Wolf Play : Looking for group or 1x1 rp partners (open)
 Suburban Disaster
05:17:03 Key | Froggy | Keevy
By the way, Aus has moved me to f-tier now
05:16:31 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Will be used in my PvP addiction
05:16:00 Leo, Lion (He/him)
I'm so happy i bought this! Perfect battle wolf.

-WP Click-
 Suburban Disaster
05:15:26 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Hmm. I like it :)
 Austan vindar
05:14:39 Dont call me Blep :P
 Suburban Disaster
05:12:15 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Leo! Welcome back!
05:12:03 Leo, Lion (He/him)
Hey! I'm back for a short time :)
 Suburban Disaster
05:08:19 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Hmm. Makya and Chasm ship name? Maybe?
05:06:08 ℜ𝔢
Also, which pup should i invest my toys into??
-WP Click-

-WP Click-

or should i wait for my ES and DH alphas pups to be born, first?
 Suburban Disaster
05:04:55 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Ooh. Spooky
05:03:46 ℜ𝔢
And one day, you shall return to it, too.
 Austan vindar
04:58:48 Dont call me Blep :P
Ember... Okay?
 Suburban Disaster
04:58:20 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Hmm. Void beings- strange
04:57:54 ℜ𝔢
I came from the void as the cosmos, which one day I shall return to
 Austan vindar
04:56:58 Dont call me Blep :P
Emer, where'd you come from?! XD
 Suburban Disaster
04:56:45 Key | Froggy | Keevy
Honestly, we've talked a lot this morning XD
04:56:08 ℜ𝔢
for then, indeed
 Austan vindar
04:55:13 Dont call me Blep :P
We hog chat,we hog roleplay, it all belongs to uss. for now.
 Suburban Disaster
04:53:11 Key | Froggy | Keevy
 Austan vindar
04:51:42 Dont call me Blep :P
heheh, they is funny though.


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Looking for group or 1x1 rp partners (open)October 21, 2021 02:35 PM

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Looking for semi-literate to literate partners for either a group or 1x1 roleplay. I don't have a requirment you have to meet for the amount of words in your repy as long as its more than a sentence or two, provides detail and gives me something to work off of.
I prefer first person but I am fully aware that most role plays are done in third. I will do my best to match whichever you chose but if I get mixed up this is why.
I am open for basically anything that doesn't involve me having to play as more than one character, ranging from humans, mythical creatures, wolves, etc. If you have ideas I would love to listen. Here are a few of mine:
Group: After a series of freak natural disasters resulting in the death of a pack of wolves' alpha, beta, and a majority of the guards, the wolves were forced to re-establish order amongst themselves. However their "election" process resulted in an aggressive, power-consumed alpha becoming their leader. What seemed to be a good idea at first has resulted in this pack's torment. Can these wolves dig themselves out? Will they ditch the pack and risk becoming rogues? Or will they be forced to live under this treacherous rule.
1x1: We awake on a cold concrete floor, iron bars line the edges of the room and water drips from the dirt ceiling causing cold puddles to grow around us. A ball and chain attached to each of our ankles make moving around a struggle. Neither of us have a clue who the other is and the fear of being trapped here was almost maddening. A projector, having gone unnoticed, began to play a series of images across the far wall. A tree... snake... broom? They didn't make sense! The projector whirs as images flash by faster and faster, rabbit? Tower? Ghost? Maiden? A popping noise echoes through the enclosed space as the projector shuts off, smoke escaping out of it. We look to eachother with quizical expressions, just then, a trap door above us concealed by the darkness opens sprinkling dirt and sand over us. The tink of metal hitting the ground is loud in the silence, The pair look over to find a key...

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