Rezika's Pack
09:38:04 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Thanks I'm working on layering and details at the moment. Artflow is awesome on the phone
Bella Luna
09:37:57 The Sicilian
@rez that is some great shading!
09:37:56 Sith Happens
I know, right Aku? Barely been on, only to do CP and retire duds >~>
Leopard Lover
09:37:55 Leopard, LL
You should get 1 or 2 pups, I think.
09:37:39 Annoyed Dragon Noise


gOlDeN bOi
Phantom Runners
09:37:31 PhantomX
Ok thanks Oakley
09:37:19 Hippie 🌻
That is dope dude
09:37:17 The Master Hoarder
aw they sound so nice! :D
Golden boi *^*
09:37:10 nym
@Phantom Runners, yes. You are allowed to post a link to your suggestions here.
Serial Dreamer
Aku, but I'd have to make more and that's effort :(
I was considering taking out my drawing tablet but I'm way too tired to art right now, rip.
Rezika's Pack
09:36:29 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Thoughts on the fur?
09:36:17 Annoyed Dragon Noise

Hes the last post on page two, just a desc, but still excited bout him.

-WP Click-
09:36:12 Em / Flu / ila
Unfortunately I'm working with the anatomy of a closed species and ears are not a part of their anatomy ^^'

I do agree though
09:35:57 The Master Hoarder
I love that *^*
I need to check out that closed species *^*

qwq Drink more-

Noobkin! :D
Long time no see xD

Yes *^*
09:35:53 bless the mad ones!
bella luna, it's a trait of the closed species that it doesn't have ears
Bella Luna
09:35:33 The Sicilian
It needs something on the head....ears of some sort?
Jack Of Stars
09:35:14 Jack The Demon Boi
When the female has 20 maternal ad the male has 0 charisma, how many pups will be born?
09:34:55 The Master Hoarder
Gosh darn just show me *^*
Also, of course <3
They're so cute ;w;

It helps if you soak a towel in hot water and just place it wherever you're sore :3
Dark Moonrose
I just woke up too. I just became a member last night, lol!
Rezika's Pack
09:34:26 Rez/ Kaze/ Kate/ kat
Aku coffee is life


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Canine Pack I Thread April 7, 2020 10:58 PM

Posts: 6968
Chaos | M | 3 years | Wolf | Alpha | M: Lilith, Sabre, Taipan, Asha

"Kodiak was waiting in camp for everyone to gather around him," he couldn't remember if that was true or not, so he decided to bluff it. "I gave you your orders. You were to patrol with Kodiak. It's not that hard to have a little patience," he scolded him. "You have severely messed up Fenic," he snapped angrily, "Kodiak's patrol went later, because there was no one else around to take your place. You abandoned your pack running off."

"If she didn't want to join the pack even just for food support, then we can't help her," he glared at Fenic. "You can't force your help on a wolf," he looked pointedly at Taipan who had been that kind of annoying all day. "Normal canines don't trust creatures like that. They don't want things forced on them," he growled a little. He was a little concerned about Asha trying to kill everyone, but she still hadn't replied. "What did you do to provoke her?" he raised a brow.

He knew it could range from something little to something serious. "She might have attacked a loner without being provoked, but I doubt she would do that to a packmate without some reason. However little it may be." When Aikya actually started coming out, he backed up a little to give her space. His first instinct at her curled lips was to reply in turn. He quickly mastered himself and waited for her move.

He could see the panic, and he realized that she was just a trapped creature. From his experience, that meant she was very dangerous right now, but at least she wasn't an angry killing machine. Still, her fear would make her unpredictable. There was more chance of her randomly attacking you. He took note of how small she was. If her pups were going to survive, she would take some feeding. "Aiyka, I offer you a place in my pack," Chaos told her, "You will be safe there, and right now we have food."

He left it at that. What more could she want?

Canine Pack I Thread April 7, 2020 11:49 PM

Posts: 599

Nike/M/3/Wolf/NC/M: Althea

Nike was taken aback at the young one's anger. She seemed more and more like him every minute he was with her. "You know what, I agree. I would do it. Totally. But..." Nike gestured towards his stature, "have you seen me? I'm about half his size. It's my understanding that you want Chaos dead, not me." Nike realized now how much he hated Chaos's bias towards the dogs.

He hadn't thought much about it before, but he hated that he was treated differently than the dogs. Well, the other wolves were treated differently, Chaos still didn't like Nike. Probably thought he was too much of a baby. It didn't matter to him though, he didn't care what some bigoted alpha thought. The rage inside him was fueled by Althea's rage.

Nike wasn't one to rage, nor hate anyone. He was about as friendly as a wolf could get, and he was living proof that everyone had enemies. No matter how nice they were. Althea had brought up a rage inside him that he didn't know had existed before. She brought the fierceness in him, the anger inside of his bones. She did the impossible.

