10:00:30 Taz
hhh, she was my second favorite because she was very high rarity
Logics End
10:00:16 Kirishima-Kun
She what now? >:[ No one gets in the way of someone else's riding!
The Jötunn
10:00:05 Jay
Good morning chat ^.^
How is everyone today?
Pack King
10:00:03 Lauren | PK
-WP Click-
New Literate mutant wolf/animal roleplay!

Sign ups open and lots of high ranking places still available please come have a look we still need a lot of roles filled!
09:59:53 Corpse or Savy
Jeeze O.o

I can't stand very long anymore because of my car crash last year. Makes my shins splint and I have weak ankles.
Gl1tch3d Øn3
09:59:44 Glitched, Virus
New Family Forum! Read Rules -WP Click-
09:59:32 Apple/Flo/Blep
You have three, take them out one at a time...
Uhu o ka hekili
09:59:22 See Me In A Crown
@KILLER, sorry... T_T
09:59:06 Apple/Flo/Blep
I'm great. You?
Logics End
09:59:00 Kirishima-Kun
Oof, I'm sorry for your loss. She's a really pretty wolf
The Wolf Gang
09:58:56 King Sponge
Logic: I would if I could 😔 She's the reason I don't get to ride anymore >_>

Apple: That only gets me away for so long 🤧
09:58:45 Alexander lightwood
@uhu o ka hekili

09:58:42 Fade | Memory
Apple <333
How are you? <3
09:58:41 Timber | A-B
Oo thats nice. Im partially paralyzed so 🤠
09:58:22 Taz
-WP Click-
Uhu o ka hekili
09:58:08 See Me In A Crown
@Shadow, LOL that's my name. Isabel.
Logics End
09:57:47 Kirishima-Kun
Well, try going to work at a stable, that helps me collect myself. Then again, I also love horses
09:57:43 Corpse or Savy
I was in so much pain last night. A hot shower helped though.
09:57:30 Daciana/Raven
Morning everyone
09:57:17 Alexander lightwood
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thoughts on izzy?


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The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 19, 2020 02:58 PM

Mad Hatters
Posts: 261
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↬ Rules ↫

➵ Please follow Eve’s rules!
➵ Hate the character, not the player (NO BULLYING)
➵ Mild cussing is allowed
➵ PG-13
➵ Ask the player for any sort of scenario you want to play out (ie: I want to kill your character, I would need permission from you first)
➵ Break the rules 3 times, you’re out! (Batter out!!)
➵ If you have an idea for a scary plot with everyone else (like a sudden villian -by the way, I do have an idea for later to have a supernatural hate group to attack the school- then ask me!)
➵ Be Semi-Lit please!
➵ Romances are allowed!
➵ I decide weather, time, dates like that
➵ Message me if you no longer wish to be apart of the roleplay!

➵ Absolutely no overpowered characters, makes it less fun for everyone else
➵ This is an active roleplay, but I understand people get busy. Please post at least three times a week :)
➵ LGBTQ+ welcomed!!
➵ Anything you wish to ask, please do I will do my best to answer

Table of Contents:

Sign-Ups: ClickMe!

Discussion: ClickMe!

Roleplay: You are here :)

Setting for begining of Roleplay: -this will change whenever I want to change setting-

Day: Januray 5th, 20XX

Time: 7:04 a.m.

Weather: Cloudy, Light Snow

It is the first day of the new semester, and I am excited to see all of our new students.

-Jilde Igora

Name | Age | Pronouns | Creature | Mentions: Open ← please use this before typing out roleplay

Edited at November 19, 2020 03:14 PM by Mad Hatters
The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 19, 2020 03:26 PM

Mad Hatters
Posts: 261
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Jilde Igora (NPC) | ?? | She/Her | Vampire | Mentions: Students, teachers

Walking with a goal in mind, the headmaster, Jilde Igora, smiled politely to passerbys. She was heading to the Cafe, a area where annoucements and obviously where lunch was held. She shifted the binder in her hands, moving around a distracted student.

