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When speaking of gathering new alliance members, is it a Sales thing or can it be put in the Main chat? (For future reference)
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huh interesting! I just got one for 5 mush which I definitely wasn't expecting. I wonder what I should do with her haha
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Because a lot of packs focus on dominance, and SV wolves give them a pretty big advantage. And yes, that's good.


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A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:19 AM

Imperial Sands
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Rough Plot:

A Herd of Previously Owned mares, ranging in value, age, and breed, roam the hills, taking refuge away from people in the unclaimed lands they now call home. The road to survival was rough, and some were lost along the way, but the small herd has carved a life out for itself after being released from the confines of their stalls by their previous owner. He knew the odds were low they would all survive, but it gave them a fighting chance when the other option was far worse.

Whispers of a herd of mares, rumored to be unprotected by a stallion, have spread across the lands, drawing the attention of many in search of them. Their bloodlines and value unlike anything seen within the herds has captivated stallions in search of power and prowess. Many believe to capture this band of mares would bring them marvel from other stallions, and would raise them above all others. Bachelors have ventured in search of creating their own herd, while Band Stallions drag their current mares in search of flooding their own ranks with the new stock. Some Herd Stallions have even abandoned their herds in search of the whispered prize.

Not all, though, are happy about this herd's existence. Especially the mares who have been abandoned or forced to journey in search of them, in fact, many of them wish for them to go away so lives can return to normal. They're not afraid to hide how they feel either. New mares, preferred mares, are a threat to their herd hierarchy and so much can change when the favor of a stallion is lost.

Of course, not all have the same mindset as the disgruntled mares or the hungry stallions, some seek this new herd in hopes of providing them a safe life where they are welcome and guided through how to survive as a wild horse.

The rumors though, don't extend to just the horses though. Humans have heard about the existence of this herd, and have begun to search for them in greed. The whispered value of some of the mares enough to draw the attention of many willing to risk coin and life to capture them for their own.

It will be a perilous journey for the mares to remain, but they are determined to, in some way, remain in the wild where the confines of humans can no longer touch them.


This is a new Horse Rp I am creating. It's definitely rough and in progress so bare with me! Any questions, feel free to Pm me.

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A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:20 AM

Imperial Sands
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Further Roleplay Information

For this Rp There Will Be:
- The Broodmare Herd
- The Wild Herd
- Bachelor Stallions & Bands

I did not want there to be four different herds, and this way it'll allow better interaction between characters.

The Broodmare Herd
This is the Herd of Mares that have come to exist after being released from their home by their previous Owner. They were released because he had gone into too much debt, and would have had to sell everything, and them, to the highest bidder without any sort of guaruntee they would be treated right. Not wanting them to be sold to slaughter or to horrible homes, he elected to release them, believing it to be the best option to give them a fighting chance. The herd consists of mares of extremely high value, so mares of Racehorse lines, Arabians, etc. There aren't going to be many, if any, regular ranch horses, etc. There are no Stallions in the herd, the closest thing there would be is colts who were released with their mothers or born after the fact.
In this Herd there are: Mares & Yearlings.
Herd Name: TBD

The Wild Herd
This is the Herd of Wild Horses that have come in search of the Broodmare Herd in hopes of adding them to the Herd's Ranks. The Stallion desires nothing but to have the best herd, the most saughter after herd, and the power that goes with it. His mares aren't as happy about his decision to seek out the Broodmare herd, wary of what will come with it if he finds them. They aren't too thrilled to have been dragged from the safety of their home in hopes of finding some "pretty mares" to give their stallion more power among stallions. This also puts his own mares at risk of being stolen by Bachelors taking advantage of his goals.
In this Herd There are: Stallions, Mares, Yearlings, and Foals
Herd Name: TBD

The Bachelor Bands
These are the Bands of Stallions who have herd of the Broodmare herd and desire to find them in hopes of creating their own herd. It is not yet decided among all of them exactly how that will work out or look, but they have decided that working together to achieve their goals gives them the best opportunity. These bands consist of anywhere from two to five stallions at a time, and are lead by the oldest and most experienced of them. Typically, when finding mares, he's the first to branch off and take them to create his own herd, and the next stallion in line taking his position as leader, and then so on and so forth. With so many unclaimed mares around, and herd mares on the way, though, this may change. They tend to work together to steal mares rather than to challenge directly unless necessary.
In these Bands there are: Stallions

