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Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 11, 2019 08:05 AM

Duchess Galaxxia
Posts: 1485
"My children, there is a darkness, a plague, threatening our land. Unstoppable is the word one may choose to describe it. But this is not true, my friends. For I have had a vision... The Serpentine guard of the back way, to sneak up behind; the lord of the North, whose might can shatter the strongest foe; the half Cat of the thieves, to fight fire with fire; the shy of the braves, to unlock the secrets hidden away; the friendly feline, to keep the group together at all costs; and the creatures without Hosts, the striped wolf, and the turtle of night."

~ This roleplay, just for future reference, is set in medieval times, with a modern twist to it. (Such as, they wear modern clothes, but they travel on horse and have no technology) ...
~ Mild cussing is, in fact, allowed ...
~ Semi-literate ...
~ Hosts' powers are influenced by their partners (ex. Snake Hosts = Quick reflexes, Tiger Hosts = Great strength, Cat Hosts = Extremely sneaky


Spirit Creatures:
Käärme (Snake) ~ Lebensmüde
Borealis (Lion) ~ Lusus Naturae
Gemini (Cat) ~ Mysterious Secrets
Tilikum (Whale) ~ Howling Shadows
Rosidena (Wolf) ~ Fusty Dudget
Nivika (Turtle) ~ RoseKatt
Alice (Lion) ~ Sunburst

Samantha (Snake) ~ Galaxxia
Kaimana (Lion) ~ Silverwood Fleet
Peter (Cat) ~ Blue Heart Lily
Dorian (Whale) ~ land of nothing
Amedeo (Lion) ~ Shh

Samantha (Host) x Käärme (Spirit Snake)
Kaimana (Host) x Borealis (Spirit Lion)
Peter (Host) x Gemini (Spirit Cat)
Dorian (Host) x Tilikum (Spirit Whale)
Amedeo (Host) x Alice (Spirit Lion)


Rosidena and Nivika are Creatures who lost their Hosts in some way.


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Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 11, 2019 08:34 AM

Duchess Galaxxia
Posts: 1485
Samantha L. Evergreen || F || 16 || SC: Käärme (Snake) || M: Käärme

Sam sat on the ground of her bunker. She was playing with her crooked dagger; stabbing the ground in between her fingers as fast as she could. She never stabbed herself before... at least, not yet. She sighed and sat back, shoving her hands in her pocket. She felt her snake skin and pulled it out, and looked at it. She smiled softly to herself as she thought of the beautiful Cottonmouth, the diamond shaped pattern placed perfectly on her body. She loved her partner almost as much as she loved herself, as all Hosts should. In fact, she almost considered summoning her.
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Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 11, 2019 05:31 PM

Blue Heart Lily
Posts: 59198
Peter M. Evans // Male // 16 // Gemini, C // M: Open

Peter reclined back in the nestles of the shadows, his emerald eyes half closed. He listened around him idly, not bothering to interact yet at all. He just stayed in the shadows, bouncing one foot--as if the twitch of a cat tail--and breathing slowly.

He could be wickedly fast, disasterously quick, and easy to anger or annoy. But while he was on his own, the boy was relatively peaceful. He absentmindedly fingered the ring on his right hand with the metal fingers of his left.

Metal. Right. Peter wouldn't speak much about that, the only thing he did know... was that they were gone and he was stuck with prosthetic limbs. His right leg and left arm to be exact.
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 12, 2019 02:47 AM

land of nothing
Posts: 1502
Dorian DelGrad-Male-36-Spirit Creature: Tilikum-M: Whalers, messenger, (Tilikum?)

Dorian DelGrad waved good-bye to his fellow whalers, his 'subjects' as they call themselves. They were a communist society, but they looked to Dorian as a leader due to his insight. Most humans lived in the South, it still snowed in winter there, but the other seasons allowed farming. His small group of about twenty, and rising due to recent births, moved North to the top of the island, a great slab of land covered in ice, bordered by an ocean that would give frostbite at the touch. His community got most of their resources from the sea, but a few spruce and pine trees nearby provided wood and the occasional forest creature, such as a moose or reindeer. The whalers were the inventors of the harpoon, a fabulous modification of the spear leaning to hunting. And that technology was used to create barbed arrows. But the most fabulous invention of all his group created was the harpoon bow. It started as the idea of a giant bow to shoot spears, but the introduction of the new invention, the crossbow, finalky reached the North by a bandit raid. The technology inspired the group to put the plan in effect, and now they have giant crossbows that shoot harpoons. This allowed easier whaling, and intimidation to frighten away the occasional bandit. But enough about the group. Back to Dorian DelGrad and his story. He knew the group would survive without him, sure it would feel like they lost their leader, whilst in reality they simply lost their MVP. He was off to the South to help finally defeat the darkness that encased the island. The thing that split the clan in the first place. The clan split into a few groups. One were the people afraid of the darkness, and moved North. One group tried to escape South, but were never seen again, being lost in the rainless lands of the South. One other group stayed where they were and tried to resist, but this group became the bandit leaders of today, and the dark warriors, controlled by the darkness. One group moved West, and became the largest group, with all their petty seaside castles and knights and beer. And the group that moved East started the largest group, but were shrinking every year. They didn't have a natural barrier of cold to stop the darkness, or large walls and fancy gadgets like crossbows. They were the farming empire, producing much of the food, stone, and wood used in the West. A few survivors from the South came back up with tales of horror, becoming the merchants that were finicky enough to move goods from the West to the East. And enough about history. Back to Dorian DelGrad. The Messenger's spirit creature wasn't apparent, hiding the amulet behind their clothing. Dorian wore his whale eye proudly on his chest, the glint of the large eye with the shine of the chain dazzled many, and scared the rest. Somehow eyes on chains creep people out. Dorian didn't get it. The Messenger was one of those people, an obvious Easterner if he saw one. Being singled out from the Northerners to fight the darkness. What an honour. But it was dangerous, and Dorian wwanted to goo home already. He growled to the Messenger, "Let's get on with it." The Messenger was unprepared for the climate, wearring one of those stupid "new-age clothes." They never worked that well, but were cheap to produce. Strange, the most significant technological advancement was for clothing that did not even help with fighting the darkness. What was wrong with the South? The Messenger nodded his head, and walked over to his horse, which was also not suited for the cold. Dorian sat on top of one of the three horses the Northerners owned, and complained, "Go faster. I want to get this over with and be home by supper." The messenger rolled his eyes, whhere Dorian couldn't see, but Dorian knew. It was kind of obvious.
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 12, 2019 02:48 AM

