11:47:14 Summer!
Oh, that’s rough :(
I’ve actually never leased, though my trainers have asked me to do so.
11:46:04 505
Well, someone ruined it. B(
11:45:22 505
I have 204!
King Nothing
11:44:35 Misha
His owner was a friend and she had to sell him to this barn and this horse is literally the best. He can be a bit naughty and he is hard to jump. I really want to do dressage, but the thing is I have been doing jumping forever and everyone at my barn does jumping. I am leasing my horse right now because his owner is at college. I would feel bad if she couldn’t afford him ): so I don’t know what to do and my barn is putting that horse for sale
11:44:23 Summer!
I feel like there are times for me when I wish paws didn’t exist eheh
11:43:30 Summer!
Just a bunch of pixels lmao
No, I think my face wins the ugly prize at the end of the day haha
Rageing Stormz
11:43:29 That Pet Spider
I have 404 paws

Error paws not found
11:41:55 Summer!
Oh, I love dressage! Horses that do clean circles are difficult to find haha
I think I failed my first dressage test, so. And I’m yet to do dressage work on a soft, responsive horse aha
King Nothing
11:41:51 Misha
I wanna do wolf play- should I
11:41:49 Your Maternal Figure
I type in sanana the skenana into Bing ONCE and when I type in "unusual", I get unripe bananas :')
11:41:38 Erikeri/Eri
When yoir art program that has never crashed before, crashes and you lose all the progress you just made.
Rageing Stormz
11:41:31 That Pet Spider
More like
My face

Because it's not actually cute like one of my wolves claim
11:41:28 Star,hero,cookie
i am okay mum
11:41:12 Tsuwuyuwu Asuwui
Thanks! Will do.
11:40:57 Your Maternal Figure
I need more unusual memes please-
Dagger Pack
11:40:51 Dag/Verity's Wife

Yup! Go ahead and PM me if you'd like and we can discuss it.


Tired. You?
11:40:15 Star,hero,cookie
hello mum
how are you
11:40:13 Tsuwuyuwu Asuwui
Thanks, I was hoping to get a wolf trained after the FMC. I could PM you then.
11:40:06 Venn/Venne
Froppy - a good way to check on BE trainers is to ask them for references. generally, the more customers they have to reference, the bettter.


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Go ahead and start Rping!!!

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Lovota layed on her rock, swishing her tail. She watched as her pack woke up, and she swelled with pride. Today the pups were becoming apprenrentices.(I'll just use NPC mother's for them)

She waited patiently for everyone to wake up. The pups must be so exited. Saps litter was just born a while ago, so they had a while to go before they were apprenticed. She looked up and started thinking about who should get which mentors. This wasn't just about training the apprentice, but about building relationships between all wolves.

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Lovota Pack (Thread, closed!) September 2, 2019 12:56 PM

Wild Rapids Pack
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Fawn pranced out of the den full of pups. Today she would finally become an apprentice. She looked around for someone to talk to.

Lovota Pack (Thread, closed!) September 2, 2019 12:59 PM

Queen of Darkness
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Rosewood(Rose)/F/Apprentice/M: open

Rose woke up as the sun was rising. Her dark red fur looked like the shadows in the cave she was in. Her eyes looked around, no one else was awake as far as she could tell. She got up and out of her cave. She was becoming an apprentice today, and she wasn't sure she was ready. She didn't feel like she would be good at hunting or fighting. She didn't want to kill anything, and she didn't want to hurt another wolf if she could help it. But if she could choose, she'd probably be a hunter. She went over to a near by tree and sat down, waiting for anyone else to wake up.

Bonfire(Bon)/F/Pup/M: Sap, Actos

Bon rolled over, half asleep. Her mother wasn't far off, but Bon still liked to sleep by herself. Her head was filled with thoughts of food and a good meal. But she was slowly coming out of her dream as the sun was rising. she opened one eye to see sunshine starting to come into the cave. She wished she could be an apprentice, but her and her brother were born too late. She would just have to wait longer.


He looked up out of his cave. He wondered if he would get an Apprentice today. He wasn't sure he'd make the best mentor though. He preferred to have fun then teach a young wolf how to hunt. Even though he was good at hunting and usually didn't cause trouble, he was always afraid he would one day. He just hoped that if he was someones mentor, that he did a good job.

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Lovota Pack (Thread, closed!) September 2, 2019 01:00 PM

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<div style="text-align: center;">Liyan | Hunter | Female | Mentions: Lovota, open
<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">Liyan had been awake for some time now, watching the dawn. It gave her a sense of awe to see the colors change as the sun rose to make its long journey across the sky. It was the day each apprentice would get their mentors, and she hoped she'd be lucky enough to be chosen. She had an eye on two of the young pups who she could tell would benefit from her teachings. However, it was rare to be assigned two apprentices. She could handle it. She knew she could.<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">A small sigh escaped her maw as she maneuvered her bulk onto all fours. It seemed that the Alpha Female was awake, Lovota. The hunter leaped off the flat basking rock she claimed as her own and silently padded over to the female.<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">"Hello, Alpha. It's the day the apprenctices get assigned is it not?"<div style="text-align: center;">
<div style="text-align: center;">(( Short. ))

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