"You know what? Let's kill him. Let's finish him to pieces." It wasn't like Nike at all, but he was too angry to care. He let out a sharp and piercing howl, one of the best you would ever hear. He howled about his feelings towards Chaos, his anger at the pack, he howled hard.

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Canine Pack I Thread April 7, 2020 11:50 PM

Posts: 280

Aikya : 3 yrs : Wolf : Loner : M: Whole group

Aikya stared at the canines around her, looking up to gaze into Fenic's face as he spoke his calming words. Her hackles fell softly, her heart slowing down a bit. She kept her eyes on Asha, still very wary of the assassin. Or...former assassin. She returned her gaze to the wolf who had proven himself to be alpha.

"A pack?" she whispered, her voice shaking. All four legs were quivering, and she still stood low to the ground, unable to move. Her fear was strong. She didn't know how this pack operated. Dogs and wolves alike lived as one, and even here she could feel the tension between the species. Her light green eyes scanned the surrounding canines once again, and she nodded at the alpha's offer, having no choice but to accept.

What if I do something wrong? she wondered. What if my pups are stillborn? Or what if they do something wrong? Will I end up back here? She couldn't muster any other words, and her anxiety was returning. The poor mother's close encounter with death, the stress of the situation, and the relief at finding a pack all crashed into her at once, and she collapsed, her vision blacking. She was awake for a few seconds before her hearing vanished, and her consciousness slipped away.

Alvis: 12 months : Alaskan Malamute : Trainee : M: Skylar, Nike, Althea, Echo

Alvis wagged his tail as Skylar praised him again. He felt his heart go out to her as he saw the small flicker of pain in her eyes, her weight shifting to her bad leg.

"No, it's okay Skye." he said, forming a nickname for her. It seemed to just slip out, no thinking behind it. He stood and nudged her with his muzzle, then gave her a loving lick on the cheek. "Maybe you should rest for awhile. I'll...find something to do." he said. He smiled and nudged her, wanting to help her stand if she needed it. Maybe he could help her find her way back to Echo, and then perhaps he could go find Althea. He wanted to spend more time with her, and try to forget about his messy confession. He wanted to show her that he could still be a good friend without the bother of young love. A part of him wanted to go with Nike too, maybe he could howl with him.

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Canine Pack I Thread April 8, 2020 12:46 AM

Posts: 599

Orbit/M/10m/Trainee/Wolf/M: Hades, Luna

Orbit could see that Luna was exerting herself too much, and she obviously needed a break. "Luna, do me a favor and get some rest. That's more important than catching a few rabbits. Hades can train me." He realized why he hadn't taken over yet. "I really don't care that Hades is a dog. I'm sure Chaos would be okay with it in these circumstances." Orbit knew that he probably wouldn't, but he kept it to himself. Luna was Chaos's sister though, so she probably knew that already. Althea had said she had great training with Hades, so Orbit wanted to see what the hype was about anyways.

"Come on, get some rest. For me?"

Canine Pack I Thread April 8, 2020 01:22 AM

Wolf Lover
Posts: 4160

Skylar|4|F|Wolf|NC|M: Alvis, Echo

Skylar smiled at Alvis when he gave her a nickname. "Skye huh? I could start calling you Al but that doesnt sound no where near as good as Skye." She chuckled softly and nudged him back. This pup had claimed a special place in her heart. She hoped they were still friends in the years to come.

She nodded. "And I think I should rest." She seen Echo come up to them and she smiled, her tail wagging just a bit. But it stopped when he mentioned something about a fight. "A fight? Who could be fighting?" She perked her ears and heard it. She sighed and nodded. "I think we should get back to the camp. Im a bit tired anyways."

She stood up when Alvis nudged her to get up. She held her back leg up, not wanting to put pressure on it.she looked at Alvis. "Stay close to me and Echo." She looked at Echo and smiled. "I'm ready to go."

Canine Pack I Thread April 8, 2020 06:58 AM

Posts: 3823

Althea|10 months|Border Newfie|Trainee|M:Nike

Althea was expecting a totally different reaction from the one she got, Nike seemed to be an okay wolf after all. “Who cares about size, Asha was a killer but she’s not massive.” Her head tilted slightly as she thought about his words. Why would she want him dead? That didn’t make sense. The rage burning in her eyes was clear to see now, she made no efforts to hide it, she couldn’t hide it. She hated the bias against dogs, hated how rude some of the wolves were. Chaos and Fang make the sound of leaving the pack even if it means dying alone so tempting.

It was unfair, that no matter what she did she would never be enough. There would always be someone better, always something she could improve on. She would never be perfect but right now, right here, she didn’t care. Who cared what Chaos thought? Who cared what some stupid, bigoted alpha thought. He would be taken down soon, she could feel it in her bones, she wouldn’t stand for this bias for much longer. The other canines couldn’t stand for this bias much longer!

