redneck christmas
05:10:42 bloodied jorts
i want to do things but every-time i start i end up wanting to sleep. but i don't want to sleep, i want to play minecraft
King XpiEve
05:09:04 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hey Elles
Wolves of the Zodiac
05:08:45 ExH Queen
Morning\evening guys
Thirteenth Doctor
05:04:06 Doc
I'm here if you want Yellow :)
King XpiEve
05:03:33 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Yellow want to talk to me im always happy to talk
05:01:41 Waiting to die
I just found out something horrible about my sisters friend and I dont know what to do. Anyones pms open for a rant?
Death Valley Bridge
04:50:07 Dorito gaurdian
Heading to bed
Pande Ranges
04:49:59 Pan
Ah okay, that makes sense now. I was doing a family tree for someone and was adding birth and death dates and that just threw me for a six
04:49:14 Demon From Hell
no it isn't a glitch
Alfred F. Jones
04:48:33 America
It's not. There were a lot of Warrior Stones used on him, letting him live longer.
Pande Ranges
04:47:34 Pan
Is his birth date/death date a glitch? Thats a year and a half?

-WP Click-
Death Valley Bridge
04:30:00 Dorito gaurdian
What yalls think about him?
-WP Click-
King XpiEve
04:26:14 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Death Valley Bridge
04:25:33 Dorito gaurdian
Your wolves played: Ill break every bone in you kicks dirt on You Shall Rot in hell eternity for not sharing their rabbit.
Death Valley Bridge
04:25:27 Dorito gaurdian
Not much gathering mush for apples for warrior stones

And you
King XpiEve
04:24:07 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
SeekSis-Ohh how are you
Death Valley Bridge
04:22:58 Dorito gaurdian
Death Valley Bridge
04:22:25 Dorito gaurdian

Apples: 0
Apples Saved: 0
Mushrooms: 0
Mushrooms Saved: 666
King XpiEve
04:19:52 Xpi | Jo | Lucifer
Hi SeekSis
Death Valley Bridge
04:19:27 Dorito gaurdian


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Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 23, 2019 11:36 AM

Gemstone Wolves
Posts: 285
How do you think we can get the gold angel wings?

Will it be able to be bought will mush or apples? Or get enough bones in explore to buy them from the event shop?

Edited at May 23, 2019 11:39 AM by Gemstone Wolves
Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 26, 2019 07:57 PM

Life on Mars
Posts: 5034
I think it'll be available to buy with bones in the event shop, but that's only my guess.
Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 27, 2019 11:02 PM

Posts: 2275
Bones in the Event Shop. :)
Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 28, 2019 07:44 AM

Gemstone Wolves
Posts: 285
OK, thank you both very much! I'll have to start saving up mush then, I'd love to get the gold wings as my first wings in the game. :)
Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 29, 2019 03:36 PM

Posts: 829
Actually, saving up mush won't be the best thing to do unless you want to buy them from somebody, as to get the bones for the July Event, you get them in explore, and to buy the wings you use those bones, I believe.
Question about Up-coming July Gold Wings May 29, 2019 04:17 PM

Gemstone Wolves
Posts: 285
Oh, I'll buy Chinese Pottery with the mush. :) Then I can find more bones in explore by using them.

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