Destinations End
10:15:35 Desti, Coy, Coydog
@wolf gang
I'd honestly love seeing pictures of them sometime if you are comfortable sharing ^^
Sweetwater River
10:14:52 river/sweet/swater
no chating go
10:14:51 Daciana Raven Rave
Hiya sweetwater thanks for being the first to breed to my wolves
The Wolf Gang
10:14:35 King Sponge
Dester: They really are :D
They've become my favourite breed ever which is why I currently have 3 XD
Sweetwater River
10:14:35 river/sweet/swater
hey chat 10 second of silence for desti and bear
10:13:52 Toga,Halo,Sin
In your pack?
10:13:41 Toga,Halo,Sin
How do you get dominance?
Destinations End
10:13:16 Desti, Coy, Coydog
@Wolf gang
Aww. Boxers are seriously super gorgeous
Lil Milkdud
anyone wanna rp? pm me if you do
10:12:39 Toga,Halo,Sin
I’m an hour after game time-
It’s 11:12
10:12:00 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-

Looking for some members for my alliance!
Sweetwater River
10:10:56 river/sweet/swater
rose hi
Dark Hunters
10:10:06 Raissa
On, not I'm.
The Wolf Gang
10:09:50 King Sponge
Dester: He's a Boxer :3
Dark Hunters
10:09:40 Raissa
Guys, has this ever happened to you when you think you did the relics memory game in record time, but I'm the last pair it doesn't register?
10:09:35 Rose || Mint
@ Sweetwater

Destinations End
10:09:12 Desti, Coy, Coydog
My Bear is seven and a half ^^'

What breed did you say your boy is?
Sweetwater River
10:09:06 river/sweet/swater
hi chaters
10:09:01 Vice Versa
Fr3ak is an amazing artist :,)
10:08:46 Rose || Mint
@ Viceroy

That looks very good! Amazing art. ^^


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The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 08:54 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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The Overthrown


Deep within a vast forest, past dense foliage and jagged mountains, a pack named The Unknown reside. The Unknown, although strong and mighty, are under the lead of a powerful, singular alpha, who is nothing short of wicked and merciless. This cruel sovereign reigns with fear, her ways full of macabre. Little defy her, for they know that they will surely meet death, and if not death, then they shall be maimed to the brink of it.

Many within the pack are loyal to this vicious leader, for it's either abide her ways, or suffer the consequences. Some of her followers bow to her simply because they enjoy tormenting others as much as she. They see her as superior, and enjoy being on her good side. However, what the cruel alpha doesn't know is that members of her own pack are planning on taking her down. They plan on overthrowing her, for they seek for peace and unity, and a pack without pain. The only way of getting that? Defeat the current leader.

While the alpha has heard rumours of such madness, she has yet to find out if these rumours are true, and if so, who is leading them. She doesn't know the numbers, nor that their leader is her own third-in-command. For the sake of life and death, all better hope that she doesn't find out, especially considering that this third-in-command of hers is her own blood.


My coleaders are Imperial Sands and Polly. Treat them kindly or face my wraith


RP Thread: You're here.
Discussion: Here
The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 08:54 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Rules of the Pack

1. The Viscountess is to be obeyed at all times. Dare anybody disregard her orders, and a severe punishment will be put in place.
2. The Viscountess has the right to deny or accept members within The Unknown, and will determine their worthiness upon testing them.
3. The Viscountess' main goal is to become the greatest ruler of all. Her rank cannot be challenged.
4. To become mates is forbidden, and to sire pups. Break this rule, and all shall be punished and/or killed. The only way to become mates or to begin a family is if the Viscountess gives her word of agreement, and even then, a price and deal must be made.
5. Weaklings shall be killed off.
6. Anybody that speaks against the Viscountess shall be severely punished and or killed, same goes for those who go against the rules of The Unknown.
7. The Viscountess is to be treated like royalty. This means bowing down in her presence.
8. When the Viscountess inflicts a punishment, one is never to fight back, but must remain still. If they move, then the pain and severity of the punishment shall increase.
9. While some may join, nobody can leave.
10. Nobody may leave without the Viscountesses say so.

