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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917


There is a wicked leader ruling a massive pack reigning the Land. Wolves are plotting against her, intent on ending her reign. Will you be one of the Rebellion, or will you fight to protect your egregious leader as a Loyal? Roleplay to find out!

RP Thread: You Are Here

Monday, 06 March 2019

Cloudy Afternoon

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917




: Wolves in The Pack who are Loyal. They may, however, be urged to join the Rebellion, especially since most genuinely hate their leader. They are slaves to their leader, controlled so easily by fear and the threat to their well-being.
Note: Most Loyal wolves are genuinely loyal to their Leader. That being said, since Rebels are posing as Loyals, a Loyal may unknowingly be a Rebel

- Leader : The wolf who has control over all of the pack. She is the wicked one some, if not most, wish dead, for she leads with brutality and violence beyond comprehension, causing all to fear her and obey her commands despite themselves, and she goes as far as killing those she considers to be a threat to her power even if said canids do not wish for her reign.

- Second-in-Charges : Two wolves who execute the commands of the Leader and has dominance over all below him. They may secretly be a Rebel. They may be in charge when the Leader is not present.

- Third-in-Charges : As the name suggests, these three wolves execute the commands of the Second-in-Charges and has dominance over all those below her. They may secretly be a Rebel. Their main job is to recruit members of The Pack and bring these wolves they think are worthy to Daeva to be tested

- The Rest of Them : The main wolves comprising The Pack. They may be Loyals or Rebellers

- Spy : One wolf loyal to Daeva and posing as a Rebel to gather information about the Rebellion. Their primary job is to learn who is a Rebel and who is not, specifically targeting the Alpha, while they may perform other duties, such as convincing Rebels to remain as Loyals

- Apprentices : Pups aged 5-14 weeks are accepted into The Pack and trained to be Loyals by the Second and Third-in-Charges and/or by trusted Loyal individuals. Pups aged 0-4 weeks or 15 weeks-11 months are killed, for they are too young to train and too old to control and groom, respectively. Pups are ONLY ADOPTED in The Pack. Pups that are born into The Pack are killed. They will create a distraction to mothers and fathers alike, so no one is allowed to have pups in The Pack.



: Wolves of the Rebellion, a group that was formed to rid their Leader from power. Due to challenging their Leader's reign as being very dangerous, for they can be broken or killed if discovered to be a Rebel, they are secretive, to the point where some do not know the other is a Rebel, and hide their identity as best as possible, specifically averting attention away from their valuable Alpha by summoning confusion
Note: Rebels are wolves pretending to be Loyals; they are waiting for the right time to overthrow their leader.

- Alpha : The leader of the Rebellion and the one who makes all the decisions. He is extremely secretive and will act as a genuinely fake Loyal to prove himself to Daeva as not a Rebel. He spreads confusion and false news to avert attention from himself

- Beta : The second-in-charge of the Rebellion and the one who executes the commands of the Alpha. This wolf will become the future Alpha if the current Alpha is killed. The Beta is usually the one who performs The Test of Loyalty alongside the Deltas. The Beta may also spread confusion regarding the Rebellion to protect himself and others

- Delta : The third-in-charge of the Rebellion and will become the future Beta if the current Beta is killed. The Delta is sometimes the one who performs The Test of Loyalty alongside the Beta. The Delta's main job is to search for potential Comrades and urge these wolves chosen by the Delta to join the Rebellion

- Comrades : The rest of the wolves comprising the Rebellion



: Wolves without a pack

- Loners : Neither aggressive nor passive canids who wander about outside of pack territories.

- Nomads : Territorial wolves who transfer from place to place and have small territories.

- Rogues : Aggressive and violent wolves who do whatever they please and are ideal for The Pack.

- Lone Pups : Pups that wander and are without a pack.



