It is an image of a mountain line, framed by two dark bands. The second tattoo is of two lily flowers, with it just being a dark outline of them. Her last tattoo depicts three flying birds on her shoulder - no specific details, just the dark shadow of the birds in flight.
Unlike the greater majority of the elf population, Anasuri is small. She does not have a tall and willowy frame, instead being only 5'4. Her height isn't much of a bother to Anasuri, though, except for the fact that everything is always placed up high where she can't reach.
Anasuri is beautiful, to put it simply. While she may be weak with magic, and is much smaller than normal, she is stunning. She has an hourglass figure, with her hips and shoulders being even. Her waist is small, with large breasts and butt. Anasuri has thicker thighs, with slim calves.
Personality; Anasuri is slow to come out of her shell; balls and events make her feel smaller than normal, so she hides out on the side. Despite her shyness and closed-off nature, Anasuri has never turned down an invitation to make an appearance in nearby towns and the like. This is because she wants to use her status to further advance the lower and poorer areas in the kingdom. She has a kind heart and soul, and is very likable.
Anasuri does not like displays of affection, or any physical contact in public. With people she knows, though, Anasuri is very affectionate and kind.
She is also very smart, and while her magic is not strong, there is no limit to her brain. Anasuri is always wanting to learn, and absorbs up knowledge.
Due to her Royal status and weak physical and magical being, Anasuri was never taught how to use her magic or trained to be tough. She is self-taught, and has fine-tuned her little amounts of magic. One of the few physical activities Anasuri enjoys is dancing; she is the picture of beauty and grace, with elegance at her fingertips.
Anasuri loves clothes, her hair, and jewelry. She uses it all to her advantage, although she doesn't really need all of the glam to be pretty - she just naturally is. Anasuri almost always wears heels, so she can be a bit taller than normal, and can work just as well in heels as she can without them.
Extra; Anasuri needed a new guard, as her last one turned out to be a traitor and attempted to take her out. After being betrayed, Anasuri is even more hesitant to trust new people, especially her new knight. She lives in the castle, as the King and her father are brothers, with her father being the King's closest adviser.
Anasuri is not valuable to the crown, nor has any role in the palace, besides being the Prince's friend and cousin, but she is still apart of the Royal family, and therefore, needs to be protected. Everyone else in the Royal family has specialized and strong magic, whereas she is very weak. Anasuri is loved by the people, though, even more than most of the highest ranking elves, and works towards advancing the conditions of the poorer areas, and commonly visits the nearby town.
Anasuri has the basic form of magic, with even less than most of the other elves with the base magic - only being able to spark a small fire, and healing that fixes bruises and scratches. All elves can speak with their friends, which is what elves call their animal companions. Mostly, though, she relies on her herbal knowledge to help her. Since she is weak in magic, Anasuri studied plants and their purposes.
Anasuri's study of plants and their purposes, along with the uses of natural poisons, such as snake venom, and other materials, has led to her finding cures for previously-thought impossible cases. She keeps her work on the down-low, though, so the King cannot force her to do anything she does not want to do, as there are more uses for her potions than healing and helping.
That is one of the reasons Anasuri visits other places - so she can help as many people as possible, and find new plants that may not be available where she is.
The castle has many secret passageways, and Anasuri has found a forgotten area to do her work in.
Anasuri has not been forced to take on a spouse, and has mostly been left to do as she wishes. This leads to her spending time doing what she desires, practicing with potions, or spending time with her cousin, the Prince.
She is technically a Princess, though most call her 'My Lady.'
Name; Dava
Species; Giant Panda
Gender; Female
Information; Dava has the markings of a normal panda, standing at three feet at the shoulder. Dava is very good at giving hugs, and adores Anasuri. The feeling is mutual, as they get along really well. They are connected at the hip, and are rarely seen apart.
Dava's ambling gait fits right along with Anasuri's short strides.
Charm; Anasuri wears a thin rose gold chain on her ankle, and when Dava does not want to be walking around, appears as a charm on the chain.

