01:36:40 Misa | Saki | Em

Now these are old screenshots. As seen by the poor quality 👀
01:36:10 Led-Zip-Pelin
nothing like sitting in a best buy parking lot for hours on end just to get a ps5
01:26:02 Techno | The Blade

I will always call ya murber cause that is my favorite nickname for ya
01:16:48 Auby (I'm ghost lol

01:16:24 fire/pride
-WP Click-
three pups holy shit
01:15:23 Rook
Oh wow! So close, yet so far. Good luck :>
01:14:41 Auby (I'm ghost lol
-WP Click-
I so hope she has good pups ;-;
snake orb
01:11:46 chaos orb
excuse you, i'm a legless noodle now

cres's words
i think
01:08:42 Techno | The Blade
Hello hello murber
01:08:01 Rook
Thank you! I'm exploring as fast as possible 🤠
snake orb
01:07:24 chaos orb
01:07:02 Its Cres :D
Techno, side :P
01:06:55 Its Cres :D
Aight, im off now to learn and write about Bootstrap >.< Bird boi, i wont log off so get to exploring and steal the pot <.<
01:06:49 Techno | The Blade

I see you have a new name or this is a side?
01:05:41 Its Cres :D
Oh right, paying before announcing results. Completely forgot thats even an option lmao.

Techno <33
01:04:19 Techno | The Blade
hello hello
01:04:13 Rook
The way I'm imagining the betting is basically no risk. It's just toss your vote in the pot and if you guess right you get mushrooms. If you guess wrong, better luck next time lol
01:02:37 Its Cres :D
Bird boi, yeah, it would probably require either both packs dueling to mail you the victor, or just the victor to send the screenshot as proof. Pretty time consuming, but im not sure if theres another way to verify wins. Also, the betting system should probably be done on forums, with the rule of no editing posts <.<
12:59:44 Its Cres :D
Hoodie, lmao understandable. Im just on here so Bird boi can steal that chinese pottery and complete the quest XD

Oh no, thats awful! Has it been taken out yet? Or at least put under control? I can imagine what hell it was >.<
snake orb
12:58:28 chaos orb
yay (:


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    Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 01:57 PM

Covidic Coffee
Posts: 2058
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North Carolina, Charlotte (City)

You will all start scattered out in the city, some may start together, some may be separated. But besides this...

Let the games begin

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Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 01:54 PM

Covidic Coffee
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2014 Newspaper:

November 3, 2014. In a tragic fire, three Ibex Headquarters were famished in a horrific fire. No bodies were recovered, and no signs of life from the wreckage were recorded. Dr. Stevens, the head scientist in Facility B, has been found deceased. There have been no other reports of any remains of the other victims. And still no clue on why this unexpected fire had raged and killed innocent lives.

You. Yes, you. You escaped the fire, it's been 2 years now. And yet, no one knows who you are, or where you came from. But you do. You know the tragic things Ibex has done to you and your fellow Experimentals. You know the truth behind Ibex's wicked schemes. You know.

In order to participate in this RP, you must read the directions, respect all those around you, and fill out a Character Sheet.

You are an "Experimental" that escaped the fires, that burned Ibex down. You still hold the abilities, powers, and strengths that Ibex scientists have injected, and forced into your body. You're on the run, constantly moving, and constantly fighting the Ibex's team. They want you. You need to run. They are trying to catch you.

Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 01:54 PM

Covidic Coffee
Posts: 2058
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Master Sheet:

Females | Girls

Dakota | Female | 18 | Hetero | Rona Child
Nyx | Female | 18 | Hetero | Rona Child
Flame Chaise | Female | 19 | Hetero | Fangsoffire

Jacqueline O'Conner | Female | 17.5 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Lada Smirnov | Female | 20 | Bisexul | Egg
Amber Lilly | Female | 19 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Zaphara Delecroix | Female | 24 | Bisexual | Egg
Shi Kritanta | Female | 20 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Lada Smirnov | Female | 20 | Bisexual | Egg
Kage | Female | 20 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Lucille | Female | 21 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Glory | Female | 18 | Hetero | Rona Child
Segane | Female | 21 | Hetero | Dragonhorse

