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Please use Realm > Marketplace > Barter. :)
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Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:17 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

Search for Survival

Everyone knows that life in the Kalahari Desert is a difficult one. With water scarce, and food tougher to find, the lions of the Kalahari are some of the deadliest and toughest ones out there. Unfortunately, nothing could have prepared any of them for the fire that came and swept through the desert, leaving disaster in it's wake.

With their territory destroyed, and their pride weakened, the Desert Pride has no other choice but to leave their beloved territory in search of a better area that can actually sustain them, at least until the Desert recovers. With their future unclear, and with immense dangers lurking behind every corner, the pride will have to work together better than ever to survive.


Plot Break Down:

Basically, a tragic fire obliterated all of the Desert Pride's territory, leaving it uninhabitable for the time being. Once the land heals and the prey return, they could possibly survive in it, but until then it's pretty much impossible for the pride to stay. So, they'll have to leave their Kalahari Desert in search of a new territory somewhere else to live. The can either gouge out an existence in unclaimed territory, or the pride can move in and take over a territory, either absorbing the other pride or running them off. Currently the pride's future is uncertain, but the Desert Pride is strong and durable, and they are determined to get through it.

This does mean they'll come across a variety of challenges: nomads, hyenas, other prides, humans, etc. There will be obstacles in their path, and the pride will have to work together and do everything they can to survive. If they fall apart, it'll likely mean disaster for them all.


Sign Ups Thread:
Discussion Thread:
Roleplay Thread:
You Are Here

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Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:18 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

The Rules of the Roleplay
Obviously, follow all WP and Eve's Rules.
1. Be Active. I think 4 posts a week is fair. If you're inactive for 5 days without a single post, I'll simply remove the lion.
2. No Current Max Characters Per Person. Just be able to Handle Them.
3. This is Semi-Literate. One-liners, and anything less than 5 Sentences per post is not acceptable.
4. No Godmodding, Power playing, perfect characters, etc.
5. No Love at First Sight, or Instantly becoming mates. I do not want to see people becoming mates or being in love after a day.
6. Keep it somewhat realistic. It takes an entire pride to take down something like a Water Buffalo, so I don't want to see solo lions taking down things that don't make sense.
7. Again with the realism, the likelihood of a lioness being able to fight and win against an adult male in his prime is pretty slim.
8. Drama in IC is fine, Drama in OOC is not. Keep it civil people.
9. Semi-Realistic Lion Appearances at Most. Coat colors and markings should be semi-realistic, eye colors can be more exotic.
10. With Fighting Give People the Chance to Defend Themselves, as well as, no avoiding all attacks or always perfect attacks.
11. Read everything, seriously, it's painfully obvious when you haven't. If you've read everything put Kalahari in your Other section.
12. I reserve the Right to Deny Applications.
13. Have Fun!

Note: For the purpose of this Rp, I will not be accepting Orphaned Cubs. If you make a cub, they must have a Care-giver of some sort, who will monitor and care for them.

Second Note: Since this has a smaller amount of spots open for the rp, you may only have 1 High Ranked position to start.


Third & Important Note:

My Activity Will be Restriced to 8pm to 10 or 11 pm PCT Wed-Sun.
Monday & Tuesdays I'm more free, so I'll be most active those day.
Saturdays are super busy at work for me, so I may not be on at all Saturday Nights. If you need to get a hold of me, you can always PM me. I check them and forums regularly on my phone.


Desert Pride Rules
1. No Relations with Nomadic Lions. If a lion or lioness is found in a romantic relation with a nomad, the offense is punishable how the King & Queen see fit.

2. The Dominant Males (King through Third Male), the Queen, Cubs Under 6 Months, and Nursing or Pregnant Mothers eat first. It's up to the King & Queen to decide if the others get to eat with them or not, typically that decision is based of the size of the kill and the state of the pride.

3. Challenging the King and Losing can result in Death or being exiled. Keep in mind, challenging doesn't mean you'll always be chased out though, but there will be punishment of some sort involved.