Rules of the Rebellion

1. All topics revolving around the Rebellion must be kept secret, as should your rank in it.
2. Always pretend to be loyal and avert suspicion from yourself in however means necessary
3. Never give anything away revolving around the Rebellion. It is risky, and if found out, can result in death by the Viscountess.
4. Meetings are to be set in place by the Leader. They are the ones who will find a place and time to meet. These meetings are usually between the Leader, Beta, and Spy. The topic discussed will be transferred to the Associates later in a discreet manner to avoid suspicion.
5. The Leader ultimately decides whether one may join or not. As it's secretive, the Leader must tread carefully in terms of finding out if somebody truly wants to join, or if it's a scheme.

Summary of Territory

The Unknown has a large territory spanning from miles around. They have a large chunk of forest in the heart of the territory, located next to the base of a smaller mountain. The pack's camp is located within the mountain, where caves have been formed naturally not too far away from a waterfall. The biggest section of the cave belongs to the Viscountess, while the rest of the pack sleeps scattered around within holes in the cave that represent dens. Beyond the forest lies rolling hills that span for miles, in the middle of it, a large river lies that is the pack's sole resource of water. The forest once held a lot of large prey, but has since been hunted due to Maeve's greed. Only small prey remain there, such as rabbits and squirrels, while most large prey has moved on to the rolling hills, such as deer, buffalo, and wild boars.

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The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 08:54 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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The Pack

The Viscountess [1/1]
Maeve [Tenebris Umbra] || Female || Page 1 || Loyal

Second-in-Commands [2/2]
- Acesco [Spellbound] || Female || Page 1 || Rebel
- Varg [Imperial Sands] || Male || Page 4 || Rebel

Third-in-Command [3/3]
- Tadita [Polly] || Female || Page 2 || Rebel
- Chaos [Candor] || Male || Page 2 || Rebel
- Bjorn [Red Moon] || Male || Page 3 || Loyal

Spy [2/2]
- Bjorn [Red Moon] || Male || Page 3 || Loyal
- Rogue [Candor] || Female || Page 3 || Rebel

Pack Members [unlimited]
- Karma [Lost] || Female || Page 4 || Rebel
- Amira [MischevousShadows] || Female || Page 2 || Loyal
- Zorro [MischevousShadows] || Male || Page 3 || Loyal, can be turned
- Akachi [Tenebris Umbra] || Male || Page 4 || Rebel
- Nashira [Red Moon] || Female || Page 3 || Rebel
- Enigma [Lucid Insanity] || Female || Page 6 || Loyal
- Kima [Lost] || Female || Page 4 || Rebel
- Kodiak [Satomi] || Male || Page 7 || Loyal
- Riptide [a s t e r o i d] || Male || Page 7 || Loyal
- Hix [Den] || Male || Page 8 || Loyal, can be turned
- Cosette [Imperial Sands] || Female || Page 10 || Loyal, can be turned
- Hudde [Imperial Sands] || Male || Page 5 || Loyal
- Bia [Tenebris Umbra] || Female || Page 10 || Rebel
- Mania [Tenebris Umbra] || Female || Page 10 || Loyal, can be turned
- Juda [wolfei~~] || Female || Page 10 || Loyal, can be turned
- Talia [a s t e r o i d] || Female || Page 10 || Rebel
- Lakshmi [Spellbound] || Female || Page 8 || Loyal
- Tyr [Polly] || Male || Page 98|| Loyal, can be turned
- Krishna [Polly] || Male || Page 8 || Loyal, can be turned
- Caerus [Polly] || Male || Page 9 || Loyal, can be turned

Pups [4/4] CLOSED
- Malvolia [Spellbound] || Female || Page 2 || Unknown
- Kanu [Tenebris Umbra] || Male || Page 8 || Loyal
- Dazir [MischevousShadows] || Male || Page 6 || Loyal
- Hesperus [Polly] || Male || Page 8 || Loyal


The Rebellion [Locked]

*More loyals are needed*

Leader [1/1]
- Tadita [Polly] || Female || Page 2 || Rebel

Beta [1/1]
- Chaos [Candor] || Male || Page 2 || Rebel

Spy [1/1]
- Varg [Imperial Sands] || Male || Page 4 || Rebel

Associates [unlimited]
- Rogue [Candor] || Female || Page 3 || Rebel
- Nashira [Red Moon] || Female || Page 3 || Rebel
- Kima [Lost] || Female || Page 4 || Rebel
- Akachi [Tenebris Umbra] || Male || Page 4 || Rebel
- Nashira [Red Moon] || Female || Page 3 || Rebel
- Bia [Tenebris Umbra] || Female || Page 10 || Rebel
- Talia [a s t e r o i d] || Female || Page 10 || Rebel

