08:09:09 Ducky, Bil, 🦆

I have a picture of them from when they were ducklings, I'll try to get more. Let me dig that one picture out
08:08:02 sovereign state IL
Hmm, what gave that away?? :P

Do you have any pictures of your ducks? I'd love to see them!
08:07:08 Ducky, Bil, 🦆

Indeed, they are my two babies
I may like them a tad bit more than every other animal
08:06:19 sovereign state IL
Do you actually have ducks? XD
Anyone wanna Rp,I have a plot, MXM or MXF I don’t mind, please play at least 2 characters pm me
08:04:18 Ducky, Bil, 🦆
I just bought two harnesses so I can take my ducks on walks :')
08:03:15 Em / Flu / ila
Shoot. I accidentally took a familiar to BE train .-.

Now to wait for the cooldown so this guy doesn't take all of my trainee's kills
Panic! at My Romance
08:03:09 Lombre-Ragu-Cello

Should I do more sketches of him?
Panic! at My Romance
07:56:10 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
I'm glad I got that commission done last night

I want to do more sketches of the character though, he's fun
NightMountain Wolves
07:53:30 NightFlame or Potato
Anyone want to listen to catchy but morbid songs?
Maenads Of The Stars
07:53:05 Strai | Celestia
I love my defects in my den, I only have one boost
Jade's Haven
07:51:08 Jade

I don't whine at the mailman. *^* I bark. XD

Have a good bath, bye!
07:47:52 Eternity, ET
Lmao that short wolfparty spam could have been worse.
Nebula's Reign
07:47:36 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,
Great. That's reassuring.

The mailman has left so don't whine. I'm off for a luxurious bubble bath scented cotton candy. Be bacl in 20!
Jade's Haven
07:46:32 Jade
Nebby Pet

Oh, I eat those too. XD

I'll PM you the story, it'd take up a bunch of chat. XP
Nebula's Reign
07:46:27 Galaxy's End II
All my wolves are needed :3
07:46:01 Tartarus
i got too many defects
07:46:01 Cass, Cassi
Strai, he's cute! :D
07:45:56 Detective Vale
by guys!
07:45:25 Cass, Cassi
Strai, I'm not even sure why they retired him :/ 5 people were watching him on auction, this person won, and retired him. He coulda gone to a good home, but oh well


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Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 18, 2019 04:49 PM

Posts: 8664
The Big Bad Evil of Saorg continuously tries to take over, swallowing all Light and Good left in the world. A group of elite warriors with special powers have the task of protecting the world, and fighting other warriors and monster who side with the Big Bad Evil.
A small percent of the population have powers, though not all of them are good. Some of the people with powers choose to fight for the Evil, or hide their powers.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 18, 2019 05:59 PM

Posts: 8664
Name; Mathew (Matt) Broker
Age; 23
Sexuality; Gay
Personality; Matt is a planner, a builder, someone who wants a plan at all times. He is loyal to a fault, and hates to be left out of things. As as introvert, Matt prefers to be alone, or with one or two of his close friends.
Speaking of friends, Matt isn't popular, per-say, but he is well known, if only for being the guy who can fix broken things. (Only items though. People worry Matt)
It is no secret that there is magic in their world, but it still unnerves Matt. It worries him that there is something unexpected and different in the world - something he will never be apart of.
Matt has no magic or powers - he is a normal guy, with all of the normal world problems.
Looks; In his mind, Matt is plain and boring. His dark brown hair is curly and a constant mess, with green eyes that he supposes look okay. He is decent height, and not that special.
To other people, this is what Mathew Broker looks like:
He has dark, curly chocolate brown hair that is longer on the top and spills over in front of his eyes, at times. He has upturned, jade green eyes with black lashes. His skin is bronze, with milky white patches of skin from his vilitigo. The obvious patches are on one of his cheek, under his jaw, and along his arms.
Matt has a squared jaw, with a Greek nose, which is crooked from when he fell from a tree. With a small upper lip, and heavy lower one, Matt has a put-together face.
With a height of 5'10, Matt has an average height and is average in weight. He is semi-muscular, with a lean and wiry body.
Extra; Matt lives alone in his studio apartment in the cheap side of town. He doesn't have much money, as he just finished college and is very broke. He majored in Architecture, and enjoys building. He was the kid who built his own tree house and made wooden swords and playthings. Now, as an adult, Matt helps build other people's houses.
Or at least, he wants to. That's what he went through college to do, but it turns out that being an adult is hard. Matt does not have his architectural job, and is in big-time debt with his barista job.

