07:43:15 Detective Vale
I am so sorry to hear that ;-; I would be FURIOUS because I cant hold in my temper...
07:42:58 Cass, Cassi
Alpha, welp, I'm all for researching- why not
Blue and Gold
07:42:53 Blue ~ Gold ~ BG ~

Its 5:32am and freezing outside ehehe


It looks like a brown recluse
07:42:41 Callie, Spider Lover
Was it one of your first alphas?
Nebula's Reign
07:42:39 Galaxy's End II
-WP Click-
No idea what to do with him.
NightMountain Wolves
07:42:38 NightFlame or Potato
Well... That's kind of sad but, they did own that wolf so they had the right to do whatever they wanted with it.
Pack Alpha
07:42:27 Alpha // Jo
Nebu-Meh im overcoming my fear on many things,

Cass-Yes but read up on the internet about it.

Same here because there is no reason to.
Jade's Haven
07:42:16 Jade
I'm not afraid of them unless they're on the walls or the ceiling, but I hate them being anywhere around me. >.>
07:42:08 Cass, Cassi
Vale, somebody retired one of my albinos they bought for 325 mushies Cx
Nebula's Reign
07:41:49 Galaxy's End II
Weirdo Pet,

Just don't eat one and maybe ill start to like you more xP
07:41:22 Detective Vale
someone retired my FIRST ever wolf on wolfplay
07:41:04 Eternity, ET
Phobias aren't necessarily self caused y'know. ^^
Jade's Haven
07:40:59 Jade
Nebby Pet

Me too. Ugh. >.<
07:40:29 Cass, Cassi
Alpha, eh, arachnophobia is a natural human instinct. Plenty of people are just born with it, and I don't blame 'em.

Only reason why I conquered mine is because I'm a Wiccan now Cx
Nebula's Reign
07:40:19 Galaxy's End II
I hate tiny crawly sudden-movement things.

Or just jumoscare the shite outta ya.
NightMountain Wolves
07:40:13 NightFlame or Potato
What kind of spider?
Russian Bastard
07:40:07 Nat / Natty

ThatÂ’s disgusting. You should get out of there, right now.
Pack Alpha
07:39:54 Alpha // Jo
Cass- Lol Yeah

Here listen to this lol -Click-
Maenads Of The Stars
07:39:52 Strai | Celestia
-WP Click-

I hope he becomes a top breeder
Pack Alpha
07:39:18 Alpha // Jo
People who have Arachnophobia have basically caused their self to have it.


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B/S A Mermaids Heart August 8, 2018 08:01 PM

Posts: 8664
Merfolk are captives of the humans, used for labor or for the decoration in a tank. They have no freedom, and rely on humans use for them, else they... disappear...