Rogues [4 max (4/4)] CLOSED
- Omisha [Spellbound] || Female || Page 2 || Loyal
- Reserved for Autumn Shire
- Rita [Renegade] || Female || Page 6 || Either or
- Sable [Nefarious] || Female || Page 9 || Loyal, can be turned


Loyal Members: 19
Rebels: 11

Males: 14
Females: 17

Edited at November 14, 2020 08:43 PM by Tenebris Umbra
The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 08:58 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 6837
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For the first post:
The pack is waking up. It's the end of winter, the snow is beginning to melt, and most are thin and hungry except for those higher-up, such as Second and Third-in-Commands, and, of course, the Viscountess. The day will begin with everybody waking up, and when they do, Maeve will have a busy schedule for them. The Rebellion leader must find a time to host a meeting later with a few other Rebels where Maeve and the other loyals can't find or notice. The weather is cool, and storm clouds are appearing.

*Note: the spies Maeve has recruited are only known by her and one another. Nobody else knows of their role. This will make things more difficult for the rebels to recruit members*

Please use the following format, or something similar when RPing:

Loyal Rank || Loyal or Rebel || Rebel Rank (if none, don't mention it) || Mentions:

Edited at October 21, 2020 09:50 PM by Tenebris Umbra
The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 09:01 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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This is now open!
The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 09:29 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Viscountess || Loyal || Mentions: Bjorn, Dazir, Tadita

The figure of a cream coated demon paced the floors of the cold cavern ground, her hideously torn tail following her. Maeve, it appeared, was choleric at the given moment, her pupils dilating to adjust against the darkness. The pack.. Her pack, was awakening, and my, had she a busy schedule for them. They needed to work and earn their stay among her empire. Her army.

She paced, her lengthened claws scraping the stone ground as she strode forwards. If one looked at her closely, perhaps they could see a glint of red reflecting against her eyes where the devil within her resided. She paced, and paced, and paced, until at last, Maeve came to a sudden, abrupt halt, her head snapping upwards. She always had been impatient. "Awaken!" She bellowed, her venomous tone echoing against the walls of the series of cave within the mountain, loud enough to awaken the forest itself, which lay not too far away from The Unknown's main camp. The system of caverns was the heart of the territory. She had done the easy part, which was finding a suitable destination to reside in. Now, all that was left was to build and expand.

"Awaken, you fools!" She roared, her vocals so loud, the mountain itself seemed to shake. Sneering to herself, her lips curled back to reveal a series of blood stained teeth. "How dare they," she thought, the voice within her head matching the angered tone of her verbal one. "How dare they keep me waiting."

Her empty eyes shifted to Dazir, her only kin. My, did she adore him, but did she love him? It was unknown. Maeve was inable to love anything or anybody, and despite adoring her son, she treated him badly, if not worse than most. She often indicated mixed feelings towards him. One moment she was vicious, the next, a mother. "Get up," she ordered, staring down at him with heartless eyes. "Get up and begin the day like everybody else. Just because you're my son doesn't mean you get to lay there longer than the rest." Her tone was cold and distant, and yet she leaned forwards, offering him a curt lick upon the head. "Your fur is most lovely today, dear. Let us keep it that way, yes?" Maeve then whipped her head around, staring towards the direction where the other caverns lay.

"Bjorn!" She now screeched, summoning her little pet. She needed an update as to those pitiful rumours going around. An insider attempting to ruin her? Impossible. She'd have their head before a single move was placed against her. After all that she had done. She provided a sanctuary, a home, and somebody wished to harm her?

A pebble slapped against the wall, her own paw hurling another out of pure rage. "Bjorn, now!" Who else did she wish to see? Ah, yes, her dear Third-in-Command. "Sister," she sang, her voice emitting an eerie song, "I need your presence here immediately." The rest of her sentence was harsh, even towards her own blood.