Groups of surviving wolves from the fallen packs or wolves who have left The Pack have banded together to form these specific groups, with each known group being named by The Pack, of which all are simply called The Runners. They are dodgy, elusive, and secretive, and so they are able to evade the wrath of The Pack. These wolves are on the run from the wicked canids of The Pack, and all their resources are dedicated to getting out of the gigantic territory. These wolves are typically small and lean, and so the likelihood of them being accepted is quite low, and they are not willing to bend their will to The Pack's; hence, due to their defiance and unworthiness, the priority of The Pack regarding The Runners is to kill them all
Survivors : These wolves are survivors of the Fallen Packs--Pack of Mountain Winds, Black Waters Pack, Summer Grooves Pack, Pack of Shadow's Umbrage, Pack of the Bison Peak Cutoff, and the Pack of the Upland Meadows
Banished Wolves : Despite what the name suggests, these wolves have left The Pack and are not "banished"

- The Thoaid : Consisted of a maximum of seven members, these wolves are bolder than the other two groups

- The Khangthisong : Five wolves being their maximum size, these wolves are much more wary than The Thoaid

- The Thisam : Consisted of merely three members, these wolves are so way and elusive it is nearly impossible to find them

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917


In The Pack


Leader :
- Daeva [ASomeonePerson #213307] || Loyal ||| Page 1

- {To Be Chosen by Leader}

Second-in-Charges :
- Hades [Polly #197793] || Rebel ||| Page 1
{one slot left}

Third-in-Charges :
- Domina [Blue Illusion #179334] || Loyal ||| Page 1
- Sisika [-Black Shadow- #212358] || Loyal ||| Page 3
- Masama [Polly #197793] || Rebel ||| Page 15

The Rest of Them :
- Tali [Secunda #219249] || Loyal ||| Page 16
- Ash [Polly #197793] || Loyal ||| Page 10
- Charcoal [Polly #197793] || Loyal ||| Page 10
- Tal [FishySticks #212806 || Loyal ||| Page 16
- Kadmos [ArrowStrike #133234] || Rebel ||| Page 14
- Kit [Ice Clan #219249] || Rebel ||| Page 13
- Ella [Secunda #145283] || Rebel ||| Page 4
- Codex [ASomeonePerson #213307] || Rebel ||| Page 1
- Kiburi [Wolffang #198728] || Rebel ||| Page 4
- Sheila [Bpack #201709] || Loyal ||| Page 11

- Valeria [Blue Illusion #179334] || 4WeO || N/A ||| Page 6
- Lenmana [ASomeonePerson #213307] || 6WeO || N/A ||| Page 7
- Lokuin [LemonBoy #219918] || 13WeO || Loyal ||| Page 11

Alpha :
- Hades [ASomeonePerson #213307] ||| Page 1
{one slot left}

Beta :
{one slot left}

- Kiburi [Wolffang #198238] ||| Page 4

Comrades :
- Codex [ASomeonePerson #213307] ||| Page 1
- Kadmos [ArrowStrike #133234] || Rebel ||| Page 14
- Kit [Ice Clan #219249] || Rebel ||| Page 13
- Ella [Secunda #145283] ||| Page 4
Spy: {To Be Chosen by Leader}
{unlimited; will gradually grow in number in the RP}

Outside The Pack


- Umbra [WildSpirits #172901] || N/A ||| Page 4

- Lilac [Bpack #201709] ||| Page 2

- Embers [Polly #197793] || N/A ||| Page 12

Lone Pups :
- Vixen [Polly #197793] || 15WeO || N/A ||| Page 15


The Thoaid:
{seven slots open}

The Khangthisong
{five slots open}

The Thisam
{three slots open}

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917


The Pack Rules

1 The Leader must be obeyed at all times and commands must be executed without question no matter the instruction, for the vocals uttered by Daeva is the Laws of The Pack.
2 Since the goal of the Leader is to conquer the Land, all mustn't heed anything else, for to rule the Land is the priority. Hence all that is not required for basic survival must be rid of from one's mind: 1) To become mates with another is forbidden; 2) To have pups with another is forbidden; 3) To befriend another is forbidden, for all those in The Pack are mere associates rather than friends
3 All must be 1) Young and less than seven years of age to be a member; 2) Strong, powerful, large, and sinewy, capable of killing an old bull elk with very few others, if not alone; 3) Tough and cold-hearted to not be affected by anything, even physical pain. Those who are weak will be killed
4 All wolves who dare speak against the Leader are to be broken
5 All those who go against The Pack's Laws are to be broken using violence and fear by any means necessary

1 Bow Down
Whenever Daeva is near or commands respect, all must submit to her power by means of yielding posture

2 To Become One
A new wolf must be tested for worthiness by Daeva herself

3 Tolerance
Daeva typically rips off the skin of wolves in punishment to assert herself as their Leader and so that the wolves may gain pain tolerance, both physically and mentally, if not emotionally, and give them gashes

