09:36:34 SpiderPlant
Thanks guys. :)


Heheheh. How are you?
09:36:00 SpiderPlant

Holy crap, congrats! Very exciting. Dont be a stranger, always great to see old friends. :)
09:35:34 Sunny
Ooh, pretty
Pet Silmatary
09:35:17 Silly
Oo she's super pretty Ave.
09:35:13 Sunny
Oh my gosh, I didn't see the candy corn! Adorable.
Pet Silmatary
09:35:06 Silly
I'm alright! Definitely been better ^^ it's a rough mental day ya know.
09:34:59 SpiderPlant

She will go on my Gen 1 HW ES girl. I want to custom her before she gives birth but I only have 10 apples so we will see.
09:34:41 Tae/DH Queen
How are you today?
Samhain's Day
09:34:23 [ Happiness Noise ]
My friend is becoming non-binary and I'm so excited for them! >:D
Aven, definitely! I loved talking to everyone on here, made some good friends! About to graduate college now but I missed everyone, and the wolves of course :)
Pet Silmatary
09:34:00 Silly
Hi Tae! ^^
Pet Silmatary
09:33:47 Silly
Thanks! I made it myself ^^ the candy corn too. Can't do the avatar though lol, not that talented.
09:33:35 Tae/DH Queen
Heya Silly!
09:33:31 Sunny
Aven!!!! :D
Pet Silmatary
09:33:28 Silly
Everyone loves me ave just accept it ;)
09:33:19 Sunny
I'm good! I like your pumpkin banner.
09:33:06 SpiderPlant
Wow Sunny, nice to see you too. :-(
Pet Silmatary
09:33:06 Silly
And no I don't think you did Ave!
The Flaming Spade
Hello WP, hope you're all doing well!
Pet Silmatary
09:32:50 Silly
Hi deer ^^ how are you?


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Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 16, 2019 07:44 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
Yea it's another one. Sorry XD
This one is based off an old RP but with the child of the two.
This roleplay is also based in an older time period and is also in Britain because we love that place. I bring to you the faeries deep in the woods of rolling Britain hills. And Rowan, a girl that was born in the wrong time where women are pushed to the sides. Be prepared for awkward moments and an adorable ol' faerie.

Edited at January 18, 2019 06:41 PM by Soaring Free
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 17, 2019 08:23 PM

Posts: 9088
-Rowan Stonewall
-25 (Looks 20)
-Rowan has light brown/tan skin, with shoulder length chocolate brown hair. Her hair used to be longer, but she chopped it all off when she went exploring, and it has grown out since then. Her eyes are also a dark brown, with golden flecks. She face has a sharply angled jaw, and overall plain features. Her body is also nothing amazing, being muscular and fit. She has somewhat of an hourglass figure, but without the tiny waist. Rowan loves food. 5'6
-Rowan is active, and absolutely loves horses. She spent a while on her own, disguised as a boy so there weren't as many limitations. She traveled for a long time, mostly on foot after she had to sell her horse to be able to buy food. She went from Princess to Pauper quickly. She now has a steady income of coins from training horses, as she has the same calming gift as her mother when it comes to them, and selling the animal pelts she gets from hunting.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 17, 2019 10:31 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
Name: Alvaro (Alvy) Webley
Age: 243 (Looks around 27)
Gender: Male
Race: Faerie
Appearance: A tall, willowy figure that stands at around 5'9 and looks as if a could strong wind could send him flying. Alvaro's skin is tan from being outside so much and it's dashed with freckles which are also from spending so much time outside. His shortish hair is butterscotch in color and is always rather messy with leaves and twigs tossed about in there but it isn't really that bad. Everything about him is sharp, from his cheekbones to his jawline, though this gives him a more elfish appearance than a violent one. Alvy has pointed ears that are pressed against his head a bit. From his temple to the side of his face is a strange green mark, almost like a tattoo that is made of swirls and lines. Large emerald green eyes are upturned and his perfectly simple eyebrows are almost always raised in a teasing expression. Despite being rather soft, Alvy is a little muscled though is actually less muscled than Rowan. Being so old, Alvaro can choose to expose his wings or not. When they are exposed, they are rather transparent, with intricate designs in each wing that are almost identical. Despite how weak they look, they can easily carry him for a whole day if needed though can easily be broken by any sort of weapon. He can only be killed by silver ;)
-Being a rather smart little dude, Alvaro is the 2nd in command of the resident faerie people. He takes care of most of the ins and outs of his people though he is allowed to take breaks. For faeries are wandering spirits and they understand that. Being one of the oldest faeries means he is given more loose rein than any younger faerie. This means he is out and about more than others, he also interacts with the humans more though his magic doesn't hold up too long and he has to disappear before his mark returns. After being hunted down to almost extinction, his kind hide in the deepest parts of the woods, making what he does more dangerous but more exciting too. Reading and flying are his favorite pastimes and he hopes to live long enough to see everything the world has to offer.
Extra: He can live up to 900 maybe a little over but he can still die before then.