The Bachelor Stallions
These, like the Bachelor Bands, are the stallions without any mares or herds. However, these are the stallions who have chosen to travel alone. Usually they either choose to steal a mare or two when the time arises, or they will challenge a lead stallion directly to takeover. In this case, they aim to arrive to the herd and woo the unclaimed mares into following, and leading them away before any others can.
These are just Stallions.
A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:20 AM

Imperial Sands
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The Roleplay Rules
1. Follow all of WP's and Eve's Rules.
2. Be Active. Do not join never to post or finish characters, or to disappear. Be active in Rp and Discussion.
3. This is a Semi-Literate and Semi-Realistic Rp. Please keep these in mind when not only posting but when creating your forms.
4. Detailed Description is the Minimum Requirement for Appearance. Free to Use Stock Images are allowed, but the Rules for WP and their Creator's rules must be followed.
5. Reservations will only last 48 Hours. If you haven't finished your character by then, the position will be opened back up. If you've read everything put Bluebird in your form.
6. You may have up to Four Characters for This Rp.
7. No Orphaned Foals in the Wild Herd. I will allow Orphaned Foals in the Broodmare Herd, but you MUST find them a Caregiver prior to being Accepting.
8. In your Appearance Description, make sure to include the breed of your horse if you are making a Broodmare Herd character.
9. No Instant Love or Mates, and no Being Mates with your Own Character.
10. No perfect characters or invincible characters. They will have flaws, and injuries and losses will be had.
11. You can dictate how your horse views mates and relationships. If a Mare wants to share her stallion or not, or if a Stallion just wants one more, or maybe a few or even a large herd. He can also decide he is wants to have a preferred or favored mare if he does have a small band or large herd.
12. Have Fun!


The Broodmare Herd Rules
1. The Lead Mare's word is law. Disobeying her could result in exile.
2. Do not wander off without permission or by yourself. We utilize the buddy system.
3. Do not consort with outside stallions without first telling the Lead Mare and Deputy about them. They could be a risk to the herd and it's hierarchy.
4. Mares can have foals with outside stallions, but it must be preapproved by the Lead Mare.
5. If a Stallion is found trying to infilitrate a herd, or has produced a foal with a herd mare without permission, the Herd will move, and the foal could possibly be forced to be abandoned.
6. Stay. Away. From. Humans. And alert Immediately if they are seen.

The Wild Herd Rules
1. The Lead Stallion's Word is law, he is to be listened to and respected at all times. Same for the Lead Mare.
2. Absolutely No Consorting with Outside Stallions. Foals will be abandoned or Killed if not of the LS or Lieutnant's blood, and mares will be punsihed and the Bachelor will be run off or killed.
3. Do not wander off by yourself or without permission. It will have the opposite effect of giving you space or independance.
4. Colts MUST leave at the age of three, if they stick around they may be injured.
5. Nonherd Mares must be brought the Lead Stallion immediately.
6. Stay away from humans and report them immediately. If you have brought them to the herd, you will be abandoned so the herd can escape.
A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:20 AM

Imperial Sands
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Important Herd Role Descriptions

For the Broodmare Herd

Lead Mare

She is the Mare that Stepped Up to Lead the Mares. They now trust her to lead and guide them as she has done so far. Her word is law, and she is to be respected by all. She ultimately makes the decisions for the herd.

Deputy Mare

This is the Mare who is like the Lead Mare's Lieutenant. She is the Most trusted mare of the Lead Mare, and helps faciliate anything the LM needs. She's also the one who will takeover in the event something happens to the LM.

Herd Mares

The other mares in the herd.

These are the horses under the age of 3 that are the offspring of the mares. They were either unborn or foals at the time of the release, and have aged into yearlings.

For the Wild Herd

Lead Stallion
He is the Leading Stallion of the herd, and everything he says goes. He leads them, and his main job is to protect them, from whatever it may be. His word is law, and he is to be respected. He is the one with majority of the breeding rights to the mares within his herd.

Lead Mare

She is the Leading Mare of the herd, and is primarily in charge of the mares. She leads them to safety when the LS is taking care of a threat, and also keeps them in line if the mares start to act out. She helps the LS decide where to go for grazing, and solely chooses where to go for foaling.

The Lieutenant is the other stallion in the herd who is tasked with keeping the herd safe. He doesn't interfere with challenges for LS, but he does protect them from stallions trying to steal mares, or predators attacking, etc. If the LS is gone, he is the Stallion who takes over in his place and will eventually find a new Lieutenant for himself. He has some breeding rights, but he must get permission from the LS.

Herd Mares

These are the adult mares who make up the bulk of the herd.


These are the young horses over the age of one, but under the age of three.

All horses under the age of one, and the offspring of the mares.