B/S A Mermaids Heart August 8, 2018 09:06 PM

Posts: 8664
Name; Princess Kiache (Kai-ach-ee)
Age; 15
Gender; Fluid, but leaning more towards female, and is called she/her by humans
Looks; Small, dainty heart shaped face, with big teal eyes, and long lashes. She has full heart shaped lips, which are pink in color. She has a button nose, and all together her features are quite doll-like. Instead of human ears, she has gills. They flare out, and have a coral pink inside, and a cerulean blue on the outside. Under her cheeks, there are scales. Over her eyebrows there are small circles that line them that are a pale pink in color. They stop where her eyebrows end, then there are teal circles down her nose, and end at the tip. They are pearls inlaid in her skin. Between her brows and above her nose there is a white shark's eye moon shell image, and it is slightly raised.
She has a petite body, with narrow shoulders a thin body. Her arms and waist are not very wide, and she has little meat on her, as she is malnourished. Her hips are not very wide, though they are wider then her waist. She has a significant bum, and her back is arched. Her breasts are small, but there. Her tail narrows down, and the fin is alike with the super delta tail on a beta fish. Her fins are a multiple colors; there are streaks of teal, white, dark blue, and pale greens, alone with tones of coral pink. Her tail itself is seashell white, with hints of the coral pink and blue, and the side fins are feathery, and the same colors as her fin. The scales fade as they go up her torso.
She is smaller than most merfolk, and, not counting her fins, is only around 5'3.
Along her arms arms are marks that go from her fingertips, then go up and wrap around her arms, and they end at the shoulders. They are cerulean blue, and have patterns of crashing waves, winds, and currents, and tell a story if you look hard enough. It is any story you wish, and they shift and move constantly, though you don't notice as much as you would think. With high emotions they shift faster. Her skin is a cream beige, but when she has high emotions, glows a lighter color of her arm marks, and those glow darker as well.
Her hair has dark roots, and is a pale rose gold the rest of the way. Her hair is short and wavy, going to her shoulders, with side swept bangs. Her brows are dark, with a steep angle and defined shape.
Personality; She is meek, and terrified of most things. Merfolk are naturally skittish creatures, and being pushed into forced servitude has only increased that instinct. She loves being able to move around, but finds it hard to enjoy it with the fear of being taken again. She obeys all orders, and her face hasn't held a smile in a long time.
Underneath the meek and worried shell, is a adventurous soul who loves with all her heart, and not a bit less. She loves the open ocean, as her frame is meant for fast swimming, though since she has been cooped up for so long, her stamina is not the same.
She has a high pain tolerance, and refuses to speak to humans.
Attire/Accessories; She prefers no clothing, which gives her more freedom, but is forced to wear things by her human captors. She has the silver band around the base of her fin, like all merfolk, which has her number, and owners information in it. There is also a chip implanted in her armpit that tracks her location. When they caught her, she had a band of coral that rested on her head, and she allowed herself to be chipped and the band to be put on without a fight, as long as they let her keep it. Then then banded and chipped her, then smashed the coral band. She was able to grab a fragment of it, and hid it. She made it into a necklace, and it hangs at the hollow of her throat whenever there are no guests.
Extra; Like all merfolk, she can breath air for short periods of time, maybe four or five hours, but for any more and they'll begin to suffocate. Also, they do not ever need fluids and hate cooked food. If they come in contact with fire, they will die, unless it is Mer fire, which humans do not know about. They can stand extreme temperatures, with and without clothing.
Mer all have beautiful singing voices, and are not like sirens, who lead humans to their death. Mer singing is better than any humans voice, and holds an ocean magic.
She speaks the language of the Mer, Latin, and some of a few different human tongues.