Males | Boys

Arlin Crowe | Male | 18 | Bisexual | Egg
Lilypad / Leonas | Male | 23 | Hereo | Egg
Night Chetan | Male | 23 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Alexander | Male | 18 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Nakao Seishiro | Male | 30 | Hetero | Egg
Cero Axel | Male | 18 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Jackson Fenweh | Male | 22 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Ghost | Male | 19 | Hetero | Egg
Levuska Smirnov| Male | 2 | Hetero | Egg
Shadow Chaise | Female | 21 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Lucien | Male | 21 | Hetero | Dragonhorse {Deceased}
Phantom | Male | 20 | Hetero | Dragonhorse
Rocky Moutain | Male | 25 | Hetero | Fangsoffire
Dread | Male | 23 | Hetero | Egg

Edited at May 25, 2021 07:19 PM by Rona Child
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 02:02 PM

Covidic Coffee
Posts: 2058
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RP Rules:

1. NO Godmodding AT ALL. Just because you have powers, doesn't mean you can kill someone in one hit or dodge every attack.
2. Hate the Character not the Player
3. This is Semi-Lit, so I expect to see 6+ Sentences. 2+ Paragraphs would be nice, but I can deal with 6+ Sentences.
4. No Hidden Powers. You can't make a form, enter the RP then add "Hidden" Powers and you can not edit your Powers on your Form either.
5. Romance is allowed, but let's keep it civil :>
6. Swearing is allowed
7. No Drama among the Players, drama is allowed inside the RP and inside alone.
8. Your character can get hurt, and injured. You are not allowed to kill someone's character off unless both I and the character's Player are asked and given permission.
9. No controlling other people's characters.
10. Have fun!

When you write your RP's paragraphs, use this so its easier for everyone to know who you are.
Name | Age | Sexuality | Gender | Mentions | Powers(If you want to add these.)

Edited at April 12, 2021 02:36 PM by Rona Child
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 02:33 PM

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Alexander (Lex) | Male | 18 | Hetero | Mentions: Open
Lex awoke with a shock. His nightmare wouldn't go away. It was the same thing every time he slept, haunting him for the past two years. The fire was everywhere, burning everything and himself in the process. A part of me died in that fire... maybe it was for the better. He thought, sighing and trying to calm his beating heart.
He had been sleeping in an alley way, back up against a wall. He didn't trust buildings, not after that explosion.
He streched as he stood up, leaning back and popping his back a few times. Once he was done with that he went through and popped his fingers, taking extra care on his right hand. He then examined the glove on his right hand. He needed to make sure it had no holes in it.
No matter what happens, I'm never going to use... that. I won't kill someone. He sighed again, deciding the glove was fine. He thought what he should do. His grumbling stomach helped him out. Oh ya, food.
He walked down the alleyway. Once he reached the streed it led out to, he looked both directions and decided he would be safe to begin the small walk to the bakery he usually scored some free food at.
He started to cross the street, not noticing the car barreling towards him. He caught it out of the corner of his eye and immidiately stared at it. He just stood there, frozen in his terror. It jsut came closer and closer and then...
He watched the events unfold in slow-motion as another car backing out of a parking spot had T boned the car that hadn't been paying attention. Causing it to stop a few feet in front of him. He regained his sanity and dashed off.
He ran a few blocks before stopping, panting slightly. He was at the bakery, but he didn't remember telling himself to go there. He noticed a plate of crissonts left out, cooling in the cool morning air. He snagged one as he walked by, eating it hungrily. I wonder how I've nver been caught. How did that car miss me? He wondered enlessly, pondering the questions as he walked down the street.
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 02:59 PM