4 Breaking
Those who go against the Laws of The Pack are to be emotionally and mentally broken in a way decided by Daeva

The Rebellion Rules

1 Being a Rebel is very risky, for you will be killed immediately if discovered to be one, so you must remain hidden and pretend to be a Loyal even if you despise what you must do to please your Leader. Only do otherwise at the time appointed by the Alpha
2 Be as secretive as possible. Hide your identity no matter what. Never interact with a known Rebel unless it is an emergency or during a Meeting
3 Never give away any information regarding the Rebellion. Ever. You will be risking death on either side if you do so

1 Meetings
Meetings only occur between the Alpha, Beta, and Deltas only and, rarely, a very few very trusted Comrades. These canids discuss plans.

2 The Test of Loyalty
Because the Rebellion is so secretive, to the point where some know not of who their very leader is nor know the other is a Rebel, a trusted Comrade, specifically one of the Deltas, will choose a random date to attack a new member of the Rebellion and demand whether one is a member of the Rebellion or not. If one states they are not, then they will be welcomed, for they stick to what is required--secrecy. If one states otherwise, they may unknowingly be banished from the Rebellion, or, because they are mentally weak, they may be killed to withhold information


1 Follow all of WP's game rules.
2 Be active in the RP. If you are not active for five days without a reason, then you will be kicked out and someone else will take your character's place
3 Do not make your character over-powered.
4 Have proper grammar and punctuation.
5 I will be appointing RP Moderators to regulate everyone here. RP Moderators will: 1) Warn rule-breakers; 2) Kick-out people who have broken the rules three times; 3) Accept and decline sign-up forms; 4) Inform everyone in the RP with a message stating the RP has begun as well as a link to the RP-Thread.

Current RP Mods:
- ASomeonePerson [#213307] ||| Creator
- Darksteel [#143811]
- Blue Illusion [#179334]
{PM me if you wish to be an RP Mod}

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917


The Pack's territory is gigantic, spanning over fifty-six thousand three hundred square kilometers; hence, they have many landmarks and such
Note: These landmarks are within a two-hundred-mile range of the Den. All other locations outside this ten-mile range are un-named and are most likely unknown

Den : A gigantic grotto carved into the side of an extinct volcano.

Lone Tree : An old oak tree located southeast of the Old Oxbow and the place where most Rebellion-Meetings are held.

Upland Meadows : At the very northern portion of the territory are vast plains veiled in vegetation as tall as an average-sized wolf. There is plentiful prey here and most gather here to hunt.
Prey: Mice, Elk, Deer, Hares, Pronghorn Antelope, Foxes
Enemies: Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Aspen Heights : To the left of the Upland Meadows and a tad bit below it is a series of hills and ridges lined with many areas of aspen groves. Douglas-fir trees are common here.
Prey: Mice, Elk, Deer, Squirrels, Foxes
Enemies: Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Old Oxbow : Smack between Aspen Heights and Saddle Meadows is a sliver of water resembling that of a moose's antlers.
Prey: Mice, Elk, Deer, Hares, Foxes, Minnows, Otters
Enemies: Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes, Otters

Saddle Meadows : To the left of Old Oxbow and directly opposite to the location of Aspen Heights are ridges and hills comprised of rocks and boulders. Douglas-firs and Lodgepole Pines are very common here, with aspen groves a-sliver at the base.
Prey: Mice, Elk, Deer, Squirrels, Hares
Enemies: Bears, Coyotes, Foxes, Cougars, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Canyon Cliffs : Directly below Saddle Meadows are a series of steep slopes and bluffs. Sunsets and sunrises may be observed here, and the waterfall known as Tower Falls coursing down from the steepest edge of the Cliffs further expresses its beauty
Prey: Squirrels, Mountain Goats
Predators: Cougars, Human Hunters

