Serial Dreamer
My Alpha pair finally had a DH pup, too. This one doesn't look great but he's heavy and has excellent affinity, so I'll keep him.
-WP Click-
Destinations End
05:23:58 Desti
Yeah, it really does. :)
Serial Dreamer
Desti, right? When I saw her in pup pose I though the red merle shoulder was going to look awkward, I usually prefer it on lighter wolves, but it actually looks fine in AF. ^^
Destinations End
05:21:25 Desti
Ooh. She really is pretty
Serial Dreamer
Considering buying her a Make Friends, Blackstar almost never gives me good pups. This one is really pretty too. :/
-WP Click-
05:14:47 Merry Sithmas
That's what I was thinking, because although the vitals aren't the greatest, or my DH program they are decent
Destinations End
05:14:15 Desti
Do not advertise in main chat
05:12:53 A Flow:er hath spoke
I’d be tempted to make him a female.
05:11:46 Hollow | Silver
Morning mates. How is chat?
Mistress Nyx
04:59:40 zelus
Hypatia: take it to sales chat
04:45:56 Merry Sithmas
-WP Click-

Should I make female or not? <.>
Broken Archangel
04:45:52 Samael ,Flawed
I thini i might hop off before i so any more damage night
Broken Archangel
04:45:08 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx sorry
Mistress Nyx
04:44:46 zelus
Also, it's subliminal advertising. Don't do that.
Broken Archangel
04:44:43 Samael ,Flawed
Nyx i regret that now :/
redneck christmas
04:44:37 bloodied jorts

i'm gonna say i feel a desperate need to buy that wolf and i know i shouldn't
Mistress Nyx
04:44:07 zelus
If you really don't want someone to buy it, don't advertise it the way you currently are. Someone's going to bid intentionally now.
04:37:50 Wilvy
@Samuel, oof, which wolf? :/
redneck christmas
04:33:45 bloodied jorts
why is kurtis the most desirable wolf in my pack like what?? lowkey everyone in my pack is goin' after her
04:30:59 *Twilight Noises*
FlIp mY BiO


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Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 13, 2019 12:44 PM

Toothpaste Torturer
Posts: 4709
Alright, you kids know what to do!

Don't murder each other, or I'll Tsuyu all.
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 13, 2019 12:59 PM

The Moon Alpha
Posts: 2388

she awoke with a yawn, getting up and getting dressed. She put on a a cute black crop-top that said 'Emo Fo Life' and skinny Jean's that slightly strained against her"Dilyla?" She questioned, looking for her dog, she came bounding up the stairs and wagged her tail furiously, tounge out, panting. "Come here girl!" She said as Dilyla ran up to her and Midnight pet her and scratched her "Who's a good girl? You are!" She let go of Dilyla and walked down the stairs, fixing herself some buttered toast and eating it, she grabbed her books, put Dilyla in her kennel, and locked her door, heading to the high school. When she got to the end of her street she waited for Avian, her best friend and secret crush*
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 13, 2019 01:30 PM

Posts: 20141
Avian Hollands | 15 | Angel | M: Open

Who was that strutting down the street, it was the famous Avian, the crybaby who was spoiled and pretty much a idol. He ruffled his hair a bit before giggling a bit. His off the shoulder shirt slide down a bit as his hands pulled out a small golden halo," Luck is just a word ," He arched his brows before twirling around a bit, he soon got trampled by his older brothers and sisters," Damn you guys are always in my spot light! ," He coughed up some dust before following them slowly, he was the youngest, the most smallest of them all. His oldest brother soon scooped him up and tossed him to the second oldest sister who swung Avian around like a doll," Put me down! Do you know who I am you good for nothing worthless trash! ," He squealed as they tossed him behind them," Avian is the it! ," His middle sister yowled as they all flapped their llarge wings as Avian tiny baby wings stayed hidden.

" I'll kill you some day Princess! I'll slash your perfect smile with my bloody knife! Stupid middle child! ," Avian dusted himself off before placing a hand on his hip and staring around.