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Jacqueline (Goes by Jac) O'Conner | Female | 17.5 | Hetero | Mentions: Open
Jac leaned up against the brick wall of the alleyway. She was blending into the shadows, not even realizing it, although she never did. Hey percing green eyes studied the people walking past the alleyway.
Two years. That's a long time. She thought, absentmindedly fingering the scar that went across her forearm. I wonder if I was the only survivor. The only 'cursed.' Well, she called it a curse. She could do things now, unatraul things she wished she couldn't. She knew she couldn't go back into regular society, she was a danger to everyone around her.
A cat scurried along the alleyway. It was beautiful. It was a short-haired cat, nothign fancy. But it had no tail and was missing an ear. Yet it had the most gorgeus eyes. Both of them shining almost golden in the light. It's coat was a beautiful silver-blue, with white socks.
She walked away from the shadowy wall and into the light, letting the cat see her. It ran upto her, meowing. "There you are girl, I've been waiting for you. I stole you some cat food for you and your babies." Jac said, smiling as she sat on the ground and opened the can of cat food.
The cat had been her only sense of comfort for around a year. Durring that time the cat must have found a nice boy-cat, because she was now pregnant and looked close to having her kittens soon. If it wasn't for Jac, she would be skin and bones, but thanks to her she was a nice filled out cat.
Jac pet the cat's head as she ate. "You still don't have a name do you. What about Sharky? You do seem to consume food like a starved shark." She laughed at her joke, but did like the name for the small cat. "Sharky it is."
She waited for the cat to finish her food and lick the container clean before she went and threw it away. Sharky followed her, leaning against her leg as she wanted to be held. "You're pretty spoiled, you know that?" Jac said to the cat, picking her up carefully. The cat melted into her arms and that made Jac smile. She didn't know what she would've done without the cat. She was the only thing that Jac had to hang onto.
She shivered thinking about her dead parents, not even wanting the detail of how they were brutally murdered in front of her. She refocused her mind on Sharky again. Maybe I'll help you raise some of your little kittens. They might love me too. She said in her mind to the cat, knowing she didn't hear any of that, but not wanting to wake the sleeping blob in her arms.
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 02:59 PM

Covidic Coffee
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Dakota | 18 | Hetero | Female | Mentions: Nyx
Nyx | 18 | Hetero | Female | Mentions: Dakota

Two young girls were sitting at a table, on Maple Street, at a Fast Food place called Tim Hortons. One was sipping a nice, cold, caramel cappuccino while the other was holding a croissant along with a tall cup of coffee beside her elbow. They had been there for quite a bit, probably an hour..possibly two.

"You gonna eat that?.." the one of the left, asked quietly pointing to her sister, who was holding the croissant but not eating it yet. "Yes, hungry pig," Dakota looked up at her, narrowing her eyes. "Well eat it quickly, before I snatch it out of your hands. I paid for this stuff ya' know, and I will not see it go to waste...especially something so yummy-" Nyx started to reach across the table for the croissant but Dakota whacked her hand. "No. Mine." Dakota growled and bit into it with a smile and Nyx pouted. She grabbed her caramel cappuccino and drank it slowly through the plastic straw. It was complete silence for a moment or two, and Dakota began with a whisper, "I heard a few kids were abducted last night. No signs of them, just by St. Avenue." Nyx shook her head with a sigh and set the cappuccino down. "Of course."

She stood up, brushed off her pants and her butt, grabbing the cappuccino and throwing it in the trash bin. "We should go." Dakota nodded and practically did the same thing, threw her food away, and started off with Nyx. The two sisters, or, twins, crossed the street, their legs in perfect sync. One held her hands in her skinny jean pockets, and the other had her arms swaying by her side.

Dakota | 18 | Hetero | Female | Mentions: None

As Dakota and her sister crossed the street, she sighed quietly to herself. It's only been two years..but the nightmares still haunt me. They are going to find us, and we won't be ready...she held her head down and continued walking alongside her sister, on the sidewalk.

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Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 03:18 PM

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Lilypad and Arlin

The man stands on the roof of a rather tall building, looking down at the people below with an amused look on his face. His nostrils widen as he takes in a breath of polluted air, a small smirk appearing on his face. "Oh, this is going to be fun." He glances over his shoulder, his eyes fixated on Arlin with an entertained smile. "You can have your fun here, Dragon Boy." Lilypad completely turns his body around, facing the younger man who was enthused about something. "Ah, I see that you're ready. That's good." Lilypad claps his hands excitedly before stopping and clasping his hands together. "Chaos a little bit of chaos, but not a lot," he warned, "We don't want to harm the innocents down below." Arlin nods his head, a devious smirk on his lips, and he slowly approaches the end railing of the building that they were on. "Hand me my helmet, Lilypad." Arlin's eyes were gleaming with amusement, licking his lips hungrily. Lilypad does so, pulling a fully black full-face helmet with the eyeholes covered in dark-tinted plastic to hide the eyes. He tosses the helmet to his companion, who catches it in mid-air, then puts it on. "How would you get down here, Lilypad?" Arlin's voice was muffled as he stares at his friend, the older man just smiling. "I have my own ways, farewell." Waving to his friend that jumps from the ledge and is now free-falling.

