09:58:18 i am ling ling
;u; i was hoping to be the only Azura.
but alas.
it was not meant to be.
09:58:15 bless the mad ones!
there's some wolves named solas but no packs
09:57:32 bless the mad ones!
sbeve but irish
p l u t o
09:57:23 pluto / carni
ah yes my bad
09:57:18 hard Cloaks
09:57:16 nym
If you type in Oak in 'Seek Packs', a billion people show up.
09:57:06 bless the mad ones!
p l u t o
09:56:50 pluto / carni
09:56:24 bless the mad ones!
09:56:15 Soul
@Bella Luna

09:56:15 bless the mad ones!

caveman legend

spends 40 hours a day practicing their skin drum
Bella Luna
09:56:10 The Sicilian
Ihave the whole thing memorized! Keep an I on my nickname, it will change from time to time, but will always reference Princess Bride.
p l u t o
09:55:43 pluto / carni
i wish there was a way to revive the characters I've bought but not saved. Why was I so dumb-
09:55:33 i am ling ling
y'all, i found my twin, who joined 2 days before me. cx
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New, sled dog literate role play! Limited spots, filling up fast, come check it out!!
Lycan Blood
09:55:00 Lux
I feel like a bad human because I have never heard of that movie.
09:54:50 bless the mad ones!
jesus fuckin christ will my advisor stop flexing his new house
Bella Luna
09:54:20 The Sicilian
@sacred Souls
Friend moi!
09:54:05 angie!
i havent watched that movie for years lol
09:53:29 DareDevil
it is sooo not fair that my sis gets to sleep in til like 11am but I have to get up around 7


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Canine Pack I Thread March 20, 2020 08:44 PM

Posts: 6968

During late winter at the beginning of spring some stray dogs and a dwindling wolf pack come together. The dogs have come from various backgrounds. Some started their lives out as strays, while others were separated from their owners. While they are struggling to learn how to survive, they bump into other dogs in similar situations to their own, and they meet the remains of a dwindling wolf pack.

Will the wolves accept them? Will they be able to help the dogs learn how to survive in the wild? Natural selection has been harsh on the wolf pack. They are few in number, and their alpha has been looking for ways to keep the pack going. Will they begin to take mates from their dog cousins? The land has been frozen for a long time, but the spring warmth and thaw is coming.

Will the canines be able to handle the heavy spring time floods? Not only are these canines competing against each other for food, but they have to defend against large predators such as bears and cougars. These Canines have combined together for their survival. These canines aren't used to working together. Originally it was a wolf pack but now there is a scattering of dogs. How will they get along?


These may be able to breed, but are they compatible together? Will the dogs be able to keep up with their wild ancestors? They have combined into one pack, and you get to follow their new pack dynamics.

Rituals and Beliefs of Wolves and Dogs


(You may pm me suggestions to be added here)

Alpha can be challenged for in combat. Only Betas, Deltas, and Kappas can challenge for alpha. If everyone agrees, the rank of Alpha can be passed down to someone the former alpha chooses.

Betas are chosen by the alpha. Only normal ranking canines, Kappas, or Deltas can be assigned to this position. The beta should be someone with leadership abilties, but they are also the ones who are supporting and trusted by the alpha.

Kappas and Deltas can be chosen by the alpha, by the normal ranking canines, or the rank can be challenged for and earned in combat or a combination. They are known for their hunting, fighting or canine social skills. They don't necessarily have to be good leaders.

When pups are fully weaned and don't need their mother anymore, they get to move to a new den, and sleep with other trainees. They also get a new name which the pack chooses. The pack works together to train their trainees.

When pups are old enough to become normal ranking canines, they get to choose their own name. At this time they can also choose their mate.

When a pup is born, the parents choose its name.

The pack moves around according to where there is a food supply. They only mate to have pups at one time of the year near the spring. The only time the pack stops to make a den is when they have pups. They try to head to the most prey rich area, when they have preganant canines.


(You may pm me suggestions to be added here.)



On the north side is where the vegetation that large ungulates eat. There is lots of open space and large fields and plains of grass. Up here the land is flatter.


