Alfred F. Jones
02:09:35 America (Lord Salt)
No one commissions you-

They are out of their mind.
Panic! at My Romance
02:09:05 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
02:08:48 *cannibal noises*
I know now why no one ever commissions me :')
Alfred F. Jones
02:08:23 America (Lord Salt)
No he doesn't.
Black Swan
Someone wrote the 23th in their forum post

Magical wolfs
02:05:30 Magical, shywoolf
how do you add wolves to a folder?
Panic! at My Romance
02:05:23 Lombre-Ragu-Cello
I just broke two envelope openers

Damn it
mr. brightside
02:05:14 blep
Tai sends their.... condolences...?
02:02:20 Birthday Boy!

Oh gotcha xD
Corax Noir
02:02:03 Corax, Raven, Noir
Need two more votes. -WP Click-
02:01:43 *cannibal noises*
The urge to open another auction is real, but I gotta do this commission first :')
Blue Heart Lily
02:01:40 *Agent Oof noises*

It's simply because people are at school now. It should reanimate come about... 3-4 o'clock GT.
Alfred F. Jones
02:01:32 America (Lord Salt)
Tell him that he betrayed me in not helping me
01:59:57 Birthday Boy!
Chats slow
01:59:48 //Omnipresent Noises
Raptor pack role-play! There are four packs. A new pack plots to invade. A lone predator lurks in the darkness.:
-WP Click-
mr. brightside
01:58:22 blep
I have Tai on the phone right now ;-;
Warriors Of Dawn
01:57:58 *Duck noises*
Boom boom eyy
01:57:53 Birthday Boy!
Hi Ranger
Alfred F. Jones
01:57:19 America (Lord Salt)
He's the one who abandoned me when I asked him for help-
Ranger Corps
01:57:18 Sicadorito


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My WP theories June 5, 2019 08:59 AM

Life on Mars
Posts: 4566
I don't know if these are true but they seem likely

I am quite sure that playfulness affects spirit pleasing. I have had high / very high playfulness explorers with maxed spirituality displease spirits multiple times, but I don't ever recall a low playful explorer with max spirituality displeasing. In general, my explorers that often displease spirits have high playfulness. Also, WP uses flavor text to give hints to what stats do what in explore, and when a spirit is displeased it says something like "your wolf wags tail playfully"

Sometimes I feel as if desert has a higher chance of finding items to dig. But maybe I'm just trying to find redeeming qualities in the desert.

I believe weight variance of pups is +10/-10 the average of the parents' weight. Within this range, weight distribution is random than a bell curve.

And how inheritable are dynamic pelts? I've heard others say that it's not at all inheritable (like other non-common traits) but I'm pretty sure ptarmigan feathers are much more effective if the parents have dynamic coats.

What do you guys think?

Edited at June 5, 2019 09:00 AM by Life on Mars
My WP theories June 5, 2019 09:05 AM

Posts: 345
Well dynamic coats cannot be inherited as they are randomized. The chances of getting a dynamic pup with a dynamic mother/father is low. However yes the ptarmigan feather does higher the chances for randomization. So no dynamic coats aren't really inherited, they're randomized. I don't what the percent, but it's pretty low I think.
My WP theories July 4, 2019 03:08 PM

Posts: 3316
I noticed that desert has more encounters with other packs and den raiding.

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