"Careful, dear." She warned as she walked away, her heels clicking on the flooring. Her hair was pinned neatly, and her outfit was the typical businesswoman apperal, a pencil skirt, and a lovely blouse. Over her arm was her blazer, as she hadn't had the chance to put it on just yet.

She opened the Cafe's stunning doors, and headed to the stage where she were to address the new batch of students for the year, as well as students from previous ones. Greetings were exchanged between her and the teachers as she set up her binder on the podium. Now, time to wait for the students.

Alula | 17 | They/Them | Puca | Mentions: Open

They silently walked towards the Cafe, bending down slightly to itch at their Achille's heel. Alula wished to be barefoot, but since it was the first day, they had to be in proper attire and watch the boring speech Headmaster Igora gave each year.

Weaving between the throng of creatures, they slipped some candy in new students' pockets, just to do a good deed for the day. When they saw students they didn't particularly like, they slipped in some handmade sour candies. The candies were so sour, they were basically inedible. Of course, no one but Alula knew this, as they had made it over winter break.

They wished it was still winter break, as it gave the students a month and half long break from school. Luckily, they had the annual holiday week of celebrating when the war was finally over to look forward too.

The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 19, 2020 08:50 PM

Duskfall Hill
Posts: 916
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Enyo of the Aegean | F | Unknown Age | Siren | M: Open

Enyo is already at the cafe, wearing a blue Ancient Greek chiton with a silver belt and silver bangles on her arms. Her blue eyes are surrounded by light eyeshadow and eyeliner, accentuating their beauty. Her light gray skin is somewhat moist, it seems she had just gotten out of the lake. Her dark blue hair is pulled up into a bun, kelp expertly woven into it like you'd do a ribbon braid. She wears gladiator sandals, completing the ensemble.

She drums her fingers on the table, an empty bowl of what seemed to be raw fish in front of her, judging by the fish bones. Her lips are colored a dark green and her shark-like teeth are brushed nicely. She surveys the cafe, seeing the headmaster walk up onto the stage. She turns towards the stage, resting her head on her hand.

She takes one of the fish bones and chews on it absentmindedly, the bone breaking underneath her sharp teeth. However, due to her carnivorous diet, the bones do not harm her mouth and she eats them somewhat like chips. She leaves the bones behind for snacks, the marrow inside is filled with nutrients that she can eat throughout the day.

She drinks some water from the cup on the table, putting some on her lips and face so she doesn't dry out. Her face is one of the first areas to dry out, due to the openness and the air coming out of her nose. So, she periodically puts water on her skin to keep it moist. When she puts the water on, her skin soaks it up like a plant and her face looks more vibrant and youthful than before.

Starting to get impatient, she takes out a scroll and starts to read. She, over the years, would copy the scrolls she had onto a new parchment so her stories and diaries wouldn't be lost. Right now, she is reading one of her diary entries from the Peloponnesian War. There were many naval battles and many soldiers fell prey to Poseidon's wrath, so Enyo and her pod were able to have great feasts during the wars. They weren't opposed to eating humans, food in whatever form was a blessing.

She makes a face. She never liked human flesh, they were too gamey. Her favorite was fish, maybe some seal and if she was lucky, livestock. Now, she loves any kind of meat. She can't eat it cooked, though. Cooked meat makes her throw up. Something of the composition change when the heat cooks the meat.

She continues to read her diary entries until the orientation starts, or until someone decides to introduce themselves.

Edited at November 19, 2020 08:52 PM by Duskfall Hill
The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 19, 2020 09:59 PM

Posts: 26
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Callie Blake | 16 | She/Her | Shapeshifter | Mentions: Open

Callie had never really been outside of her small community. Leaving it for too long used to feel absolutely terrifying to her - it felt freeing now. Winter break was over. Her powers would begin to grow weaker every day, as they always did at this time of the year, but that was alright. She was actually happy to be back, away from her isolated and backwards community.