Edited at August 8, 2018 11:46 PM by Abibliophobia
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 8, 2018 11:19 PM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Name: Jack Robin
Age: 16
Appearance: Jack has light blue hair, it's rather long (reaches his chin) and messy though is rather straight. His facial structure is the shape of a diamond with a pointy nose and thin pink lips. His cheekbones aren't shown much but are definitely still there. Porcelain colored skin, the child rarely goes out which is the reason for his pale skin. His thin frame is nimble and not many muscles fill him in. Standing at around 5'5" ft, he's a short boy, weighing a mere 102 lbs; he looks rather weak though he can pack a punch. The boy is always cold, his cheeks and nose are normally pink because of this. Another odd thing about him are his light blue thin eyebrows, which are a common occurrence in the youth of his era. Jack can always be seen with a black beanie on that reaches just behind his ears. Like every human, Jack wears a tight blue metal bracelet that has been there since he was assigned one when he was born. This bracelet acts like an old phone used in 2007-2028 except its even better. This bracelet allows you to call anyone you wish with a simple two word command. The bracelet can also summon objects or allows Jack to buy objects with his allowance. Currency is not touchable and is called credits, credits can be used to buy any object as long as you have enough. Jack's bracelet also keeps track of all his medical records and such. He often summons white wireless headphones with the bracelet, along with drinks. Jack also has a hover board that can go up to 200 miles per hour. Though most speed limits only allow him to go 115. His appearance is that of a loner, one who spends his days at home and takes audio courses. (Meaning that he puts on a cap that sends him into a trance, by the time he's out of it he knows the material.) His eyes are a light grey, almost white in color. Like damp snow.
Clothes: Most of his clothes are long sleeved with hoodies included. He gets cold easily so darker clothes are also a main portion of his large wardrobe. His favorite things to wear usually consist of a long sleeved white/grey shirt that has a hood on it, and an unbuttoned black long sleeve top that has buttons from the neck and down. Black jeans usually accompany this and sometimes under the white/grey shirt her wears a black and blue flannel. It's lots of clothes and he knows it, but it's the only thing that will keep him warm. He also often wears black fingerless gloves, along with his white headphones.
Personality: A quiet boy, who often acts cold and calculating but is anything but that. He puts on this facade in spite of his father, who is the mayor of their city, and his mother whom is a councilwoman. Jack has no friends and no one wishes to be his friend. He keeps people at a distance and trusts no one. His father often times tries to make him happier by buying things for him but it doesn't work and he shows no gratitude for all the items he gets. For the first 7 years of his life he had tried his best to prove himself to his father but his father never came through for him. He had even taken public school with all its clothing standards and restrictions such as gloves that would keep Jack's power the least powerful it could be and no music for him. Jack quit public school despite his amazing grades and minimum use of his powers. Making his parents pay for his audio courses and getting paid for helping people unfreeze things or make their gardens prettier. Underneath his stubborn, cold exterior, Jack is still rather stubborn, it's his nature to be. When he gets friendly with someone, they will discover a young soul. Who sees the beauty despite whatever the situation is, and adores music with all his heart. He can play multiple instruments including the guitar, piano, cello, and can even sing relatively well. All of which he learned with old technique and printed "sheet music" as Jack's ancestors would have called it. Most people learned to play by audio courses. Jack can also speak German and Mandarin fluently, again, learned by old technology only. A thing that angers him greatly is the tracker his controlling father has put in him, the tracker is tiny and is placed in the flesh above his hip. He has no way of disabling the tracker and his father constantly knows where he is. If he strays into the Unknown his father knows exactly where he is.
Powers: Jack is an elementalist, he can control (somewhat) ice and snow. He doesn't use his powers often as he can get hypothermia if he uses them
often. He enjoys making things out of his ice though.

Edited at August 8, 2018 11:51 PM by Soaring Free
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 8, 2018 11:59 PM

Posts: 8664
Kiache watched with halfhearted interest the flurry of activity below her. The humans were organizing, then reorganizing, then re-reorganizing the wood shelf. There were flowers that made her nose itch, some of the shiny metal things humans put in their mouth, and plates. And cloths that they use to dab away no existent spills on their faces. Seeing no new activities, Kiache turned away from it all, and swam the distance of her tank. It was one of three. One that went to the top of the room in the eating place, one in the middle of the room they all sat in, which was significantly smaller, then one in the doorways. The tanks were all small, and she was the only inhabitant of them all. No other fish at all, though Kiache wouldn't wish this life upon any creature. There were tunnels to each of the tanks, and they were blocked off unless opened by the humans.
At this moment, her chest was bare, and her scales were not polished to the gleam they could be at. She was deemed 'unfit' by the staff to be seen by others, she assumed, based on their frowns at her.
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 12:13 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Jack entered the large dining room with a red face, his father in front of him. The two were obviously arguing, as normal. " Liam I am not wearing this suit and you know it. I will literally die of hypothermia, and you know I'm not overreacting! Do you really want me gone that bad? Because you could just take this tracker out of me and I'd gladly leave this place. I'm no-," Jack would've probably continued had his father not interrupted. " I meanwhile, am not going to allow you to leave because you would never make it. I am keeping you safe from the real world, where others would use your powers for their own uses. The suit is insulated inside it, you'll be fine Jack, unless you use your powers. Now go get changed now. That is final." Jack knew he wasn't going to be able to win this argument. He said nothing as he spun around and quickly walked away, biting his tongue so he wouldn't say anything he'd regret. He had to make sure he could at least go out to get food sometimes. As he walked away he heard his father shout at the maids. "What are you people doing? Get the mermaid dressed and get her scales polished! We are not running a pheasant home here people, chop chop we're on a schedule.." Jack's father's voice faded as the boy entered his room and slammed the door loudly behind him.
Edited at August 9, 2018 12:25 AM by Soaring Free
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 12:23 AM

