09:50:51 Corpse or Savy
Man I'm tired :/ I worked a 12 hour shift last night, completely killed my knees and feet.
Gl1tch3d Øn3
09:50:45 Glitched, Virus
billie eylash
Like the bibg city green parody? whee
Uhu o ka hekili
09:50:39 See Me In A Crown
@Chasing, oh me too, I just know the song.
Chasing Stables
09:50:14 Barnaby/Catch Me
3 not 2 XD
Logics End
09:50:11 Kirishima-Kun
Chasing Stables
09:50:04 Barnaby/Catch Me
Yeah. I refuse to watch descendants 2 though
Imposter 1.0
09:49:55 Freak, Sus, Bakugou
@Shitty Hair
lol good luck with that. Im just impatient waiting on some pups to be born XD
Chasing Stables
09:49:35 Barnaby/Catch Me
-WP Click-
Uhu o ka hekili
09:49:28 See Me In A Crown
Has anyone heard the song Queen Of Mean? So good.
Chasing Stables
09:49:11 Barnaby/Catch Me
Why are the links broken?!
Logics End
09:48:41 Kirishima-Kun
Lucky, I'm technically supposed to be working on printing out a rp reply so I can write mine up for it but you know...
09:48:27 Maka
How is it that after 9 game years of getting duds, I suddenly get two good pups in the same year?
Moonlit Wolf
09:48:17 Tristan, Hawk
this girl needs to go into labor so i can pop her -WP Click-
Logics End
09:47:56 Kirishima-Kun
Ok true, but can we all be honest at the fact that its not a guarantee you'll get good pups? I find the chance is low, even if you have both parents with the defect. Correct?
09:47:49 Timber | A-B
I have 3 minutes till my next class :') I hate school
Aussie Howlers
09:47:38 CC or HOS
Make that 24 off now I guess. XD
The Gate Keeper
09:47:32 Hellion~Seven
-WP Click-

My baby boy has left me.
09:47:14 Alexander lightwood
-WP Click-

i hope she is a good breeder
Calliope Ashoka
09:47:10 Poppy/ opie/ oka
Its ok timber. I'm not doing very good either.
Imposter 1.0
09:46:49 Freak, Sus, Bakugou
@Shitty Hair
eh im fine i guess. Just chillin'.


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Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 01:33 PM

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For the actual RP
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 09:34 PM

Crimson Faith
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Settled out in a quiet, peaceful clearing lie the expectant beta. Rowan, as she went by.

Laying still, the she wouldn't move until she was nudged but her brother, Mud, the Lead patrol wolf. Her entire family had been - and still was - high ranking in the pack, and she'd like it to stay that way. She was respected as beta, something that had never happened whilst a pup.

"Good evening, Brother," the she greeted, rolling onto her feet and brushing against her twin sibling. Her swollen belly would be clearly noticable, the male next to her smiling softly.

"It looks like its going to be quite a big litter, plus the young pup you and Warren adopted. You think you'll be able to handle it?" He questioned, sniffing his sisters belly before standing up straight.
"I'll be fine, Mud," Rowan stated, returning his gentle smile, "With you and Warren as support, they'll be born and grown up in no time."

Chuckling, Mud nodded, quickly breaking into a gradual trot after his sister, who had started back towards camp. At least she knew why he had come out here in the first place - to escort her back. It made his job ten times easier when he had a cooperative sibling. Though, he sighed, shaking his head as he remembered that worry wart Warren had sent him out to fetch her.

"Warren is quite the worrisome wolf, isn't he," the she giggled, seeming to read her brothers facial expression.

"Yeah, he is, but for good reason, so I'm not surprised," the male responded, his pace seeming to pick up to keep up with his sisters steady yet speedy trotting. "How do you manage to walk so fast with that belly of yours, sis? I'm honestly shocked."

Laughing, the she-wolf glanced back at him. "I'm not the one to get held back, Brother. You and Warren know this all too well," she pointed out, seeming to finally disappear into the tree line, Mud soon following after her.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 09:48 PM

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Echo watched as the overnight hunting patrol came in, each with prey swinging from their jaws. Echos twisted her head and gave herself a quick groom and jumped down from her low rock perch. "Alligator, Anilla, and myself are going on a hunting patrol," she called up towards the beta den where she knew at least Rowan would be. She ran, her paws falling into a famillar beat as she ran out of the camp, waiting for the others to follow her.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 09:48 PM