Bison Peak Hills : Directly opposite the Canyon Cliffs and Saddle Meadows are small hills
Prey: Mice, Squirrels, Hares, Elk, Deer
Predators: Bears, Cougars, Coyotes, Foxes, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Bison Peak Cutoff : A strip of open land between the Bison Peak Hills and the Douglas-Fir Slopes
Prey: Squirrels, Hares, Elk, Deer, Foxes, Mice
Predators: Bears, Foxes, Coyotes, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Little Butte : Between the Bison Peak Cutoff and the Canyon Cliffs is a rather large rocky hill known as the Little Butte
Prey: Hares, Deer, Foxes, Mice
Predators: Cougars, Foxes, Coyotes, Bears, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Douglas-Fir Slopes : Opposite the Saddle Meadows is elevated ground dotted with foliage so dense it can conceal even the darkest of pelts
Prey: Elk, Deer, Squirrels, Foxes, Hares, Mice
Predators: Cougars, Foxes, Coyotes, Bears, Human Hunters
Neutral: Foxes

Sandbar Crossing : The shallowest portion of the Slough Creek and the boundary where many cross
Prey: Fish
Predators: Bears

Slough Creek : A body of water cutting through the territory
Prey: Fish

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917


Name | Gender | Rank [Loyalty Percentage] || Rebellion Rank [Rebellion Loyalty Percentage]
Direct Mentions:
Brief Mentions:
Indirect Mentions:

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 4, 2019 09:02 PM

Posts: 1917
Hades | Male | Second-in-Charge | Rebel Alpha || Aspen Heights
Mentions: Codex, Smoke

The canid emerged into the luminance of autumn's dusk from where he had been laying in the umbrage cast by the several lodgepole pines and Douglas-firs dotting the forest train. Small drops of rain landed onto his long, silky fell, and at once he promptly shook his rather large physique to rid of the fluid threatening to mar his near-impeccable down. His amber orbs, glazed with hues of gray, locked onto the misty-tinged pelt of the wolf before him, who had interrupted his peaceful thoughts with a sharp: "Hades."

Hades sundered his mandible and maxilla to utter a greeting, only for the pulchritudinous wolf to immediately interject with a cross snap: "Nothing is happening, Hades!"

To this, Hades emitted an audibly disdainful sigh. "Must I say, Codex, that wolves' auditory can detect the faintest sounds six miles away from their location in dense thickets and ten miles in the open?" he inquired, anger threatening his forcefully calm vocals.

"Must I say that your promises are futile?" Codex retorted with a gnarl.

Again, Hades sighed, though it was exhaled more as a sharp huff than intended. "I've told you several times, Codex," said he firmly; "we must be patient: our numbers are still small; we've no chance against the Loyals. And we must be secretive for our own well-being--"

"How much longer, Hades?" Codex demanded. "We voted for you to be the Alpha of the Rebellion, for we believed you knew what you were doing, but know it seems as though you--"

Hades's orbs trailed to somewhere behind Codex, and at once he tensed and briefly shushed the Comrade before straightening up to face the light gray canid beginning toward them with a rabbit clamped in his maw.

"Hades! Codex!" the lupine greeted rather enthusiastically whilst dropping his supposed kill, though his greenish-yellow orbs were blank and unyielding, as if, despite his cheerful expression, he felt nothing despite what he was offering.

Expected from a wolf who has been Broken, Hades sorrowfully mused. He did a fair job concealing this, though, and he cordially returned the greeting: "Greetings, Smoke."

"Strange to see you two out so early," Smoke commented, his head tilted slightly to one side, expressing inquisitiveness.

"Same goes for you," Codex grumbled, tone tipid.

At the sarky retaliation, Smoke merely lifted his shoulders into a hasty shrug. "Went out for an early patrol," he announced, sounding far too proud of himself. "And I caught a rabbit I'll most likely feed to the pups." To which he quickly added, "Well, I'm off. Have a nice day, Hades. Same goes for you, Codex."

Once Smoke had evanesced into the bracken, Codex turned to Hades with a glare. "Call a Meeting," he instructed sternly before curtly departing off and vanishing into the dense vegetation lining the small forest clearing.

Hades sighed and shook his head.

Smoke | Male | The Rest of Them | Loyal || Den
Direct Mentions: Lenmana, Daeva

Lenmana was ravenously feasting upon the meal that was the rabbit Smoke had hunted down specifically for her when Daeva merged into view. Her crimson eyes, always glaring, judging, and piercing, were glazed with wrath, and at once Smoke coward, for that scowl was directed toward him.