Dequ | A star ;-; | Human | M: Open

" HA! I was born a star mother! ," Dequ fussed with his mother who faceplamed herself," Why must my child be such a dork ," She mumbled as Dequ checked himself out in his phone screen," Going out with some friends ," He yawned before fixing his pixie cut hair and flopped it over his dazzling eyes before fixing his shirt. No, he is not a cross dresser at heart merely just loves the style and whatnot.

He soon left his house and glanced down the street.

Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 13, 2019 02:50 PM

Posts: 207
Jaxon Michael Brady//Male//mentions: Avian, Midnight (briefly)

'Jaxon feckin' Brady. what time do you call this? Get that stick out of your ass, you can see it when you talk. C'mon, you got stuff to do.' Jaxon groaned as the same little voice in his head that had kept him up all night was now edging him to get up. He sat up from his bed where he was sprawled out with most of the blankets practically on the floor. He didn't move for a moment. His head was spinning from lack of sleep. 'no rest for the dead' He thought to himself as he turned around and pulled open the curtains which shed light on his face. the sun reflected on his sharp jawline and softer features, as they always were in the morning. He squinted his eyes and recoiled a bit. why was it so bright out today? or is that just because he is only up? Jaxon didn't think on it too long as he turned around to face the rest of his room. It was a mess. there were clothes, magazines, a pair of drumsticks and a lot of other stuff littering the floor and drawers and wardrobes lay open. Jaxon saw no need to clear them, Nobody was ever in his house anyway never mind his room. if somebody ever tried to rob him, good luck finding what your looking for. Jaxon wiped his ace with his hand in a pathetic attempt to wake himself up. He then lifted himself with a slight hobble. This was his second and a half night with no sleep and he wasn't taking to it too well. Jaxon started to make his way to his bathroom connected to his bedroom. he hated the word en suite, it sounded too fancy for him. Soon he was finished with his shower and had chosen to wear something a little brighter today, a light blue denim jacket with some white fur around the collar, jet black skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and some light brown boots. Not forgetting his typical grey flat cap and his necklace, which he then tucked under his shirt.

Now that he was slightly more productive he went about getting himself and Oscar (his cat) fed, his teeth and hair brushed, dishes done, all the usual stuff. Alright now that he was looking a little more mess and less 'dragged through a bush backwards and then proceeding to get hit by several slimy trolls with several bats made of mud' mess, He decided he was ok to step out of the house. Jaxon gave Oscar some goodbye pets as he let him out of the house before locking the door and heading off own the street.

He stopped in a shop for a bit and bought some energy drinks as he knew he would not survive the day with out them. He was bad with sleep but he was no Kyle. speaking of, that kid hadn't been in school for ages. wonder what's happened to him? Jaxon brushed off the thought as he packed his stuff in his bag and walked off again down the street. It wasn't long before he passed a few familiar faces from the school. one being a girl who had seen around and another being a kid who was seemed to be getting it hard from some friends. Jaxon debated what to do which wasn't normal but he kinda felt bad for the kid. he had to pass that way anyway but still. Jaxon sighed, rolled his eyes slightly into himself, and walked on towards them. "You alright kid?" He asked, trying to keep his tone off blunt as it usually was.

Edited at July 13, 2019 02:51 PM by Ren
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 13, 2019 08:58 PM

Posts: 20141
Avian Hollands | 15 | Angel | M: Midnight, Jaxon

Avian whipped around before dusting off his shoulder and stretched normally," Yeah? What you never seen so many kids before? ," He yawned bored of this small talk before it even started, he had to much to do and this mere person was blocking his light, his spot light that shined only on him. He smiled at the guy but it wasn't playfully nor sickening, just a normal expressionless smile that meant nothing at all, his hands shoved behind his back as he turned to face him fully, his legs came together a bit as he blushed a bit, only a habit he does when he wants something or just since his texture was milky like.