Moony Night Howlers
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Miria had been with her old owner for only a month before she knew, something bad was going to happen. She had tried to take the old human and young ones to the meadow a couple of miles away from where they lived. The young human was crying and the smell of fear was in the air, Miria had bitten the old human. She didn't know why...
"I'm sorry!" She barked, but the human didn't care, they threw her out. She had thrown herself at the door but the old human came out and kicked her away. They didn't want her, and she wasn't gonna stick around and die!
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 09:49 PM

Northern Pack
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I yawn, and blink open my bleary eyes, looking around in the designated space for pups and mothers. I notice that I' m alone I whimper getting up. It has been a few moons since I was adopted and I had abandonment issues, I pace around * m-momma?
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 09:53 PM

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Echo crouched low, opening her jaws. A rabbit nibbled on a fern in front of her. She dropped low and then, gathering the stregnth in her hind legs, pounced and snapped her jaws on the rabbits spine. It dropped. She picked it up and watched Alligator skillfully grab a bullfrog. She felt her heart do a little skip like she always did when she saw the handsome wolf. His odd patterned fur had always made her feel different.
What are you doing. She demanded herself. You are a hunter. THE lead hunter for stars sake. Stop mooning over a wolf. She shook her head and carried the rabbit back to camp.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 10:00 PM

Red Oak
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Analia awoke in the hunting den. Her small form was curled up in the middle of her nest, with about two inches of extra space on the sides. Her soft, short brown fur was hit by a few rays of the morning light, and she slowly stood up.
Padding out of the den, Analia was once again reminded of how small she was. Even from some distance away, she could tell that she was far smaller than the others. Having hunted with the sun on her fur previous day, she had been able to enjoy a full night's rest.
Of course, that brother of mine is not awake. It must nearly be time for him to go on patrol.
Analia then turned to walk towards the patrol den.
Jaxxon opened his blue eyes, feeling a wolf's nose hitting the top of his head repeatedly.
"And who might you be- oh. Good morning, Analia. Bit early for a wake up call, don't you think?" he blinked rapidly, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes.
His half sister looked up at him with a bemused expression. "You have patrol, Jaxxon," she stated bluntly, blinking back at him.
Of course I do. "Hmph, well, alright. Just... go do whatever, I'll be back soon," He dismissed Analia before getting up and letting the sun hit his coarse, gray fur.

Edited at September 30, 2020 10:26 PM by Red Oak
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 10:02 PM

Moony Night Howlers
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Miria could smell her favorite scent. Fresh air and lavender, from the meadows where she could see the stars. Miria knew where she was headed, she was going to a wolf pack. A wolf pack she often spied on. It wasn't easy, but it was done once a month. She would roll around in mud let it dry, then roll around in the meadow until she smelt like lavender. Her heart beat pounded in her chest, she tried to match it's pace.
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 10:07 PM

Cardinal Skies
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Hiding around the corner, Lark watched as humans walked past her alley, ignoring her prescence. Not that they knew she was there. They didn't realise any strays were there.

Benefits of being the only dog around this part, the merle thought to herself.

She kept watching the humans. They were always unpredictable and acted oddly, but this was a new sight for Lark. Half of the humans had already left. Her triangular ears pricked as more got into cars, leaving the dogs whose scents stained their clothing, and drove away. Suddenly, Lark felt lonelier than usual.

Poor pet dogs. They have nowhere to go, they don't even know how to survive in the wild- the wild? Lark snorted in amusement, one of the few noises she could make. This is hardly the wild; scavenging from bins, hiding from the humans. No, this is not the wild. The wild would be better than this.

A human was approaching her alley now. Lark crouched, pressing her underweight body to the wall. Good. She wasn't noticed. Somehow she didn't think the human would've cared if she'd been seen, not if they didn't have time for their own pet dogs.


Coco's owners were leaving. He'd been with them his entire life, and now they were just leaving him. Abandoning him.

"No!" he yelped. His girl patted him sadly, walking away to join the rest of his owners. The mother patted him, too, and it was only when they drove away that he realised something. She'd taken his collar off.

He was on his own.

But where could he go?

Edited at September 30, 2020 10:08 PM by Crimson Skies
Half-Wolf Pack ~ Thread September 30, 2020 10:08 PM

Moony Night Howlers
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Lou woke to the pup in the nursery, cries.
"Don't crie dear, your mother is doing something right now" Lou's sightless eyes closed, because he didn't want to scare her. He easily found her, he licked her small ears and rapped himself around her to comfort her.

Edited at September 30, 2020 10:11 PM by Moony Night Howlers

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