The trocolite promptly abandoned the delicious feast and scampered off elsewhere to avoid what was to occur, knowing how Daeva acted when the dame was upset.

"Smoke," Daeva began, chops peeling to reveal sharp dentitions of ivory's shade--though some teeth were missing, she was equally deadly; "what did I say?"

Smoke pressed low to the ground in the most submissive manner possible and averted his brilliant gaze from the wrathful dame before him. "That...only...wolves..." But his words were too frightened and he was tripping over his tongue.

"That only 'Charges-wolves and trusted Loyals can provide meals to the Apprentices and train them," Daeva finished for him, dangerously to the cravening masculine. "And what are you?"

Smoke parted his maw to utter a response, but his lips and throat went dry.

"You are nothing but a caitiff, you wretched cur!" Daeva gnarred, her marred, battered, and horrid features ablaze with rage. She then proceeded to lurch forth and dig her fangs into the poor canid's flank, not at all hesitating to draw blood whilst she shook him into the hard-packed rock beneath her digits, before hastily withdrawing once he was wounded and spinning her lumbering physique about in a manner suggesting she did not at all pay heed to what she had just done.

Daeva sashayed up to the uplifted rock at the very back of the grotto, atop which was a hollow carved and where she typically stayed and planned her wretched motives, and once she vanished out of Smoke's peripheral, he stole to the opposite corner of the mountainous cavern, hoping to be alone.

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T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 5, 2019 09:30 AM

Lt. Siege
Posts: 368
Daniella & Lamb//Females//Spies//Loyal//Den//Mentions: Smoke & Daeva

Waking from the horrid growls of their angered alpha, Lamb lifted her head from Daniella's back. She began to eavesdrop on the conversation. From where the twins had snuggled up to sleep, she couldn't hear any of Smoke's replies, but she knew he didn't say anything good by how Daeva attacked him. Something about him giving food to the young pups.
"Idiot," Lamb spoke in a hushed tone. Her twin was still in a deep sleep and she didn't dare to wake up a grumpy Daniella. As Daeva made her way past her, out of respect and habit, Lamb bowed her head a little. The alpha may not have seen it, but it would be very disrespectful not to.
Her stone colored eyes wandered back to Smoke who seemed to taken his place in a corner. Swiftly rising to her paws, the young female began to move away from her warm spot and out to the cold. It wasn't bone chilling winter cold yet, but she knew it is coming closer and closer to that dreadful time of year.
"Where are you going?" A sudden voice spoke from behind Lamb. She was quick to notice a similar par of eyes to hers. Lines coming from around and the corners of the eyes made it seem the wolf's face was beginning to crack like an old coat of paint. A mask of some sort. Ready to be torn away to reveal the true beast underneath.
"Nowhere really. Daeva hasn't given us something to do just yet, so I'm just going to take a stroll around."
"Interesting. Where is she now?"
Lamb nodded her head towards where her alpha is hidden away, "I'd be careful though. Smoke woke up the bad side of her this morning."
"Of course he has," Daniella sighed. Without another word, the snowy colored female trotted her way towards Daeva. It would be best to leave her be, but it would be better than her starts yelling at everyone for not doing anything.
When she reached the hollow Daeva was in, she broke into a bow before she spoke. "I hope Smoke didn't displease you too much this early."
T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 5, 2019 09:37 AM

-Black Shadow-
Posts: 3163
Sisika || Dame || Third-in-Charge || Mentions: Open

The battle-scarred canine sat guarding the outside of the pack's main camp; a stern and vicious expression fixated on her already twisted face. Occasionally, Sisika would descry other members of the pack guarding and patrolling the area as well, though she herself didn't budge. She knew better than to break the leader's orders, and had seen that the few that do aren't the same once Daeva had finished with them. However, despite her conscience telling her not to, Sisika was the type that didn't care if she were caught doing something wrong. Nobody could inflict more damage onto her already traumatized and messed up emotional, mental, and physical health, and nobody probably ever will.

From her position, Sisika focused her attention over onto a few of her pack members. Most of them, if not all, which all used to have great zeal, now ambled and sauntered around the pack as if their souls had been ripped away from their bodies. Then again, Sisika's soul had already been ripped out long ago and had only left her with nothing more but pain and numbness, which she simple converted into anger and rage. If she did just so happen as to see a canine that seemed even the least bit enthralled or happy, she would make sure to end that as swiftly as she possibly could.