She walked with her head held high, despite still not really knowing anyone in this school. She wasn't exactly the friendliest or most approachable, but she didn't seem to mind. She tended to blend in, anyway, which she seemed to embrace.

She stood towards the back of the cafe, watching. Seeing if anything significant was going to happen. She felt like she should be standing. She didn't feel like sitting. No, standing was alright for now. She spent too much time sitting as it was. She surveyed the cafe, seeing only a few notable figures, but not letting her eyes linger for too long. She didn't want to creep on anyone. She just wanted to get a feel for the area, and the other students, which she did, from her vantage point.

Admia Veyos | 17 | He/Him | Merfolk | Mentions: Open

Admia had spent most of his life underwater. If most meant pretty much all, that is. This was actually his first time out of water, though he had figured out how to use legs over a tail a long time ago. There were certain advantages to legs opposed to a long tail when traversing narrow underwater cave systems. He only ever did that occasionally, though.

He walked as though he was still figuring out how things like gravity worked on land. In several ways, he was. This was all new to him. The only reason he was here was because Masi had managed to convince his father that this would be beneficial. His father was fairly protective, as was the rest of the colony. But his colony couldn't keep him there forever. Even though he loved the idea of moving across the ocean, he was noticeably weaker than the rest of the colony. He needed some form of comprehensive education to get his powers in check. He needed to meet new people. And besides, Admia was extremely excited to see what the technology was like up here. Masi had told him so much about it.

Instinctively, he touched the claw necklace. She had given it to him about two years ago. He had thought it was a tooth, it certainly looked like one, but she told him that it was a claw. Something called a falcon. Apparently it was a type of bird. It was hard to imagine a bird with something that sharp, but he liked the way it had looked. Admia made it a point to where it wherever he went.

He knew he was supposed to head to the cafe, or something like that. Some form of orientation. He was excited and terrified at the same time. Either way, this would be an experience, something that he would remember.

The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 01:23 AM

White-tailed Deer
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Lucifer Lynn | 19 | He/Him | Werewolf | Mentions: Open
Lucifer sprinted through the forest. He was taking in his last few moments of freedom before school started, hunting the various wildlife that was in the forest outside his dorm. He ate very little of what he killed, leaving the rest out in the open for the scavengers, which was only a deer and a few small critters. His paws crunched through the snow, his eyes watering slightly from the wind crashing against them. His pitch-black wiry fur was coated in a light sprinkle of snow. Anyone who might have seen him running might say he looked more like a demon than a wolf.

Lucifer suddenly felt a warmth grasp over his back. He looked up to the sky, seeing the sun rising. "Shit.." he whispered in his mind, only audibly growling quietly. He immediately spun around, darting for his dorm.

He walked through the halls in his wolf form, which was normally seen as impolite-at least to him- but no one was there to see him. He walked into his room, shifting back into his human form quickly. The tall man stood, rushing over to his closet. He quickly grabbed a black button-up shirt and black jeans. He put them on, rolling up the sleeves on his shirt, revealing his slightly muscular fore-arms. He stared at himself for a moment. He quickly ruffled his hair before grabbing his black backpack and running out to the cafe.


His running slowed to a stop once he reached the doors of the cafe. He caught his breath for a moment before peering through the windows. He saw the headmaster hadn't started yet, and he took a swift sigh of relief. He collected himself, straightening his posture, and confidently walked into the cafe.

He entered the room, his chin lifted up as he surveyed the area. He eyed a few of the other students, taking note of their body postures and facial expressions. One student caught his eye, however. It was a siren, patting her face with water. He blinked in confusion, staring at her for a few moments.

He quickly shook his head, scoffing quietly at himself, before sitting at a small table with one empty chair at it. He dropped his bag beside him, kicking it under his table so it was out of the way of anyone walking by. He kicked his feet up onto the table, resting both hands up behind his head. He glared idly ahead of him, waiting for the headmaster to start.

