05:01:43 Zyra_the_wolf
my friend is holding one of my wolves that was pregnant, and that wolf and my other pregnant one just gave birth
got a DS from one litter and a DH from the other
 Azure Empyrea
04:44:41 Edme
thank you fox!
130+ is hw
 Azure Empyrea
04:40:05 Edme
Hey chat, just came back from hiatus so brain is a little rusty. Can someone remind me of the heavyweight range again? i forget where it starts
 Mysterious Moon Clan
04:38:25 She/Her, Moon
Your wolves played: Pepper Fur growls dominantly at Swift Leaf.

Ahh yes, growl at the child that has more CP than you XD
 the Wayne pack
04:24:42 Waning
I can technically use the word "denomination" for a species, right? I know it's usually associated with organized religion, but the dictionary is telling me I can. The goal for me is to get the meaning of "species" without using it, well, I might have to use it.
 Ghost Of Christmas
04:22:44 Free

Mines over 150-
 Destinations End
04:03:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
03:48:55 Cae, Blue
Do i get 3 den expansions? Yes or yes?
 The Winter Walker
03:44:36 Noctem Lupus
I feel like I want to scream, but I don't want anybody to hear me?
03:43:23 Zyra_the_wolf
33 day log in streak, whoop whoop
03:19:06 Nes/Tes/Mom
Bye bro
03:17:45 Jingles (She/Her)
Bye. Sleep well.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:17:04 Shade/Violent/River
I'm heading to bed, it's past 3am now >.>
 Happy Pawlidays
03:08:28 Shade/Violent/River
Ahh, understandable, can you pm me it? (I'm 99.99% sure it's not for me XD)
03:07:27 Jingles (She/Her)
I can't. It's a Christmas present that someone ordered, but I don't know who it's for, so I don't want to accidentally spoil the surprise. Otherwise I would.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:06:27 Shade/Violent/River
You spy 5 Sun Bears.
 Happy Pawlidays
03:05:01 Shade/Violent/River
Ooh, show it?
03:04:42 Jingles (She/Her)
**some art**
03:04:22 Jingles (She/Her)
My hands are cramping! I just did so e art and it made my hands cramp SO bad. I finished the art piece though, and it looks really good.


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Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!December 2, 2023 02:49 PM

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Zera & Bluu

Females || Gray Foxes || M: (Dir) Each other. (Dir/Ind) None. (Ind) None.


Bluu stirred awake, feeling her sister's fluffy pelt still pressed up against her side, so she lifted her head off the ground to swiveling her gaze towards Zera. She couldn't even see her sister's face because of her bristling fur and her tail draped over her entire head. She must be really cold after that snowstorm. Bluu couldn't say she wasn't cold. She was freezing right now. Her fur is too short for her to tolerate such cold. And for the first time since leaving her parent's den, she actually felt grateful that her sister was here to help her stay warm. She knew that if her sister wasn't here, she likely would've gotten sick last night.

Zera felt something wiggling against her side, causing her to wake up. Her eyes slightly opened, to not allow the sunlight completely in and make her eyes burn. Her jaws parted open, her long tongue curling up as she released a quiet, and kind of adorable yawn. "Good morning, Bluu." She murmered before placing her head back down on the ground, her eyes sliding shut again. Much to her surprise, she didn't hear a grunt of annoyance come from her sister, but rather a disappointed sigh instead.

Bluu narrowed her eyes at Zera when she placed her head back down. She has so much energy, but when she goes to bed, she never wants to get up in the morning. "We have to hunt this morning, Zera." She grunted in an attempt to get Zera to actually get up. But much to her expectation, her sibling didn't even budge, and just murmered something incomprehensible. "We can get you a delicious rabbit." Still nothing... Then Bluu made a defeated sigh before making an irritated grunt. "I'll teach you how to hunt properly. Only if you don't feel bad for the animals when you're one second away from snapping their neck."

When Zera heard that, she lept up to her feet, turning to Bluu with her tail wagging like some kind of dog. "Really?! You'll teach me how to hunt?!" She yelped in joy, but spoke so fast to the point where it sounded like a jumble of random sounds instead of words. She stared at Bluu, not even blinking. Then, her sister nodded. Zera released an excited and loud shriek in joy, that echoed out of the den and throughout the entire area around her. Then, she made a one hundred eighty degree turn and ran outside the den at top speed.

Bluu grumbled as she watched the hyperactive fox run out of the den, squealing in delight. I wouldn't have offered if I knew she was gonna do that.. She let out another defeated sigh before standing up and walking out of the den to go follow Zera.

(In case any of you were wondering, when Zera shared her hunting strategies with Frost, she never actually hunts. She just comes up with something and Bluu ends up trying them. Zera has only hunted for herself like three times in her entire life, and that was when she was a pup. Bluu does all the hunting)

Strive to Survive | RP Thread | Open!December 4, 2023 09:14 PM

Mountian Pack
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Finley/ F/ Stray/ M: Strays (ind)
The young dog laid patiently in the den, she was scared to go outside not knowing what was out there or who was out there. She looked around the den looking for anything to help with the pain. Finley didn't recognize anything so the next best thing she could think of was making a splint. Finley pulled herself up making sure she didn't put any weight on her hind leg.
Making her way towards the entrance a hit of sun blinded her eyes making her bend her head closing her eyes shut. She looked back up noticing the packs camp it was covered in snow. Finley sat down with a wince covering her paw with her tail, her ears flattened close to her head she let her head out of the den having a gust of wind brush through her fur.
"One more day of rest should do" Finley mumbled to herself moving her body back laying down and tuck her paws under her body.

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