Toward the east is a lake, which is fed by a large river. There are many little tributaries. The land around here is marshier.


Down in the south there are many little woody areas and forests. There are many little woodland creatures, and it is prey rich down here.


Toward the west there is a more mountainous region. The area seems a little sparse, and it could be described as a tundra. There is not much growth here, and the prey is more skittish and hardy.


This territory isn't too humid.


The temperature cools and leaves change colors. It seems to be more windy this time of the year.


It is cold in their territory and it often snows during the winter.


It begins to warm and this is the rainy season.


It gets hot and this is the dry season.


Alpha-Leader of the pack

Alpha's Mate-They are the alpha's mates, so they aren't as dominant as the alpha, so they don't have as much power. They still have all the powers and duties of an alpha.

Beta-Second in command

Beta's mate-similar to Alpha's mate, but for the beta

Delta-This is a male only position. They are the ones who help lead hunts and organize patrols.

Kappa-This is a female only position. They are the ones who help lead hunts and organize patrols.

Normal Canines- These wolves are over 2 years of age. They are old enough to have a mate, and they are the backbone of the pack.

Mothers-They are either too far along pregnant to do their work anymore, or they have dependent pups.

Pup- Canines 0-9months.

Trainees- Canines 9-24 months. They are training on how to survive as adults.

Gamma- These canines are being punished for doing something wrong. They are technically the same rank as omega, but they tend to be more rebellious and need someone to keep an eye on them. This is also the rank that untrusted canines are put in. It may be that they are wanting to join the pack, and this is where they have to start. (There is not always a Gamma)

Omega - These wolves are naturally the lowest on the totem pole. They have allowed themselves to become this low. (There is not always an Omega)

Check Sign up for Rules

Canine Pack I Thread March 20, 2020 08:44 PM

Posts: 6968


Chaos/M/3 years/Wolf/Candor

Alpha's Mate


Luna/F/3 years/Wolf/saratank

Beta's Mate

PM saratank


Kodiak/M/4.5 years/Akita-Siberian Husky/White Water Fury


Normal Canines

Aella/F/3 years/Wolf/The Heathens deceased

Echo/M/2 years/Wolf/saratank

Fang/M/3 years/Wolf/saratank

Sparrow/F/3.5 years/Wolf/Solareclipse.

Onyx/F/4 years/Wolf/Jade's Haven

Skylar/F/4 years/Wolf/Wolf Lover

Lilith/F/4 years/Wolf/The Heathens

Anwar/M/2.3 years/Wolf/Dark Embers

Nike/M/3 years/Wolf/Floofinator

Sabre/F/2 years/Czechoslovakian Wolfdog/Jade's Haven

Kiwi/F/3.5 years/Rhodesian Ridgeback-Irish Wolfhound/Candor

Loki/M/3.5 years/King German Shepherd/Floofinator

Hades/M/5 years/Rottweiler/Candor

Blue/M/6.5 years/Blue Heeler a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog/Candor

Armina/F/5 years/Belgian Malinois/Dark Embers

Donovan/M/4.5 years/Akita-Siberian Husky/White Water Fury

Fenic/M/7 years/Alaskan Malamute/Opal Fruits


Amara/F/3 years/German Shepherd-Husky/saratank


Xanthe/F/0 years/Wolf/Opal Fruits

Facilier/M/0 years/Wolf/White Water Fury

Harmony/F/0 years/Wolf/Solareclipse

Dakota/F/0 years/Wolf/The Heathens

Blackburn/M/0 years/Wolf/Elaysia

Lyra/F/0 years/Wolf/saratank

Apollo/M/0 years/German Shepherd-Husky-Rough Collie/Floofinator

Fayola/F/0 years/German Shepherd-Husky-Rough Collie/Elaysia

Bakhtiar/M/0 years/German Shepherd-Husky-Rough Collie/Dark Embers


Orbit/M/10 months/Wolf/Floofinator

Althea/F/10 months/Border Collie-Newfoundland/Solareclipse.

