09:00:57 Autumndust
Holy hell I nearly went idle for too long ahhhh--
Black Swan
09:00:44 Swan Swannity Swan
Yup. I do 100 moves at a time
Worthless Paradise
09:00:21 Hypnos
How can you explore for five hours straight? Did you buy a bunch of explore moves?
Black Swan
08:59:21 Swan Swannity Swan
Hey, I've surfaced from 5 hours straight of explore

If anyone needs food, hit me up! I'm approaching 5k total feedings ^^
Star Shoe
08:58:08 Fat Hairy Women Legs
The wolves I am keeping-
1 mela female
1 SV male
2 Albino female pups
1 pretty female pup

Worthless Paradise
08:57:41 Hypnos
And I know blood is exploring like a madman. If you look in the hunting thing, I'm pretty sure they're in first place.
08:57:41 Aussie Bird
I didn't know if you did, because of how you worded it ^-^". It sounded like you believed they were targeting you. Apologies.
08:56:48 Princess Of Mewni
Shadows-how is she accidentally go threw the magic dimension? I really need to go back and rewatch everything, I was always distracted by other stuff while watching so I missed bits and pieces of episodes.
Worthless Paradise
08:56:44 Hypnos
Dude I know it's random.
Stormy Skies
08:56:14 Blackie, Mitsuki
polly, sometimes if I'm friends with the person I'll just gift it to them and put a note saying that my wolves raided their den.
08:56:12 Em / Flu / ila
I don't really read the events in explore and have missed several birdwatchers as a result, eek
08:54:52 Sil, SL, Ancient
If they're like me and explore a bunch we don't even read who we're raiding.
08:54:37 Aussie Bird
They don't get a choice about stealing from you haha. I feel bad when I steal repeatedly from the same pack, but there's nothing we can do to stop it.
08:53:59 Aussie Bird
Stealing food and relics is completely random. They're not targeting you.
Shadows Of Ember
08:53:39  🥔Ari
My pack was just DISGRACEFUL.
Worthless Paradise
08:53:06 Hypnos
I have all my bury spaces filled up already. :')
Shadows Of Ember
08:52:50  🥔Ari
Bury your food!
Worthless Paradise
08:52:01 Hypnos
blood demons has stolen 10 feedings just today. I am crying. They just stole four things from me. Gonna keep crying in my corner I can't keep up with this guy.
Park Seonghwa
08:51:26 High Warlock
Anyone want to do a MxM rp? Pm me!
Shadows Of Ember
08:50:48  🥔Ari
Rebel's [email protected]

Gremlin dude from Disney's Hercules: If, if is good.


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12/10 WP Memes March 22, 2018 11:41 PM

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Always and forever known as 12/10 WP Memes (don't let any tell you otherwise)

We all know we need some wolfplay memes in our life. So make some quality memes and post them here for others to laugh at or cry at because you realize you're actually just wasting your life away and...

Nevermind, just post some memes already.

Edit: It has been declared by Queen Eve (and Queen Sunny) that memes will always be known as memes. Thanks.

Edit: King Aven begs to differ but will be mature and accept this disgrace. "Moodles FOREVER"

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pretty sure you know mine XD
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Look at what I've started by asking one question lol
12/10 WP Memes March 22, 2018 11:43 PM

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What is it you see? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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"PM me for a roleplay!"
12/10 WP Memes March 22, 2018 11:53 PM

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Oppo, why...?

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12/10 WP Memes March 23, 2018 12:11 AM

Life on Mars
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@Deer: I don't know what kind of superwolf you may have, but I've never defeated bears with one wolfy Boi XD
12/10 WP Memes March 23, 2018 12:13 AM

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It's this wolfy boi xD
12/10 WP Memes March 23, 2018 12:29 AM

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Oppo! Our meme! :'D
This thread is lovely by the way. <3

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