Lilypad waits for a bit, clicking the roof of his tongue, "Be safe, you idiot." He murmured before digging into his bag to pull out his own helmet. It was a full-faced skull helmet with the coloration of it a frosty white. Lilypad walks over to the ledge of the building, staring down at the area where Arlin fell from and nods his head as the young man summoned his wings. "My turn to come down, I guess." Turning around to head to a different area to jump from, which he did, and he too started to free-fall.



He feels his clothes danced along his skin as the wind ruffled his attire, eyes fixated down below the pavement of the alleyway. "This is going to hurt. Wish I have wings." Lilypad lands onto the ground, a groan leaving his lips as he landed on the frontal part of his body. Allowing his body to fix the broken pieces in his body before standing up and starts dusting himself off. "Maybe I should've asked Arlin to bring me down here. I can't keep using Biokensis so freely." He starts moving individual joints and starts jogging down the alley. As he sees the end of the alleyway just ahead, he stops and moves towards the wall to lean against it. He starts a countdown in his head, starting from 100, "100...99...98...," he says it more quietly so only he can hear it, staring at the sky as he waits on his cue to enter the fray. What is that the two were planning on doing?



As Arlin takes off into the skies, he soars over to the building across from where they originally were. Landing on the rooftop, getting rid of his wings as he rushes to the rooftops door, and he turns the handle only for it to be locked. "Fire powers, please come in handy." He starts conjuring up a ball of fire, placing it on the door handle, which started to melt at just his touch. When the handle was off, he heads inside without a moment's notice. "Should honestly have better security. This is ridiculous," he finds the stairs and peers over the railing, "They have a lot of money but can't afford better security." Instead of using the stairs as normal people would do, he climbs over the railing and starts climbing down. "Lilypad gets the easy job. Lucky bastard." It took a few minutes to reach the ground level, grunting as his muscles now stiffened, and left the stairway room to find the backdoor that Lilypad talked about.


Lilypad and Arlin

Standing outside a metal door was Lilypad, humming a song in his head as he patiently waits for Arlin to open the door. Which he did, but now Arlin was covered in blood. "Had fun?" Questioned Lilypad, a smirk on his face, and he chuckles as Arlin huffs. "Yeah, yeah. Get inside, Old Man." Now the two entered the building, walking nonchalantly past the dead guards slouched against the walls and floor. Most of them have their throats slashed, while others are burnt to a crisp. Lilypad whistles in astonishment, "You don't have to go that far, but since sneaking isn't your strong point, then I guess I can see why you resolve to such matters."

"Always gotta remark everything I do," Arlin sneers behind his helmet, "I thought you'd be proud of me." The two walk the halls in silence to head to the elevator, and Arlin pushed the button to call it down. "Bet you that the elevator would play Toxic by Britney Spears," Lilypad says as he taps his foot against the tiled floor, as Arlin stares at him with a questioning gaze. "Bet what? Your life?" His tone was serious and playful, Lilypad turning his head to face him. "You wish, Dragon Boy." The bell dings as the elevator was called down, and the sliding doors open, only for there to be more guards. "I'll handle them. You worry about calming yourself down."

Lilypad uses his Aura Absorption to drain the guard's lifeforce, once they were dead, the two steps inside. Arlin stares down at the dead guards on the ground and says, "Huh? Nice job." The doors close, and a 'bing' came from the elevator as it starts to ascend. After a while, it started to play Toxic, just like Lilypad would say, would happen. "I was right! Now you owe me pizza, Dragon Boy." After a while of being in the elevator with the dead bodies, and the doors open again to the top and final floor-the main office area of this entire building. "Search for anything useful while I go find the hard drive." The two steps further inside, separating to different ends of the room.


