Shadow Sages
10:57:32 SS, Sages
Techno~ I'll keep that in mind.

Life~ Of course. :)
10:55:52 practice 40 hours
sounds like something he'd do, yeah--

@floof flood
don't listen to her, keep simping for the ginger grumpy fuck.
10:55:12 Techno | Texhno

His boyfriends are dying because they took the picture. The moment they got a good one he stopped smiling and shot them both with paintballs as revenge.


He already has like 2 simps he doesn't need more. His ego is big enough.
Shadow Sages
10:54:19 SS, Sages
Life~ It's fantastic.
Shadow Sages
10:53:19 SS, Sages
Techno~ Well.

That's. That's a pretty character. I'd simp, but got no brain cells left lmao
10:52:55 Red Panda Hoarder
pine, i might. i want the cool looking bracelet all the nominees get. i got one yesterday because they did it yesterday also but i gave it to my friend since they gave my friend a broken one
10:52:40 practice 40 hours
@floof flood
this is a draft of one-- like i said, not that good LMAOOO
Shadow Sages
10:51:43 SS, Sages
Life~ Yeah.

Boba tea and other things as pride art sounds interesting.
10:51:34 practice 40 hours
D A Y U M.

i'm already starting to simp, but alas. i no longer can. rip.
Dagger Pack
10:51:17 Zuko/Legacy
Looking for RP partners! PM me if interested!
10:50:39 Techno | Texhno

Here I'll show you the sketch: -Click-
10:49:59 practice 40 hours

better show me when you're done--
10:49:47 practice 40 hours
@floof flood

i will, i will--

and, yeah, pride art-- boba tea and other things. it doesn't look /that/ good, buuuuuut. i'm working on it--
ask your teacher, they'll probably get the stuff for you if you tell them. do not let this be make you sad, there is still time to fix it.
10:47:51 Techno | Texhno

Ohhh nice! I need to work more on Raven's pride art but at least I got the sketch done
Shadow Sages
10:47:38 SS, Sages
Life~ Engine is completely fucked, I'm afraid. Even if it could be unfucked, there's still going to be issues. Fun times.

Eat something?

Pride art?
10:47:17 vi, devi
pack of blazing fire
send thm a gay gif/meme, "laughs in gay"
then ask if they laugh in gay or straight
10:46:19 Red Panda Hoarder
devi it gurentees one one-

i would ask them but they already left ;-;
Pack of Blazing Fire
Trying to confess to the person i like that i like them but its really nerve wrecking because i think their straight .... so lifes great
10:45:33 vi, devi
does being nominated guarentee a gift or does it just mean you have a chance of getting one?


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Looking for a group for roleplay October 28, 2021 12:52 PM

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Hey people
Grab yourselves a coffee Make some bacon and eggs
Get some bread & Make a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Have you cried yourself to bed because something terrible happend
Go grab a cookie.
You may be the worst person in the world but i know that in every person theres a light and that light is you kindness and every moment you spend having that beautiful light shine on the outside is the very moment you know you are being gifted with the light from above.
Now that, Thats settled why dont you tell me a little about yourself?
Hows your day going?
Are you kind are you mean?
Tell me.
Whats your pack number and name
And dont be shy to ask me for anything
If we are gonna be a Roleplay group we gotta be friends so dont be rude.
please come and sit talk with me. would you want to join?

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Looking for a group for roleplay October 28, 2021 12:53 PM

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Also yes the title is an typo i meant looking*
Looking for a group for roleplay January 20, 2022 01:44 PM

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Heyo :)
My day, is going fine, thank you!
I am very new to this site, so bare with me. I'm not new to roleplaying, though (or cookies!). I try to be nice and see myself in other peoples' shoes, but I can be a bit rude on accident sometimes.
I'm a big fan of fandom roleplays (though it seems this site doesn't allow that in the forums... bummer), superhero roleplays, and animal roleplays. I love world-building, too! What kind of roleplays are you into?

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