Edited at January 18, 2019 06:40 PM by Soaring Free
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 18, 2019 09:04 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
The loud eruption of bird chirps was the first thing Alvaro heard when he woke up. Of course, that was the best noise possible to most of his woodland kind. With groggy eyes he sat up in his simple bed, his people were vegetarians and extremely against anything to do with killing animals. Most clothes were made out of pure cotton and random feathers made pillows. Alvy hopped out of his bed with a sigh, the wind from the window running through his messy hair.
Most faeries lived high in the treetops, away from any harm. This included Alvaro, who lived in one of the highest tree houses in the area. Which was one of the perks of being 2nd in command. It wasn't big though, a simple kitchen like area in the corner with a table and bookshelves that reached the ceiling and even then they were spilling out. There was no door though faeries respected others privacy above all else, there wasn't a need for a door. The windows were circles with a cross of wood inside of them, making four separate holes. There was a corner where there was a room divider where he could change privately where no one could see him.
Alvaro lit the fireplace with a kettle and began to make tea as he changed. A loose green shirt with holes in the back for his wings, faeries made clothes especially for these things. Alvy also wore light brown trousers with darker brown boots. Since he was comfortable at home, he allowed his wings to expand. They reached above his head and almost down to his knees. He hummed as his tea finished and he poured it into cups and set them down onto the table.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 18, 2019 09:38 PM

Posts: 9088
Rowan, throughout her childhood, had one horse: Rein. She was a beautiful cheatnes mare, tall and proud with spectacular bloodlines. She had sold for a fantastic price when Rowan ran out of food and money. With the money she had, Rowan put herself through three years as a soldier in the guise of a boy named Roman. The Princess of Britian was gone, leaving a poor traveler, sometimes a women, sometimes a man.
Now, Rowan worked as a horse trainer, and when she hunted, sold the pelts for money. Her mother had been outlandish in some aspects, with her horse riding and the way she would speak up, but her daughter was more manly than even her.
Money was low once more, so Rowan rode out on her pinto gelding named Frost, for the snowflake-like shapes on his nose and ears, with her crossbow and arrows. She was hunting. The woman found some freedom in hunting, for she was able to get away from the crowds and be one with nature, even if she did kill it.
Rowan hardly ever dressed as a woman any more, for the fear of the men she worked so hard to catch up with shun her, so it was a relief not have to lower her voice or bind her chest as she rode.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 18, 2019 10:39 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
As per usual, Alvaro drank his morning tea while reading. Although faeries did need to eat, they only needed one average sized meal a day. They could go days without eating and be fine. It was just part of the whole living for a long time thing. Once Alvaro was finished with his tea, he delicately closed his book, knowing he would remember the page number easily later on. Going over to his wardrobe, he pulled on a necklace. It wasn't at all like any normal human necklace. There were multiple strings, the longest held a ton of beads with carved symbols in them. On the smaller strings were random, smaller beads with other symbols on them. Once Alvaro had become second in command, he had been given this necklace, each bead representing a specific thing from each year. The more significant ones were on the longest string, the less significant things were the random ones.
Soon after he finished pulling on the necklace, a messenger flew up to his doorframe. A polite smile on the young ones face. "Hello Alvaro, I do hope I am not bothering you; but Kori wanted to make sure that you had the rest of the week off of duty. She knows how much you like to work and how you'll ignore her if I don't remind you." Faeries tended to get straight to the point no matter what, and the little messenger was no different. "No you're not bothering me at all Orion. And yes I know, I remember. I'm still going out though. Tell Kori I said thank you." The young boy nodded and disappeared. Faeries aged differently than humans so the boy looked around 15 but could've been anywhere between 50 to 126 years old.
Alvy smiles lightly and soon flew out of his home. The sun's gentle morning rays sending shivers down Alvaro's spine. He waved down to the faeries who were at the trading center which was located on the ground and was heavily guarded by both magic and Guardian Faeries. Exiting town, Alvaro could feel the magic pull him as he left it's protection. The whole place disappearing quickly due to the magic. He touched the ground with light feet and quickly allowed his wings to collapse. The green mark on his face no longer flowing as it normally did inside the borders.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 19, 2019 05:15 AM