For the Bachelor Bands

Lead Stallion

He is the oldest and most experienced stallion of the band, and he leads them. When the band claims mare, he is the one who typically takes them, and breaks off to form a herd.

Band Stallions
These are the other stallions in the herd. They respect the hierarchy of age, knowing that the oldest horses get to form herds first. When the LS leaves to form a herd, the next most experienced horse steps up to lead. Sometimes, the LS will take a stallion with him to be a Lieutenant. It's their choice to go or not though.
A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:21 AM

Imperial Sands
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The Roles

The Broodmare Herd

Lead Mare
Arashi |6 Yrs | Pg. 2

Deputy Mare
Cliodhna | 9 Yrs | Pg. 2

Herd Mares
Mirri | 4 Yrs | Pg. 1
Reserved for Polly
Bandit | 3 Yrs | Pg. 3
Cadhla | 4 Yrs | Pg. 5
Eclipse | 4.5 Yrs | Pg. 5
Nyarai | 8 Yrs | Pg. 7
Setsuko | 4 Yrs | Pg. 7

Ansgar | 1.9 Yrs | Pg. 6


The Wild Herd

Lead Stallion
Anwir | 6 Yrs | Pg. 6

Lead Mare
Saga | 7 Yrs | Pg. 2

Chex | 6 Yrs | Pg. 6

Herd Mares
Nisaba | 12 Yrs | Pg. 2
Noche | 4 Yrs | Pg. 4
Louhi | 6 Yrs | Pg. 5
Luyu | 5.5 Yrs | Pg. 3
Adela | 9 Yrs | Pg. 7

Taonoui | 1.5 Yrs | Pg. 2
Erzulie | 1.6 Yrs | Pg. 7
Kavik | 1.7 Yrs | Pg. 7
Inzhu | 1.6 Yrs | Pg. 7



Bachelor Band One

Lead Stallion
Saulceris | 13 Yrs | Pg. 1

Band Stallions
Rian | 4 Yrs | Pg. 5
Cairo | 3 Yrs | Pg. 3

Bachelor Band Two

Lead Stallion
Anil | 8 Yrs | Pg. 5

Band Stallions
Bladr | 8 Yrs | Pg. 3


Bachelor Stallions
Sage | 3 Yrs | Pg. 3
Ouray | 6 Yrs | Pg. 5

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A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:22 AM

Imperial Sands
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The First Posts

For the beginning of the Roleplay, there is a few things you need to know. The season of spring is underway, and with it the buzz of new life lingers in the air. Other things lurk as well, as spring is the season of rain in the area, causing regular mud or rock slides in the mountains, rivers flooding the plains, and making the world a whole lot more dangerous. The thrum of coming rain in the air, the skys rumbling with the promise of storm, it is the melodic tune of complete and total disaster.

The horses, knowing they are vulnerable to the elements when it's raining, push into the valleys in search of shelter. This will push horses uncomfortable close with other herds, and not all company is welcome among the beasts of the wild.

For the horses of the Broodmare Herd, rain is both equally a streak of luck and incredibly dangerous. On one hand, the rain will slow anyone looking for them, and make it harder to find them in the storm. However, it also pushed them blindly in all directions, and pulling possible dangers closer. The risks were high when storms came in. And there was little anyone can do for it.

For the Wild Herd, the rain storm is an obscene irritation, an inconvenience to all of them. They too have entered the valleys of the mountain in search of shelter. And possibly in position to take over the herd of mares, of lose everything to a stronger contendor.

Either way, threats come in all shapes and sizes, and mother nature is the best at creating them. As the horses find shelter, and possibly danger, it soon becomes clear that entering the valley in the hopes of sheltering from the ran may very well be their downfall. With the valley beginning to flood, the horses will have to make quick decisions in order to survive, or be swept away before the journe even begins.


All Posts Need a Header of Some Sort.


Gender | Herd | Rank | Mentions


With the above information, this rp will start at the beginning of another day. It rained all the night before, and, while the morning is clear, the promise of more rain is ever so clear. The horses will have to seek what they need, while simultaneously deciding which coarse of action is the best for them. Ultimately, which path would lead to the reward that will be worth the risk.

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A Horse Rp | Open October 10, 2021 01:36 AM

Imperial Sands
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You May Post
A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 02:22 PM

Imperial Sands
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Wild Herd | Lead Mare | Mentions: Anwir, Herd

A sour expression lingered on the defined face of a grey mare, her exquisite features pulled into an angry scowl. It was a beautiful morning out, but Saga found little joy in it's appearance. THe water logged earth squelched beneath her hooves, turning it into a slippery landslide. It had rained the entire night before, leaving the mare chilled, but not overwhelmingly so. The worst of it, though, was the promise of rain currently rumbling through the skies.