He did have a fever but it was toxic like that, he giggled lightly at the male bluntness but didn't mind it as he, himself was as blunt as this stranger," Who are you to speak in such a peasant way? Didn't your mother teach you how to speak? ," Of course he was just messing around with the dirty child of the night, but something in his tone made it hard not to take it to the heart. He took a while noticing Midnight and grunted," Midnight...she's here already! ," He shuddered a bit before waving toward the female who took a liking to Avian manly figure and rude words. He glanced back at Jaxon before jogging toward Midnight, giving her a quick and friendly hug before coughing awkwardly," How did you get here before me? Maybe since my family went shopping...then went on another shopping spree? ," He mumbled with great cuteness that leveled his ego. He blushed slightly at the female as he smiled delightfully," One day you'll be able to come with me, these humans have such good shops ," He squealed as his cheeks stained a pinkish color before blowing out his cheeks," The humans can't resist the cheek bones Midnight," He warned the female before pulling out a phone of screen items, he took a picture as his tongue flopped out and he crossed his eyes slightly. He stood right infront of Midnight but crouched down and took it quickly so she wouldn't have time to rethink.

Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 16, 2019 08:11 PM

The Sandman
Posts: 2809
(When you play Satan and don't realize the roleplay started..... I play both if my characters in one thing, so... Sorry if I confused ya. I'll put which one it's mainly at as the name and info stuff.)

Lucifer | Male | 19 | Satan | M : Callum; Mother

Yawning, Lucifer got up out of bed. "Get up, Luci!" His brother called towards him, seeing as his door was open. "How many times have I told you not to call me that, Callum?" Lucifer called back, pushing the blanket off as he jumped out of bed. He picked up his phone, checking the messages. "Hmm.... Two.. Ah, fuck 'em." Throwing his phone down on his bed, he went to ransack his closet for clothes. "Stupid school....." He muttered towards himself. "Breakfast is ready, brother!" "Fuck off!" Lucifer yelled as Callum, who had peaked his head in. "Jeeze, bad mood..... Satan." "Ugh!" He groaned, pushing Callum away and slamming his door. He could hear his Mother and Callum talking about how he was a "moody teenager". Rolling his eyes, Lucifer pulled on some skinny jeans, a gray tank top, and a sea through skull flannel. Grabbing socks and shoes, he slumped his way down the stairs.

"Good morning." His Mother greeted him, and Callum flashed him a smile. "How did I end up being Satan and your a stupid angel, Cal?" He soon softened up to his brother. "Sorry I cursed you out. Ya know I love ya." He smiled and laughed with his brother as he lightly punched Callum's shoulder, his soft side showing.

Edited at July 16, 2019 08:18 PM by NightmaresAllNight
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 17, 2019 12:14 AM

Toothpaste Torturer
Posts: 4709
Watch Kiba be weird-))

Kiba Shinigami//Male//18//Grand Demon//Cal, Luci (Kinda)

Hell knew how long Kiba had been awake for. The white-haired male was sat outside of Lucifer's house, waiting patiently for his friend. He was sat with his legs crossed, his bright turquoise eyes staring at his friend's door, almost seeming empty and void of emotion. A slight breeze began to pick up, causing Kiba's white-and-black hair to blow into his face.

He hauled himself to his feet, deciding that it was time he started going to school. He knocked on the door in front of him, waiting silently for his friend to appear. He contemplated knocking once more, but decided against it. "Good things come to those who wait." He reminded himself quietly, his empty voice making him just a tiny bit more patient. "If Luci is a good thing." He smiled at that. It was a small, fragile smile, but it was definitely there. Kiba was getting better at that.

Leo Dakota//16//Male//Hooman//Open

Leo was so late. He rushed out the door, not caring for the fact that he hadn't eaten. He ran- yes, ran- as fast as his little legs could carry him. He nearly tripped once, but only once. He steadied himself, carrying on with doing the most exercise he'd ever done in his life. Having already missed his bus, Leo really had no choice but to run all the way to school.

Why couldn't the devil have mercy on him?