She was raging, for a second time in the span of 2 days. Unlike her, but it showed how much stress she was placing on herself, how much anger she was burrowing deep inside. If Chaos’ opinions could do this to a pup, imagine what they could do to a canine that could actually take on the male. Imagine Chaos kicked out of the pack or placed as Gamma.

The pup didn’t wish for death to come to Chaos, despite her words right now, deep within she only wanted him punished. Death seemed unfair, even to a wolf so biased and annoying. He was an okay leader, the pack hadn’t fallen into anarchy yet, he didn’t need to be punished for his bias and being a bad leader when he’d been an okay one.

Drawing herself up to a seated position, she gave Nike a firm nod at his next words before listening as he howled. His howl was good, she would have to remember to ask for some pointers later. For now though…

Thrusting her head back, she let a howl burst from her maw.

Canine Pack I Thread April 8, 2020 08:38 AM

Opal Fruits
Posts: 116

Fenic | M | 7 years | Alaskan Malamute | Mentions: Aiyka, Asha, and Chaos

Fenic had to hold his emotions back. Chaos may have been his alpha but at that moment he was getting on Fenic’s nerves. “I tried to help, I patrolled on my own many times. I even spend most of my time doing it, just to make sure it's safe. Look at the thanks I get.” He spoke, muttering the last bit to himself. Fenic closed his eyes and took a breath to calm himself. He wasn’t going to retaliate to Chaos; he was in no fit shape to fight the alpha.

As Chaos continued to speak, telling Fenic everything he did wrong. He couldn’t help but let out a quiet growl. “Okay okay, I made some mistakes. Everyone does,” Fenic huffed, putting on emphasis on the word ‘everyone.’ All the while his eyes flickered between the ground and Aiyka. He knew he needed to be careful, yet hated feeling like a pup being scolded by their mother. Especially when he hadn’t grown up with his mother. He had grown up on his own and was strong enough to hold himself up. He couldn’t take Chaos talking down to him. Even if he was the so-called boss.

Again, his legs grew tired under him, shaking a little. Before he could collapse, Fenic let himself lay down. His tongue lolled out again and he closed his eyes to try and stay awake. He had to, he couldn’t let this wound affect him so much. Once Chaos had offered Aiyka a place in the pack, he looked up at her to see if she would accept. To see her nod, relaxed Fenic significantly. She will be safe there, thank the heavens. He thought to himself; able to rest his head on his paws and focus on trying to numb the pain in his neck. Then, the unexpected happened; Aiyka had fainted and fallen. Fenic's eyes went wide at the thud and his head shot up. His fear was evident and he preyed that her and the pups would be okay.

As an unfamiliar canine rushed over he growled lowly. He didn't know her and he felt defensive of not only himself but Aiyka. Fenic crawled over and managed to get up, it was clear that he was struggling but nonetheless he stepped up next to Aiyka, keeping a weary eye on the knew canine that held her up.

Edited at April 8, 2020 08:51 AM by Opal Fruits
Canine Pack I Thread April 8, 2020 08:42 AM

Onyx's Haven
Posts: 1617

Taipan / Male / 4.5 / Loner / M: Lilith, Chaos, Sabre, Fenic, Asha, Aikya

Taipan stood where the alpha had left him, his glittering topaz eyes staring at Mahamari. The alpha didn't have to worry about him... not right now, at least. He barely heard the others, his attention on the assassin. She had tried to kill him once... and she had tried to kill a helpless mother. That was an action that he could not forgive, no matter what his reputation said about him. His fur was still fluffed up from rushing onto the scene, and he made no move to lower it. His stance was purely defensive, though. He ignored the alpha's pointed glance. And some wolves need to actually protect those weaker than others. The dog, Fenic, was in the right, whether you like it or not, his thoughts bitterly responded. He kept his chin down, closing the space to his life vein, as his cold gaze stayed on Mahamari's wild blue eyes.


Sabre / 2 / Czechoslavakian Wolfdog / Female / Former Loner / M: Chaos, Taipan, Asha, Fenic, Aikya

Sabre backed off, her eyes widening more as Asha snapped at her. Her ears flicked backward for a split second as she backpedaled, giving the wolf room to get out of the den. Her brown gaze traveled over to the alpha as her heart pounded. "Yes, sir. I'm sorry, sir." She watched as the mother crawled out of the den, accepting the alpha's offer to join. She saw the female swaying and, her thoughts on the pups' safety, she dashed over, catching the mother as she fainted. She waited, crouched there for the alpha's orders, unsure if she even did anything right this time. Her hurt gaze looked towards Asha, noticing the large loner's eyes never straying from her dark face. Mahamari? Why was he calling her that? Her name was Asha.... but then, why was Asha acting this way? Who was even telling the truth anymore?

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