Name; McKenny
Age; 21
Pronouns; They/them
Sexuality; Pan
Personality; Although their power allows them to stick, that does not reflect McKenny's personality. They aren't very loyal, and tend to bounce around with their likes and dislikes. Along with being noncommittal, McKenny is always active in some way, and physically can't sit still.
Being a high school drop out, one might expect McKenny to not be very smart, which would be correct.
After basically raising themself, one learns to adapt, and they do have street smarts. What McKenny really excels at, though, is music.
They play multiple instruments, and sing a little as well. Humming or singing to themself calms their nerves, even though they are an outwardly confident person.
Looks; McKenny has long, dark blonde hair that ends halfway down their back, complementing dark blue eyes and sun-kissed skin. Their curvy in all the right places as well.
McKenny never wears makeup, so her natural freckles spot all over their face. Their face is round, and over all, McKenny is super pretty.
All over their body are scars and signs of fighting, and McKenny is That Dude at the gym whose lifting more than someone their size should be. Standing at 5'8, McKenny is tall and slim.
Powers; They have a magnetic body. Any loose item can be attracted to their hand when willed, and can walk or climb anywhere.
Along with their main power, which takes no effort for them to use, McKenny can also project a force fields. The larger the force field, the more energy it takes. They are spherical in shape, and are a see through with a purple tint.
Extra; They only go by McKenny. Their first name was never leaked, and never will be.
When they had first joined the fight, McKenny had thought it would all be fine - free stuff and a nice place to live, new friends - but it didn't turn out that way. They've lost more people than ever imagined, and free stuff can't fix everything.
McKenny has also been approached by members of the enemy, and has been offered a pretty penny and promised plentiful to be a spy, or change sides. Whether they've accepted or not is a secret, and no one on the Light side has any clue.

Edited at February 27, 2019 10:26 PM by hi friends
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 22, 2019 06:59 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666

Name: Luke Warren
Age: 20
Sexuality: Bi
Personality: Oh deer, be prepared. I don't think I've ever had a main chari like him before. He's special in that sense. Anyways, I hopes you likes him!To put it simply, Luke is kind, humorous and confident, if not a little cocky in any sense. He has this sort of charm that makes people gravitate to him, (especially the ladies but shhh) which is useful for his job and such. When he's not out in the world hunting monsters or evil in general, he's laid back and calm, though always seems to be on some kind of guard, both emotionally and physically. His tense posture tells that he is constantly ready for some sort of fight. When he's fighting though, Luke seems to become a different person entirely. He turns himself into a lethal weapon with a terrifying grin every time he kills any sort of Evil. It didn't used to be like that but after spending so much time with evil wouldn't be a big surprise if he turned bad. Which is one of the biggest secrets the warriors keep and I'm not gonna tell you what's happening inside his body as the Good combats the Evil that tries to take over him.
Different right? I hope at least.
Looks: Luke has practically platinum blonde hair, pale it could be considered an off white in color. You'd think being outside would help darken it but it doesn't. The sides of his head are pretty closely shaved with fluffy, pale hair on the top. His hair is mostly straight and goes towards the right. Luke has a face that's all sharp angles, his jawline could cut through a damn brick I swear. Almond shaped eyes are hazel, with dark brown in the middle that slowly turns lighter while the edges of his eyes are green and it's all flecked with blue, like shards of broken glass. Did I mention that he HATES his eyes? His nose is slightly hooked on the end, almost slightly droopy though he still looks "hot" according to himself and most ladies. This guy is pretty muscular considering his job and stuff, his body is a light beige though still tinged darker with the sun. Meanwhile, he has full lips that are a light pink in color. Standing at around 5'5", he's a bit short. Did I mention that he hates that too? In fact, brings it up and he'll use his muscles to squeeze the life out of you. Luke is very strong due to years and years of training. His cheek has a faint, thick scar from his jawline to the middle of his left eye. Makes him look tough.
Powers: He's a super powerful bro to be honest. Luke can bend the fabric of reality to his will. He can't hold it for much longer than a minute before getting drained and then put in extreme pain, but still. Luke can make anyone see exactly what he wants them to see; plus he can phase through objects. Right through walls. Doors aren't needed for this man.
Extra: Luke has been moving around since age 17, which also happens to be the year when he joined the fight against Saorg. He's been working with the Light forces since then and they provide him with everything he ever needs. This of course includes housing, food, money and dental insurance. Along with weapons and such. Currently, he's stationed in the nice part of a crowded city. Living in the penthouse of a nice apartment building. His life is pretty swell other than the constant near death experiences and darkness in his body. He also has a crazy ex girlfriend named Emily(Em) who stalks him constantly.