(I definitely didn't forget that Gabe existed-)

Gabriel Lux//17//Male//Angel//Open, Avian, Midnight (Both briefly)

Gabe was okay. He had time. He was gonna be late. Gabe was trying to be quick enough to get to school, but not too quick to look awkward. He placed his earbuds into his ears, playing music to stop him from actually having to talk to people, because why would he do that? He noticed two people that seemed familiar to him, but he couldn't quite put his finger on who they were. Then it hit him.

Avian and Midnight.

He rolled his dark golden eyes, pulling his white hair over his shoulder. His hair was getting so long, but he didn't want to cut off the black tips- he'd have barely any black hair left if he did! He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. He looked down, shoving his hands in the pockets of his jacket. He crossed over the road, trying desperately to avoid being noticed by the two other angels. He really hated them.

Edited at July 17, 2019 01:01 AM by Toothpaste Torturer
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 17, 2019 08:19 AM

The Sandman
Posts: 2809
(Is Kiba stalking Luci....? I mean.... it's nice they have friends.)

Lucifer Morning-Star | Male | 19 | M : Cal; Kiba

"Lucifer, could you get the door, please?" His Mother was cooking. Standing from the table, he walked towards the door. "Well, I'ma go, anyways. See ya, Cal. And Mom." Lucifer opened the door, flashing a smile towards whom he opened the door to. "Would ya look at that? Kiba showed up at my house." He stepped out from the house, closing the door. "And to what do we have planned for today?" He used his fingers to fluff up his hair of some sorts, and began walking.

Callum Reeves | Male | 17 | Grand Prophet | M : Mother; Kiba; Lucifer

"Luci's right, Mom. How come were and Angel family and.... Well..... Your son is literally Satan himself?" Call's Mother sighed, sitting down next to him at the table. "Look, Call..... Lucifer isn't from our family. Yes, we may be an Angel family, but he's.... He's not an Angel family. Sometimes, it just happens that an Angel gives birth to a Demon. And in our case.... I have birth to Satan... Now go. You must not be late for school." She sighed, waving him off towards the door.

Callum obeyed, going out the door. Not knowing the situation, he ran into Kiba and Lucifer.
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 17, 2019 12:58 PM

Toothpaste Torturer
Posts: 4709
What? No! Of coUrsE Kiba Isn'T stAlkInG Luci-))

Kiba Shinigami//Male//18//Grand Demon//Lucifer

Kiba walked alongside his friend, keeping his arms by his sides. "You have a your normal Monday classes, followed by a tutoring session with a Prefect- Leo, the small one." He answered Lucifer. He wasn't stalking the demon or anything, he just knew that his friend had a tutor now. Why wouldn't he? He was pretty close with Lucifer, so it would be natural for him to know what the other demon was doing after school, right?

He glanced over at Lucifer, tilting his head slightly, letting his white hair fall over his face. "You should attempt to better your posture- if you don't, you will encounter spinal deformities later on in your life... in your death... in your... existence." He pointed out, beginning to look at the ground. He was just confused. At this point, he didn't know whether his friend was dead or alive, or just dead inside. Probably the first and last ones. "Either way, don't slouch your shoulders over, and make sure your back is in it's natural 'S' position." He added, glancing back at Lucifer.

"Do you have everything you need for classes today?" He asked, attempting to change the subject from Lucifer's posture. "Or do you require my pens again?" He questioned, sounding slightly harsh, but simply trying to make sure that the higher-ranked demon was equipped for living in the mortal world.
Danmmed Saint//Demon and Angel Rp//Open! July 17, 2019 01:05 PM

Posts: 20141
Avian Hollands | 15 | Angel | M: Midnight, Jaxon, Gab

Avian played with Midnight hair before whipping around and facing the most, the ugliest the devil himself within the grave of hell fire ," You! ", Avian usually was kind and blunt toward everyone but this animal ticked him off everytime he even comes within a mile. How dare he show up, how dare he even come 3 miles of Avian perfections," Hufmp! ," He huffed before grabbing Midnight hand and tugging her into the building," I bet there are some cute boys! I hope we go to gym, sweat, chest, and a bunch of meat just waiting to be picked ," Avian squealed like the fangirl he was.

( The shortest reply ever) I'm do my demon later.

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