Wolf Play : Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) Open
 Blind Bat
07:12:11 I Am Vengeance
I'm about to just drop out of school
 binders united
07:09:31 binders or binders
I am almost done with forest level 6 then I ran out of moves
 Celestial Saga
07:09:29 Queen / Jo
Ohh sorry to hear how come
 Blind Bat
07:08:50 I Am Vengeance

I'm upset and tired and burning up and sick :)
 Blind Bat
07:08:15 I Am Vengeance
imagine a school trying to keep kids from using laptops in class when they willing handed us out laptops

like wtf the laptops for then XD
 Celestial Saga
07:07:41 Queen / Jo
I’m doing okay was meant to train but mom came over to move more stuff. How are you
 Blind Bat
07:03:55 I Am Vengeance

how are you?
 Celestial Saga
07:03:43 Queen / Jo
Hi Bat
 Blind Bat
07:03:29 I Am Vengeance
hi jo
 Celestial Saga
07:01:51 Queen / Jo
06:46:24 Kat ?
I really need a good pup to come along e.e My relic hole is filled with buried pup toys but I haven't had a good pup to use them on in like three game years
06:24:45 Fei the writer
I'm really curious on how stubborn my wolf Salad is
06:24:10 Spider,Rake(He,Him)
random question how does the time counter for the changing pack name work, cause yesterday it said 2 days left and today it says 2 days left
06:21:52 ET
Death script is still 7:45am! :D
-WP Click-
 Dark Fire Wolf
05:36:55 Hell Fire
It is like he is switching between the two of you
05:24:34 Fei the writer
oh what do you know! It's my shark's dinner time!
05:23:18 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
No, he's never going to leave me alone is he.
05:22:46 Amy
It was only the matter of time before he finds you🤣
05:22:15 Boe is a bear, Rawr!
Fei, you need to get a leash of some sort for Salad
He found my Jungle 10 hideaway.


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Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 13, 2024 04:14 PM


Game Moderator
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Forever loyal is what every fox says but times are now changing as some believe. Forest, Ice and Desert will never agree or get along! Some refuse to believe that. Foxes from everywhere are going missing or as their leaders would say "They left on their own accord" however don't stray too far from your skulk or they may end up thinking you are the one that they can't trust. Can you trust those that want to help you?
-Follow all of Eves rules
-In drama is fine
-hate the character not the player
-more than one sentence in a post
-Please remember to post
-Nothing graphic. If foxes have kits just say the kits were born
-have fun

Forest Skulk
Leader: Crimson (female red fox)-Thundering Embers
Second in command: Arrow (female cross fox)-Blades of Fire
Other members:
-Candy (male gray fox)-Raving Dancers
-Chestnut (male red fox)-Feiella
-Firestorm (male red fox) -Starlight Serpent
-Nori (Female grey fox)-Bobcat

Ice Skulk
Leader: Minerva (female arctic fox)-los campesinos
Second in command: Vishanti (female arctic fox)-Spellbound
Other members
-Saraid (female arctic fox)-Feiella
-Rak (male arctic fox)-Mother

Desert Skulk
Leader: Noah (male swift fox)-Bobcat
Second in command: Blaze (female fennec fox)-Embershed
Other members
-Sable (female kit fox) -NovaPlains
-Albus (male Corsac fox)-Spellbound

Traders and farmers
Nightshade (female red fox. Farmer/Trader mix)-Feiella
Hawley (female swift fox. Farmer/Trader mix)-los campesinos
Mycena (male arctic/red fox trader)-Vesper

Sign up links: It also has information that will help you

Discussion link:

Note: Predators are bears, golden eagles, coyotes and humans. There will be random events going on as well.

Dead (ignore for now. If curious bug me in discussion)

Unknown fate
Joice-female swift/red fox hybrid who went missing. Born in forest, lived in Desert but left the Skulk to find loners only to vanish.

Chestnut-male red fox who is a member of the Forest Skulk. Last was out hunting by himself before trying to get back to camp.

Saki-Female cross fox of the Forest Skulk who went missing after learning Chestnut never returned. Went to find a trader for information but vanished.