4. Queen is not a Rank you can Easily Challenge for. All the Lionesses in the Pride have to approve of the challenge, before it can occur. If a lioness tries to take over before the approval has been gained, the offense is punishable by exile or death.

5. Mated Pairs Must Receive Permission from the King & Queen before having Cubs, this is just to ensure the pride can sustain them.

[I'll be Adding More as I go. I may also remove some.]

Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:19 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

About The Pride

This is where you will find information about the pride, it's ranks, etc.

The Desert Pride

The Desert Pride is made up of Kalahari Lions, who are a considered their own sub-species that has adapted to their harsher environment. They're bigger, stronger, and hardier than their Savannah Lion cousins, built to have more endurance since they needed it in the Kalahari desert. They're highly resilient lions, and will likely give a pride of Savannah Lions a run for their money if they do decide to take over a territory. Their harsh environment does cause them to be a bit of a harsher group, but, over all, they work well together and care deeply for one another. While there are unrelated lionesses in the pride, it isn't unusual for many of them to be sisters, mothers, daughter, aunts, etc. The leading males are either related or have deep connections so that the trust each other explicitly.

The Pride is Slightly more Matriarchal, since the Queen is the most constant and stable position in the pride. The King might view himself as the Supreme Ruler, but he really can't do much without the Queen's, and thus, most of the pride's, support. Often if the Queen is unhappy with the King, she might support some usurping him, and if she does approve of him, she'll do anything within her power to keep him there. Thankfully, despite the more Matriarchal sway, the Queen and King tend to usually work well together, and don't make decision unless both approve.

The Ranks

This is the most Dominant Male in the Pride. His words are law, and going against him in an action punishable by death. There might be other dominant males in the pride, but he's the supreme lion daddy, and all others bow down to him. He isn't necessarily mates with the Queen, but he won't take kindly to another male trying to gain her favor. Especially since his position isn't as solid and constant as the Queens, a male gaining her favor could mean a challenge to his position. A change in Queen, does not mean a change in King. New Kings are typically not accepted quickly by the pride, that only occurs through time, experience and him fathering cubs within a pride. A King will not fully be accepted until he has fathered cubs within the pride, whether they are the Queen's or not.

Contrary to popular belief, the Queen is the most stable position in the pride. Dominant males will always come and go, but the Queen is always a constant. She is the most dominant lioness in the pride, and has total reign over the lionesses. What she says, goes, and defying her is an offense punishable by death. Even the King respects her and knows her position in the pride. She can only be challenged if the rest of the lionesses agree to it, since the Queen is pretty much the constant leader of the pride. A change in King, does not mean a change in Queen.

Second Male
This is the second most dominant male in the pride, and could almost be viewed as a Second in Command. He might be related to the King, or he might be a male that he met prior to taking over. Either way, the King and Second will have a history. He is pretty much second in line, and if the King dies, he will assume the role, unless challenged. His loyalty is absolute, and he'll likely never challenge for King. Even if he did challenge for King and won, he wouldn't chase the former King off, and vice versa, if he lost, he'd likely still be allowed to remain, though he might be pushed down to Third Male as a result.

Third Male
The Third Male is an Optional Position, but they would be the third most dominant male in the pride. Like the Second, they'd like either be related to the King, or just go way back. Either way, you get the point, there would be history. The three males greatly trust each other, even if they occasionally challenge each other. The Third male is typically the smaller, younger, or weaker of the top males, and likely wouldn't challenge unless the odds were greatly in his favor, or something.

These are the Lionesses, and maybe some lions, of the pride who are responsible for hunting and bringing down food for the entire pride. They are lead by the Queen, and if they go on a hunt and she isn't present, she will elect a lioness to lead in her stead. Often there will be a lioness or two that the Queen trusts more than anyone else in the pride, and they act as like her second in command of the lionesses pretty much. It's not an official title, but it does mean a lot within the pride.