Why should others feel happiness when she couldn't? Why should others feel anything at all when she felt nothing? Why should anybody live when she already felt dead?

Dark thoughts such as these continuously echoed and swirling around inside of her brain, as if they were on a continuous repeat. Forever flowing; never stopping.

Sisika shook her cranium in attempt to get rid of the words. Finally, she exhaled softly when they vanished, but she knew that they would be back. They always were. Her angered yet tranquil gaze settled onto some of her pack mates once again. Only the fittest seemed to survive in this specific pack, or those that had any sort of potential at all. Unlike many in this pack who had turned towards the rebellion, she remained loyal to Daeva, for now, to say the least. In truth, she wasn't completely loyal to anybody. Not the rebellion, nor the pack. Perhaps she would pick a side one day, but for now, she would serve Daeva, even if she hated doing so with a passion.

Sisika huffed before straightened up her stature and remained in a stolid state while the presence of her thoughts were already beginning to whisper in the back of her head. Eventually, they would become louder, but for now, they were merely a buzz that was barely audible. Sisika's thoughts were becoming more twisted and louder the more days that passed, which only seemed to make her anger worsen. All of this due to her past. All of this pain because of that.

However, as much she despised being alone with nothing more than her dark, twisted thoughts and doing zilch while talking with nobody other than herself, she had no intention on breaking her concentration, as she had a duty to fulfill. The scarred canine had learned long ago in her past to obey orders or face the consequences, and given her current, scarred state, it was clear that she was forced to face whatever those said consequences were when she was younger.
T H E P A C K || A Wolf RP || Thread: OPEN February 5, 2019 10:26 AM

Posts: 82
Schatten || Female || Rogue || Douglas-Fur Slopes || Mentions: Open

The wind ravaged the tops of the trees, but deep within the dense foliage is was but a slight change in motion. An unsuspecting plump hare sat nibbling on a tender blade of grass, but a small morsel, hardly worthy to be called a meal.

Not five feet behind it a large muscular fea crept slowly towards it. Her green gaze locked onto it, never wavering for a second. She bunched up her muscles on her hindquarters, then pounced, extending her long muscular legs.

She did not kill the hare immediately, but rather toyed with it. She let it scramble close to safety, then slammed her paw on its back legs, a snap reached her ears and she hummed with pleasure. The creature's heartbeat quickened and it struggled, but it could go nowhere. She closed her eyes, enjoying the sound of the hares cries for help as it attempted to drag itself away.

Her stomach rumbled. She grinned wickedly and slammed her paw onto its back. It let our a squeal and shrieked. She sniggered lightly, enjoying this probably a little to much. Soon the hare's cries for death faded, and Schatten growled lowly. "I was enjoying that." she snarled at the hare. Picking it up in her jaws she tossed it into a bush. "I don't want you anymore, I am going to find something else to eat." she growled at the limp body.

She slunk away, leaving the dead prey where it was, her stomach still protested, but she did not go back for it, instead her fierce green gaze began to scan her surroundings while she listened for any sounds of prey and drank in the scents around her, her jaws slightly parted. Her dark burgundy, almost black, pelt blended in perfectly, making her look as if she were merely a shadow, ready to fade at the slightest hint of sunlight. She soon caught the scent of squirrel and began follow the scent, hunger knowing at her belly.

She soon spotted the brown creature nibbling on an acorn amidst the roots of a tree. She slowly made her way towards it, every step painstakingly slow. But then the light almost imperceptible breeze shifted, revealing her position to the prey.

It lifted its head and stared at her, eyes wide, then with a flick of its tail it was gone. Heading up the tree to the safe cover of the branches, laughing at her with its chirruping noises. Making her even angrier.

Schatten stomped away snarling to herself. She glanced at the tree and bared her teeth at it. Stalking away she continued her search fo rprey, she would have to leave soon, so as not to be caught by a pack member. Her stomach growled, it would be hard to go another day without a meal.

A short while later, the fea lay resting on the ground, devouring her furry meal. She stripped it of meat, then cracked the bones for the marrow. When she was done, she buried her meal, then turned and and trotted away, her senses alert as she began to head towards the outskirts of the trees, intending to head back to her cave a ways away.

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