Edited at November 20, 2020 01:24 AM by White-tailed Deer
The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 03:17 PM

Unending Skies
Posts: 218
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Adriel | 93 (Looks 16) | He/Him | DW Vampire | Mentions: Open

A shadowed figure sat alone at the back of the Cafe, odd silver eyes looking bored and midly irritated. Dressed in a black hoodie with a splash of almost eye melting colored designs along with a matching black pair of ripped jeans. A small smile crossed his face, revealing edged canines carrying across the message that he was indeed a vampire, though his skin seemed to have more pigment than most. A single copper loop went through his lip and a chain peircing in his ear. He gave off bad bad vibes like crazy.

He in truth didn't want to be here, never liked school much. However, the vampire council stuck him here to get him out of their hair. He was, a mess you could say. He did not mix well with others, particularly other vampires, and was frequently in fights. There was also the issue of being touched, he detested being touched without permission. Which is another reason he could not stand being here, and the fact that the headmistress was a vampire did not help the issue. So here he was, at the back of the room alone, hoping that thats exactly how it would stay.

He closed his eyes waiting, messing with his hair, half-heartedly trying to fix it to a tolerable look. 'This presentation better be worth the wait' He thought numbly giving up on his hair.

Edited at November 20, 2020 03:18 PM by Unending Skies
The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 04:27 PM

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Irja Ismére | 16 Years (Semi-immortal) | She/Her | Vila (Swan) | Mentions: Open

The surface of the lake was still, mirror-like, reflecting the grey skies. Occaisionally, a snowflake would drop onto the surface, sending out a weak ripple. A snow-white feather floated on the surface, dropped by the swan that moved slowly across the lake's surface, sending out a trail of ripples. How peaceful it is here, in the mornings... She liked the cold season for this. In the summer, the lake would be warmer, and some students would gather in a noisy group to swim here. The vila didn't mind it, honestly, but there was something... enchanting about the perfect stillness and serenity of the lake right now.

Sighing softly, an action that resulted in the soft, muted 'hoot' of a swan, she neared the shore, close enough to stand up, before shifting, in a smooth transition from swan to almost human. In fact, at her age, Irja looked very much human. It would only be many (as it seemed to her) years later, when she would still look like a sixteen-year-old human, that her more ancient air would set her apart. Not that it really mattered, actually. Here, in this school, everyone was so different, that being normal was just about impossible, as there was no 'normal' as such. Speaking of school, the orientation is today. It was her second year here, and she'd already been through one orientation. But there was no telling how similar this year's would be. In any case, Irja was curious to take a look at any new faces.

The cafeteria was already filling up with people, and Irja made her way over to an empty seat in the middle, sitting down, before starting to scan the crowd, contemplating who might want a friendly face around. It was just something she always did, she wasn't sure why.


Viskryn | 217 Years (~19 Human Equivalent) | He/Him | Elf x Demon | Mentions: Open

The male was standing in a corner at the back of the cafeteria, his features hidden in the shadows of his cloak. There were more people coming in by the minute, something that neither disappointed, nor overjoyed him. He would find himself a group of students to chat with in a bit. At the moment, he was contemplating something else. How did I come to be here, again? Right, he'd met an incredibly annoying wizard, who had very quickly directed him here, for no reason at all. Viskryn didn't even remember enrolling, something the old man must've done for him. Well, he had to admit, he was curious about this school - at least because a school is a place of learning, and knowledge is power. And power... well, power is the main tool for survival, is it not? That was how his world worked, anyway.

Returning to the present from his thoughts, the demon half-blood scanned the room, looking for someone to talk to. It was a strategy he always used, whenever his travels led him to civilization. Talk to as many people as you can, pick up as much information as you can, but be discreet. It was always best to find a group of people to talk to, but it looked like he was out of luck, for those who had begun entering the cafeteria hadn't formed any 'groups' yet. He would have to wait, it seemed.