Posts: 9088
Rowan was deeper into the forest now, and slowed her horse to a walk. Frost huffed loudly, as if complaining about the work he had to do. At this, Rowan laughed and patted his neck, loosening up the reins a bit. "You lazy horse!" She exclaimed with a smile, "Always wanted to sleep and eat, and never do work. Well, you hardly ever need to do anything hard, so I think your fine." Frost nickered, and Rowan let the rest of the leather slip though her fingers. The horse lowered his head, ear twitching. Although his eyes were out of view, she knew they were soft and happy. For all his complaining, Frost was well off, and the two were good to one another.
Although they did get along well and loved each other, Frost and Rowan did not have the same bond that Rein and Rowan had, where they had instantly clicked. It had taken lots of work to get Frost to do much of anything.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 19, 2019 12:19 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
kay, you know all those Disney princesses with their animal friends. Yes?well that's Alvaro))

With a smile Alvaro walked gracefully through the forest. Half the time he was being followed by creatures of the woods. Foxes and squirrels were drawn to him due to both his age and magic. Alvy was known as the fixer of the forest. He fixed anyone's problems with the ease of a 248 year old faerie with magic. According to some, Alvaro had seen it all and knew exactly how to deal with any situation. He didn't, but he didn't deny the flattering comments anyways. Just a quick smile and that was about it.
Taking in a deep breath of the woodland air, Alvaro was just about to relax when an old rabbit hopped out in front of him. It didn't startled him but what the rabbit said did. "Oh dear, lead me to this bird." The rabbit began to hop off and Alvy followed. This led him to a sadly chirping bird. An arrow stuck through its wing. "Oh poor thing. How cruel for someone to leave you here like this." The bird began to waddle away, scared of Alvaro for he thought it was another human. "Do not worry young one," Alvy pointed at his mark on his face, "I will not harm you." The bird relaxed and Alvaro gently picked him up. "I'll bring you home and help heal you. I promise." And Alvaro began to walk home, for the trees were to thick to fly in.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 19, 2019 12:39 PM

Posts: 9088
Rowan can be a Hunter

Rowan cursed like a sailor when her horse stumbled, tripped up by a large animal. It looked at her with dark eyes, baring its teeth and snapping at Frost. The horse, although chubby, moved back with surprising quickness, as Rowan struggled to get her crossbow ready. Finally, she had an arrow notched, and with a true aim, sunk the bolt directly in its heart. Both horse and rider panted, with Frost tense and anxious.
Rowan dismounted, holding tight to the reins. She wouldn't put it past Frost to bolt on her. He was scratched up, bleeding from a few places where he hadn't moved fast enough. Rowan quietly sang as she looked him over, berating herself mentally for not bringing any bandages, or anything of the sort.
Not as Medieval Story Soaring x hi January 19, 2019 07:06 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 8153
Alvaro was happily talking away with the bird in his arms when he smelled the sharp tang of blood. Faeries weren't like most supernatural creatures who used their amazing sense of smell to murder those who were bleeding. No. Faeries used their sense of smell to help those in need. This included Alvy. Who was a kind and gentle with everyone and everything. The bird looked up at him with a soft gaze then climbed on his shoulder. The arrow was keeping the blood in so Alvaro had yet to take it out. Hopefully, he would be able to heal the animal later. His feet began leading him towards the scent of blood, the scent grew overwhelmingly strong and the osprey on his shoulder buried its beak into his hair in order to keep the scent out of his nose. Since they were nearing the borders of the town, Alvy's mark began to glow. Alvaro wasn't exactly being quiet either as he approached the odd scene. It seemed to be an injured horse.

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