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Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 01:04 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
~ Name: Ekon Brone
~ Age: 24
~ Gender: Male
~ Looks:
Like most elves, Ekon has long hair that reaches around his waist. The thing is, all sides of his head are shaved except the top. This leads to him mostly wearing man buns because he wants to and it looks great. Sometimes, he braids the top but there's always a man bun. He loves him a bun. Oh, and his hair is pure white. Pure. White. His hair is very thick and straight. Meanwhile, his skin is a light lavender in color. His skin itself is supposed to be flawless, if it wasn't for the thin scars that crisscross his arms and legs. Which comes with the training of his job.
His face is very angular, with a very defined jaw and high cheekbones. Meanwhile, his brows are actually dark brown and straight, they have definition though and aren't just rectangles, at the end they are downturned. Ekon has eyes that actually shift colors, they can be dark brown one second to a brilliant gold in color the next. His eyes don't seem to change from anything other than shades of brown or gold or a combination of both. His eyelashes are dark and long, he is very handsome.
Ekon's nose perfectly fits his face and the bridge is lightly curved, coming to a point at the end. His lips are neither thin nor full, they're kind of just there.
Like all elves, his ears are long and pointed. On formal occasions he wears cuffs on his ears which have a chain that attach to his actual piercings. Normally he just wears a small, silver hoop in one ear though.
Before he became a knight, he got a tattoo, which is forbidden after being knighted. The tattoo is simply a single Forget-Me-Not flower on his right forearm. It surprisingly doesn't clash with his light purple skin and can hardly be seen when he is in uniform. The meaning behind it is simple. He lost someone dear to him. The tattoo is to remind him that he must never let the death of a loved one happen again.
Ekon is much like the rest of the elvish population body type wise. His is tall, even for elves as he stands at a good 6'8 and towers over most. His figure is rather willowy yet muscular. Although he is skinny, he still has that muscle on him as all knights should.
His face does not give away any of his thoughts or emotions, he is simply cool and calm. This only adds to his attractive yet cold demeanor that brings in the ladies he doesn't want.
Ekon is also a metal manipulator. He often has on metal bracelets or rings that he can change into weapons at a moments notice. This ability allows him to transform any metal into what he desires and he can actually move it without touching it. Meaning he can basically make it float. Or get a sword in seconds.
~ Personality:
A kind, but cold gentleman. Ekon has been trained to only follow his master's orders. Of course, he does have his own thoughts and feelings, he just doesn't show them often. He would love to live like a normal elf would but he can't wish for things that are impossible. Ekon is very smart all things considered. He is a self taught language learner and arithmetic ace. There was never anyone to teach him any of this so he learned himself.
Despite his cold demeanor, if someone truly pushes him to be himself he'll show it.
His true personality is a humorous soul, a gentleman in all ways, shapes and forms. Someone with manners and a gentle heart. Even though his job requires him to use force, his tongue is not sharp and he is calm and collected even when angered. In fact, he rarely ever gets angered. Or at least, he doesn't act it.
Ekon tolerates people but will blatantly tell them if he is being pushed a little too much. Or if he finds someone rather rude. Other than that, he holds his tongue. Whoever his charge is, he takes care of them with his life. His last charge hadn't gotten a single scrape while Ekon was around and that is due to his protectiveness. As he was trained to be. It is not odd for knights to closely watch their charges and be rather overprotective and Ekon is not an exception.
He obviously isn't one for emotions, as he was specifically trained not to get emotionally attached to anyone or anything. Other than his ever constant companion of course.
Ekon enjoys painting, as all knights get to do one thing that they thoroughly enjoy and only one. He is an amazing painter and let's out the emotions he can't say or act on in art.

Ekon's knight career began later than most, as he became a knight after the murder of his best friend and lover. He needed something to keep his mind off of her. So knighting it was. His childhood shaped who he is and as it wasn't a very good one, he is dedicated to making sure that the children in his general area are happy and well fed. No matter what position. In fact, he uses his own money to buy extra food for the children.
No one can know otherwise his career as a knight will be stripped from him, for anything that brings him delight other than his painting is not allowed. So it is a secret.
Ekon is skilled at all types of combat. From knife wielding, to two handed combat and archery. His metal bending helps with all of these. As he can turn an enemy's sword against themselves if he focuses enough.
Name: Dakota
Species: Kodiak Bear
Gender: Male
Information: At the shoulder, this massive bear is 5'1 at the shoulder but when standing on his back legs is almost 11 ft. tall. Even for his breed he is large. Dakota seems big and threatening but is rather lazy but very protective of Ekon. Although the elf is very independent, the bear has a habit of showing up just when needed for a fight. Even if Ekon is already winning.
Charm: When he is to lazy to keep going, Dakota turns into a charm on the thin silver chain Ekon always wears.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 01:25 AM

