Sweetwater River
11:12:34 river/sweet/swater
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:11:55 cowboi2 <]:D
Your never gonna let me live this done are you? XD i didnt even know about the wedding until you told me- after the wedding lol
Sweetwater River
11:08:24 river/sweet/swater
rip chat
Sweetwater River
11:05:02 river/sweet/swater
-WP Click- dad read
Sweetwater River
11:04:18 river/sweet/swater
father horses
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:03:41 cowboi2 <]:D
Please tell me you're talking about donkeys ;-;
Sweetwater River
11:01:26 river/sweet/swater
omg love HEE Lucky
Currently high on nothing- just drinking mountain dew with a side of a big ass
+*Amethyst Moon*+
11:00:57 cowboi2 <]:D
Sweetwater River
11:00:30 river/sweet/swater
dad hi
+*Amethyst Moon*+
10:59:37 cowboi2 <]:D
Pfft me neither
Sweetwater River
10:59:04 river/sweet/swater
on valnentines day real life im never geting asked out😥
10:59:04 Pickle
-WP Click-

Pm me name ideas?
10:58:12 The Floof
I had a bloody headache during debate and I couldn't refute during class so my coach started yelling at me and I was just like, "wha?"

reputation = destroyed

kill me now
10:57:25 Corpse or Savy
Eh, taking forever though.
10:55:55 Mass Exploring Queen
Well, thats about a third of the way there.
10:55:15 Ash Goddess
Ah okay sorry if that sounded like begging
10:55:10 Corpse or Savy
I've been working on Morana for Death Grip, but after 2 hours I've only got her to Bone Breaker >.>
10:54:15 Akuceptable Mod: Aku
No begging please.
10:54:00 Mass Exploring Queen
More exploring? Thats fine. I have done 600 moves at once a couple times. Tiring, but doable. PvP? I can work with that.
10:53:43 Corpse or Savy
I just read an old bio on one of my deceased wolves that I typed like 5 years ago... I'm cringing XD


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|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP November 30, 2020 03:29 PM

dojejes snow pack
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Rune-Male-The Immortal-1 Year-Mentions: Open

Rune could not find his brother, sister and mom. He got worried. The only reason he didn't find them was because he forgot to look in the den. He starts to wonder, "Why does everyone look weird? why does this place look weird? How long has it been? How did this happen? Why has this happen?" Rune asks. He can't find out why this has happened. He wonders if he has changed too, "Did I change too?" Rune also asks. He goes off to find his brother, sister and mom again, which he has yet to succeed. He howls for them in hopes that they will howl back or come to his location.

Edited at December 7, 2020 05:12 PM by dojejes snow pack
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP December 7, 2020 05:05 PM

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Lilith | Female | The Lost | The Tainted | M: Open

Largely ignoring the others, Lilith steadied herself and skirted around the pack's base camp, heading towards a pool of water a little ways away. Her mouth and nose felt like they were full of bitter honey, all but suffocating her. She needed to drink, and soon. Maybe some water would ease the nausea.

She reached the pool of water, dipping her head down unsteadily for a drink. But before she could reach it, she met her reflection's eyes and almost fell into the water with shock.

If she could have screamed, she would have. Her once stunning red coat had been burned to an ugly monochrome black and grey, the rough fur tipped with silver like the pelt of a silver fox. Her eyes had been similarly robbed of their color, faded from their striking golden color to a blank, pupilless white. She stumbled back, whimpering and gasping soundlessly, falling back on her haunches to stop herself from falling over again.

Questioned whirled in her head, her gaze darting around the ruined clearing. The leaves burnt from the trees, the other wolves stumbling around in confusion, boasting new wings and horns and legs. The scene was almost incomprehensable to the Lost wolf, but she just sat there and stared. Her mind racing at light speed. She wondered absently what had become of Fen, hoping she had suffered a terrible fate.

Edited at December 7, 2020 05:06 PM by Blue Citrus
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP December 9, 2020 10:02 PM

The Snowboi
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Alya | Female | The Gifted | 1 year

Alya leaped back, startled as the female crumpled to the ground. Gaping at her for a second, Alya shook her head and rushed to the unconsious wolf's side. A chilly aura seemed to be radiating off of the older wolf's fur, and Alya flinched back. Looking around wildy for help, she started to head towards someone when a groan sounded from the female on the ground. Turning her head around, she noticed the light gray wolf shuddering and sitting up sluggishly. Her icy gaze seemed to be clouded and unfocused, as if looking at something in the distance.

Alya's voice trembled as she asked, "A-are you okay?"

"Yes," the female snapped, drawing herself to her full height, which made her look intimidating (not that she already was).

Alya squeaked and took a fearful step back, unintentionally stepping square onto her thin tail. Ow! Owowowowow!

Her tail was suddenly throbbing, aching, burning. She grit her teeth and struggled to turn around to tell her tail to stop hurting right now! She glowered back at her tail and the pain slowly washed away. That was when she noticed something was off.

Wait a minute...I have two tails?!

(xD sorry I haven't been posting in a while-)

Edited at December 9, 2020 10:02 PM by Santa's Snowboi
|| CHANGED || OPEN || Semi-Litterate RP December 30, 2020 08:15 PM

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Lotus | female | The droplet | juvenile
| fen
This can't die ok


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