Name: Emily(Em) Broker
Age: 21
Sexuality: Really straight for Luke
Personality: Despite being a stalker, Emily is really smart. Though she can be snobby at times. She's always gotten what she wants and Luke was he first person to not do that for her. Being raised as the youngest, it's to
be expected. Em is a cosmetologist, skilled in all things feminine. She knows exactly how to look to make people swoon. Her true passion is hair styling and she's actually very good at it. When she's not talking about Luke, she's a very happy person. Sometimes being frustratingly stubborn about things and very persistent. Emily is passionate and fun-loving. Wanting to see everything there is to see, and she moves constantly. Even before Luke. Which was why she felt she could easily fit into his crazy life. Emily is bold and will say exactly what she means whenever she wants. Even to her beloved clients.
Appearance: The young woman has naturally wavy chocolate brown hair, she often straightens it since she hates the random curls. Unlike her siblings, her jaw isn't as square and its more rounded. She uses makeup to highlight her already very apparent cheekbones. With upturned, sea-green eyes and long lashes. She's quite beautiful. Most of the time, she wears squareish glasses that sit on top of her roman nose. Emily has a very feminine figure, being rather bottom heavy and having largeish breasts. She has the physical appeal with miles of curves in all the right places.

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Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 22, 2019 10:48 PM

Posts: 8664
With a chai tea latte in hand, Matt sat on a public bench. This, Matt thought, Is the definition of low. He couldn't even afford his caffine fix without getting it for free with his job. Dark brown hair hung over Matt's face as his elbows rested on his legs.
Out of no where, the ground began to rumble and shake. It was barely noticeable at first, and Matt would have never noticed had it not been for the ripples in his drink. As he watched, the shaking became more obvious as rocks and smaller buildings began to move as well.
Sitting up, Matt tossed away his drink (because littering is bad) into a nearby trashcan, and in that moment... in that moment all hell broke loose.
In one moment half of the street crumbled and fell into a dark hole that pulsed red light.
In one moment screams of terror echoed through the neighborhood.
In one moment Matt saved his own life by practically jumping off the bench he was sitting on, moments before it too fell down into the growing hole.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 22, 2019 11:41 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Luke had just been chilling at his penthouse when the call got sent out. Of course, the monster attack had to happen right as his morning news was coming on. Couldn't it just wait a few seconds? He still had to go out and save the world so no it couldn't wait but the thought still counted. He ran into his armory room and quickly pulled on his gear. It wasn't the old armor stuff that could hardly withstand monster activity, no. This was a type of thick leather that could take a medium sized monster hit and still be practically undamaged. Slipping on his bulletproof vest over the monster leather, he pulled on pants that were made of the same black material with tough combat boots to match. He put on his belt which had multiple holsters for guns of all variety and threw his rifle over his shoulder. Extra bullets were scattered in the millions of pockets on his outfit, all of which could take down the biggest of monsters if you got the right hit. Which Luke always did soo..
Exiting his penthouse at a run, he quickly hopped on his motorcycle. Yes, hot dudes always have motorcycles obviously. It roared to life underneath him and he urged it to take off. The monster was on the other side of the city. And Luke had to get there real fast in order to stop it from doing too much damage.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 23, 2019 12:13 AM