Posts: 9088
It is not commonly known why there was a need for the High Lady Anasuri to have a new knight. Her old knight was an enormous brute, and no harm had come to her, until the knight himself turned his sword to her neck. The incident left its mark on Anasuri, both mentally and physically. Her one and only scar, which is at the base of her throat, is proof. It would heal, eventually, with proper care, but the reason it was there has made Anasuri close-lipped about her potions work. It is true that she needs a knight, there is no doubt. Anasuri herself will admit this, but fear still edges its way in.
The motive for her almost-assassination stems from her potion work. Allegedly, her current work could increase the power of an elves abilities. It is simply a rumor, but it had backing, and someone had been able to convince Anasuri's knight to threaten her into telling how to potion worked.
Anasuri had been lucky, though, and was safe. The true reason was unknown to everyone, save for Anasuri herself.
The fact that the once-loyal knight had been swayed made Anasuri extremely nervous. If there was another incident, she might not be so lucky again.

Currently, she was standing on the lower part of the platform where the King sat. It was initiation of her knight.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 02:34 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
Ekon slowed his speed as he entered the town. His beautiful friesian horse huffing as he cooled down. The horse was just the right size for Ekon, with sturdy legs and rather tall too. The stallion was named Zaine and was a bit young at 6 years. Ekon would be able to travel with him for awhile yet. His horse easily carried Ekon and his supplies.
As they entered the town people stopped and turned before getting back to business. If Ekon accidentally made eye contact they would bow their heads respectfully before hurrying off. It was a well known fact that knights weren't allowed to have any sort of interaction unless told to by their charge, and that rarely happened unless they were at a formal event. So most people avoided speaking or looking at knights. Not because they were afraid, but out of respect for their ways.
Finally, Ekon made it to his new home. Aka, the large palace in front of him. As he stopped, a stable worker gently grabbed the huge horse's reins. He seemed slightly intimidated but kept quiet and bowed his head respectfully as Ekon hopped off his horse. Gently patting the stallion's neck, the maids took his pack off Zaine and ran off to push it all away.
Ekon looked for someone who'd tell him where to go and soon enough a young man approached. "It is a pleasure to meet you Sir Ekon, if you would follow me, the king will knight you for the charge now." Ekon nodded.
In the knight world, you were first truly knighted after completing all your training. From there, you took up whatever jobs your superior assigned you to and then your charge had to accept you in front of a witness. It was a long process but Ekon had gotten used to it.
As they entered the palace, Ekon kept his head straight, though he really wanted to look around and explore, he could do that later when he went out and bought easels and more supplies for painting.
As per usual during these ceremonies, Dakota appeared. It was only respectful to do so. As the companion would also be living in this home too. He would eat, sleep and hunt on these grounds. While also doing his duty to protect the princess and her companion.
"A bit late as normal Dakota." Ekon murmured out the side of his mouth. The bear huffed but said nothing. His huge form lumbering next to Ekon and despite his slow pace he easily kept up with Ekon's long legs. The bear was large, more than half the size of Ekon. It was crazy.
The man that brought him in bowed before the king and princess before pulling away. "My king and princess, I introduce you Sir Ekon Brone and his friend Dakota." The man stood up at a nod from the king and disappeared. Allowing Ekon to step forwards and bow deeply. His eyes flashing between gold and amber.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 04:41 PM