The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 04:47 PM

_~Fallen One~_
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Pitch | 18 | She/Her | Dragon / Shapeshifter | Mentions: Open


The shifter girl walked silently among the other students heading to where she assumd the orientation would be held, her eyes mainly focused on the ground as she moved about in the small crowd. She seemed to be more so of the quiet type it seemed, her raven black hair falling around her face like a shiny black curtain. Her features seemingly looked otherwise normal aside from her eyes, which had pupils that kept growing and shrinking at the minor changes in light, though the area where her hidden scales were had more of a barely darker color skin tone than the rest of her body. She sighed softly, muttering to herself as she walked along. 'There's so many people here. Too crowded. Hopefully I can make some friends here. Or at least A friend...' She thought to herself, sighing again as she continued walking around until she found a small table to sit at, where she happened to be sitting alone at the moment.

The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 06:19 PM

Devil's Gambit
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Willow Everglade/She-her/Math teacher/Faerie/200/M: Seth, Open

"How do you get this darn door open? Mister Hudson, a little help?" The young pixie fiddled with the keys to her classroom, sighing as they wouldn't work. Honestly, humans needed a better system. Or maybe she hadn't been living the mortal life long enough. "If only it would listen to me and open!" Her hair turned black-gray, fuming like a storm cloud.

In her other hand was a stack of books perched delicately skyward, way above her small head. The titles were all math-related, arithmetics seeming to be the favourited as it appeared more than once in the selection. Willow was sporting a local sports t-shirt that clung to her small figure, gray jogging pants, and yellow sneakers that somewhat matched her eyes. Eyebrows arched, she peered at the keyhole as if it might click. Well, hoping anyways.

She glanced at her colleague, a miserable looking male at this point in the early morning, wondering if he had a girlfriend. Faeries and pixies never really got around to it and if they did, it usually wasn't for life. But humans were more committed, putting bands of metal and stones on their partners as if claiming them from something cold and distant. Personally, Willow would want something warm. Like a chocolate or marshmellow ring. That would be awesome!

Edited at November 20, 2020 06:24 PM by Devil's Gambit
The School for Supernaturals | Supernatural-Creature RP | Se November 20, 2020 07:05 PM

Flower Field
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Evan Yates | Male | He/him | Unicorn | 18 | M: Alula (Ind) Open

"Now sweetie, you know we could always homeschool you." Evan's parents looked at him with worry in their eyes as their son constantly fiddled with the edge of his sleeves. "No, no, I-i'll be fine Mom, Dad,"
"Are you sure? We could alwa-"
"Ah! I think everyone's going to the cafe now, I gotta go. Bye!" Even quickly shuffled away from his worried parents with their ornate clothing and towards the school in front of him. Reaching the cafe, after a few wrong turns, the lanky boy looked around at the people that were already inside. Having arrived earlier than the specified time, there weren't many people inside the cafeteria. Standing near the back, the boy tried to make himself as invisible as possible, not really added by the fact that his light pink hair and his bright white horn stood out against the shadows.

More and more students flooded into the large room by the minute, causing Evan to squirm slightly as he watched them all crowd the cafe. "See, THIS is why you should've been homeschooled."
"Don't cry, if you cry you'll draw attention to yourself."
"Maybe you should call your parents, you could still be pulled out!"
"In the snow? That'll inconvenience them too much." Evan's thoughts were interrupted by a person who quickly placed something into his pocket and then left. Having been gripped by fear, the boy couldn't even turn his head to glance at the person, only loosening up when he was sure they had left. Hesitantly reaching into his pocket, he was surprised when he pulled out a small piece of candy, silently thanking the person before opening the wrapper and popping the candy into his mouth. A wide grin spread its way across his face as he tasted the sweet thing, it's flavor spreading across his mouth as he was reminded that he hadn't eaten anything sweet in a while. Quickly regaining his senses, Evan lessened his smile into a barely noticeable grin, hoping nobody had noticed his embarrassing moment.

Edited at November 20, 2020 07:07 PM by Flower Field

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