Posts: 8664
As usual, humans never paid attention, and always used a bristly brush to scrub her scales. Sand was much more desirable, it cleaned the scales and skin. But, they never had and never will listen to her, so she stopped trying a while ago. Stopped talking a while ago. A staff member went around the back, and snapped her fingers. Kiache was supposed to go up on the large rock, where the lady could reach her, and allow her to scrub down her sensitive scales. The lady was not in a good mood, and scrubbed so hard, some scales fell off, making it bleed. This just made her angrier.
Once the brutal scrubbing was done, she pulled a top on Kiache. It was a white blouse. It had sleeves below the elbow, and tied around her.
The lady then brushed her hair quickly, not being gentle at all. Not like how Mater used to be.
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 12:38 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Liam hated how his son never listened. Maybe they should've been harder on him when he was younger, maybe they should've been harsher on his as a child. Given him more curfews and such. He had thought Jack would've been a better child, being born to two powerful political leaders. But Jack was anything but the child they had wanted. Recently, Liam had begun to tire of all his son's shenanigans. He had been debating on using personality changing audio on his child but in the end the cost wasn't worth it. As Liam told him maids what to do, he hoped Jack was actually changing into the suit. It was insulated inside so Jack should've been able to wear it without freezing himself. Though, elementals were so rare that not much research had been done on his son. Liam himself had magic, the power of charm. No literally. He charmed his way through many political fights and the like.
Jack meanwhile was getting dressed. Very slowly though. Not just because he wanted to but because he could get to cold. It took approximately 7 minutes and 24 seconds to completely get settled. He looked too formal to his eyes. Too nicely dressed. The only thing he wanted to do was to be set free. To be allowed to run around outside and have friends. To see the beach despite the warnings that he could make a good portion of it freeze over just by yawning. He wanted to hike and see birds and animals, to have a pet and not a mermaid who his father displayed like a stuffed animal.
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 12:44 AM

Posts: 8664
Once the pruning was finished, Kiache dove back into the water. The clothes made her feel bloated, and she just wanted to shrug out of them. But, it would earn her a slap if she did. Apparently humans did not like skin, as they hid a lot of it away. A lot of skin. Settling down on a rock ledge, she let her fins dangle off the edge. Some people thought she was pretty, but Kiache knew they had never seen a merfolk in their home turf. In the wide ocean, wild, free, and untamed... that was true beauty.
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 12:55 AM

Soaring Free
Posts: 7666
Jack walked into the dining room as he summoned his headphones. He would put them away later but for now he needed the music to tune out his father's words. The headphones were noise canceling, no one could hear it unless they had super great hearing. And Jack couldn't hear anyone else. His grey eyes settled on the mermaid. He felt bad for her most of the time. Taken away from her home and plopped into somewhere entirely new where Liam would make her live out the rest of her days. The mermaid was almost like Jack but worse, both were unable to live the lives they wanted to live because of Liam. Jack's grey gaze hardened and drifted back to the floor in front of him. His music filling his head.
B/S A Mermaids Heart August 9, 2018 01:02 AM

Posts: 8664
Kiache met the eyes youngest member the Owners family. Her teal ones shared a sad look, and her acute hearing picked up on the music he listened too. She hummed, stretching her vocal cords, which had been unused for so long. She didn't quite know what words his song had, but words were never the issue. She knocked on the glass, and did a little flip, making sure the boys eyes were on her. She then motioned pulling down the headthings, and swam down to the bottom of the tank.

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