Edited at July 7, 2024 07:44 PM by Feiella
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 13, 2024 05:36 PM


Game Moderator
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In the warmth of Summer Day, the sun shines in the clear sky. All animals are out and about. Both friend and predator.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 13, 2024 05:49 PM

Night Shade

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Saki - Forest Skulk
Saki stretches out on a rock exposed to the warm sun. She carries a gentle smile on her facial features, keeping her eyes closed. The sun warms her fur, making way for the perfect nap. After a while of laying in the sun, Saki's stomach start to growl. She yawns, mentally sighing. After standing and initiating a big stretch she looks around. She doesn't see anybody nearby, but notices a brand new berry bush. She quickly trots over to the new bush and looks it over for fresh berries. Unfortunately it seems it's too new, as there are no berries to be seen. She whines with displeasure before setting off to find another berry bush. She finally finds a wild strawberry bush growing closely to the ground. While picking the berries she snacks on a few before bringing the rest back to her Skulk.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 13, 2024 05:53 PM

Starlight Serpent

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Firestorm | M | Red Fox | Forest Skulk
Golden sunlight peeking through the canopy-- this was the kind of weather that begged a fox to go out and enjoy it. The sunlight lit up Firestorm's flame-colored pelt, and a gentle breeze ruffled his fur. He was taking a light stroll through the forest by himself, not too far from camp. While it was a pleasant and relaxing day, he kept an ear out for predators. They, too, would be out on a nice day like this.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 13, 2024 05:58 PM


Game Moderator
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Nightshade/Expecting female red fox/FarmerxTrader mix/M: Open
Nightshade was already harvesting any berries and plants before they completely died. The sun heated her dark brown fur as she rushed about then started planting berries and plants that will survive the summer.

She paused, looked towards where she knew the Skulk of the Forest lived before shaking her head. Only then did she remember she had to do some trading and growled.

Edited at June 14, 2024 11:20 AM by Feiella
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 14, 2024 02:17 AM


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Sable | F | Kit Fox | Desert Skulk
Sable was comfortable and snug in her little den, stolen from a pair of badgers the previous spring. It had quickly become one of her preferred spots to settle in during the warmer months. As she lay there, half-listening to the birds and other animals chirping outside, a loud squawk erupted right at the entrance of her den.... If there was one thing she couldn't stand, it was being disturbed during her nap time. With a swift stretch, Sable crept to the den's entrance and observed the noisy bird. She detected no predators that might have caused this bird to make such a racket, nor could she spot its mate or any offspring. Finally, fed up with the incessant squawking, Sable pounced, capturing the bird in her jaws and biting down to silence the noise. She then retreated into her den to savor her catch and, with any luck, resume her nap.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 14, 2024 02:19 AM


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posted twice
ignore this

Edited at June 14, 2024 02:20 AM by NovaPlains
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 14, 2024 02:33 AM


Game Moderator
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Chestnut/Male Red Fox/Forest Skulk/M: Open
Chestnut stretched and carefully making his way out of the den. He felt like he was being watched so he quickly hunted as fast as he could. He knew that some of the others might be sleeping while the others woulld be awake. He guessed the Desert foxes might like the heat.

Saraid/Female arctic fox/Ice Skulk/M: Open
She didn't like the heat so she searched for snow to bury herself in. She quickly passed a polor bears bebore digging into the snow and curled herself up. At least they had plently of water if they needed a drink.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 14, 2024 05:39 AM


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Noah-Male-Swift-desert lead
Noah trots along, caring less about the blistering heat. He wags his tail and smiles as he bounces across the camp.
Nori-F-melinistic grey-Expecting forest mother
nori yawn as she shakes the sleep out of her eyes. Feeling hungry, she makes her way out to the forest. Quickly climbing a tree, Nori starts stalking a squirrel.
Secrets and Strayed Hearts (Fox RP) OpenJune 14, 2024 06:58 AM


Game Moderator
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Nightshade/Female red fox/Expecting trader x farmer mix/M: Open
The brown and white vixen walked around the Forest border then the Ice and finally the Desert hoping that the Skulks would catch wind. She meant no harm so she didn't step into the territory. The screech of a eagle was heard making Nightshade look at the sky uneasily.

She didn't know what kind of predators were out and about but she just wanted to avoid them and see if any of the foxes from Skulks would like her to grow something or have some of the berries that she had to trade.

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