Lilypad and Arlin

The two rummaged around the office, trying to find something interesting. Lilypad searching through the desk, trying to find that hard drive until Arlin says something, "Found a couple of expensive-looking gemstones! Want to take them?" He questioned Lilypad, who nods his head. "Sure, just toss them in the bag." He passes the empty bag to Arlin, letting it fall onto the ground beside him as he loads it up with the gems. Lilypad kept searching through it until he finds that hard drive and grins before placing it in his pocket. "We're good to go. Come on, grab the bag." Arlin zips up the bag full of gemstones, placing the bag on his back, and walks over to Lilypad, who was now standing next to the windows. Using his powers to shatter the glass by heating the molecules, he allows Arlin to wrap his arms around him, then the two jump.

Arlin summons his wings once again, the two now flying in the air and moving away from the building they robbed. They head back to their own little headquarters, an abandoned penthouse in the middle of nowhere. Lilypad and Arlin enter the building exhausted, a groan leaving Arlin's lips as he takes off his helmet. "Would've been easier if we got a car or something." Lilypad also takes off his helmet, a grin on his face. "I'm just glad that we got what we're looking for." Arlin heads to a door, opening it then tosses the bag inside. As for Lilypad, he sits down on the rundown couch and pulls the hard drive out of his pocket to examine it.
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 03:45 PM

The Gates Of Hell
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Cybul | 19 | Homo | Female | Mentions: None
Cybul stood perched on a low pertruding branch of an oak tree over a rarely used path in the park. She was crouched down, basically hugging the branch as to appear as a mere lump rather than a crazy lady sitting up in a tree with bark skin clutching a handful of pebbles. She observed the path, her tail flicking back and forth ever so slightly, waiting for her next victim.
She began to relax her grip as boredom began to set in, only to tighten it twice as hard when she heard two voices approaching. She smirked as a couple walked into view, and willed her tail to be still. As the reached the base of her tree, she gently tossed two of her pebbles right on top of their heads. They stopped talking and began to look around and up, confused as to what just happened. When they both were looking away from her, she silently leaped onto the ground and quickly changed color to appear as the grass in a smooth fashion. She slinked towards the couple until she was right behind them, switching her color to appear as the gravel in a sort of gradient way. She reached up and carefully snagged a phone and car keys out of each of their back pcokets before slinking away behind the tree.
She looked at her newfound treasures in dissapointent. She had expected a wallet. The phone probably had a lock on it, so they best she could get with that was to pawn it off at some sleazy store. The keys were basically useless, as she would have to go through all the cars in the parking lot and see which they belonged to, assuming the couple has driven here at all. Besides, if she needed a car, she could jsut steal one. She sighed and stuffed them her pockets to dispose of them later. She stood up and began briskly striding towards a different tree to wait for more people.
Mutants//Experimentals || Semi-Lit || RP || Open April 12, 2021 03:50 PM

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Flame Chaise | 19 | Female | M: Lilpad and Arlin
Flame opened her eyes, finding herself in a small A-frame. Oh right, I need to get a new spot here shortly. Being on the run was not the newest thing to her, but she definitely didn't want to get caught. Getting up, she got her bow and her arrows before heading into the forest. First, breakfast. Then she would decide where to go.

She stalked in the bushes, seeing the rabbit and slowly drew her bow. Letting the arrow fly, she picked up the rabbit before heading back. Starting a small fire, she skinned the rabbit before placing the meat on a stick over the fire. Once the rabbit was done, she ate her fill and placed the rest in a small bag in her backpack. Lifting the backpack onto her back, she started off towards the city.

She got to the city and breathed out. The last time she had been in a city was when she escaped the horrid Ibex facility. She dropped her backpack into a small hollow in a tree before slashing the tree with her knife. This way, when she came back, she would know which tree. Rolling her head, she jumped into the air, shifting into a beautiful falcon.

Gliding above the city, she scanned the buildings to find a good hiding place. A small abandoned penthouse caught her eye. In the middle of practically nowhere, it looked like the perfect place. Swooping down, she landed in a half-broken window before shifting into a cat. Slipping inside, she started looking around. A noise ahead made her ears perk before she crept into the room. She found two men sitting inside examining something. Her nose twitching, she crept up onto a wall to watch.

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