These are the males, and the occasional female, who are in charge of defending the pride from outside threats, and sometimes even inside ones. They don't interfere with dominance challenges, but once one is complete, they'll kill or run off the loser if commanded. Dominance Challenges are handled by the Top Males in the pride, the warriors are simply there to pack the pride up and keep them safe when needed. They do occasionally aid in hunting as well.

Cub Sitters
These are the lionesses, and occasionally lions, who keep watch over cubs when the pride goes on a hunt. Typically, if all the cubs aren't weaned, there's always one lioness there who is nursing, though that lioness isn't always a designated Cub Sitter. They are the last line of defense for the cubs, and would lay their lives on the line to protect them. Ultimately, they're the ones who decide whether to run with the cubs, or to stand their ground. The ration for cub sitters to cubs is 1:3, maybe 1:4.

These are the young lions and lionesses who are up to the age 1, anything old than that is considered a sub-adult, and is going through training so they can eventually take their place in the pride.

These are the lions and lionesses who are the age of 8 and older, also known as Old Adults. They can still help with hunting, fighting, etc., but they have earned the respect of the pride, and don't always have to. They're still cable lions, and by no means should be mistaken as weak. A lot of times, other lions will go to them for advice or help.


Unofficial Positions

Favored Lion & Favored Lioness
These are the lions and lionesses Favored by the leads in the pride. Basically, they are the one who are likely to be their mates. Since lions do not have to mate for life, this position can fluctuate, and there may be more than one at a time too. The males are more likely to have multiple ""mistresses"" while the Queen is likely to have one male she prefers more than most. These lions and lionesses, can be anyone in the pride, even the leads themselves. So if the Queen favors the Second, he will be her Favored Male/Lion. Other terms for these favored lions are: Mistress, Mister, Paramour, etc.

Out Cast
This is the least dominant male or female in the pride, a lion or lioness that has earned the unofficial lowest rank in the pride. They're the least trusted, and likely not to be given tasks when the pride needs something done. This position can fluctuate, but not very often.

Note: If you want your lion to be one of these, put so in their form, however, it will be approved by those who Roleplay the Leading Lions.

Edited at February 28, 2020 08:20 PM by Imperial Sands
Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:21 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

Available Roles

The Desert Pride Hierarchy



Second Male

Third Male



Cub Sitters:



Non-Pride Roles

Nomadic Males
1. Bentlee
2. Solgaleo
3. Branimir

* Means that this is a new King, and is not fully accepted by the pride. It isn't unusual and expected for him to be challenged and underminded until he secures his foothold in the pride through time, experience, and the birth of cubs.

Note: Rp Samples Required for King, and you can Apply for the position. However, I'll ultimately decide who gets the position, as the King is someone who has to be active, and can keep the Rp going with me.

Second Note: Yes, there are Nomads. No, there will be no Lone Lioness Positions.

Edited at April 5, 2020 03:50 PM by Imperial Sands
Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:22 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

The Setting

It's the Dry Season.
(April - October)
It's the Month of July, so from Now until October. The last two months of the Dry Season occasionally get rain, but it isn't a whole lot. Right now the temperatures are on the cooler side, getting up to 75°F on average, while nights and early mornings are on the chilly side, some where around 43°F. Though, nights are likely a bit colder than that. With it being July, it's unlikely they will get any rain, but not impossible. It'll start to slowly warm up starting in August, though you'll see greater temperature rising in September until it peaks in October and November. Thankfully, the pride won't be traveling in sweltering conditions, but it is dry, and finding water will be a big priority for them as water sources will begin to start drying up slowly but surely.
Starting Date: July 19th
Current Location: Somewhere in Northern Botswana

((The Temperatures are Based off Botswana primarily, but I checked Zambia (it's northern neighbor) and they have similar temperatures. So I figured it was safe to go with this setting.))

The Prey Options

Gemsbok (Oryx)
Cape Buffalo

Keep in mind that most hunts require more than one lion, smaller prey like hares and even smaller antelope could be taken by a single lioness, but the larger options can't. Wildebeest might be the exception since I, myself, have seen videos of a lioness hunting a wildebeest on her own. However, it's not something that will likely be often successful.