It was then when she turned back to Dazir. Her sweet, sweet Dazir. Nudging an elk bone his way, she stared at him. "Chew on it. Let it strengthen your teeth. I won't tolerate a son with a weak grip and lock," she spat before smiling at him with warm eyes. Maeve was indeed psychotic, among other things.

The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 09:48 PM

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Pack memeber // Loyal // Mentions: Amira

Boom boom...Boom boom... the sound of a panicked heart only to be calmed by the sudden realization of the situation. It was morning once more, never did it get less intense for the creature whom lacked the reassurance of sight. The masculine took a slow smooth breath in releasing his breath to the tune of the blowing wind. Zorro swept his banner slowly across the dusty floor he rested upon feeling for any form of danger before turning onto his side with a groan. The male flicked his audits forward scanning for vibrations that might indicate movement throughout the pack. He was surprised it seemed that unlike most other mornings he wasn't the first to awaken.

Zorro slowly stood shaking off the frost that had accumulated on his salt and pepper colored pelt. He slid his front legs forwards and arched his hind upwards for a good stretch allowing his shoulders to flex and crack. Pulling himself back upwards he proceeded to take a few steps forwards enough to peak his head out of his den. He couldn't see the feminine looking in his direction but he could in fact smell her presence "Good morning." He exclaimed but got no response. Zorro could take a hint and it seemed that the fae wasn't to fond of him. With a nod Zorro retreated back into his place of rest "Lovely female, really." He snickered to himself.

Zorro often talked to himself it was like his own little escape from the sad reality that was his blindness got in the way of almost everything but most of all, companionship. He didn't mind being alone but it was slightly depressing always turning to himself for conversation and comfort. He didn't let the thought linger for to long before slowly making his way toward the entrance of his den where he sat listening to the wind blow the underbrush. Zorro felt his stomach turn as the scent of blood rushed through his nostrils. That was another thing he didn't so much like about being blind his scenes were heightened, he could hear the cry of a coyote from what seemed like ten miles away.

The male shivered slightly when snow came crashing down from a tree above him and onto the ground a few tail lengths ahead of his den entrance. Drops of snow coating his dark wet nose making him let out a quick sneeze reliving the itch it had caused. Zorro being on the smaller side got cold fairly quick in the winter months even though his coat had thickened to protect him his weight out witted his fluffy pelt. With a fast movement the male had made his way out of his den being immediately shocked by the bitter cold air. Zorro didn't allow the freezing cold stop him he continued on his snout low to the ground sniffing his way through the camp.



Pack Memeber // Loyal // Mentions: Zorro (Indirect)

Cold brisk air brushed past the brittle white flank of a large feminine huddled close to the bitterly cold walls of the den she resided in. Morning dew had collected and frozen to the ends of her fur but the density of her fur kept her somewhat safe from the cold weather. Loud grumbling noises began to emit from her stomach causing her to wince in annoyance. Prey was scarce and didn't often make it past third in command leaving her to fend for herself. Of course she didn't mind hunting and rather took joy in ending the lives of whatever it is she could find stalking around.

Icey white orbs blinked open followed by a sigh which could be seen in the cold air. Amira stayed in her laying posture a few minutes glancing around for any signs of life among the pack. It was a quiet morning much like the morning before no birds to be heard and the rivers were silenced by the layer of ice that inclosed them. The female rolled onto her abdomen and pinned her audibles to her cranium taking one final scan of the territory before standing, only to slide into a sitting position. Amira licked her chops shifting her weight a bit before her attention was caught by movement a few dens down.

Amira's high anxiety urged her to investigate but her body which craved the sleep she was deprived of indicated otherwise. The she wolf kept her spectacles glued to the location in question her nerves not being soothed until the blind excuse for a wolf peaked his head around the corner. Amira grunted and stood to her paw pads bounding quietly out of her den. She lowered her muzzle to the sight of fresh tracks in the snow, they looked to be fresh. 'Rabbit?' She inquired to herself as her banner swept at the prints behind her in attempt to hide the evidence of prey from fellow pack members.

Amira knew that if the others knew there would be very little chance of her getting any of the kill. She only hoped that Maeve wouldn't catch onto her or punishment would be sure to follow. Her large paws continued trudging onwards through the snow the cold bite of it shocking her paw pads. Amira came to a halt when she saw that the prints had turned into a bloody trail. Someone else must've gotten to the prey before she could "Damnit" she cursed under her breath. The female never seemed to catch a break anymore. Quickly she began to make her way back to camp in a gallop sort of motion.