Posts: 8664
Matt would like to say he charged in like a hero and started helping people or figured out a master plan on the spot, but the truth was Matt was scared stiff and way out of his comfort zone. This was not natural, and based on the flicking of scales he saw every so often, Matt would guess it was something he only heard of in stories. Although everyone knew monsters and the like were real, Matt chose to ignore it, as the idea of... of magic worried him. Scared him. Now, he paid the price.
He was not a hero. He was a young guy who worked as a bartista. But Matt was an architect as well ( or at least had the degree ). The growing abyss would soon result in buildings toppling over from not being supported enough. This was a populated city, and at the moment only cars and items on sidewalks were being swallowed, but it was only time until the monster turned. Matt knew a building couldn't fall over - that would result in many deaths, though he wasn't keen on self sacrifice. His death wouldn't do anything, and he was only human, after all.
Matt could only think of one thing to do, other than scream and run. Well, he did run, but not exactly 'away'. Matt only ran onto the street in the center, and did what any logical human being would do. "Hey ugly! Dirt doesn't taste too good, huh?"
Aka, be an annoyance.
When the monster growled from within the depths, Matt turned and ran.
Now he was running away.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 23, 2019 08:53 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Luke saw the destruction before he saw what caused it. The destruction itself was rather worrying, such a large area so easily destroyed. It must be a rather large monster was his initial thought. When he rounded a corner and actually saw the thing, he released a loud groan. "They could've st least told me it was huge." He muttered under his breath as he avoided the destruction and followed the path towards the monster. Luke sucked in a breath of fresh air as he finally spotted whatever the hell that thing was. His eyes honed in on someone who was running away from the evil thing. Unfortunately, this whole side of the street had disappeared and there was nothing left to walk on. So, Luke hopped off his bike and phased through the building next to him. Ran through the next three and finally exited out on the other side. Power surged through his veins and he quickly took out his smallest gun and shot it at the depths where the monster was. Sit wouldn't kill the beast but would capture its attention and lure the thing away from the other running man.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 23, 2019 09:32 AM

Posts: 8664
The minute Matt saw his chance, he ducked behind a building and tried to catch his breath. Whoever had appeared seemed like he could handle it, and Matt was not trying to play super hero. He was more of the distraction until the superhero could save the day.

Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 23, 2019 01:26 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
The thing was being a little rude with the whole staying in the depths of the hole thing. So, Luke searched out for its mind and made it see something completely different.
The small man had made the huge monster see itself on top of the ground, as if someone had pulled him out of the depths and now, the hole was multiple feet away.
In reality though, the monster was still in its hole and the entryway he saw in his mind was really the exit of the rift. The thing clambered out of the hole and Luke finally saw it as a whole.
It was at tall as a grocery store and a half, with thick, scaly skin and tiny, bag like wings that obviously had no use. It had tiny stub arms with long legs and it walked on those two. Once it exited, the rift closed behind it. The monster let out an angry roar as Luke turned off his power and the thing was left out, vulnerable and angry. Luke took out two powerful pistols and used both of them to shoot the thing in its eyes. It roared in pain and headed straight towards Luke, who looked relatively unfazed by its rage.
Saving One Another - Soaring/bumblebee February 25, 2019 08:53 PM

Posts: 8664
Matt wasn't quite sure what was going on, but when the guy shot the monster, it reared yo and slammed back into the ground, which was equivalent to a small earthquake to the nearby vicinity. Matt was tossed into the air and slammed down onto the street. Dazed, he wasn't ready to run when the monster barreled towards him.

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