When it comes to Cape Buffalo, that is pretty much a Full Team Hunt. Means Lionesses and likely Lions too. They're big, mean, (probably stinky) and they will not hesitate to kill lions without hesitation. Even after a successful hunt, Cape Buffalo may still try and attack the lions to drive them away, that's how aggressive they are. It's a risky hunt, but a rewarding one.

((I was trying to get a specific list for us to go off of, but then I realized how many prey options there were... so.. sorry guys xD))

The Dangers

Other Lions
Cape Buffalo

** Buffalo & Oryx are both prey, but both are capable and will kill lions. Buffalo because they're aggressive, and Oyrx will actually try and impale them on it's horns. Which isn't quite the same as accidentally getting kicked by a zebra while chasing it.
*The Etc. is mostly in case I missed anything, and also things like elephants, rhinos, hippos etc.

Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:23 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271
Saving This for Anything I May Need to Put Here in the Futue.
Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:24 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

For the First Posts

It's Five Days after the initial Fire, and the pride has long since left their home behind in search of something new; something better. It's always a little disheartening when you are forced to leave your home, however, the lions have hope of a better future to cling onto. Of course, they have no idea what obstacles that might be in their way for them to achieve that new future. Their bellies are currently pretty full, as they killed something two days ago. The food, while keeping away that gnawing feeling of hunger, has also helped keep their thirst at bay. However, they can't go one forever without finding water, and the pride's soul focus right now is to find a source of water and to go from there.

It's the morning of the fifth day, the pride camped out by some boulders and a large tree the night before, after they were too tired to continue. With it still being relatively cool out, they have been traveling mostly during the day. They're currently heading North, towards Zambia, as it is the direction the fire didn't go, and believe it's a safe bet to find a new home. It's entirely possible that some of the lions were injured or burned in the fire, but nothing too serious or life threatening. Also, keep in mind that some of the pride would have been killed by the fire, so it is possible, almost expected, for them to be mourning the loss.


Ismitta has recently chosen Araali to be King, but that was mere days before the fire. Since he's the new King, his power has not yet become concrete, and it's not abnormal for lions to test him and his boundaries. With time he will cement his role as King, but it won't be completely concrete until he has fathered cubs into the pride.

We only have 1 nomad, which isn't bad, but if we need more villainous ones we can either fill one of the Nomadic spots, or we could just rp them as NPCs.

Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:25 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

You May Now Post.

Please Read Everything.
I know it's a lot. But It'll ensure we are on the same page.

I'll be working on my post here soon for Ismitta, but don't feel like you have to wait for me.

Also, please use some form of Header at the Beginning of your Post

Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 08:25 PM

Imperial Sands
Posts: 1271

Pride Queen | Lioness | Mentions: Open

Warm rays of the sun washed over the desert, and blanketing the greyish colored lioness in pale morning light. Ismitta's ears flicked at first, the only sign of stirring coming from the lioness. Eventually she rolled over to her side, and stretched out languidly, her claws unsheathing to scrape through the dirt. A soft, barely audible sound, almost like a subtle groan, slipped from her lips as he olive eyes peeled open, bleary colors of blue, tan, and grey swimming in her vision. Isa blinked slowly, clearing her eyes until the blurs of color took shape, and she could see the scenery around her and the bodies of her pride.

A soft sigh poured from the lioness as she lifted herself off the ground and to her haunches, looking around wearily. She hadn't slept well the night before, plagued by the pain from her mild burns and raw paw pads, as well as by the nightmares of the fire, though they came with an ending that was quite different than the one they were living. Her ears pinned gently back against her skull as the sights from the horrible dream tried to come swimming back through her mind. Desperately she pushed them down, Ismitta had no desire to see the scorched bodies of her pride on the backs of her eyelids again.