Viscountess's pup // Loyal // Mentions: Maeve, Bjorn

The abdomen of a large jet black ball of fur raised and fell slowly as the sound of small breaths pressed against the bitter cold air. The pup twitched slightly his slumber being bombarded with nightmares and flash backs of his fathers death. Luckily the wretched sound of his mother beckoning for him to come to shook him right out of it. Dazir let out a short snarl in a groggy state before realizing who he was snarling at. The pup peeled open his hazel specks and glanced up at his mother as she lowered her snout and licked his head smoothing his fur down a bit.

Dazir gave a small grin hoping she hadn't taken his reaction into realization yet "Thank you." he replied to her comment trying to break the tension he had created. He then watched quietly as his mother turned and called out for the spy who went by the name 'Bjorn'. Dazir rolled over on to his stomach and stood to his paws starting to walk forward only stopping when his mother turned back towards him, her soulless specks locking with his. Somehow he managed to shake her cold stare and noticed the bone she had prodded towards his mitts.

The pup looked down at the bone before lifting it into his mouth and sitting back on his haunches. Slowly he began to grind at the bone with his ivory incisors watching as things began to spring to life. Dazir's plump warm belly from yesterday's meal poked out as he sat looking more full then half of the pack members had looked all winter in fact some of them looked like they had even lost weight. Him being too young to understand the torturous ways of the pack rules didn't realize that he had eaten more than almost every other wolf all thanks to his mother of course. There were things Dazir had to be great full of his mother for, he did love her despite the fear she strikes in his heart.

(( Sorry it's kinda rough I'm super tired just got off. Red, I promise I'll reply to Bjorn in my next post <3 ))

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The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 10:29 PM

Red Moon
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Bjorn | Spy | Loyal | Mentions: Maeve, Dazir, others

The rude awakening shook the spy awake. The viscious and impatient snarls of the Viscountess had made him flinch, almost jumping from his slumbering state.


The roar of Maeve had already jostled the male awake. Of course, it was going to take him a moment before being fully awake and alert, but it only took him a moment more to gather himself to his paws and to stand up. He gave a stretch for his back, arching it as his jaw opened in a wide yawn before he was yet again interrupted by another shout.

Awaken you fools!

Quickly, the spy stood back up, stopping his morning stretch and hurried down the tunnel of the cave system to meet the Viscountess. He didn't want to keep his leader waiting. Although Bjorn had a very flawed moral compass, he at least had the decency and common sense to obey Maeve. Anyone and everyone in the pack knew it was either bow down or be killed, pretty much. Besides those... rebels.

He nearly wanted to hack and spit just at the thought of those pests. Recently, it had come to his attention that some wolves didn't appear to be loyal to Maeve anymore. The thought disgusted him. What type of wolves would defy a leader such as her? Someone strong. Someone who knew what it meant to be a leader. A true leader. It was no secret Bjorn admired Maeve. Her ways had always impressed him. In fact, she was probably one of the only wolves in the pack who he actually respected.

Bjorn! Bjorn, now!

The spy picked up his pace, now trotting quickly through the cave as he navigated his way to where Maeve would be. When he finally arrived, he dipped his head in a greeting, letting his gaze flicker to the floor for a moment before he glanced back up at the Viscountess.

"Morning, Viscountess. I am here." Sending a glance towards the pup, Dazir, he flicked an ear. It could of been dismissive or in acknowledgement, but it was unclear. He wouldn't ever disrespect her own pup right before her! But he wouldn't suck up and be at the beck and call of the offspring either. No, for someone to gain his respect, they needed to prove it. And so far, the pup was nothing to him. Just a pup. Even if it was Maeve's blood. But considering it was her offspring, he expected no less.

"What is the plan?" His gaze turned back to the female, obviously inquring about their current problem.

The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 10:35 PM

Tenebris Umbra
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Pack Member || Rebel || Associate || Mentions: Kima

The male, presumably smaller than most his age, lay curled up within the crevice of his own little cave. It was hardly considered a cave. A dent is what it should be called. Being both small, and now thin, made Akachi an easy target, which only made his already miserably life even more intolerable. The only positive aspect of it? Kima.