Alvis/M/12 months/Alaskan Malamute/Elaysia


Kali/F/6 years/German Shepherd/Elaysia


Asha/F/5.5 years/Wolf/Dark Embers

Hazel/M/3 years/Wolf/Opal Fruits

Loners Max of 4

Aikya/F/3 years/Wolf/Elaysia

Taipan/M/4.5 years/Wolf/Home 4 Unwanted Gems

Storm/M/10 months/Irish Wolfhound/saratank

M: 20 F: 18

Edited at April 6, 2020 05:14 PM by Candor
Canine Pack I Thread March 20, 2020 08:47 PM

Posts: 6968
I control time of day, but you can pm me and request a time skip.

Time of year



Time of day



Sunny day.



Edited at March 29, 2020 10:17 AM by Candor
Canine Pack I Thread March 20, 2020 09:09 PM

Posts: 6968
Kiwi | F | 3.5 years | Rhodesian Ridgeback-Irish Wolfhound | M: Alpha, Loki

Kiwi woke up curled next to Loki. She smiled at her mate, wondering when he would wake up. She looked out to see if what the pack was up to. It made her uncomfortable to stay in the den laying around relaxing even though not everyone else was awake. Gently, she tried to get up without awaking him up. Gingerly, she walked into the center of the area where the pack had chosen to sleep. She gazed around seeing if anyone else was awake. As far as she knew only Kappas, Deltas, Alphas, or Betas could assign patrols, so she would just be hanging around until that happened.

She shook out her fur once more. It was still odd sleeping with this many other canines near and around her. She wasn't quite used to pack life, but she was already feeling a sense of duty for most of her packmates. She could feel herself stiffening and preparing for the day, when the Chaos woke up. From his face things would not be pleasant. It was a little odd being underneath other dogs and there being a heirarchy. She was accustomed to traveling where she wanted to go when she went.

All these pack rules were a little scary and nerve racking. She could unknowingly step across the line at any time. Unfortunately, they didn't tell you all the rules at one time. She knew that alpha wasn't forgiving. She would only have one chance or alpha would kick her out. She did like it that she could depend on others if she got hurt. She knew now that she would have Loki, but a larger community felt safer. It was a little foggy this morning, and she couldn't see too far away from her face. From her experience this might affect the hunting.

Hades | M | 5 years | Rottweiler | M: Chaos, Kiwi

Slowly, Hades slid his eyes open and gazed around. He reclosed his eyes and relaxed. He didn't hear many others walking around, and he was warm and comfortable. He would put off the unsavorable as long as possible. Letting the cold rush into his sides was very disagreeable at this time of the day. His stomach rumbled, and he knew that it was about time he went to go get something to eat. If what he had heard was true, he could get in trouble for eating unless the alpha allowed him to.

He had noticed that wolves generally were allowed to eat before dogs. He hoped that someone would lead a hunting patrol first thing. To him food was the most important, while safety was a nice bonus. He decided that he had slept in long enough. He got up and began stretching and yawning. He noticed that Kiwi was up, but he didn't feel like talking to someone when he first got up. He just sat there for a moment taking his time to wake up.

Blue | M | 6.5 years | Blue Heeler a.k.a. Australian Cattle Dog | M:

Blue could feel his bones and joints were achy. It must be the cool foggy morning. It was becoming unpleasant getting older, and the mornings reminded him of this. He forced himself to sit up. He just sat watching the hustle and bustle of a normal morning. He was excited that it was getting warmer. While rain didn't help his joints, it was more pleasant than cold. Now, the prey was beginning to come out, his stomach would be less empty. He knew that Hades didn't like to be messed with in the mornings, so he would make sure to stay far away. He scratched an itch on his back by gnawing at it. He wondered if they would send out multiple patrols.

Chaos | M | 3 years | Wolf | Alpha | M:

Chaos took his time and looked around the camp, and realized that most of everyone was still asleep. He gave a quick howl to make sure that everyone knew to get up. He knew that the best hunting was often early in the morning. He gave a few moments to make sure that everyone was listening. "I'll let the beta or Delta decide who should go into which patrol. I want a hunting patrol for this morning and a hunting patrol for this afternoon. Pay attention for anything that we need to take note of," he assigned the jobs for the day. "During this next week, I'll be assessing everyone's skills," he told them. He waited to see what the Delta, and Beta would say.