land of nothing
Posts: 1502
(Most of that is just junk I threw in there to establish a better setting...
@Galaxxia I understand if I have to delete it all ipbecause this broke your original idea)
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 12, 2019 08:55 AM

Duchess Galaxxia
Posts: 1485
land of nothing~
To be honest, I like where you went with that. It gives the setting more spice. Thanks!

Samantha L. Evergreen || F || 16 || SC: Käärme (Snake) || M: Käärme

Sam stood up and stretched. She shoved the snake skin back into her pocket and sheathed her dagger. Then, grabbing a leather satchel, she filled it with some essential supplies; a few flasks of water, some dried jerky, bandages and medicine, and a fire-starter. She climbed up the ladder that lead to the entrance to her bunker, and slowly opened the door. She peeked her head out and looked around. All clear. "Time for an adventure, Käärme," she whispered, and climbed out slowly. She closed the door and covered it up with a nearby bush, then continued on her journey to the North, where one of the prophecy Hosts resided.

She, however, lived in the West, where celebrations and castles flourished. To Sam, all of this was useless against the Dark. But at least there were knights and large castle walls. Instead of living inside one of the many villages, she lived outside of the walls, just near the back entrance. Not many people knew of her existence here, except for the few idiotic bandits trying to go through the back. Sam prided herself on being the "invisible barrier" separating the bandits from the village. She was like another guard, one that no one knew about. She liked it that way.

Sam shook her head. She was getting lost in her thoughts again. To be honest, Sam was used to being secluded, with only Käärme as company. Without her beloved Cottonmouth, Sam would most likely go insane. Speaking of which... Sam pulled out the snake skin and brought it close to her face, emitted a series of guttural hisses, clicks, and hacks. The noises stopped abruptly, and she threw the snake skin on the ground. Now only if Käärme wanted to come out...

You see, when a Host whats to call out their Spirit, they must make the sound of the Spirit, then throw the talisman on the ground. The Spirit must then decide whether they want to come out or not, and then the talisman will morph and grow into the Spirit.

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Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 13, 2019 03:21 AM

land of nothing
Posts: 1502
Dorian DelGrad-Male-36-SC: Tilikum (Whale)-M: Messenger, (Tilikum?), decrepit highwayman

The Messenger was keeping a brisk pace up. This was either out of worry for the South, or simply because he was cold. Dorian kept up easily, his steed coping with the cold, and already being the fastest and fittest of the three horses the Northerners owned. The path was nearly invisible, being untraveled and covered in snow. It was a boring ride in the beginning, most animals came out at night, and the trees were so sparse that any wolfes would be far away from the area. A few snow hares, snow foxes, and snow whatever lived in the area though. But this far inland reduced the risk of polar bear attack, the most feared creature in the North. In the other regions the most feared creature was the center of the dark, or simply humans. Humans were a dangerous species. Dorian often wished to be a whale himself, after bonding with Tilikum. Their simple life was... simple. Their only predator the human and the occasional iceberg. Dorian often thought to what a whale would do when confronted with a problem he had no idea on how to solve himself. Back to the road. The Messenger coped remarkably well on the road so far, not turning blue and purple yet. The rising of snow covered hills was in the horizon, with a distinctive green tint in the area. The spruce woods. They should be able to reach them by tomorrow, maybe even tonight if they push the horses to the limit. Any normal person would have stated "themselves" intead of 'the horses,' but Dorian prided himself of truthfulness. The horses did all the work and deserve all the credit. A slave and master relationship. Slaves do all the work, masters get the money. For what? Purchasing the slave, or simply capturing it, and directing it what to do. And yet again, off topic wandered Dorian's mind. The squad was nearing a campsite. A crude fire ring with frozen over ashes, a fee sticks here and there, and evidence of a scuffle in the snow to the side. Some idiot who thought they would live their life as a highwayman, stealing from travelers. Shallow footprints left the area, in the same direction as the road. This person would be easily dealt with, a strong throw of the harpoon, and it would be dead. Just a highwayman, an expendable person who decided to lead an evil way of life. The Messenger wanted to swerve around the thief, but Dorian made the excuse of the bandit most likely being very weak, and easy to dispose of. They were pests to this land, an obvious influx taking place once the dark arrived. But what was the dark? A disease perhaps? A powerful overlord? Some wrestler with the stage name The Dark? (Are you afraid of The Dark? Yes.) No, that was someone else. The thief came into view. A young woman in rags, the only other things carried was a small pouch and a bedroll strapped to her body. The small pouch no doubt kept a few coins, and. something to start the fire with. Dorian lifted up his harpoon. An easy way of resistance against thr dark. Killing it's minions. The highwayman saw the shadow-arm lift, and noticed it was the shadow of a full-grown, strong man. "Mercy!" was rhe first word she cried.
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 13, 2019 08:00 AM