Her eyes shifted to glare into the large form of their Lead Stallion, a creature she had little interest in sharing the same oxygen with. Saga held little affection for the brute in question, finding she often wished he'd slip down into oblivion on one of their ventures, and just never return. No, the mare desired her lead stallion back, the kind and compassionate creature who had made existing a little less painful. While Anwir resembled Ouray in every way, nearly being a spitting image of him, all she felt when she saw him was vile rage.

Snorting the mare stomped her hoof as she moved to the side, shifting her weight into a more comfortable stance. "We should seek shelter and safety until the storm blows over," she spoke, her voice high nor low, but direct and commanding. There was very little aruging to be done when Saga spoke, but part of her knew Anwir would likely only decide something if he wanted to do it, no matter her opinion. Arrogance, she decided, would be his downfall, and she was willing to take whatever steps necessary to speed up his demise. She could only hope she was there to witness it.

Turning her head to look at the herd that trailed with her, she called to them. "Start looking for shelter as we move. Something that can cover us and won't be flooded would be ideal," she spoke matter-of-factly, and then turned, striding forward again. She was sure Anwir would have his own opinions on it all.
A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 03:28 PM

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Wild Herd | Yearling | Mentions: Anwir, Ouray , & Herd

The young mare was positively agitated. The young mare's expression mirrored that of her dam. Her eyes held a cold expression , it was directed towards Anwir. She held a certain dislike for the male. He may have been her blood uncle , however she didn't want anything to do with him. His company displeased her, and she didn't find him appealing to be around. Now he was the lead stallion, and this angered her. She'd much rather Chex be the Lead Stallion in her father's absense . Ah, how she favored the handsome stallion. He was her Uncle, and he had no choice in the matter. She would always cherish him.

She heard the soft squelching of the ground as she moved . And she let out an annoyed grumble at it. Darn it all. Stupid rain, stupid mud , stupid Anwir. She looked at the large male and squinted her eyes at him critically, she just knew he had something to do with her Father's disappearance, and she really wanted to see Chex make him pay. Now, Tao wasn't one to be vengeful against others a lot, but anyone who hurt her father or family was automatically disliked by her. She didn't care if he was blood, he was not her Uncle . She raised her head and watched as her mother began moving, and she began gravitating towards the mare .

She heard as her mother called to the other horses within the herd. And she smirked as her mother left no room for argument with Anwir. Knowing him, he'd be whining like a little foal at the mare taking lead of her herd. Picking up her hooves she made her way towards her mother , and nickered softly, "Good morning , Mother. " she said in a fond tone as she walked aside the mare.

" I enjoy the rain, but this mud is quite infuriating. Hopefully we find shelter soon. How, are you doing this morning aside from the rain and annoying Anwir." And she cut a glare towards the "Lead" stallion.

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A Horse Rp | Open October 11, 2021 05:23 PM

Rising Shadows
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Noche || 4 || Wild Herd Mare || M: Saga, Taonouri, Nisaba, Others (Ind)

The solid gray sky promised a torrent of rain to come. It covered the land as far as Noche could see, and even the meager sunlight that managed to luminate the area was significantly dimmed. It still felt like early daybreak. Noche's already pitch black coat seemed to grow even darker in the absense of light, but in a grayed-out way. There was no warm ray to spark a glow in her coat. There wasn't any warmth to speak of.

The black mare released a breath, steam shooting from her nostrils. She began to pick her way carefully through the loose, muddy ground towards the bay mare, Nisaba. Her mother was still here, even if Ouray was not, and Noche intended to maintain some level of decency in her life.

"It's a wet kind of cold today," she mumbled as she approached Nisaba's side. Her black eyes shifted towards Saga as the lead spoke, and Noche's gaze softened at Taonouri's smaller frame. "Foreboding."

Subconsciously, she began looking for shelter per Saga' command. When she noticed herself doing so, she huffed irritably. Everyone always listened to Saga; even Anwir had, at one point, up until...

Well. Noche didn't dwell on the outing of her sire. She'd often surveyed the horizon in hopes of catching a glimpse of him, but to no avail. She figured that Anwir was probably doing the same, and that was why she hadn't been able to see her father. Yet.

It had come as a shock when Anwir had full-blown overtaken the position of lead stallion and sort of cast both Chex and Saga to the side. Noche prayed that revenge would come on swift wings.

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