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Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 10:59 AM

Onyx's Haven
Posts: 1618

Sabre / Czechoslavakian Wolfdog / Female / Loner / M: Open

Sabre trotted through the forest, sniffing the air for any prey scents she could find. Nothing here. She picked up her pace. The thin, furry wolfdog ran, relishing the feel of wind in her fur. She soon slowed again as she came to a new part of the forest. One that she hadn't explored yet. Confidently, Sabre walked into it, hoping that prey would be more abundant here.


Onyx / Wolf / Female / Normal Canine / M: Open

Onyx yawned, her silvery cheeks gleaming in the light. As she padded from beneath the bush where she'd slept and stretched, she noticed that she was one of the few to be awake. Quietly, she padded over to a soft, sunny patch and laid there, warming herself as the fog settled around her.

Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 11:21 AM

Posts: 7450
Luna/ Wolf/ Beta
Luna stirred and shook her head as she walked out of the den. She flicked her ear as she woke up Echo and Fang. "Come on you two. You need to head out hunting" she said. She planned to lead a border patrol herself. She smiled as Fang got up and walked out of the den before Luna nodded to Chaos. "I'll have Fang and Echo take a few others out to hunt" she said. "Figured I might check the borders." She wondered what Chaos thought of that idea. He already didn't seem exactly happy that Luna mentioned letting dogs into the pack, and Fang, well, he didn't seem happy, but he certainly didn't seem like it was that much of a bother.
Amara/ Loner/ Dog
Amara sighed as she kept her head lowered. She looked around for any sign of food she could get her paws on. She has just finally managed to get rid of her collar and it was obvious she would be having her pups any day now. She whimpered slightly when she didn't see any food and put her ears back. She hated the humans who had taken her in, feeling they only wanted her to have pups that they wanted, and Amara hadn't felt like she was ready, so she ran. She had no clue she was nearing wolf territory though.
Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 03:14 PM

Posts: 280
Kali:German Shepherd:Gamma:Mentions: Open
Kali heard the alpha's howl echo throghout the air. Her eye blinked open slowly, the fog surrounding her body. She knew a patrol was gathering, and she longed to go with them.
They won't let me. she thought, sitting up slowly to look around her. It was hard to see very far in front of you, but she was able to see the somewhat awake bodies of the wolves and dogs around her. Kali hated being pressed next to other dogs, so she'd made herself at home by sleeping a few yards away from the rest of the pack. Her bright amber eyes found Chaos, and she supressed a growl. There was no use anymore. She was here now, one of the lowest of the low, and she never had a chance to win his position.
Not that I ever could've gotten it anyway. she thought. Stupid rules and stupid pack life. Why should I have to learn their ways? I'm not a wolf. I'm a DOG. She stood and shook herself, trying to rid the negativity. She didn't need to be in a bad mood right off the bat. She'd joined the pack longing for social life, but her fiesty nature had put her here instead. Stuck at the bottom where next to no one trusted her. She knew it was her own fault, but she did wish for at least one friend.
Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 04:17 PM

Wolf Lover
Posts: 4160

Skylar|4|Female|Wolf|Normal Canine|M: Open

Skylar lifted her head when she heard Chaos's howl. She got to her feet with a yawn and stretched. Time to start another day. She walked out of the den and looked around. There were several dogs mixed in with the wolves. Skylar didn't really mind. She didn't care one way or the other actually. They were all canines, so they should be able to get along.

Chaos, however, didn't see it that way. She really didn't like the dogs with them but here they were. Skylar shook her head and sat down. The fog was thick this morning but hopefully it would clear for any hunting they had to do. She looked towards the Alpha and the Beta, Luna. She waited to see what they wanted her to do that day.

Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 04:45 PM

Posts: 3823

Sparrow|F|3.5 years|Grey Wolf|Normal Canine|M: Open

With each pawstep, the grey wolf was getting nearer and nearer to her unknown destination. She could feel it deep within her, like a strong tug that refused to let her ignore the pull. The sun bathed her in its warm embrace, reassuring her that all was well. There would be no trouble at her destination and all would be well. The grass was springy and soft beneath her paws, a luscious green colour that dragged the eye to it. A bird flew overhead, startled out of the trees by a loud howl.

Everything flipped, the clouds moving to cover the sun and the grass shrivelling beneath her paws. Everything was dark, the shadows creeping ever nearer and all because of the howl.

The howl! Sparrow started awake, eyes wide in mild shock as she shook her head, trying to rid herself of the fear that lay heavy in her stomach. Who knew that a dream was capable of doing such a thing, revealing your true thoughts and feelings. If only this one had slipped away when she awoke.

No matter how she felt now, it was time to start a new day. As she shook the dirt that had accumulated over the night, out of her dusty coat, Sparrow found herself pondering over the dogs that had so recently joined the pack. She didn’t like it, but she didn’t dislike it. She didn’t mind it, but she wasn’t welcoming them with a grin. She just didn’t really care. As long as they did their bit in the pack and didn’t slack off. As long as they were polite and didn’t think of themselves as better for having lead pampered lives that the wolves hadn’t. She didn’t see a reason to keep them from joining. Some of them were quite nice.

Her ears caught the sound of the alpha speaking to some of the higher ups, the beta and delta she presumed.

Althea|10 months|Border Newfie|Trainee|M: Open

There was nothing stopping her from making this leap, no man, no wolf, no parent, no friend, no nothing. Nothing was to stop her from following her instincts. The sun was there, encouraging her to make the leap of faith. It couldn’t hurt to do so, something was telling her that she would be alright. She trusted her gut, it had never failed her before, and keeping that in mind, she bunched her muscles. With that, she had leapt off the pier, landing with a splash in the water. At once she knew that she had made the right choice. It felt good, it felt right, it felt like she was home. Her fur was wet but she didn’t care, it wasn’t stopping her from swimming, as with strong pawstrokes she was making her way across the lake. Fish danced beneath her, aquatic plants doing little shimmies as the water pushed them this way and that. In joy, she raised her maw, a strangely deep and melodic howl coming from deep within her chest. It was answered, and she frowned in concern. The water was cold now, the sun hidden by a cloud as a bird flew overhead, cawing loudly in alarm. Something was wrong.

With that, Althea was awake, breathing heavily as she rolled over to lay on her stomach. Her eyes were wide in shock, but slowly she managed to calm herself down. She was alright…She was fine. It was simply the Alpha’s wake-up call that had startled her awake. Something lay heavy within her heart though. Fear. Desperate to dispel those feelings, she made herself smile. It was a trick she had learned a while ago, it helped her feel happier, like everything was going to be okay. Which it was. Life was going to be just fine.

Canine Pack I Thread March 21, 2020 05:30 PM

Posts: 280
Alvis:12 months:Alaskan Malamute:Trainee:Mentions: Althea, Chaos
Alvis shook himself awake, his deep brown eyes still filled with unbelievable tiredness. His muscles still ached from training the day before, but that was perfectly fine. He enjoyed training, and despite being tired, he was ready to start the day. His head shifted slowly to see Althea a few feet away, awaking with a start. His nose twitched as he caught scent of her small fear, and his ear flicked as a knat buzzed annoyingly inside of it. The fog this morning made him feel slightly uneasy, but he wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the fact that it was able to lower your senses, making it possible for anything or anyone to sneak up on you. But he brushed those nerves aside, standing and shaking himself. Dust, dirt, and bits of grass were released from his thick pelt, and he lifted his head to the sky, responding to Chaos's howl with his own high-pitched bark. It was habitual of him to do so. A howl or a bark heard to his ears had to be returned. He sneezed, parting a bit of the fog in front of his face, and his tail curled up naturally over his back. He approached Althea, curious of her. He'd never really spoken to her before, even in training. He knew she was kind, for she radiated that kind of aura. But he also knew she was a hard worker and a powerful young dog, so it made him slightly nervous to approach her.
"Hello," he said quietly, perking his ears forward. "You okay?"

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