Blue Heart Lily
Posts: 59198
Peter M. Evans // 16 // Male // Gemini // Mentions: Dorian, Decrepit highwayman

The youth slunk through the woods, his hands and feet ached slightly from trudging through the thick woods. Highwayman were a problem, yes. But not quite a problem as the idiots who thought the refugees from the other lands were the highwaymen.

That was something that drove him crazy. It wasn't true. He was one of the best thieves out there, simply because he made a point of using his heightened abilities to sneak stuff.

It wasn't like anyone wanted a scrawny kid for an apprentice fo anything. It wasn't like he wasn't smart, he was very smart, but he just didn't have an appealing air about him. Only some, those who he could stand, would have a pleasing air.

His ears picked up the sharp cry of "Mercy!" From a woman he knew very well to be a refugee from the other lands.

Peter picked up the pace, drawing a knife from his belt and leapt upward, struggling to pull himself into the trees before leaping from the tree. His arms, one metal and one flesh, outstretched for the man with the harpoon.

One of them .
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 14, 2019 05:12 AM

land of nothing
Posts: 1502
Dorian DelGrad-Male-36-SC: Tilikum (Whale)-M: Messenger, (Tilikum?), decrepit highwayman, Peter
Since Dorian was a Northerner, his sense of hearing was not as developed as the others. His best was sight, and the others were slightly lower than nornal people. Smell, hearing, taste, and touch were not needed in the ice of the north, but hearing was kept strong due to the need to communicate. But not strong enough to hear the sound of an approaching person making only the lightest sound in the snow, the swish of drawing a knife, or the scrabble of a hurried tree-climb. But the Messenger, a true Easterner, had an acute sense of hearing and was able to call, "Watch out!" Reactions from a Northerner were stereotypically slow, but whale hunting required speed faster then one may think. Also, his nickname was Dodgy, so what can one expect other then Dorian leaping off the side of the horse? The highwayman crouched in the snow, crying, unknowing of what to do. The Messenger unsheathed teo knives from his cloak. He never bonded with a spirit creature, but the elders where he came from told him to be a cat or snake. Smoke and daggers. One of the ways Easterners got by. Most were true souls, keeping true to their farms and such, many dying from the dark. The shipments brought over by the Southerners shrank every year. Easterners were being born more shady now, learning to live a life of shadows, to slip away undetected, only to pop out behind their target, aiming for a critical blow, whereas a swordsman would run up to the target, either getting killed, or aiming to strike a blow at all. The swordsman will always win in open combat, but good ninja, assassins, etc. are revered as stronger by many a few. Dorian tried to get up in his feet. The Messenger assessed his adversary in the split seconds before action. An obvious Cat if any, with two prosthetic limbs and obviously battle hardened. The Messenger would surely losenin a one on one fight against him. Especially since he had no spirit creatire to strengthen his powers and to fight alongside him. Dorian couldn't summon his whale now, nowlhere near a water source besides the snow, but when he got up, he could take down the assassin. The Messenger just had to stall for a few seconds. The Messenger darted the kbife in at the atacker, half were feints, some were hard stabs, some were slashes. The Messenger didn't want to die. But he wasn't a chosen one, so who would care if he did?
Spirit Creatures - Rebooted! (Role-play!) April 14, 2019 10:27 AM

Blue Heart Lily
Posts: 59198
Peter M. Evans // 16 // Male // Gemini // Mentions: Dorian, Messenger, Highwayman

The young man landed hard and rolled, standing in front of the woman. "It's alright," he whispered, crouching by her huddled form in the snow. His ear caught the noise is the messenger as he whirled around to meet him.

Peter fought awkwardly, using his metal prosthetic arm to block of jabs and feints while using his own dagger to parry off the other attacks. "I'm not here to hurt you," he snarled, catching the blade in his metal hand and holding it there. "You shouldn't have tried to even threaten that woman! She's not a thief, you idiots."

His chest heaved a tight breath as he let go of the knife. "Get out of here," he demanded.

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