Posts: 9088
Beside her tall and colorful companions, Anasuri stood out. Dava sat beside her, and she could feel the panda's excitement rise at another bear friend. Besides her magic and physical being, Anasuri was also different because of her friend. All of the royal family has small creatures - basically useless, but pretty. Anasuri had the most royal friend.
At the sight of her new knight, Anasuri almost groaned. He just looked like rule type of guy. No way would she get away with anything. Hopefully, he wouldn't act like a nanny, like her last knight. She just needs a protector, not a babysitter, or someone who reported every little thing she did.
The best case scenario was that he would not try to kill her, and would simply follow her around. Anasuri had never shown anyone how to get into her secret potions room. Sure, her knight had seen it, but the way to get in and the path was her secret, and hers only.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 07:11 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
As Ekon rose, his tattoo peeked out over his long sleeves. Dakota was the one who gently grabbed the sleeve with his teeth and pulled it back down so the flower didn't show. It wasn't exactly the most suave move but it worked.
Knights were strictly not allowed to have anything that changed their features. Earrings weren't allowed on the face and only allowed on the ears. Asking had to be cleared of any marks, you weren't allowed to write on yourself for any reason and any straight spots of paint had to be cleaned immediately from Ekon's skin. They claimed that it tainted his magic if left there for too long. As it was, Ekon was pushing it with his earrings and tattoos so he kept his skin clean.
"It is great to finally meet you Sir Ekon, I have heard much about you and your past charges seem to be satisfied with your work. Of course, this job isn't just following a lord or lady through their long journey before leaving. This is basically a life long commitment. Are you sure you are good with this job?" It was only respectful to make sure the knight was comfortable with his job. Though there was never a recorded instance of one denying his charge.
"Yes my King, I know I am capable of this commitment. I will be sure to honor my word and follow through with your trust in me. I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and I promise I will not disappoint you." Ekon was supposed to be still and his head down. Supposed to. Truthfully, his hand was messing with the bracelet on his left hand and his chin was just a little lower than the 3 inches it was supposed to be from his neck.
"Good, I accept you into my household. You're a fine young elf. This is my niece, your charge. Princess Anasuri and her friend Dava. Do keep her under close watch, she likes to go without supervision to places." Ekon nodded and turned his head slightly towards his new charge, taking her in with a cool expression. His eyes turning from pure black to a sudden bright gold in color as soon as his eyes touched her, then back to dark brown.

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Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 13, 2019 09:46 PM

Posts: 9088

The King left the room soon after, with his advisers and court close behind. Anasuri remained where she stood, before letting out a big sigh once she was sure everyone was gone.
Well, everyone except for Ekon. Although she didn't really want to address him, Dava was excited, and it would be mean to ignore her. "Is.. Dakota... friendly? Dava would like to say hello." Dava lifted up a heavy paw and waved, her mouth seeming to smile. Dava was always the friendly one.
Currently, Anasuri figured he wouldn't be too bad. He was unlike her past knight, who was firm and strict about everything. This man had piercings, shuffled his hands, and, if Anasuri's eyes served her well, a tattoo.
Anasuri made sure to hold her head high, not trying to hide the mark on her neck. She didn't know if Ekon knew why he was appointed to be her protector, or if he figured the last knight slipped up, which, Anasuri supposed, he did, in a way. The mark was almost a warning, saying that the last knight failed - so you better not.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 14, 2019 12:09 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
Ekon did in fact know about the failure of the last knight to have served Princess Anasuri. Trying to murder your charge was the largest criminal offense out there. Even the slightest hint that you even disliked your charge and you were off the job and banished from the entire kingdom. It was crazy how far some people could go. Anasuri would not have to worry about Ekon trying to murder her, he didn't kill unless absolutely needed. Normally he just knocked whoever it was out and sent a message to his superiors to take them into custody.
In response, Dakota huffed with a smile. "Oh yes Princess. Dakota may look rather intimidating but he is very kind and gentle. He is also rather lazy, he doesn't exactly like me sharing that though." Dakota slowly looked up at Ekon and just glared. No words were needed. His eyes conveyed enough. Dakota turned away then took a step forward, towards Dava. Wanting to greet her but worried he might scare her off.
Knights and their Royals xxx bumblebee/Soaring June 14, 2019 12:24 AM

Posts: 9088
Ekon's words were enough to convince Dava that this was her new friend, and lumbered over. The panda went nose-to-nose with the Kodiak bear, huffing gently. "Hello, I am Dava," the bear greeted, "Welcome to my home. I will show you all the best places to nap and get your food - not bamboo." The panda sat back, and tossed a look over to Anasuri. The elf took the hint, and walked over, staying behind Dava, making sure to keep distance. Could you blame her, though? There was little trust, and a lot of fear. It was shoved down, and hidden away in her rose gold eyes.
Dava knew her friend, though and shifted her weight so that the panda's furry hind rested against Anasuri. A small comfort, but one that helped the elf summon her courage.

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