Wolves of the Zodiac
11:13:28 The Bone Collector
I've tried to get the background on this one and i cant get it to work. Not sure what im doing wrong .
11:13:02 Emmet

Change the light green to a lighter blue or white :)
Red Oak
11:12:33 Red
So my English teacher asked for baby names for his kid, and in true student fashion, we suggested Offspring 1.

Personally I believe it's a good choice
11:12:25 Apricot
Hmm maybe the backround?
11:12:09 KitKat/Stalker 1
-WP Click-
Shall I make an alliance? Please give me alliance name ideas!

in need of a few more ides:)
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:11:30 The Bone Collector
Ok banner and avatar set is done. Moving on to what...something is still missing for this palette. Ideas guys?
11:08:25 Apricot
Id suggest to stay home.
We were almost in a car accident lately. Health is more important <3
11:06:56 Apricot
Ah okay. Do I just try to Explore again? (Like exit explore and then explore again?)
Little Pumpkin
11:06:48 Barnaby
11:06:26 Pickles <3
i love it :D
Little Pumpkin
11:05:59 Barnaby
Thoughts on my new palette?
Wolves of the Zodiac
11:05:38 The Bone Collector
-WP Click-
Thinking of saving up some apples and giving her a new pelt.
11:05:16 Corpse or Savy
Hmmm... Should I...

1. Be safe and stay home during the winter storm or...

2. Drive to work anyway because I need money
Star Potential
11:04:35 Pumpkin Pie/Star

Not right this second, because I’m not on explore, but yes, that has happened to me
Ashes Of An Illusion
11:04:21 Night Rain - Moon
Sometimes mostly on my laptop
11:03:09 Apricot
This happening to anyone else?
10:56:45 Hells cookie thief
-WP Click-

This is to be my new battle wolf. Now to CP and BE train him :'D
Hard Rock
10:56:22 Rock& Rolls the
-WP Click-

thoughts on her?
10:55:24 Emmet
I need to replace Beel and Satan :")

Should I use my other male mela and albi? Or should I wait.
Imposter 1.0
10:52:16 Freak, Sus, Bakugou
hi dunceface-


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Mutants | Semi-Lit I High school oriented Rp December 19, 2020 08:53 AM

The Corona Virus
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I like these ideas! Sorry I haven't been on, was pretty sick but I feel amazing and my school is all caught up so I am back in the game :D

Devil's Gambit said:
(Don't take this the wrong way but I like your questions ^^. I think as long as it's clear the original mutants got older you should be able to keep yours. The sign-ups will be made around the first or second week of January, just so everyone can still enjoy a bit of the holidays. I think 15-20 years into the future should do it, I want the children to be old enough to be curious but young and innocent too)

Mutants | Semi-Lit I High school oriented Rp December 19, 2020 09:53 AM

The Corona Virus
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Toxic | Female | 17 | Mutant | Mentions: Leo

Toxic looked at Leo, sighed quietly. She sat back up on the table, and before she could rest her head on the cool surface she heard footsteps. Straightening her body up she looked towards the door, but they soon stopped abruptly and she noticed a shadow peering out from under the door. Nope. Don't fall for it, just a hallucination. She stared at it, and it faded away and her breathing slowed down.

Toxic shook her head, took a deep breath, and sat back up on the table. She lied down slowly, her eyes looking in every direction. She felt off, so just in case anyone decided to come in and mess with her, her fingernails slowly turned into light grey claws. She crossed her arms under her head and rested her head on top of them, and closed her eyes. "If you want, you can go. Don't think I am holding you here like a prisoner," she chuckled quietly keeping her eyes closed. She almost forgot about her fractured leg for a moment, but as soon as she moved it it stung and she held it still. God I love my life.

Mutants | Semi-Lit I High school oriented Rp December 27, 2020 08:33 AM

Devil's Gambit
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I made the sequel, does it look okay?: Mutants II
Mutants | Semi-Lit I High school oriented Rp January 5, 2021 07:02 AM

Posts: 842
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Yeah! It looks great! I'll be posting a sign up soon ^^

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