Pushing up onto her sore paws, Ismitta did her best to quietly move through the pride over to one of the boulders that had slept by through the night. She jumped up onto the smooth rock, her claws remaining sheathed, knowing they would simply scrape uselessly against the surface. Once she was seated atop the boulder, Ismitta looked around calmly, surveying the horizon, and taking in details that may or may not be important. As the Queen of the pride it was her duty to make sure she was leading the pride to the best of her ability. It hadn't been an easy decision to leave their Kalahari home, but she saw no way the pride could survive. She just didn't see a future there for them right now. However, now they were out in unfamiliar land, with no idea where food will come from next, nor when the next source of water will show up. It was the dry season, and she knew that small sources of water would be drying up, leaving only rivers, lakes, and the occasional large pond.

Shaking the thoughts from her head, she turned her attention towards her pride and smiled fondly, but sorrowfully, at them. At least she wasn't alone, that was what she kept telling herself at least. With the support of the pride, and the bonds she had built with them, she at least felt like they had a strong chance of finding a new place to build a future. Of course, not all of them had made it out. Several of them, including Araali, her new mates and the pride's new King, hadn't made it out with the pride. She had no idea if he was alive or not, but she couldn't imagine anyone surviving the blazing rage of the fire that had swept through their territory.

Ismitta's saddened smile remained on her face as she turned her attention back to the horizon, her ears flicking gently upon her head to subtle sounds of the world beginning to wake. Slowly she lowered to her belly, the smooth surface cool against the soft fur of her belly, and began tending to the raw pads of her feet.

Search for Survival | Lion Rp | Rp Thread [Open!] February 28, 2020 09:11 PM

Tenebris Umbra
Posts: 4889
Pride King || Masculine || Mentions: Open

A figure who once had a glistening coat full of pelage now had one with no more but a few patches. It had disintegrated along in the fire that had wrecked havoc upon his pride. The plight, which seemed to cause destruction upon the path it had chosen, seemed to leave not only his heart full of scars, but his body as well.

Stepping upon a twig tinted black from the once roaring fire, Araali snapped it in half with his forepaw, causing him to wince. He had burns littering his body, yet he wasn't bothered by it as much as he should be. His main intent was locating his pride. Well, the remainder of it, that is. One paw before the other, he pushed himself forwards, his aching muscles burning beneath his skin.

He had found faint paw steps leading away from the territory his pride once called home. They were steps created by another lion, he knew that much. The steps were faded from dust that seemed to sweep over it by a faint breeze. Even if the steps disappeared, at least he knew which direction the pride seemed to head in, if it were even them. The scent of fire was all he seemed to inhale, the musky smoke scent that made his eyes water, even days after it.

Araali had spent his time roaming the lands in and around the pride's territory, seeking for clues if anybody was still alive. He knew some of his pride was out there, though how many or who was unknown. The male, who was newly appointed as King, felt as if he let the pride down, for he couldn't even protect them from the destruction caused by the red fire. Pathetic and miserably both emotionally and physically, the large feline strode forwards, his steps dragging against the ground as if they couldn't even carry his own weight.

How he hoped Ismitta was alive. He wouldn't be able to think right if something were to happen to her. Letting out a deep, raspy sigh, the lion walked, step after step, mile after mile. He followed until the sun awoke, to when it drifted to sleep. Only during the night did he risk letting sleep in, and even then, it didn't last long, for he was being invaded by nightmares of the entire ordeal.

He wasn't entirely sure what had occurred during the fire. One moment, everything was fine, the next, everybody was running for their lives as the red flames licked their fur, leaving them with pain in return. Araali was patrolling, a thing he enjoyed doing, for he felt as if he were protecting the pride from danger. Obviously, he was mistaken. While he was patrolling in one direction, the fire was in another. By the time he had noticed what was transpiring, it was too late. No signs of his pride could be seen, except for the bodies of some. The male couldn't identify them, though something told him he didn't want to.

He had wandered around the territory for two days searching for any survivors, yet none were found. However, he did find those faint set of paw prints. One thing that Araali wouldn't do was give up. Despite his sorrows and pain, he refused to stop. He was appointed as King for a reason, and his duty was to protect the pride.

He only hoped there was one left for him at the end of those paw prints.

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