Akachi understood the pack laws. He followed them carefully. He ensured that there would be no reason to harm him, but then he met Kima, who had stolen his heart, damn her. They had broken a grand law within the pack, and that made the already paranoid masculine that much more afraid. If it was found out what they had done.. That they had become mates, it would be over for them. Maeve would see that it be the end of their lives. Akachi suggested running away once, but nothing went past the Viscountess. You may join, but you may never leave, she would always say. As far as he was concerned, he and Kima were trapped, and that is the sole reason as to why he joined the Rebellion.

Akachi wished for freedom. To be able to go to Kima when he pleased and converse with her without being snapped at or harmed. It hurt him dearly, but he tried avoiding her as much as possible. He couldn't allow anything to happen to her. He knew of the pain she felt in her back. Any added pain would only harm him as much as it would her. No, he wouldn't allow her to be hurt. He refused to, so he kept his distance. Today, however, he decided to check up on her, just for a brief moment.

Maeve's thunderous voice had caused him to stand, his legs shaking with fright before he threw a glare towards the direction of where Maeve's "throne" resided. "How needy," he mumbled to himself, scoffing before shaking out his patterned coat free of dirt. Striding forwards, his legs moved swiftly beneath him due to their lack of height, his midget self moving forwards towards Kima's resting place, a path he knew by heart.

The caves within the mountain twisted around, like an ant colony, only it was wolves that claimed it. Akachi quietly slunk through them, weaving past spikes cascading from the ground and large rocks that lay scattered around. He strode until he reached her. Until her beautiful cream pelt was seen. He eyed her for a moment, his head turning to ensure that nobody saw him linger before he popped the entirety of his head into her den. "Kima," he whispered, walking forwards to meet his forehead to hers.

His tone was quickened, letting her know that he couldn't stay long. Unless.. Unless he came up with a plan to express if he were found. Brows furrowing for a moment, a satisfied expression formed upon his face when a plan was thought up, and so the male relaxed, but not entirely. One could never fully relax here.

"How did you sleep? Your back, how is it today?" He eyed her, concern etched in his worrisome orbs. "Have you eaten much?" He would begin to give her his portions, perhaps. It would satisfy him greatly. Yes, that was what he would do. He wished nothing more but to be able to laugh and joke with her, but happiness was forbidden here, and so he kept his emotions to himself. Well, some. He still allowed a gentle smile to cross his tired features upon the sight of her.

The Overthrown || Wolf RP || RP Thread [Open] October 21, 2020 10:51 PM

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Third-In-Command | Rebel | Leader | Mentions: Maeve, Bjorn

The female had long-since growned used to the harsh snarls of Maeve, merely clenching her teeth to rid of the sigh that dared to try and leave her maw. She couldn't show any sign of discontent in the ruling of her kin, she couldn't risk such behaviour. Who knew who was listening to her mutterings to herself? No, it would be stupid, foolish and risky to show even the slightest sign that she disliked anything with her current predicament.

The gargantuan onyx canid lifted her head when a call for her was also uttered, and, this time, she did sigh as she lifted her body upwards. Her den was large, although not as large as Maeve's, to support her large height and broad build. She couldn't live in simply a crevice or dent, no, she had found a suitable den as far away from Maeve's throne as she could, and called it her own.

But back to the present.

Long strides carried Tadita through the tunnels, ignoring any canine she spotted in their den or walking around. She didn’t attempt to dodge most of them, knowing that most others would get out of her way due to her rank and her... blood ties with Maeve. She hated it. Hated that it was even a thought. Should it be possible for her to feel such resentment for her sibling?

Disregarding the matter, Tadita swiftly approached Maeve's throneroom, steps long and calculated, powerful and shifting her broad shoulders that had remained broad during the winter due to her rank. Another thing she hated. So much anger, hatred, resentment. It was difficult and yet fulfilling to attempt to ponder it all, but she found that she had given up on it long ago.

Tadita, unlike the brute that was also there, dipped her head in a bow and kept it there, staring at the ground beneath Maeve's paws. Her sister deemed that she were to be treated like royalty, and you didn't look at the face of royalty. Much less did you meet their gazes, or question their motives, unless given permission.

At least, that's the way she had always treated Maeve, and she was still alive, still here, unlike so many others.

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